This is the last chapter! I've been through a lot while writing this story, but in a way I took similar journeys with the characters and they've helped me see myself more clearly and face things with my head held high. I know this is just a story amongst others far better, but I gave it a little piece of my heart, so I hope you enjoyed it and that it made your day better when you saw an update!

Lastly, this is my last story. I think it's the best way to go ;) I'll miss you. Faberry Forever!

Quinn knew her mother had bad news as soon as her face peeked into Beth's room, where she was trying to get her to sleep. The three of them were alone with Rachel in the house since Russell and Hiram had to go on a business trip and Leroy had decided to accompany his husband. Quinn brought her index finger to her lips, signaling for her mother to be quiet, and Judy nodded, disappearing from the threshold. With a bad feeling in her gut, Quinn turned on Beth's night lamp and switched on the baby monitor before closing the door softly. She peeked into her room to check that Rachel was still sprawled on her bed, asleep with her clothes on, before going downstairs to the kitchen. Judy was sitting on a stool, waiting for her.

"What's wrong?"

"How -?"

"Your face betrays you, Mom." Quinn smiled.

"Oh." Judy sighed, looking down. "I'm sorry, Honey. I just got a call from Aunt Elaine."

"Is she okay?"

"She's sick. Nothing too serious." She added at the look on her daughter's face. "But she's alone at home and doesn't have anyone to take care of her."

"So… you're going?" Quinn frowned.

Judy nodded sadly.

"I'm going right now."


"Lucy, I'm really sorry."

"No." Quinn shook her head. "I mean, it's okay. I understand. Really, it's not a big deal."

Judy pressed her lips together in order to keep quiet. If Lucy wasn't going to be mad or sad or say anything to her, she would respect that.

Quinn stayed in the kitchen while her mom went upstairs to get clothes and toiletries and then walked her to the door to hug her goodbye. She knew it was no one's fault, and she wasn't angry, but she was sad. She didn't want her mom to know that because she didn't want her to feel bad. She wasn't that sad for herself, but Rachel had been really excited about senior prom, and they had already bought their dresses, and now there was no one to take care of Beth. She knew Aunt Elaine wouldn't get magically better for tomorrow night, so there was really no hope. Puck's mom worked night shifts, and both her dad and Rachel's dads were away.

"Hey sleepyhead." Quinn whispered down at Rachel, stroking her hair. Rachel slowly opened her eyes. "How about you put some pajamas?" Quinn smiled.

"What time is it?"


"And the baby?"

"She's already asleep."

"Oh, I'm sorry." Rachel pressed her palms into her eyes and sat up.

"Don't be silly." Quinn smiled half-heartedly. "Go change."

Even half-asleep, Rachel noticed there was something off. She kept quiet until she returned from the bathroom having brushed her teeth and hair and put her night clothes on. Quinn was sitting on bed, fumbling with the covers over her legs. Rachel knelt next to her and kissed her on the cheek.

"Is everything okay?" She ducked her head to try and meet her girlfriend's eyes.

Quinn pressed her lips together and shook her head. Her eyes were sad when she looked up.

"Mom had to go to my aunt's house to take care of her because she's sick."

"Oh. Are you worried about –"

"She won't be here tomorrow night."

"Oh." Realization dawned on her face and she frowned.

"I'm sorry, Rach. I knew you were excited, and you have the dress…"

"It's not your fault." Rachel shook her head, grabbing Quinn's hands and kissing them. "It's okay."

"I know it's not." Quinn looked down. "You can still go! I'll stay home with Beth and –"

"No, Baby. It's pointless if you're not there. Really, I just wanted a night where we could dress up and dance; it wasn't so much about it being prom."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes." Rachel smiled, kissing her lips. "Tomorrow night we'll put some make up and dance with Beth, okay?"

Quinn smiled, shaking her head.

"You're crazy."

"That I am." Rachel got under the covers as well and put an arm around Quinn's waist, smiling when their lips met. "So… your Mom's not home?" Quinn shook her head with a smile as a slightly cold hand wandered up her back inside her shirt.

