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She lay on her bed; raven hair sprawled out all over her silk pillow. Her creamy white shoulders peeked out from under the violet covers, moving slowly up and down. Her hand was dropped on the side of the bed, tired of carrying the massive novel that she read last night, and the book was looking upward to the ceiling. Its picture depicted love and romance, due to the muscular man and the damsel in distress, arms lavishly intertwined in the other. A cold breeze filled the massive room, and she slightly shivered in her feverish slumber.

A shadow shone down from the open window, revealing a silhouette in the faint moonlight. The figure wordlessly floated across the room, not daring to utter a single sound. An eeire glow surrounded the figure, making him almost ghost like as it reached the bed. The dim light from the reading lamp revealed that it was a young male figure.

The male had frightening white hair that fell over his glowing green eyes just so. The male was also floating in one place, revealing that he actually was a ghost. One could not help but notice the muscles the ghost portrayed through his skintight jumpsuit that had a D on it. His white combat boots lowered to the ground as his gloved hand hovered over the girl's messed up hair.

"Sam…" uttered the figure softly as he looked at the sleeping beauty. His eyes trailed over her body, making him blush a deep shade of crimson as he forced himself to look at her face. Her face might have been the most intoxicating of all. With its simple curves, stunning violet eyes, and her small ears, the figure could not help to gawk. But he quickly composed himself as his green eyes narrowed in determination.

He cautiously began lowering his hand towards Sam's creamy white shoulder. With a startling cold touch, he gently shook her awake. She bolted upward; her raven hair flinging forward with lightning speed. She clutched her violet blanket around her body as she gasped and looked at her intruder. Her violet eyes narrowed; indicating trouble for the boy.

"DANNY! What the heck are you doing here so late at night?" hissed Sam hoarsely. Danny grinned sheepishly as his gloved hand found it's way to the back of his soft neck, rubbing it nervously.

"I wanted to see why you weren't at school…" he whispered softly as his intense green eyes caught with her violet ones. The innocent puppy eyes caused her face to flame up bright vermillion, and it wasn't from her fever.

"I had a fever Danny… mom insisted I got some sleep, unitl someone decided to come wake me up.." growled Sam, masking her embarrassment with complaint. Danny sighed and glanced at the full moon, wishing that it would come take his troubles away.

"Sorry… I couldn't sleep until I found out where you where…" he muttered softly, his words floating soothingly to her ears. Her face turned bright vermillion again, but her chapped lips curved upward in a smile.

"Danny… I was sick with a fever, okay? It was sweet for you to come… bu…" Her eyes unwillingly began to close as she lay down once more. A soft snoring was heard a minute later, and Danny gave a lopsided grin at his crush. He pulled the covers over her delicate frame until it reached her creamy shoulders.

"Night Sam…" he whispered softly. His white boots turned to leave, but soon turned around as he decided to make a risky move. His lips planted a kiss her burning hot forehead. His face heated up bright red as he flew into the beautiful night sky with stellar speed. A small smile appeared on her face as she lay on her bed; her hair sprawled out all over on her silk pillow.

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