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Beneath the Iron Fist

Chapter one

Candace ran through the crowded street, trying to make it home as soon as possible. She needed to warn her family as soon as possible. If she didn't, she might be putting her family in even more danger. She was small enough to slip through the crowds, but at times she still ended up knocking people over. Some of the crowds were just too thick to slip through.

"Mom, Dad! I have something to tell you guys!" Candace yelled as she slipped into the house, panting heavily. Linda and Lawrence ran out of the kitchen, a worried look on their faces. They came to Candace and pulled her into a warm embrace which made her realize how cold she was. It was dark and cold outside, and all she had on today was her usual red tank top and white mini skirt. She had been out since early that morning. She just hadn't expected to be out so long.

"Candace Flynn, where have you been all day? Your father and I were worried sick! We were about to call the cops to report you missing!" Linda yelled, pulling out of the hug to glare down at her daughter. Candace looked down for a moment, blushing a little bit. How would she tell her mother all that she had seen that day? She'd think that she was crazy! Or that she'd imagined it. That's what she usually blamed everything on.

"That's what I was about to tell you, mom! You see, I noticed Perry leaving this morning, like he does every day. But I got so curious that I decided to follow him, to see where he went. We went on the weirdest adventure today, mom! It turns out, Perry's a spy, and he goes and fights this scientist! And apparently, the scientist turned Perry evil, and sent him to attack his own agency. It's a pile of gravel now. He even stole a dying old man! We have to run mom. It's not safe. This man is planning on taking over the whole Tristate Ar-!" She was cut off by Linda.

"See Lawrence, this is why we shouldn't let them go outside too long. They always come up with these crazy stories." Linda whispered to Lawrence.

"No mom! It's true! I wouldn't have stayed out so long if it wasn't. You should know that I'm pretty good at being on time by now." Candace snapped, mad at her mom for not listening, and cutting her off.

"Pretty good. Not perfect, though. I'm pretty sure you were just out with Stacie, and ended up falling asleep again. You've done that a lot in the past, Candace. Anyway, I'm pretty sure you should be tired from your 'weird adventure'. Why don't you come get something to eat, and then go to bed?" Linda murmured, trying to calm her down.

"NO! I can't believe you guys! All I'm trying to do is protect you guys, and you act as if I'm just a crazy little girl! You guys are the most boring parents ever! If I don't say stuff most girls would say, like 'Oh my day was good. I just hung out with Stacie.' Or something like that, you think that I'm imagining everything! It's so annoying! I just give up! You guys may be my parents, but I don't think that I'll treat you like you are anymore. I'd rather have no parents then have you two as my parents." Candace yelled, running to her room. She was about to slam the door behind her, when she saw her little brothers, looking up at her with a slightly scared expression.

"What's wrong, guys?" She asked softly, kneeling down to pull them into a hug.

"You hate mommy and daddy." Phineas murmured sadly.

"No! I don't hate them. I'm just mad at them about something at the moment." Candace replied, feeling bad. She hadn't thought her brothers would listen to her fight with her parents.

"Don't be mad at them. They were only worried about you! We were too. I thought I had lost you." Phineas looked like he was about to cry.

"I'm sorry Phineas. I promise that you won't lose me anytime soon. I'll always be here to protect you, okay?" Candace felt tears sliding down her own face.

"You should go to bed. You're cold." Ferb cut in, pulling out of the hug. Phineas joined him. Candace nodded and turned around to enter her room. Right as she closed the door, she heard Ferb murmur one more thing. "We believe you, Candace. I hope this is one promise you can keep."

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