Quinn woke up the next morning to an empty bed, with goosebumps running down her naked back. She covered herself with the sheet and sighed. The alarm clock on her desk marked ten in the morning; of course Rachel would be up. Getting out of bed, she didn't bother with a shirt or a bra and instead put a sweatshirt on and some comfy sweats. Once she checked Beth's room to find it empty, she walked down to search for her two favorite people, finding them laying on the hammock. Rachel was singing softly with Beth wrapped in a blanket, snuggled against her but still managing to look up at her face with one little palm against Rachel's cheek.

Not wanting to interrupt them, she walked back to the kitchen to get some coffee to help her wake up fully.

"I thought I saw you." Rachel smiled as she walked inside the kitchen with Beth's hand securely in her own.

The baby nearly ran to Quinn and hugged her leg –the only thing she could reach since she was sitting on a stool. Rachel picked her up for Quinn to wrap her in a hug while they shared a good morning kiss.

"Hey baby." Quinn beamed at Beth, kissing her all over her face and making her laugh. "I didn't want to interrupt your moment."

"You could only make it better." Rachel winked as she served herself some coffee as well. She sat on a stool opposite Quinn. "Sleep well?"

"Obviously." Quinn smiled wider when Rachel blushed. "I mean, I did wake up a little later than usual."

Rachel sipped her coffee with a quiet smile while her blush faded, aware that her girlfriend's eyes were still on her.

"Brittany called."


"A while ago. She said to call her back when you woke up and that it was urgent." Rachel shrugged at the look on Quinn's face. "She wouldn't say what was going on."

With a frown, Quinn grabbed her cellphone from her pocket as she held Beth securely in her lap with her other arm, and struggled with her while she tried to steal the phone. She put the phone on Beth's ear before hanging up so Brittany could talk to her and then pocketed it with a sigh.

"Is there something wrong?" Rachel frowned at Quinn.

"Brittany wants me to help her and Santana with their hair for Prom."

"Didn't you tell her -?"

"I didn't." Quinn shrugged with a sad smile. "She seemed excited… and hopeful." She sighed with a grimace. "You can come." She added hopefully.

"It's okay." Rachel shook her head, standing up from her stool and walking to Quinn to kiss her lips. "You have fun with them. I can take Beth to the park for a little while and then we can have fun here."

Quinn ducked her head with a shy smile.

"We still have time." Rachel ducked her head to meet her eyes and took her hand. "Wanna watch Yo Gabba Gabba?"

Quinn threw her head back in laughter and Beth squealed.

It was bittersweet, just crossing the threshold and walking to her car to go away. To Brittany's. Quinn reminded herself. Just for a few hours. She felt silly, but she didn't want to leave Rachel and Beth, even just to go grocery shopping. She felt happy that she had the best girl in the world to leave her daughter with, but it didn't stop her from wishing she could stay too. She just never wanted to leave them.

Shaking her head, Quinn focused on the road instead of mopping about leaving her girlfriend and baby at home for a few hours. She got to see her friends, and help them get ready for the party she would miss. It didn't really matter.

Brittany threw the door open and ushered her inside almost as soon as she closed her car's door. Santana was lounging on the couch in sweats and a shirt, her hair a messy bun on top of her head. Brittany looked pretty much the same, with a ponytail bouncing side to side as she walked.

"I thought it was an emergency?" Quinn raised her eyebrow, slightly annoyed. She took a deep breath to keep herself in check.

"Duh, it is!" Brittany turned to the back of the couch on her knees to look at Quinn. "Look at us, we're a disaster!"

"Hey!" Santana frowned, finally turning her attention away from the TV. "What's up, Tubbers?"

"I'm not pregnant anymore." Quinn narrowed her eyes. "What's up with you, hobo?"

Santana opened her mouth in outrage, but Brittany stopped her with a hand on her shoulder.

"Don't start, guys. Santana, you can shower first so I don't have to leave you two alone for too long."

"That is way too –"

"Just do it." Brittany urged, pushing her off the couch.

Quinn smirked as Santana glared at them, sitting primly on the couch with her back straight.

"Why didn't Rachel come? Didn't you bring your clothes?" Brittany asked as soon as they were alone.

"We're not going." Quinn mumbled.

"What? Why?"

"There's no one who can take care of Beth, both our parents are away." She shrugged like it was no big deal.

