This one-shot was inspired by the song, She Is by Ben Rector. I absolutely love this song and I think it's Zevie at its finest. Anyway onto the one-shot

She Is

She's levelheaded but passionate

She's honest and realistic

She has flaws but none that I mind

She has the ability to do anything that she wants to do, yet

She stays here

She bites her lip when she's happy

She is confident

She hates when she's wrong, yet

She's always right

She listens more than anybody else

She surprises me everyday

She's always there for us

She takes on life head first

She's a great friend

She speaks simply but is so complicated

She puts herself last

She's beautiful and it's effortless

She never complains

She works hard for everything she has

She gets scared, yet

She's the strongest person I know

She loses herself in every song

She is tough when she has to be

She worries

She's too good for me

She's always the one I want to talk to

She's breathtaking

She is beyond talented

She is Stevie and I think I love her


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