The true Power of Konoha

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The darkest day in village history.

The Kyuubi no Kitsune a massive fox of pure evil and hatred. The malice that oozes off of the creachers very pours is tainted with enough bloodlust to bring even the mightiest warrior to his knees,

"Keep fighting we have to hold out for the Yondaime Hokage!"

The village leader of Konoha Minato Namikaze, a tall blonde haired man, was the villages' last hope of defeating the demon fox and yet he was nowhere to be found on the battle field.

(Village hospital)


Crying echoed throughout the halls of the hospital as a baby boy was brought into the world on the day a demon was attacking the village, and that is where one could find the great leader of said village for today was the birth of his son.

"Minato look at him he is a beautiful baby boy." Said a red haired women hugging the new born baby to her chest. The mother of the child did not look to be very tall maybe standing at 5' 5" with long red hair that fell down to her lower back. Her breast where large D-cup sized maybe a little bigger and she had the figure of a powerful kunoichi. Skin a far white with just the small tint of a tan.

"Yes he is Kushina." Minato said to the mother of his child and the love of his life. "I wish there was another way to stop that damn fox but I cannot find any other way, I have to seal it into Naruto."

"I know you do my love and I wish that there was another way too. No one should be subjected to being a Jinchuuriki especially to a demon as vial as that fox."

The hatred for the fox from the two newly made parents was not completely from the fox destroying the village for they knew something was amiss with the demon. The fox was originally sealed inside of Kushina and before he Mito the First Hokage's wife, and throughout his two jailers not once did the demon act this violent. The hatred for the fox came from what was now happening to Kushina. She was born with the one thing the fox truly hates. The Sharingan eye a dojutsu strong enough to tame the beast.

The history of the Uzumaki clan is a long one indeed, not only is the clan related to Senju clan that utilized wood release ninjutsu but they are also related to the Uchiha clan. The prospect of Naruto being born with one or even both of those bloodlines makes him a perfect container for the demon. And from his father's side he can even gain another bloodline all of its own. Minato Namikaze has the ability to read, break down, and understand any and all seals. He has unparallel sealing skills that is second to none. His eyes have another ability he was never able to find due to him being the last of his clan.

"Minato which bloodline do you think he will reactive?"

"With any hope our son will unlock all of them and maybe even make his own out of a combination of the three possibilities he has. I am sorry my love but I must take Naruto now and seal the fox away."

"l know. Make me a promise Minato."

"Anything Kushina."

"Seal everything we have scroll wise for our son. Our taijutsu style, kenjutsu styles, ninjutsu, genjutsu and fuuinjutsu. I also want you to seal away my sword for him and some of your kunai."

"It will be done my love I will also seal scrolls of his possible bloodlines and I know just who to give it all to."

With that said Minato quickly left the room to begin the task at hand.

"Goodbye my love and goodbye Naruto I love you both with my dying breath."

And with that said the life that once filled her eyes faded never to return.

"Tsunade what are you going to do now that she has died? Will you stay in the village to care for Naruto?"

"What about Minato he is the boy's father and Jiraiya is the boys godfather."

"Minato will not be alive after tonight the sealing method he will have to use will cost him his life, and Jiraiya has his spy network he needs to keep up so we can defend ourselves after all of this."

"Damn it Sarutobi-sensei why did all of this have to happen? Why? I don't want to stay in this village I've already lost everything I hold dear to my heart."

"I'm sorry Tsunade but Naruto and the village need you. After today we will need to start a field medic program for our ninja out in the field and Naruto is related to you in some way. Please Tsunade don't leave every one behind we still need you here."

Tsunade quietly thought about what her old genin sensei just said to her. Naruto was an Uzumaki and he was undoubtedly part of her family and with the medic program that is needed she could save countless lives.

"Fine on one condition though."

"Ok sure what is it?"

"I want Naruto to live with me at my house and I will not take the councils bullshit after they find out about the sealing of the kyuubi into him."


(Minato and Naruto)

"Well Gamabunta it looks like this is the end my old friend. After this I will no longer be in the land of the living, but I will leave behind a legacy. My son Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze he will be the container of the demon and he will be the next toad summoner. "

"Well then little tad pole let's get this over with. I am truly going to miss you, I like you a hell of a lot more than that damn perv Jiraiya.

Summoner and summon launched at the Kyuubi no Kitsune to stop the giant demon from completely destroying the village in the leaves. Rushing in head first against a giant demon is never the brightest idea one could do and the toad boss Bunta can tell you all about that especially since he received a scar over his left eye.

"Bunta are you ok old friend?"

"Yes I am just fine now here and finish whatever it is you are doing."

As blood ran down the side of his face Gamabunta quickly shot a compressed ball of water that slammed into the side of Kyuubi's massive body.

