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They had to take Leroy's car plus a UHaul. Rachel's morning and evening regimen routine products took up three suitcases on their own. They were loading the last couple of boxes into the truck when a Benz pulled up.

"You've got to be kidding," Santana muttered. She walked down to the sidewalk where her father had just parked.

"Getting ready to set off?" he asked.

"Yeah. We've got to be in place for Rachel's orientation and my first day."

He nodded. "Well…we're proud of you. I…uh…saw the pictures of your apartment. Very nice. Er…will you be able to handle it on your own? I mean… money wise."

"Of course, I will."

"We haven't gotten you a graduation gift yet."

"I don't need one."

"Still…I paid your rent for a full year, and I have a card on file at a couple of furniture stores in New York. Decorate however you want."

"I didn't need you to do that," Santana said with barely suppressed frustration.

"I know. But we wanted to. Your mother's in Florida working a case, but she wanted me to wish you the best. We'll see you at Christmas."

"Really? Because you didn't last year."

He sighed. "Santana…please. I know we haven't…there have been things…what I'm trying to say is this: we can't change the past. But moving forward…your mother and I want to be in your life. We've missed a lot. We don't want to miss anymore." He kissed her on the forehead. "Call if you need anything."

Santana nodded stiffly. She walked back to the car once he'd driven off.

"Ready?" Hiram asked.

"Of course."

Blaine and her mom were loading the last boxes into the UHaul. Shelby was there. She didn't care though. Quinn knelt down in front of Beth and took her hands. "When you were born, I told you I was leaving you. I didn't. Not really. Because your mom decided I could be in your life. She didn't want you to ever wonder about me, or why I gave you up. But now I am leaving. I have to. But I promise, you're still the most important person in my life. You're my one perfect thing. I'm going to send you a postcard every week, so you know I'm thinking about you. So when you're older, and you start to understand this…whole thing, you'll know I may have left, but I never stopped loving you."

Her mother and Rachel came in then.

"Bye, Beth."

"Kin!" Beth yelped. It had been her second word after "Mama". Her mother's name.

Shelby hugged Quinn, and then Rachel. "Have fun. Be safe."

"Thank you," Quinn said. She turned to Rachel. "I'm ready. Blaine out there with Santana?"

"Yeah. My bet's on her crying first, but I don't know."

"The bromance of the century, those two."

"I'll come visit you," Blaine said, sniffling. "I'll be up there when we move Kurt in anyway."

"Cool. We'll be able to chill in my apartment. I have an extra bedroom for guests."

They stood in silence as the Berry fathers tried to act occupied.

Santana threw her arms around Blaine. "Don't let your dad take you to any other fight clubs, okay? Puck's not here to scare everyone away from you anymore."

"It's okay. I'll be fine; don't worry about me."

"Can't help it," she said, letting a few tears slip out. "You're my bro."

"Skype with me?"

"Definitely. Just…make sure it's not right after you've had Skype sex with Kurt."

Blaine snorted. "Noted. Take care of yourself."



It took two days to get Santana and Rachel settled in, and another two to drive to New Haven and get Quinn set up. That Sunday, the girls had said goodbye to the three parents. They'd had lunch at Santana's apartment, and watched three movies.

"Okay," Quinn said, standing up. "It's obvious we're stalling. Come on…. I've got to get back to New Haven, and Rachel's got her first day of orientation tomorrow. You have your first day of work. So…." She pulled two envelopes out of her purse. "Used part of my graduation gift for these. I have one too."

"Metro North passes?" Rachel said.

"We're going to see each other plenty," Quinn said. "We have to now, those were fucking expensive. But for now we have to go."

The other two nodded. The three girls shared a quick hug.

"I'll drop Rachel off on my way to the train station," Quinn said. "You go get ready for tomorrow."

"Why can't I come?" Santana whined.

"Because you won't get back from Rachel's dorm until late, and then you'll stay up even longer. Go on, first impressions and all that."

Santana nodded, kissed Rachel, and ruffled Quinn's hair. "See you soon, Q."

"I'll call you tomorrow after orientation," Rachel said, waving as she followed Quinn out of the apartment. "Bye."