"You can always leave her with my mom."

"She cries when strangers hold her, I can't even imagine if I leave her at a stranger's house." Quinn shook her head. "It's okay, really. I'll help you two get ready and then spend the night dancing at my house." The thought left a smile on Quinn's lips, and suddenly she realized that option sounded just right to her.

Brittany was watching her attentively and matched her smile when Quinn looked back at her.

"Okay." Britt grinned.

She took a shower after Santana while her girlfriend dried her hair, and Quinn waited for them sitting on the couch pretending to watch TV, but really just fighting against the urge to call or text Rachel. She didn't want to be one of those girls so dependent on their significant other, even if said significant other was taking care of her child. Not that she didn't trust Rachel with Beth, just the opposite, actually, but that didn't mean she wasn't concerned for the wellbeing of her daughter all day, every day. It got kind of overwhelming sometimes, that motherhood feeling, but at least she had the relief of knowing that Beth was with the person she trusted the most in the whole world.

"What's up with you?" Santana asked from behind the couch.

Startled, Quinn turned around with a hand clutching her chest.

"You scared me! I was just thinking."

"'Bout?" Quinn shrugged nonchalantly. "Right." Santana pursed her lips. "So, I'm ready to be beautified."

"A please would be nice." Quinn said with a playful smile, getting up from the couch.

Before they knew it, both of their hairs were nicely done, simple but elegant, and they went up to Brittany's room to change into their dresses.

Quinn took the chance to write a quick text to Rachel telling her she would be home soon, to which her girlfriend replied with an array of enthusiastic emoticons.

"How do we look?" Brittany beamed from the top of the stairs.

"You look gorgeous." Quinn grinned.

"Yeah, yeah. She's mine, bitch." Santana narrowed her eyes at her friend as she walked down the stairs.

Brittany's mom appeared to snap pictures of her daughter and her girlfriend before prom, gushing about how beautiful they looked and even shedding some tears, and hugged them and Quinn goodbye at the threshold.

Quinn followed the down the sidewalk, expecting a limo or some kind of extravagant ride, but Santana took her car keys out of her purse and Quinn's eyebrows shot up in surprise.

"No limo or anything?"

"Nah." Santana shrugged. "I rather have post prom sex on my own car."

Quinn blushed and rolled her eyes.


She wished them good luck and to have fun, and Brittany squeezed her in a hug before they drifted apart to their own cars.

Just as she sat in the passenger seat, her phone buzzed with a text from Rachel asking her to buy popcorn so they could watch a movie with Beth. Smiling at the prospect of finally going back home to her girls, Quinn drove while singing along to the radio and stopped at the twenty-four hours store before going back on her route home.

After beeping the alarm to her car, Quinn walked up to her door. The lights on the entryway were off, and she fumbled a little with her keys before opening the door.

Her heart leaped up to her chest in shock and amazement as all the lights turned on at once and all the Glee club members stood there, on their prom attire and yelling 'Surprise!'

"What…?" Quinn trailed off, her free hand clutching at her chest. "Guys…" She whispered in amazement, mouth not quite closing all the way.

"Hey girlfriend." Rachel beamed from the foot of the stairs.

She looked beyond stunning with her hair down with some light curls at the end and the beautiful light-pink dress she had picked for prom. She was grabbing both of Beth's hands, who was wearing a fluffy yellow dress with a princess crown on her head.

Quinn felt her heart beat wildly in her entire chest and fought the tears threatening to fill her eyes. She smiled at her daughter, who was a little distracted with all the people playing dress-up in her house, before walking up to them and picking her up.

"Hi, Princess, you look lovely." She murmured as she kissed her chubby cheek. Beth gave her a toothy grin, bordering on shy, and hid her face on her Mom's neck. Quinn bit her lip as she took Rachel's hand and tugged her closer. "You did this?"

Rachel nodded shyly, smiling prettily as she looked into Quinn's eyes.

"Do you like it?"

Quinn looked around at the lights all around her living room, which she recognized from Puck's old parties, and the table with food and punch they had pushed against one of the walls to make space for a dance floor. Some of the Glee club members were smiling at her, some looking away pretending not to notice their moment to give them some semblance of privacy.