"Sealing jutsu: Reaper Death Seal"

Finishing the hand seals for his sealing jutsu Minato quickly summoned the god of death himself the shinigami.

"Lord of death help me save my village by sealing the Kyuubi no Kitsune's soul into my son's body."

"I cannot seal all of the great fox demon into the body of the baby I can only seal half into him and half into you."

"Do what must be done to save my village."

With nothing left to say the god of death pushed his hand through Minato's very body and soul and then latched onto the soul of the fox. With one mighty tug the soul of the fox was ripped from its very body and then simultaneously split into two different souls one being pulled with Minato's soul into the belly of the god of death and the other being pushed into Naruto's very body.

"I look forwarded to working with you Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze."

Gamabunta using his tongue to catch the falling body of Minato and grabbing the small crying bundle that was Naruto he laid both of them down onto the ground and vanished in a cloud of white smoke.

To everyone watching the events that transpired it lasted all but thirty seconds. Followed by a blinding flash of light and the fox that was attacking the village is no more.

"HE DID IT THE YONDAIME BEAT THE KYUUBI! shouted some random ninja of Konoha.

As the cheers started to grow in number and people three people could be seen walking to the sight of the great battle where a great man lost his life in the defense of his home.


The crying of a baby broke the silence over the area. The three figures where Tsunade Senju, Jiraiya and Sarutobi Hiruzen. Gently picking up the crying infant the third hokage looked at his last two loyal students from his youth and shook his head as a lone tear fell from his eye.

(Council chambers)

"Shikaku what of our defense?"

"Lord Hokage the fox killed twenty percent of our jounin, ten percent of our chunin and genin. The civilian casualties were at a minimum due to the evacuation procedure our overall strength is fifty percent of our original forces."

Shikaku Nara was the head of the Nara clan along with the villages' military strategists. He had a pineapple shaped hair that was a light brown, a standard jounin vest over a mesh under shirt. Two scars adorned his face and gave him a menacing look.

All of the council members had attended the meeting due to the Kyuubi's damage being wide spread throughout the village. As the council members carried on with giving damage reports the clan heads only spoke when they had to since none of them truly lost a great deal of clan members.

"Now down to the last order of business." With a flare of his chakra four people walked into the room. One was a young man around the age of fifteen with gravity defying silver hair and a dog ANBU mask. The other two no one could mistake for another person Jiraiya and Tsunade of the sannin. The last member of this little group was a small blonde haired baby boy.

"Hokage-sama what is with the baby?" asked a white eyed man. This man was head of the strongest clan in the entire village, Hiashi Hyuga.

"This baby is the fourth Hokage's legacy. He his Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze and he is the container for the Kyuubi no Kitsune." Soon after there where cries of outrage all from the civilian side.

"That is the demon in human form."

"That monster is not the fourths son."

"Kill the damned demon before it kills us all."

That last cry sent the temper of all shinobi in the room over the top. The one who cried out for the child's death was Sakumi Haruno.

"Lord Hokage that demon killed countless civilian and shinobi lives he should be put to dea…"

She was quickly silenced by the combined KI of Sarutobi, Tsunade, Jiraiya, the ANBU, everyone on the shinobi side of the council and most surprising Danzo.

"This demon as you just so blatantly called him is my godson and he is Tsunade's godson as well. If any of you so much as look at him wrong or call him a demon again I will kill . OF YOU!" shouted Jiraiya

Tsunade glared at the one that dared call her godson and last remaining family member a demon.

"Everyone that is not or was not a shinobi get the FUCK OUT NOW!" The hokage was downright furious. "Now clan heads and ex shinobi of Konoha this young man has the potential to be the greatest ninja this village has ever produced. Not only is he related to two of our greatest ninja he is also related to not one or two but four great clans. The Uzumaki, Namikaze, Senju, and the Uchiha.." the last one got a gasp of shock out of everyone in the room including the two normally stony Uchiha and Hyuga clan heads.

"He will be living with me and Jiraiya and will be trained by us."

"Sarutobi I must object to that."

"And why is that Danzo?"

Danzo rose from his seat and stood at his full height of 6' even. Half of his face was bandaged up and his left arm useless to him from past injuries during his time in combat. "Minato left me a few things for his son even a will of sorts, he wanted me to train the boy till he was thirteen and then put him through the academy."

"And why the fuck would my student want his son to become a mindless drone that is your Root operatives?" Jiraiya could not keep the venom from his words or the hatred that shown clear as day in his eyes.

