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The group consisting of three genin, one jounin and on civilian traveled to Tazuna's house. The battle with Zabuza was very uneventful; they didn't even see Zabuza's apptentice

"You know for an A class missing ninja he wasn't that tuff." Naruto looked at his teammates as he said that.

They entered the house and began the introductions of who everyone is.

"This is my daughter Tsunami and my grandson Inari."

Soon after the introductions of his name Inari ran up stairs. Quickly following was the sound of a door being slammed. "I'm sorry about my son he hasn't really been the same since Gato showed up."

The three genin studied the women very closely. They knew Tazuna lied about the mission they just never called him out on it. Even though Naruto was the only one to voice his dislike of the C ranked missions they all were tired of them.

"You know Tazuna you really shouldn't lie to a group of ninja."

"Wh...What do you mean?" Tazuna began to get very nervous. He knew it was a bad idea to lie to the ninja, but he had no other choice.

"We know you lied about the mission parameters, but lucky for you we don't mind. All of us are tired of the boring C ranked missions; even if I'm the only one who says it."

Tazuna and his daughter let out a deep sigh they were very nervous. The group of ninja could have turned on them and killed everyone; or they could have simply left and they be killed by Gato. "Thank you! I know I shouldn't have lied but this country is very poor. We were just barely able to gather enough money to for a C ranked mission."
"Well let's see." Started Kakashi. "The demon brothers which are who we were originally attacked by bumped the mission up to B rank. Now with Zabuza, his apprentice and possibly more it's now around A ranked; but throw in Gato and his men now makes this mission S ranked."



"Fuck ya!"

Sasuke and Hinata both were surprised by what they had just been told. Naruto was excited; he was looking forward to a tough fight.

"I didn't realize I signed a group of kids their death warrants. I am so sorry." Tazuna broke down and started to cry at the thought of the kids being killed because of him.

"Tazuna I don't know if you noticed but these kids are not normal. One on, one they could possibly beat me two on one or three on one I would be killed. They won't be so easy to kill by any standards trust me."

Hope soured through Tazuna not only were they staying to help but they could also free this country.

"Thank you so much. There is hope for this country yet, and it's because of you all."

The group of ninja just smiled at the old man. They were able to do a large amount of good just by staying to complete the mission. They where quickly shown to their rooms to sleep for the night.

(Next Day)

Naruto was the first one to wake up. It was roughly four in the morning and Naruto was surprised to see Tazuna up drinking coffee and reading a paper.

"Can't sleep Tazuna-san?"

"Hmm Naruto right?" getting a nod he continued, "To answer your question I always get up this early. I used to go down to the bridge and work but not these days."

"Why not?"

"Every day that passes I lose more and more workers. These are sad times Naruto-san the village has lost hope."

"Just Naruto is fine I'm not big on the honorifics. You say this country has lost hope? How can it lose hope if you still have hope?"

Tazuna had nothing to say he just sat staring at Naruto.

"I see you are confused. Let me explain; a country cannot lose hope if there are still people who have hope. The will of the mass is the will of one and the will of one is the will of the mass."

Tazuna was immensely surprised that one so young was talking of things way beyond his years.

"Well I am going to go train so I will be back in a few hours."

Naruto walked out the room and soon left the house heading for a clearing to train.

"He is a very wise kid Tazuna-san, you should listen to him." Said Kakashi as he entered the room.

(Random clearing in the forest)

Naruto quickly drew his swords from the seal on his legs. He rushed a tree off to the side and began his dance of death. The swords were a blur as he slashed and stabbed an invisible enemy.

'What incredible swordsmanship. I've never even seen Zabuza-sama move like that.'

The hidden individual suddenly felt the cold touch of a blade pressed against their throat.

"Now tell me why is such a beautiful women such as yourself spying on me?"

"I wasn't spying I was looking for some herbs to heal someone precious to me. Do you have precious people?"

"Yes I do, I have several of them. Ya I bet Zabuza would be fairly weak after what happened."

The female slowly slide her hand towards her basket. "Whatever do you mean?" 'Just a little bit closer.'

"Don't do that," Naruto pressed the blade higher to her neck "and what I mean is I know you are the fake hunternin that Zabuza has as an apprentice."

"And how do you know so much?"

"That's easy I tortured the demon brother to learn everything; but I don't know who the mysterious ninja is."
"What are you talking about?"

Naruto stepped in front of her keeping the sword pressed to her throat. Snatching the basket from her hands, he quickly tossed it out of her reach.

"I'm talking about the ninja who is supposed to be stronger than Zabuza."

"He doesn't concern you!"

"Don't push your luck! If I have to I will resort to interrogation."

"You won't break me."

Sheathing his sword quickly Naruto lashes out and pins her to the tress using ninja wire.

"So can I get your name?"

"Haku; but it's not going to change anything."

Naruto didn't say anything instead he looked down and then up into her eyes. His eyes where slitted, with a fully matured Sharingan in its three tomoed furry with a ripple pattern behind it. His blue eyes never changed the pattern seemed to bleed into his natural color and become one.

"Wh…What are you?"

