His clean oiled hooves tucked neatly under himself over the jump. "Who would have ever thought I'd have been changed from a shape shifting hero, to a glorified show horse"

"Gar! Pay attention! You're going to pull a rail…that could ruin our chances." Snorting the black horse tossed his head and threw himself over the next jump, albeit a bit more forcefully than was necessary jousting his rider. "Another clear round for Miss Rachel Roth and Garfield's Shifty Joker" rang over the loud speakers.

"You worry too much Rae, I've got this, relax already"

"Fine, But if we lose this opportunity Robin will have both our hides. Or need I remind you how hard we've been working to get this close?"

"Fine, Fine, geeze Rae, I'm just getting tired of being undercover and cooped up like we've been, surely you can understand that much?"

"I guess we're both getting irritable, and tired of this." With her final words Raven left beast boy to his own thoughts, It was so strange thinking that they'd been at this for a little over a month.

He could remember the day Robin sent them undercover. Raven had been furious to say the least. Being called to the briefing room, beast boy ran "I can't believe I over slept again, Robins gonna kill me"

Raven didn't have to look up to know it was beast boy as usual, arriving to yet another meeting late. They had all been having trouble getting enough sleep with this new villain they'd been trying to track down. The vile person who had been targeting the horse industry strangely enough.

"Bout time you got here" drawled Cyborg,

"Yes what was it that kept you" piqued Starfire.

"Sorry, my alarm didn't go off…and"

"Titans please! Interjected Robin Now, I've called you all here to deal with the recent massacres at the jumper international derby."

"How could someone do such things?" Starfire questioned. Beasboy's stomach sank, thinking about the sicko who did such things.

"After going through all the information I could find, I feel that we're going to have to take a different route to getting information." Robin stated plainly

"What's the plan?" Cyborg asked.

"Well…It's a bit of a stretch…but I don't know how else we could get close enough to catch the killer. I think we need to go in undercover."

"How exactly are we going to do that? Send me in as a show pony or something?" Joked beast boy "and raven could be my rider." He joked waggling his eyebrows at Raven, receiving a glare from afore mentioned empath.

"Well…you know that's much better than my idea" pondered Robin out loud, receiving a few concerned looks from his teammates. "Then you could be the bait in a way, and you would always have another titan there for back up, without suspicion. You of course would have to stay a horse most of the time…and who would be the rider?"

"You're not seriously considering this are you Rob? Come on man..thats crazy talk."

" Come on guys it'd be perfect. We could get two titans in to keep an eye on things from the inside, and if things got bad you'd be there to deal with it. Not to mention the qualifying rounds are just around the corner. We just need a rider, since B.B. would obviously be our horse."

"Cool! Interjected beast boy, as long as I don't have to haul the tin can around I'm down with this plan!" "Hey! Yelled cyborg I'm state of the art."

Robin started, "I was thinking someone who could blend in, who would notice little details"

"…And keep B.B. in line" laughed Cyborg

"OHH! I can!" Exclaimed Starfire, "It sounds like it'd be the most pleasant experience."

"I don't think so Star robin noted I need you to for…surveillance around the tower you know since Beastboy will be gone."

"I understand Starfire said sadly."

"How bout Rae?" Cyborg chimed in, "she could blend in and notices little details"

"..What! absolutely not! I cant…I don't know anything about horses" Raven stumbled out. "

But you can learn. You and B.B start practicing tomorrow, learn all you can until then."

"This is ridiculous" fumed Raven angrily trying to educate herself on horses and their needs, basics, and the not so basics. Soaking up the information as quickly as she could. She was never happier to be a fast study. "Why her? Why couldn't she just stay and help at the tower? Star had even offered to be the one to do it." Raven leaned her head against the common room computer she knew Robin would never let her out of the role now. Besides there was no way he'd leave star out of his sight for longer than he had to and she couldn't imagine Cy trying to ride a horse.

" Whatcha up to?" Queried Beast boy suddenly. Raven jerked up, she had not heard him walk up. "Trying to learn about horses for our mission. What else would I be doing?"

"I dunno…want some help?"

"No I'm alright" she said, clicking through countless documents. Studying her carefully, he began carefully "…would you like to watch a horse movie to better give you some background? I have some documentary's that have helped me."

She pondered the invite for a moment, "that would be easier, and I could see how things are being done better…He's actually been studying up for this? Who would have thought"

" Raven?" Beastboy asked interrupting her thoughts.

"Ohh, umm sure that would be helpful." No sooner than she had said the words, Beastboy grinned in excitement and ran off, presumably to get the aforementioned DVD's. "Ohh what have I gotten myself into" she groaned.

Beastboy returned shortly DVD's in hand, peering about the common room for a moment before landing on Raven sitting on the couch cup of tea in hand relaxing. "Got them" he lamely stated, popping Show Jumpers across America into the DVD player and plopping on the couch next to Raven. Eventually overcome by the dull voice of the narrator introducing them into the world of horses. Having watched it a few times before Beastboy was quite bored. He peered at Raven carefully. She was watching it intently; he tried to watch once more. Raven knit her brow in confusion for a moment, before turning to Beastboy to ask about lead changes and strides. Beastboy enthusiastically began explaining everything the video skimmed over.

The alarm came too soon for the green changeling, begrudgingly getting himself ready for morning workouts. He popped into the workout room only to be surprised to be face first with a strange gruff looking woman.

"Who are you and how did you get here?" Beastboy roughly questioned quickly taking up a fight ready stance.

"Beastboy! That's no way to greet our trainer for the coming weeks!" robin scolded. "This is Cyn O'Neil she's here to help Raven and you train."

Beastboy extended his hand, his face getting hot showing an embarrassed flush. "Nice to meet you." He was met with a strong hand shake and a gruff hello. He jumped slightly when Raven appeared next to him, she was dressed in tall boots and breeches, holding a riding helmet.

"Ready?" Cyn asked, Raven simply nodded. Beastboy changed into a horse quickly. "No no no! That will not do" Cyn yelled; "I need a jumper, not a scrawny pathetic little horse. Change into a tall, strong, heavier built horse with longer legs."

Beast boy sighed, trying again, trying to remember the build of one of the horses on the documentary. "That will do" Cyn exclaimed a little bit of awe escaping into her voice. She handed Raven a saddle, "Let's start with the basics." It took raven a minute, but she figured out the saddling and bridling after a while. "Good, lets Mount up."

"What have I gotten myself into " is all Raven could think