Crying crept down the hall, till it settled upon the Doctor. He glanced at Donna who was already shifting to rise again. It was his turn though, and he wanted Donna to get some sleep. So he softly kissed her cheek and climbed from the bed.

He shuffled down the hall to his two day old daughter's room, entering into the room he moved to her crib. She was beautiful, and it wasn't just because he was partial. Hannah Noble, his little girl. He picked her up gently, and carried her to the rocking chair taking his place there once again.

She stopped crying the instant he touched her and he suspected she was just looking to be held for a little while. He would be glad to accommodate her. He leaned back, with the little angel secure in his arms and let his mind float.

They had found out they were going to have her very quickly after the ceremony to change Donna. And they had both been excited and scared. What he imagined was a feeling shared by expecting parents across this universe.

The months had both crawled and flew by, her stomach growing, filled with life, along the way. Often, when Donna slept, he would lays near her stomach and whisper to his unborn daughter. He would tell her stories, and towards the end of the pregnancy she would often stir when he got to the good parts. It made him believe his voice was reaching her tiny ears.

He wanted her to know, without a doubt, her daddy loved her. He looked down at her now, watching her with her pretty eyes. He laid a hand on her chest, just to feel the two little hearts drum against his fingers. He couldn't rebuild the Time Lord civilization, but it no longer died with him. He would teach her their ways, the ideals they held when they didn't have it so wrong. He would teach her that, then he would show her what living this life was really like.

He asked the TARDIS to change the room, to take away the soft painted hues and replace them with the view outside. She accommodated at once. He watched Hannah to make sure the stars weren't too much but she made a gurgling noise he took as approval. She really was his child. She looked at the ones above her head, and once again he started talking.

He pointed with one hand, and he didn't think she was looking, but he had no doubt she was listening. He told her about the stars birth, a lot of which he witnessed and about planets in this galaxy. He told her about the species, and their lives. And when he finally looked down again she was asleep. He smiled to himself and carefully carried her back to her crib. He laid her down, and kissed her head.

"My girl," he whispered and left the room.

He shuffled back to the bedroom, feeling tired and awake. He sat on the bed and watched Donna sleep. She was out, and he brushed her hair back. His whole life he had been running from something. From a life he didn't believe he was meant to live, to rules he didn't believe he had been born to follow.

For the very first time, in all those many years, he felt like he had something worth running to. He had a wife who he loved more than he dreamed was possible. He had a little girl who had started to fill the holes he thought were untouchable.

With his every breath, for the rest of forever, he was going to spend that time running home.