The Start of The Fall

The university library was quiet; she sat there alone, reading anything and everything, trying to find the answer to the question. Throughout her life she had travelled extensively but no matter where she went, she would hear the same prophesy. In each different tongue she found slight deviations, each changing the meaning slightly. She knew this could be simply to fit the culture or was it just error; stories passed down by word of mouth were never most reliable. She knew to know the truth she would have to find the scrolls and she deeply desired that. This particular prophesy had affected her whole life, she needed to know. She was about to call it a night and go for a walk when she finally found a reference to "The Lost Parchments of Gallifrey". They were written by the mystics themselves, exactly as they had foretold it. If there was an answer, it would be there she was sure of it. With new energy she continue searching for a location, a hint, anything that would tell her where or when to look. And there it was, hidden in Myth and Legend, "How appropriate" she muttered to herself not that there was anyone to hear her. Since she was a student she had always loved this library at night, no one to look over her shoulder or telling her she was wasting her time. She walked over to the window thinking about what she had just discovered and considering her options. There was only one person who would be able to guide her, who knew the location of this particular myth and who would cross heaven and hell to help him – Professor Song.

The light was still on in the Professor's office as she approached. She took a deep breathe to steady her nerves. A thousand thoughts and doubts ran through her head as she walked from the library clutching her research. During her time here as a student she would often visited Professor Song late at night but this seemed different. She knew that this would be personal for the Professor and it was late maybe she should try tomorrow, what difference would a day make. Standing in front of the old wooden, she had decided that now was the time and before she could change her mind she knocked gently before opening the door. The office was a large square room with large bay windows that looked out onto the courtyard. The professor was standing there, her back to the door, looking or searching for something. The other walls were hidden by huge bookshelves that were full of books and artefacts that she had recovered during her long career, things from places most people had never heard of; then again she knew that Professor River Song was not like most people. The light in the office came mainly from the large open fire that was sandwiched between two heavily laden racks. There was a large oak desk in the middle of the room covered in her latest research, she was always reading up on something or somewhere.

"Professor Song, I'm sorry for the late hour but I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions?" She took a breath quickly before continuing not wanting to give a chance of being sent away, as she continued she realised that the Professor wasn't aware of her presence. "Professor Song?"

"Hum" was her only response. Stepped further into her office and closing the door behind her, she said "Professor Song is everything alright?"

She wiped her face and giving the young Doctor her brightest smile said "Of course Petal, now what are these questions you want to ask me?"

They walked over to the fire place and Professor Song invited her old student to sit in one of the old leather armchairs that were in front of the fire as she sat in the one opposite. Even in the dim light that came from the fire she could see that her old Professor had been crying. She knew from the tone of voice that River used that she didn't want to talk about it.

Professor Song wasn't like all the others professor that she had studied under, old men that had spent their whole lives reading about living, she had actually seen and done a lot of what she talked about in her lectures, been to places that most of her students could only dream about. The young Doctor had been on a few digs with her and had a lot of respect for her. There was also a darker side to the Professor, stuff that happened in her past that haunted her. Although they had known each other for so many years now, first as a student/teacher and then as a fellow professionals, there were still some things, on both sides, that they had never opened up about. The campus was full of rumours, about what she had done between becoming a doctor and archiving her PhD. There were more rumours about her than asteroids on Orion's Belt. Doctor Irving had learnt not to care what people thought, all she cared about was what she knew to be true about this lady - she was strong, passionate and cared about the things that were important to her.

She started to explain what she had been looking into; trying hard not to mention the Time Lords too much as she knew what was part of the past that River Song hid from the world. Her eyes got redder as Doctor Irving talked and then she whispered "On the fields of Trenzalore".

"You know of the prophesy?" The Doctor was shocked but not completely surprised; Professor Song had a detailed knowledge and experiences with the last living Time Lord.

"Yes." She answered; she watched the fire so that she wouldn't have to make eye contact. This was something that was difficult for her to talk about and Doctor Irving knew this.

"Do you also know of the Parchments where it is written in Gallifrian?" pushing on knowing that this might be the only chance she would get to ask her about it.

"Only that they existed. As far as I know they were lost during the Time Wars" she still wouldn't look away from the fire.

"There are records that indicate that they were held with the Pandorica" Irving continued

"I was there once, as it opened…" she whispered, her voice disappearing at the end.

"Could you take me there?" There was a long pause as she waited for an answer, holding her breathe. Professor Song didn't answer just stared at the fire, biting tears back as she relived painful memories.

"Professor Song, I should leave. I'm sorry for disturbing you so late."

Doctor Irving stood and made her way to the door, as she opened it she heard the Professor quietly say "Yes, I will book passage for tomorrow. It will be nice to be back on earth."

A Note from AEK

This is my first attempt at a Doctor Who story. I own nothing but my ideas. I hope you enjoyed this and in return all I ask that you leave me a short note.