"This looks… amazing." She beamed. "Thank you, guys."

"Too sappy for me, bring on the music!" Santana hollered, breaking everyone from the moment.

Mercedes walked up to Quinn to give her a hug, and Puck took Beth from her arms to take her to the dance floor, where he proceeded to twirl her around and make her giggle and scream in delight.

Quinn's hand was still clutching Rachel's, and her girlfriend was watching her attentively.

"How about we go upstairs and you dress up?"

Quinn nodded, still a little dumbfounded, and followed her girlfriend up the stairs. Rachel sat on her bed while the blonde undressed.

"I wanted us to have fun with the guys and girls before we head off to college." Rachel explained. "Prom seemed like the perfect opportunity… I didn't want us to miss it. So I though, since we couldn't go to the event, we might as well have it here." She shrugged like it was no big deal.

Quinn walked to her and took her face in her hands to press a gentle kiss to her lips.

"I can't believe you did this for me." She whispered, moving up to kiss her girlfriend's forehead and down to her nose.

"It was for us." Rachel smiled. "But for you… I would do anything."

Quinn bit her lip, standing up and turning around. She looked back to Rachel from over her shoulder.

"You can zip me up." She offered.

Rachel nodded and stood up, kissing the soft skin between her shoulder blades before covering it with the fabric of Quinn's blue dress.

"I can do something quick with my hair."

"I like it like this." Rachel smiled, rounding Quinn's waist with her arms and brushing her blonde curls aside to kiss the side of her neck. Her girlfriend turned around in her arms and tangled her hands in her hair while they kissed.

"I think…" She mumbled when they pulled slightly away. "That we need to go downstairs before we can't leave this room."

Rachel grinned, her eyes sparkling, and shook her head.

"There's one last thing…" Pulling away and ignoring Quinn's questioning look, she walked to her overnight bag at the foot of the bed and pulled out a plastic box.

Quinn opened her mouth in shock, an almost disbelieving look on her face.

"You know me, always ahead of schedule." Rachel shrugged, trying to play it off.

"You bought me a corsage?" Quinn breathed out. She bit her lip as she walked towards her girlfriend, who was carefully opening the box.

Quinn couldn't take her eyes away from Rachel's face as she tied the ribbon around her wrist. When she looked up and their eyes met, Quinn looked down bashfully to inspect her gift.

"They're called forget-me-not." Rachel licked her lips when Quinn lifted her gaze again to look her in the eyes. "But… they actually mean true love."

Quinn let out a soft, shaky breath as her hands cupped Rachel's face, stepping forward to eliminate any distance between them and joining their lips. Rachel's hands were on her hips, moving up and around her body to press themselves together. The only thing that made Quinn pull away was the overwhelming urge to drop Rachel on the bed and fall swiftly on top of her.

She lowered her hands to Rachel's neck and lightly knocked their foreheads together.

"I love you, Rachel."

"I love you too, Luce." Rachel breathed out, still trying to catch her breath.

Quinn groaned a little and squeezed her in a hug before pulling away.

"We really need to go now, because my self-control can only stretch so far."

Rachel giggled, taking her hand and leading the way.

They laughed and danced until every girl had to take off her shoes and the food and punch were all gone. Beth was fast asleep upstairs in her room by then and they pulled out Rachel's karaoke machine. Quinn had the slightest suspicion that someone had spiked the last of the punch once Beth was asleep if everyone's slurry voices and dopey smiles while they sang was any indication.

It was nearly dawn by the time, one by one, everyone started leaving for home.

Rachel, too, was suspiciously a little over affectionate, and she was constantly running her hands down Quinn's arms and neck, making her shiver.

"So…" Puck trailed off once he finished helping them clear up the place. "I'm completely sober." He stated, glancing briefly at Rachel's hands resting almost too low on Quinn's back. "And I think Beth should go home with me today. I mean, Maddy and my mom miss her, and –"

"It's a great idea." Quinn rushed. He went upstairs to make a bag as she carefully took Beth out of her crib and wrapped her in a blanket.

"I'll bring her home at five. That good?" Puck asked as Quinn strapped her sleeping baby to the car seat.