"Your worst nightmare. I really hate lying to my team but this had to be kept a secret. And that is why you won't be leaving alive."

'What is that dojutsu? I know one is the Sharingan...but what else is in it?'

"This genjutsu has made greater ninja break no matter how strong they are."

"And what make you so confident?" Haku was trying to sound brave ignoring the fear rising in her.

"I've used it when I worked with Anko and Ibiki back in Konoha."

The fear that flashed across her eyes spoke volumes of the reputation of those two people.

"Demonic illusion: Nine tailed fury of hells circle!"

(inside genjutsu)

"What the fuck is this!?"

Looking around Haku sees nothing. Everything she saw was black and red. The moon was a tiger striped black and red. Blood soaked sand littered the ground, the trees forever dead and nothingness spanned in every direction.

"Do you like it?"

"What is this place? This is not a genjutsu!"

Naruto looked around the landscape. "This is like the Tsukuyomi that is used by the Uchiha just better."

"In this world you will experience all the pain of the nine circles of hell."

(Outside world)

Naruto started walking away from the area before a scream erupted from behind him.

"Thank you Haku, the information that you gave me was very helpful."

(Tazuna's house)

Naruto walked in the house and the conversation that was in progress stopped.

"I found out who we are going against."

"Who are we facing besides Zabuza?"

"They call him the crimson wave. His name is Ichigo Kurosaki."

"Are you sure Naruto?" asked Kakashi fear lacing his voice. A nod is all he received from Naruto as an answer. His teammates all knew what this meant but the civilians are confused as to what this meant.

"Ichigo Kurosaki is one of the world's deadliest assassins. He can use the shadows to his will and bend all the elements to his will. No technique he uses can be copied by the Sharingan and even worse is he can fight all seven of the swordsman of the mist and win."

The room grew deathly quiet none of them even had the slightest idea of whether or not they will come out of this alive.

"SO what do we do now Kakashi-sensei?"

"Well we can leave now and flee with everyone or we can stay and fight."

"I say we fight."

"Of course you would Naruto but I have to agree we should stay and fight."

"I'm with my teammates Kakashi-sensei."

Kakashi stayed silent for awhile. "I can't say I'm surprised but we have to worry about three opponents."

"Actually we only have to worry about two opponents. I used the genjutsu from earlier on the fake hunternin and that's how I found out about everything."

Silence consumed the room once again as everyone tried to think of a plan. There were four of them and only two possible enemies.

"What are the chances that Ichigo will show up to fight?"

"Well from what I gathered he will be at the fight. Since we beat Zabuza's ass he wants to beat us and leave."

"Well then this is what we do. Sasuke and Hinata take on Zabuza and me and Naruto take on Ichigo."

"But Kakashi-sensei that would leave Tazuna-san unprotected."

Everyone was quiet once again till Naruto cleared his throat.

"I sent a toad back to the village for back up. They are sending team ten. Which is pointless but I don't call the shots."

Kakashi stared at Naruto very intently before asking. "Anything else I should know about you three?"

They all shook their heads yes; but everyone could tell they were not going to be telling anyone.

(Later on that night)

Naruto was sitting on the roof staring at the moon. He was deep on thought about the first day he unlocked his new eyes.

(Flashback 7 years ago)

A seven year old Naruto was in one of the numerous training used by root. The hokage passed the law enlisting root as a branch of the ANBU and ad been allowed to prosper. Their ranks flourished from ANBU agents wanting harder missions that also paid more.

"So my jailer decided to train himself into the ground."

'Shut up you fucking fox. I don't want to listen to you right now.'

Pushing himself off the ground he summoned a few clones.

"Alright just like always."

The clones all charged but something was wrong. One of the clones was way faster than the others.

"What the fu.."

He was hit by a devastating right hook from the superior clone.

"Like I said you trained yourself into the ground. Now you are so much easier to kill."

"Kyuubi! You motherfucker, I'm not going to let you win."
Naruto leapt up and struck the clone; but it never burst into smoke. Shock spread quickly across his face.

"Surprised? Don't be. This fight won't be decided by one little punch."

With that said Kyuubi struck with a lightning fast kick.

"Fire style: Breath of the fox!"

A stream of fire flared to life and took the shape of a giant fox.

"Water style: Water dragon bullet!"

A dragon shaped water projectile intercepted the fiery fox. The steam that enveloped the area made it impossible to see. Soon Naruto felt his body begin to get littered by slashes and cuts. They seemed to appear out of thin air.

Naruto fell to the ground panting with blood soaking the ground.

"You see little Naruto you should just give up and give me control."

In a flash Naruto lashed out with a sword slash and landing a shallow cut on the possessed clone.

"Guess that was a no."

"Wind style: violent tornado!"

A tornado formed around Naruto protecting him as long as he kept pumping chakra into the twister.

"Nifty little jutsu but I've seen better."

The Kyuubified clone walked through the swirling wind. He wasn't even fazed by the twister.

"Time to die brat!" kyuubi pulled a sword out of thin air. Forcing the wind to open a small hole in the area by his hand he pulled out a sword straight from hell.

The handle was made from solid bone with a guard shaped like a human palm. The blade was solid black darker than the night sky. The blade screamed power and cried for blood.