"Minato and Kushina where both trained by me one earlier than the other," quickly raising his one good hand to stop any outrage yells from the people left in the chambers. "I had found Minato wondering around the streets due to him being and orphan and took him in. I raised him from the time he was four all the way up till he was thirteen and was put on a genin team led by Jiraiya. I was very close with that young man and I grew to love him like my own son." A lone tear slide down Danzo's cheek. "I trained him and I had originally attempted to turn him just like all of my other Root ninja but he never did break. Instead he become what all ninja should be he was able to kill his emotions during battle and yet keep them out side of the battle field."

"Danzo please skip to the main part it has been a long night."

"As you wish Hokage-sama." Instead of continuing to speak he reached into his robe and pulled out a scroll. Tossing it onto the ground it unraveled and a hologram of the fourth hokage himself appeared.

"Everyone this is my second will the other you all already know. Let Naruto be treated as a hero and give him all of his inheritance when he reaches the age of sixteen or when he becomes a jounin whichever comes first. I was trained by Danzo there is no hiding that but I was never out in Root. I had wished to change everything that was required of a ninja so that they will know the hardships that this life has in store for them."

Everyone stayed quiet and listened closely to what the hologram had to say.

"My final request is that my son Naruto is to be trained by Danzo till he is thirteen and then he will be in the Academy so he will be placed on a genin team lead by my student Kakashi Hatake. And for whoever takes the mantle of hokage look in the secret valet and you will find all the plans I wanted to implement."

The silence that over took the room was stifling no one knew that their beloved hokage was a member of Danzo's Root, even if he never was actually part of Root. And to top it all off he wanted his son to be trained by the very man that ran Root.

"Now I don't have much time the Kyuubi grows closer with each passing second."

An ear splitting roar echoed throughout the hologram and even the very meeting hall.

"Since the beast grows closer I will hurry and tell you what I wish to happen. Naruto will be placed in the Root program with two others that Danzo and everyone else believes that will make a perfect team. The only condition is that they no longer completely lose their emotions just be able to turn them off when in combat. I know this sounds contradicting if I wish to put him in the Academy as well but the two he trains with in Root I wish to be his genin team. I have given Danzo scrolls on all of mine and my loves Nin, gen, Tai, ken and fuuinjutsu I wish for him to gradually learn them as he grows older. And finally the scrolls containing his possible bloodlines that he may unlock where also given to Danzo. That is all I have to say for this the rest is in the other will along with some final words from his mother."

As the hologram faded away they believed it to be over until it show again just with a much younger Minato and Danzo in a room.

"Root leave us alone." At his command the hall emptied and the only two where himself and Minato.

"Minato stand," he rose from the kneeling position to look the old war hawk in the eyes. "The oath of Root has never been yours to uphold. What I am about to say is what I wish for you to strive for and to never forget. Never fear death always face it head on. Never run, never cower from the enemy. Make your strikes true and defend what you love with your life. The foundation of a tree is made by the roots and the foundation of a village is made by the ninja and various people that dwell in the walls. Defend them with everything you have to always protect either from the shadows or from the light. Never lose yourself to the darkness of power and defend your home just like the men and women before you. And remember I will always love you like a son Minato Namikaze you are the light in a world of darkness."

"And I love you too Danzo-tousan."

The image faded with the two sharing a hug and the sound of crying filled the room but it was not from the baby held tightly to Tsunade's breast or anyone else in the room. It was actually from Danzo himself that was shedding the tears of sadness.

"Danzo you are crying!"

"Yes old friend I am. As you all just seen I truly did love him like a son, I have never been so close to anyone like I was with him."

"Alright I will allow you to train Naruto and two others but you must promise me that they will not be turned into mindless drones."

"Believe me Hiruzen I do not wish to do that to any child anymore. After Minato I changed my training regiment so that they will still be effective but not mindless."

"Danzo who have you decided will be the two others that will be with Naruto?"

Every clan head was curious about this as well. Not only would it mean that the heir to two great clans be trained but two others as well.

"I have chosen Sasuke Uchiha and Hinata Hyuga."

"I can see why you have chosen my youngest son due to him being an Uchiha but why that tainted blood of the Hyuga?"

"I chose them because they are sure to be the most promising and Fugaku the Hyugas are just as powerful as the Uchiha. Now shut your mouth and quit being an arrogant prick."

The Uchiha clan head was furious to being subjected to such treachery by an old fossil but stayed quit none the less.

"What do you to say?" Sarutobi looked at the two clan heads. All he received where nods of approval. "Alright so when will the two be born?"

"Hinata will be born in one month time."

"Sasuke is expected to be born in two weeks."

"Good now Danzo what age do you wish to take them and being their training?"

Danzo thought for a while when he should take the children and decided on a proper age. "I will begin their training when they reach the age of four."

"Good from this moment on their will be a law forbidding people of talking about the Kyuubi. You are all dismissed."

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