LbN: Third in the "Protecting the Dwarf" series. A lot of you asked me to continue, so here we go! Happy reading :)

"Do you have everything you need, Santana?" her dad asked, kissing her forehead.

"All good," she said. "How long will you and mom be gone?"

"Just for the month. You can have Brittany over if you want."

She thought about telling them, again, that Brittany was in Amsterdam for three weeks, but decided against it. "Okay," she said. "Have a safe flight."

"Thanks sweetie," her mom said. "Don't burn the house down while we're gone."

"I never do," she muttered, closing the door behind them. With a sigh, she walked back upstairs to get ready for work.

"Hi, Aunt Judy!" Santana called through the window as Quinn walked to the car.

"Hi sweetie! Oooh! Let me get a picture of you two getting ready to leave."

"Oh, Mom," Quinn huffed.

"Stop that," Judy said, still grinning. "I'm your mother, and this is your first summer job. I'm allowed to take three memory cards worth of pictures." She took a couple of the pair sitting in the car, and gave Quinn a kiss. "Alright, I'm done," she said. "Have good first days!"

"Thanks, Aunt Judy!" Santana said, waving before she pulled off.

"You indulge her craziness far too much," Quinn said, laughing. "I think she likes you better than me."

"While I am quite lovable, I don't think she'd pick me over her 'little blonde angel'," Santana said, smirking.

"I thought we said we weren't going to mention that ever again," Quinn grumbled.

Santana laughed.

"We're picking up Rachel, right?" Quinn asked.


"I have to admit, I didn't really understand your sudden need to be her own personal Rosalie Hale—"

"No more fucking Twilight for you…."

"However," Quinn continued. "You must be having a damn good influence. And vice versa. You been generally less threatening, and she showed her badass side after that Finn debacle at Nationals."

Santana grinned as they pulled into Rachel's subdivision. "That was pretty badass."

"What the hell was that, Finn?" Quinn yelled.

"You thought it would win Rachel back, you mean," Mike snapped.

"Why are you all yelling at me?" Finn roared. "She kissed me back!"

"Of course she did, you gelatinous tub of stupid!" Santana snapped. "It would've been worse if she'd pushed your jiggly ass away in front of everyone!"

"That's enough, Santana," Will said.

"Are you serious, Mr. Schue?" Rachel asked. "Besides being completely inappropriate in a performance setting, Finn and I have been broken up for months now. I have constantly resisted his advances since then. What that amounted to was a small scale case of sexual assault."

"Oh come on!" Finn said. "I just thought it would add emotion."

"It added to our emotions alright…the negative ones," Artie grumbled.

"Okay, you guys!" Will said. "Finn gets it. No more surprises in the next round, okay Finn?"

"If we get to the next round." Rachel said. "And Finn, the next time you decide to get handsy, you will find yourself missing a vital part of your anatomy."

Rachel was just coming out as they pulled up. "Morning, Santana, Quinn."

"Hey Rachel," Quinn said. "You ready for endless masses of screaming, sugared up kids?"

"And demanding, bitchy parents?" Rachel added. "Born ready."

Santana laughed. "Concessions at the theater. You poor schmucks."

"Laugh it up, Santana," Quinn said, smirking. "But the stories coming from the Lima Book Nook's children's section are infamous. There's an entire Facebook page dedicated to former employees' horror stories."

"No worries, Blondie. I'm never going near that section."

"Sure," Rachel said.

"No, ma'am," Quinn said. "We don't stock cupcakes or popsicles."

"See," the woman told her son. "They don't have any."

"You're a bitch!" the boy asked.

Rachel's mouth dropped open. She looked over to Quinn, who was trying very hard not to laugh.

"Nathan! That's not nice. What would Daddy say if he heard you talking to me like that?"

"He'd agree," the boy snapped. "I want a popsicle!"

"Nathan, sweetie, they don't have any. Remember, dolphin, Nathan? Dolphin?"

Rachel looked over at Quinn as she handed an older man his drink. The blonde looked just as confused as she was.

"Dolphin," the woman continued, as her son tried to kick her in the shins. "Our secret word. When I say 'dolphin' that means I need you to behave."

"Hey, little man," Quinn said, taking pity on this poor woman. "We have hot dogs and pizza. How about a pepperoni pizza?"

"Fine," the boy huffed. "Make it quick."

Rachel, filling an extra large slushie now, saw the kid take a few steps back and shut his mouth. She didn't need to look at her friend to know that Quinn had her HBIC eyebrow quirk on. "Hello sir—oh! Hi Finn! What can I get for you?"

"Uh, I'll just have a medium Coke. And some Skittles. You look nice."

"Thank you. Here you go—it's seven dollars."

"Hey, when do you get off?" he asked.

"At two, but I have plans with Santana."

Finn's face darkened. "You're still hanging out with her…. Why?"

"Finn, there's a line behind you. I have to work. Enjoy your movie."

He grumbled and stalked off.

Quinn spared her a sympathetic glance before they went back to taking people's orders.