'I can't die now I have too much going for me!'

The sword descended down in a wide arc ready to end his life.

"I WILL NOT DIE!" A blast of chakra emitted from Naruto in a bright silver color. "THIS FIGHT ENDS NOW!"

Drawing his swords he had strapped to his back he readied himself for a fight. Letting the chakra conductive material suck up as much as they could hold; he slashed out in an X shaped motion sending a wave of condensed chakra fright in front of him.

Looking around he did not see any clones or anything that showed a possible threat.

"Good job kit you have just made the next step to becoming the strongest ninja in the world."

'What the fuck are you talking about?'

"Walk to the pond and check out your eyes."

Naruto walked over to the pond and looked into the clear water below. He saw his eyes; but they were solid white. There was a never ending pale whiteness with three light blue ripples with a slitted pupil along with a Sharingan pattern.

"What the fuck is up with my eyes?"

"That's an easy one Naruto you just unlocked the world's first ever bloodline dojutsu."

"What do you mean?"

"Everyone thinks the rinnegan and sharingan are the first every eye related bloodlines. Well there not; before all of them there was a combination of three eyes. Sharingan, rinnegan and byakugan; all of those combined into one eye."

"The Uzumaki clan is the one and only clan to be able to unlock the eye. That is why the clan can get the sharingan; they are related way down the line. The rinnegan came from the sage of six paths and the sharingan and byakugan are from his sons. The Uchiha and Uzumaki clans ran into each other and started a war."

The past information was unbelievable and so was the fact he had a long lost dojutsu.

"The war ended when the two leaders of the clans had their children spawn children and the oldest of the children ended up having the same eyes as you."

"But what about the slit? And we were told that the war was between the Senju and the Uchiha not the Uzumaki and the Uchiha."

"I'm getting to that. He called the eyes the eyes of the moon. The slit is because of me and you are to become the sage of foxes. Also the war was between the Senju and Uchiha but that was after the Uzumaki and Uchiha. The Uchiha and Uzumaki where still separate clans and never made a pact and therefore never became a combined clan; therefore when the war broke out the Uzumaki helped the Senju clan by sending them shinobi to aid in the war efforts. Latter on the three clans made a pact and soon Konoha was born."

"Ok but what about the byakugan?"

"The byakugan came from the second son who later on had a daughter who met the oldest son of the Uzumaki clan that had the moons eye and they had children and that is where the byakugan was bleed into the combination permanently."

"But I thought that the combination was before all of the eyes were born?"

"They were but not by mortals. The original wielder of the eyes was the goddess of the moon. She passed her eyes down to the mortal world to be used to fight against the destruction and anguish the world suffers from."

(End flashback)

Naruto was still staring at the moon thinking about his bloodline. It had ties to both of his teammates but he didn't know how it was related to Hinata. Yes the second son of the sage of six paths had ran into an Uzumaki with the moons eye but there had to be more to it than just that. The byakugan was part of the dojutsu before that but kyuubi won't tell him anything else. The eyes had to have changed since they were brought to this world. The sage of six paths is the one who created the sharingan and byakugan but then how could the combination of those two and the rinnegan have been before the individual dojutsu's? Something wasn't right about all of this but Naruto had plenty of time to find out what the hell is going on.

'Hey Kyuubi.'

"Ya, what do you want kit?"

'I'm ready to begin the sake training.'

Naruto's eyes flashed to the eyes of the moon, before he closed his eyes to sleep.

(The next day)

Naruto walked inside the house for breakfast, and was greeted with a sight he never thought he would see. Sitting at the table was Haku. The girl he thought he had killed several days ago in the woods.

"What is she doing here?" asked Naruto his hand sliding towards his sword seals.

"She came stumbling into the area early this morning asking for help."

"This is the hunternin working for Zabuza, Hinata."

Everyone slowly backed away from her as she looked at Naruto.

"Why didn't you kill me?"

"Two reasons. One I thought my jutsu would and two I don't kill in cold blood."

"But we are enemies?"

"Yes we are but it's not you I have to kill. It's your two bosses. I can assassinate without a second thought; but I know you are not the killing type."

Nobody said anything or even moved for what seemed like an eternity. Then a knock came at the door.

"We are ninja from Konoha sent in as back up. Is this Tazuna's house?"

The team was quickly ushered in the house. When team ten enters the room they saw team seven and one person they did not know.

"Who is the extra person Kakashi?"

"She Asuma is someone who was working for Zabuza."

They all took a step away from the table were the two young teens were having a staring contest.

"How do you know I am not a killer?"

"Because I can't smell any blood on you."

Nobody said anything as the two continued to stare each other down.

"Can I stay with you?"
"Why so you can rape me? Or even worse so you can rape Hinata…actually that would be awesome."

Everyone face fell when he said that and then sweet dropped when they saw the perverted grin plastered on his face.

"I may be bisexual but I'm not going to rape anyone."

"Damn that's too bad it would have been fun."

The two girls in the room passed out and the other two walked into the room right as the two girls in the room passed out.

"When did you two leave the room?"

Everyone face fell again even the ones who were passed out.

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