"Yeah." Quinn nodded with a smile. "Text me, though."

"I know." Puck smiled, getting into the driver's seat. He lowered the window and Quinn rested her hands there for a moment.

"And… thanks for this." She added shyly.

"Hey, I just want to spend time with my baby girl, that's all." He winked.

Quinn bit her lip with a blush and watched the car disappear down the street before heading back in.

She almost didn't have time to close the door behind her before greedy hands were pulling at her waist, lips crashing against hers and her back hit the door with a thud.

The last day was supposed to be the saddest. They were supposed to cry in remembrance and nostalgia.

But they were a Glee club.

Sure, they had the drama, but never the sadness.

They had always been happy together, as a group; almost like family. They had their ups and downs, their differences, but they were in it together, they belonged.

Quinn watched all her friends singing and dancing and laughing. That was what it was always about. She remembered how, at first, she'd joined thinking only of Rachel, about her desires and happiness; she never would have imagined how this club would help her through so many things. It had ended up being a big part of her life, a way to look forward to go to school and getting past all the obstacles she had endured. She had made the best of friends, and really, it had been how she imagined it all when she was ten years old and thought about being in high school with Rachel.

Of course a pregnancy and a relationship hadn't been in her mind then, but hey, the best laid plans… Everything had turned out even better than she could have ever imagined.

Rachel was making her way towards her with a smile and Quinn pushed herself off the wall with her foot, reaching her arms forward to take Rachel's hands in hers and allowing her to twirl her around and bring her to the middle of the room.

As soon as their song ended, Rachel brought her closer with a smile and leaned on her toes to whisper in her ear.

"There's a surprise for you."

"Another surprise?" Quinn raised her eyebrows. "Aren't you spoiling me?" She grinned.

"Hey!" Puck waltzed inside the room, immediately bringing everyone's attention to him and the little girl who sat on his shoulders.

Beth spotted them in the middle of the room and almost tried to jump off her dad's shoulders to get to them.

"Easy, Monkey." He put her down and she ran to Quinn's legs, who picked her up immediately.

"Hi, gorgeous!" She cooed, spreading kisses all over her face.

Beth wrapped her arms around her neck for a few seconds and then leaned her body towards Rachel, who took her in her arms with a beaming smile.

"Who brought you here?" Quinn asked her, taking one of her little hands and kissing her fingers.

"Gwamma." Beth answered distractedly. She had started looking around and her attention had been caught by all the instruments in the room.

The rest of the Glee club were all realizing who had arrived and gathering around them to say hi to Beth, who was handling the attention pretty well.

Soon they were singing and dancing again, with Beth passed from arms to arms, dancing on her dad's shoulders and sitting on Finn's lap while he let her pound the drums with the sticks and laughed his head off.

It was hours before they left the Choir room, only to go to the nearest restaurant to eat pizza together, to prolong their time together just a little bit longer.

One by one, they had to go home at some point, until only Brittany, Santana, Rachel, Quinn and Beth remained.

"Can we go to the park?" Brittany asked hopefully. "At least until it gets dark."

Her three friends nodded and they walked the distance listening to Beth's babbling and pretending to have a coherent conversation with her. Brittany carried her all the way, she was one of Beth's favorites and she really loved her; Quinn could tell that Brittany was sad that they weren't going to live so close to each other. It was nothing compared to how Santana was handling the upcoming distance separating her college from Brittany's. While Brittany would be staying on Julliard campus, Santana would live at her Aunt's house while she attends Penn Law School.

Who could blame them, though, after spending their entire lives together? It was amazing to think that life was really just beginning, and that a few years were only that, few, out of all that they were going to live. Quinn knew what it was to be apart from Rachel, and it wasn't pleasant. But it wasn't the same then and now, there was a big difference, and Beth, and it hurt Quinn's chest to think about being away from Rachel.

She held her hand as they walked, and Rachel turned to her with a smile.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, why?" Quinn frowned.

"You're squeezing." Rachel smiled, eying their hands.

"Oh. Sorry." Quinn loosened her hand and stroked the back of Rachel's with her thumb. "What are you thinking?"

"I think your thoughts are more interesting at the moment."

