The Cheerleading Fiasco

~*-O-*~ Try-Outs 2 Part 1 ~*-O-*~

Sammy's POV

"Sammy, again!" Marissa ordered. I groaned.

"I need a break. I've been practicing my cheer all day! What about you?" I asked her angrily. As soon as we came home, she ordered me upstairs and made me come up with a cheer and then practice it all day. Now it was 9 pm and I missed my show, so I was a little cranky here.

"I already made up and rehearsed my routine." Marissa crossed her arms. I glared.

"I am tired, so I am going to bed!" I said dramatically going over to the bed and laying down and pulling the covers over me. Then after a minute.. "Well, I feel icky. I need to shower first." I said not meeting her eyes. She laughed and shook her head.

"Just hurry up." She said and started putting on her pajamas. She was staying the night, and yes we were sharing a bed.

"Yeah yeah." I waved her off and stepped into the bathroom.

Next Day

"Sammy!" A voice called after me in the hallways. I turned to find Casey waving at me and trying to catch up, I rolled my eyes.

"You guys keep going." I said to the rest of my friends. Then I waited for Casey.

"Hey, how's your ankle?" He asked me.

"It's better." I replied.

"You know, you were awesome yesterday." He complimented me. I blushed a little.

"Thanks." I looked away, waiting for the blush to go away.

"You're coming to tryouts again after school right?" He asked me. I rolled my eyes.

"Of course, but hey, I gotta go. See you later." I waved and then started walking to class. Ugh, math. I groaned as I stepped into class.

TryOuts (AfterSchool)

"Hey, you nervous?" I asked Marissa after we had finished changing into some shorts and the shirt we were supposed to wear.

"Nah. I've been practicing in my sleep." She grinned. I glared at her.

"Yeah, I know. You mean that literally." I said remembering how she had kicked me in her sleep.

"Sorry about that, again." She said sheepishly.

I waved her off. "It's okay. But tonight, you are sleeping on the floor." I pointed my finger at her. She laughed.

"Hey guys!" Casey came running over. Ugh, him again. I guess you guys are wondering why I dislike him so much, but that is a story for another day.

"Yes?" I asked him, exasperated.

"Here are some tips. One, shout your cheers in a clear confident voice. Two, make sure you smile wide and add spirit fingers. Coach Hanley is a sucker for spirit fingers. And three, don't stumble." He said, counting down the tips on his fingers.

"Thanks Casey, that's really helpful." Marissa smiled.

"Yeah, thanks Case." I smiled too. That was actually really thoughtful of him. I mean, to help us and all.

"Now everyone, sit down, it's time to start." Coach Hanley's voice boomed. I stumbled back a bit, daaaamn. She could shout.

After everyone had sat down, Heather stood up. "Now, we wanna hear you cheer your little hearts out. If your voice isn't loud enough, you wont make it very far. If your smiles aren't wide and peppy enough, you wont make it very far. If your voice isn't confident as you feel, you still wont make it that far. Now, Allyce Heartman, you're up first." Heather smiled, and then sat down. This was gonna be a long wait.

5 minutes later, after 3 excruciating cheers, Marissa was called up. I cheered loudly for her, remembering that she had done that for me yesterday. She got into position and then started her cheer.

"Pump Pump, Pump it up
Pump that BullDog Spirit Up
Keep Keep, Keep it up
Keep that BullDog Spirit up"

She finished her cheer and I clapped loudly for her. I never saw her cheer, she made me rehearse mine and we never really got to hers.

"You did great." I grinned at her as she came back.

"Casey's tips helped alot." She smiled back at me.

I zoned out and waited for them to call me. Although the moment that I did zone back in, I wish I hadn't. The guy who was trying out looked and sounded gay and he wasn't really impressing anyone with his cheer which went something like this:

"Here we go! (clap x2)
Lets go BullDogs!"

I shook my head, and then Heather called me. Great, it was my turn. I sighed and got up. My cheer wasn't that thought out but hey, I had only forty five minutes to think of something. I got into position, and then started my movements.

"The Thrill of Victory
The Agony of Defeat
We'll Rock you! And Stomp you!
And knock you off your feet!
Were Awesome!
So Hot!
Were Moving to the Top!
The Limited Edition...Were hot! Hot! Hot!"

I sounded ridiculous at the end, but hey, at least I kept a confident voice and managed to keep the big smile on my face. I sat down with Marissa and waited for the rest to finish. I just wanted to go home now. I groaned.

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