Zenonia Adventures Ep01 Get ready for Argent/ Lief Ownz bears

30 days ago in a farmland on earth near midnight

"Ahhhh help me help" a voice yelled in the distance however the man sitting on his rocking chair couldn't hear the sound because it was so faint. "Nobody gonna get my livestock its safe there is nothing to be afraid of " he told himself for confidence for he was afraid of the dark and got scared very easily. A red light flickered in the distance and a red liquid splattered so far it fell on the man's nose. The man touched it and licked the liquid off his finger "blood" the man thought he would recognize the liquid anywhere. Suddenly far off he saw a figure with a hood over his head he got closer and closer it wasn't until the figure was within 5 feet of him that the man noticed the claws on his hands "Golly he's a shadow hunter I heard they are deadly assasins intent on revenge or just drinking the blood of his innocent victims" he whispered to himself. "You are a murderer you raise animals to kill them and sell them for money you worthless scum these animals will be avenged NOW" the man howled and howled but nobody heard him and a few minutes later his dead body was on the floor gushing blood from every vital point in his body.

Current Time Outer Iris

"The holy war was a devasting war despite its name and it umm Ah Hmmm Hmmm" the man wearing a dark cloak over his head grumbled "Wha war devasting name grumbling" the 13 year old boy hollered because had just been awoken from his nap. "Do you Argent Ezuri Regret know what the holy war is and if so tell me" the man said in a matter-of-factly voice "Uhmmm yeah it was a war between the Divine Tribe and the Demon Tribe although the Divine Tribe won it took the power of the gods to win the war" the boy answered and was clearly confused not knowing he knew the information that just spewed out of his mouth. The man just gaped at the boy in amazement "Ok class is over" the man said as if there was a class in the small cottage "I'm going to town ok dad" Argent said. "Ok but remember to avoid the Mukuku's and Mukaka's they are very powerful" the man said as Argent ran out of the cottage happily.

As Argent walked through field after field to get to town he passed through the east woods of Iris but he didn't notice a huge bear like monster watching this one was brown "Muku Mukaka" the bear yelled and more and more bears appeared some were gray some were brown but suddenly they all tried to jump on Argent and he pulled out his wooden sword and quickly reacted by slashing the Mukaka closest to him it was thrust back but not harmed now they were mad they almost lost their heads as their heads turned as red as a tomato. "Mu Mukakakakkakakaka" they roared as they jumped on Argent but a huge burst of energy thrust them back. "Hello you've got yourself in quite a pinch huh" the gothic looking boy said sarcastically.

"Who are you" Argent asked the boy "I'm Lief the Shaman" Lief said and suddenly Argent burst out laughing. " you a shaman a interesting shaman you are huh" and Argent kept laughing "It's not funny now lets kick some Mukaka".