"I was just… thinking about New York." Quinn shook her head dismissively with a smile.

"Ah… so it was a happy death-grip?" Rachel grinned.

"Rach." Quinn leaned her shoulder against her girlfriend's.

"Okay." Rachel kissed the side of her head.

They walked along the path a little longer until it took them to the pond, keeping Brittany and Beth occupied with the ducks while Santana lounged under the sun with her shirt exposing her stomach.

"It's nice." She mumbled to no one in particular.

Rachel smiled as she watched her. It wasn't often that she saw Santana so relaxed. It reminded her of the day they first met, with Santana in boots, looking completely confident while she had a smoke under the bleachers. She looked different now, though. The confidence she had back then was fake, it was fear in disguise, while the way she carried herself now was with real assurance of herself. It had been evident, after Brittany had asked her to be her girlfriend, what had been the cause of Santana's constant irritability and moodiness after her mom had left home. Once they stopped pretending, even Santana's features had changed. Her smile was more noticeable than her frown, these days.

Beth suddenly squealed when a duck came too close, and Rachel turned around to see her running towards her.

"Hey baby!" She knelt and opened her arms for Beth to fall into.

"It's okay, Beth!" Brittany laughed in the background.

Santana was propped up on her shoulders watching and Quinn was on her feet, watching Beth.

"Mommy!" Beth crashed into Rachel's arms, but instead of hiding, she took Rachel's hand and tugged her towards the pond. "Look Mommy, dwucks."

The duck that had come near her was far away now, since Beth had made quite the scandal. As on auto-pilot, Rachel had followed behind dumbly and was staring at the ducks with suspiciously shiny eyes.

"What did you say?" She breathed out.

"The dwucks, Mommy!" Beth repeated excitedly.

"I see them, they're gorgeous." Rachel beamed down at her.

Brittany had wandered to where Santana was and plopped down on top of her, straddling her waist. They were now oblivious of Rachel's inner turmoil, but Quinn had silently walked towards her and linked their hands.

"Go with Aunt Britt, Baby." She pushed Beth towards them. "She's having way too much fun without you!"

Beth ran towards the pair and plopped down on the grass next to them, still watching the pond.

Quinn turned sideways to face Rachel and took her other hand in hers.

"I told you I was Momma." She bit her lip, watching her girlfriend expectantly.

Rachel sniffed, smiling as she wiped her right cheek with the back of her hand.

"I –" She shook her head.

"Oh, Baby." Quinn murmured warmly, pulling Rachel towards her and wrapping her in her arms. "I love you." She kissed her forehead.

Rachel wrapped her arms around Quinn's waist and squeezed.

"She called me –"

"She loves you." Quinn pulled away so she could see her face. "Really loves you."

"I really love her, too." Rachel hiccupped.

"She's called you that so many times." Quinn chuckled. "It's a little confusing sometimes, like, she cried for you when she fell off the hammock, and Mom couldn't understand why she wouldn't stop crying once she took her to me."

"Is that why you both went to pick me up from ballet?" Rachel murmured, now snuggled to her girlfriend and basking in her warmth. She suddenly felt calm, and happy, and…

"Hey." Quinn protested half-heartedly when she felt a wet kiss to her neck. "Yes, that's why…" She trailed off, kisses now moving down towards her collarbones.

"I'm not your freaking nanny!" Santana screamed for afar. "If I can't get my lady kisses on, neither can you!"

"I can be your nanny." Brittany supplied, getting off her girlfriend and laying on the grass with her arms stretched out to the sides.

"No, Britts! That defeats the whole purpose of getting my lady kisses on!"

"What's lady kisses?" Beth asked Santana curiously.

Quinn raised an eyebrow to her friend in warning.

"Just normal kisses, kiddo." She raised her hands in front of her chest.

"I can give you kisses." Beth answered matter-of-factly.

Santana sighed, trying to hold her smile.

"Okay." She opened her arms. "Bring them on."

When Rachel kissed her dads for the last time, it'd been five hours and endless tears since they had got to their apartment. She felt the tightness in her chest as soon as they got the car into motion, but tears were not running down her cheeks once they disappeared among the New York traffic.

