Beastboy threw himself over the final jump nearly catching the rail on his way over. Raven urged him to turn quickly using her outside leg to push him into a tight turn for the next obstacle. "Eeepp! Ahh NO!" was the last Beastboy heard before he realized that there was no way he was going to make the last jump, which luckily and unfortunately for Raven the jump was a Liverpool, which softened the fall, but left her soaking wet. "let's try that combination again!" came Cyn's gruff voice. After a few grumbles and wringing herself off Raven re-mounted and urged a guilty and ashamed Garfield towards the set of jumps again this time however he was ready and cleared the jump with room to spare. After the rest of Cyn's grueling training session the two weary companions set out to rest and get cleaned up for bed.

The next morning came too soon for the two; they were unceromiously awoken by the incoming call alerts from their communicator. Robin's serious face finished waking them the rest of the way. "We've found another victim" came his solemn reply to their unspoken questions. "One of the promising international riders was found sliced up and hanging by the rafters of their private training barn just across town…I think you two should do some undercover work and see if you can find any clues. We are looking here as best we can. We don't want to tip off the killer by being seen around." Robin informed them "alright we will find a reason to check it out" "we've got this dude no problem" came their replies. "You two be careful" came Robins reply, before the comm link was severed.

"What are we going to do Star?" Robin's weary and tired voice asked. "Robin, do not worry. We will find the killer; we must just study the evidence and find the clues. We have been victorious in the past, why would we not be again?" came the tameraneans enthusiastic reply. "It's just that this case doesn't make any sense, why would a killer suddenly begin killing off riders? What possible reason could one have, it's not like a fellow competitor would want to kill his competitors, he would be too worried about the blame being on him?" "then we will start there friend Robin, we will work out the possibilities and move from there. Maybe we can find similarities and quirks of each killing to start?" came Starfire's wise reply. "Way ahead of you two!" came Cyborgs booming voice. "Let's get cracking I've already started running the info through my scanners to find commonalities throughout."

Every one of Beastboy's equine instincts told him to flee, and get as far away from this place as he could. Heck, his human ones did too. Yet he quelled his fears and pushed them aside forcing himself to focus on the task at hand. The thick morning fog was ebbing and flowing away from his easily moving form, the inky darkness of the fog threatening to swallow them up during their journey. The normally serene and calming ride through the forest, now took on a more sinister feeling in the darkness of the early morning, and with the chill in the air. Raven may not have said anything during their trek to the training barn a few farms over, but he could feel her unease through the tension through her riding. Her normally fluid and relaxed riding style had been forgone for a ridged and distracted choppy riding style.

"Beastboy?" Garfield's ears flickered about at the mention of his name. The quiet whisper of a noise was everywhere and yet nowhere at the same time. Beastboy tried to focus on the voice and draw out its source. "Beastboy" came the whisper again, this time with slightly more urgency and slightly louder. "what is going on" Beastboy pondered to himself, only to be interrupted from his ponderings by Ravens voice coming through more clearly now. "Great, I can form a mental link with you while you are morphed. Sorry if I'm invading your mindscape…I was just worried if we needed to communicate once we arrive at the training facility that we would be out of luck and…" "its no problem Rae, it was a great idea. At least one of us is thinking ahead. So uhh…how does this mental link work exactly? Do you just hear my every thought or do you just suck out my thoughts whenever you think that they will be relevant?" "no no, it's nothing like that, you have to encourage and focus on the aura or link. Normally I force out others mental auras. But ,when we need to talk I can send out a mental link by finding your aura and focusing my energy on you. However the link only works well if you consciously respond to the probing of my mental link.." came Ravens reply. "I see…so..its kinda like the Bluetooth on a cell phone? We can only transfer or communicate after the other accepts the link?" "uhh yeah, I suppose you could look at it that way, it's a bit more complicated than that though. I usually only use mental auras to pinpoint your locations during battles, I wouldn't normally try to invade someone's thoughts." "so we could have had this super awesome mental communications system all these years during fights and we haven't used them why?...I know Cy may have been slightly upset not being able to make his fancy comm's but this would have been soo handy!" came Beastboys excited thoughts. "There is drawbacks to linking. The longer we are linked the more risk of merging memories and it drains my powers somewhat." "Whoa Whoa Whoa! Ohh no! this is gonna steal my memories! What if you get my memories of my embarrassing moments?! I'll have to take a new name! I'll never liv…" "Hush!" Snapped Raven "the merging of memories would only be a risk if we were using the link for years, and excessively. There isn't much risk for occasional chat as needed. We need to focus on the task at hand now. We're here." Beast boy focused farther ahead. From their vantage point atop the forested hill he could make out Pierre Pirouette's private hunter and jumper training facility. The large tan and red barns dotting the manicured landscape, winding 4-rail fence encompassing the property. A few expensive well groomed horses lazily hanging their heads out their stall doors. "well let's start snooping!" Beastboy's excited voice declared.