She remembered how hard it was, once upon a time, to let go of her father's hand and walk in the opposite direction, not sure how he would be the next time they saw each other, not sure if he would be awake, alive.

It was the same hand then than it was now that held hers in comfort. The same pair of lips pressing against her cheek and mumbling it would be okay.

If she closed her eyes tight, she was still eight years old and clutching a stuffed monkey to her chest. There was another little girl with that monkey now, hanging from her right hand while her left held her mother's. Rachel smiled down at Beth and stroked the top of her dirty blonde head.

Beth was frowning when she looked up.

"When are they coming back?" She asked with a pout.

Quinn kneeled down to be eye to eye with her daughter and cupped her cheek.

"We don't know yet. They're going back home, remember? And we're staying here."

"But… they're coming back?"

"Yes, but not right away." Quinn nodded, still watching her daughter's expressions carefully.

"Okay." Beth sighed.



"Yes?" Quinn smiled softly.

"Where's Mommy going to sleep?"

"What are you talking about?" Rachel exclaimed, picking Beth up from the ground as Quinn's shoulders shook with amused laughter. "Aren't you going to let me sleep in your bed?"

"Oh, okay." Beth nodded. "But…"

"She really loves that word." Quinn mumbled with a smile, following behind them into the building.

"But what about me?"

"Oh." Rachel feigned confusion, furrowing her eyebrows and pretending to think. "Well… you can sleep in… the kitchen!"

"No!" Beth protested.

"The bathroom?"

"No, silly. What if you have to pee and I'm sleeping?"

"You're right." Rachel nodded, letting Beth walk down the hall in front of her. "I guess Momma will have to share her bed with me, then."

"I have no problem with that." Quinn bit her lip around a smile.

"Of course you don't." Rachel snickered.

"Yeah, curse you don't." Beth repeated.

"And why is that?" Quinn asked as they entered the apartment.

Beth frowned for a moment, mulling it over.

"'Cause you always sleep together!"

Rachel blushed crimson, running away from the conversation by pretending to go to the bathroom.

"We do." Quinn nodded. "Rachel's a really comfy pillow."

"I have my pillows." She shrugged.

"Good, because you can't have mine."

"I didn't want yours anyway!" Beth stuck her tongue out at her.

Rachel came out of the bathroom after washing her face and took Beth by surprise by wrapping her arms around her and picking her up from the ground while she squealed.

"Apologize!" She demanded as she pretended to eat Beth's neck and made growling noises.

The little girl was too preoccupied laughing to utter any word, until Rachel took pity on her and put her in the ground.

"What do you say if we explore outside?"

"Yes!" Beth jumped up and down.

"Okay, go get your jacket from your backpack."

Quinn wrapped her arms around her girlfriend from behind as Beth ran towards her room.

"Hi." She mumbled, kissing right under her ear.

"Hey." Rachel turned around, wrapping her arms around Quinn's neck. Her body sagged forward to lean fully against her girlfriend's.

"We're here." Quinn stated. Rachel nodded. "The three of us."

"Hmmm." She hummed while they kissed. "And… when is Noah coming to New York?"

"Next month." Quinn bit her lip. "The construction he'll be working at doesn't start until then."

Rachel nodded, bringing their lips together again.

"Let's go!" Beth screamed excitedly as she ran out of her room and towards the front door.

"Hey, stop!" Quinn ordered. Her daughter immediately stopped, freezing her hands and legs and swinging a little before finding her balance. "Never go out that door without one of us." She waved her hand between Rachel and herself. "Okay?"

"Never!" Beth shook her head. She kept shaking it from side to side, making her long hair fly around as she started to dance in her spot.

Rachel grinned, pressing one last noisy kiss against Quinn's cheek before walking towards Beth and helping her get into her jacket.

"Let's go, wacko."

"But what's on the other side?" She eyed the front door suspiciously.

"The hallway!" Quinn exclaimed. "You saw it a minute ago!"

Beth whined, pressing the side of her face against Rachel's leg.

"I promise." Quinn insisted.

"Hold my hand?" She asked hopefully, lifting both her arms for Rachel and Quinn to grab.

They looked at each other with a smile as they each grabbed one of Beth's little hands.

"Of course."