Chapter 1 : Meeting Him

Well , it was the last day of school . Me and my friends were headed to the beach to begin the summer . We were your average teens partying sex drinking whos knows what else . We had gotten into Emilys car , driving blasting music screaming through the windows . We had arrived to the beach took a spot right under the sun , stripped down to our bathing suits .

I Samantha didnt want to i had that insecure side of me , i felt so.. fat compared to all my friends and it sucked . We put sun tan lotion on , i went with Emily to the cocunut bar , Emily like always ran ahead of me i was just looking down at the sand enjoying the beach . Until , someone bumped into me .. or i might have bumped into him .

I didnt bother looking up "mind watching where yo-" I looked up "oh im sorry" I think he was the most gorgeous living thing i've ever layed eyes on . He was so handsome .

He spoke gently with a thick british accent "No , darlin' im sorry i should watch where im going"

I just starred at him , as Emily Came back and coughed sarcastically giggiling , and walking away

"Uhm , so i'll see you around I guess?" He nodded

"How bout tomorrow at eight at the Coconut Bar?"

I let out a soft smile "Sure" . He told me his name was Zayn , and that i should bring a few of my friends along for his .

I slowly , turned around to walk away , looking back smiling then sitting down as he walked away and Emily started asking so many questions "Whats his name? Did you get his number? Hes hot . How old is he?"

I replied "Emily shut up . He wants me to bring a few friends tomorrow were gonna meet , and hes bringing his friends to , and if you dont shut up it wont be you" Emily , just looked in me in surprise

" Hes hot , imagine his friends " She squeled .

Charlotte screamed "Can I go ? i want to please , Samantha pleasee!" I just laughed

"Yes Charlotte you can come" ...

{tomorrow night}

Emily screamed "Samantha , you bitch are you ready ?" I walked out in a white tank top and a black short little pencil skirt , with a black pair of flats. Serena blew a whistle .

I said "Shut up , Serena" i turned a bit red.

Summer came out "Im ready , girlies" .

Emily said "hey , summer you going to the beach or a stripper club ?" We all laughed , but Summer just flipped her off.

As , we walked for the door , Emily had been my bestfriend since Pre-school she looked at me whispering "You planning to get it in ?" she giggled and winked .

I looked at her with a stern face "No Emily , I'm not you"

Emily groaned "Shh' dont even remind me of that"

Charlotte screamed "MY CAR" we headed to Charlottes car , getting in the five of us .

Serena giggled and spoke out "Samantha , your butts so big"

I laughed a bit "your just jealous"

Serena laughed along "very , atleast he'll have something to grab"

We kept driving , we got to the beach and saw a sparkling Hummer H3 right next to Summers White Charger .

Summer smirked "someones fancy" Charlotte looked over Summers shoulder

"Very , I like it" Charlotte said

Emily "shut up and lets go" she made a face , unlocking the door getting out. We all walked out , I passed my hand through my hair flattening it a bit .

Zayn's POV

He looked at Harry "Hey Harry , look shes for you" Him and the boys laughed as he pointed at Summer .

Harry smirked a bit " I guess she is , Well Niall gets her then" Harry had pointed at Charlotte . Niall smiled "im perfectly fine by that , I'll take her to Nandos some day"

Louis said " I hope one of them likes Carrots though" Liam chocked on his own words

"What if one of them wants me to eat with a spoon ? im going to freak"

Zayn chuckled "Oh shut up Liam"

Samantha's POV

She Smiled , as Zayn walked over to her and gave her a small gentle hug , she hugged him back .

I spoke "Well This is Charlotte , Summer , Serena , and Emily" she nodded

He gave them each a kiss on the cheek before walking over to his friends with them .

Zayn gave them a small look "So uhm , This is Harry , Liam , Louis , And Niall"

Things went as planned , Harry ended up being with Summer , Niall With Charlotte Louis was with Serena , and Liam was lucky Emily had a phobia of spoons as well .

I and Zayn had walked out , who knows where Harry and Summer had went . Summer was known for that , walking out . Me and Zayn took a seat on the sand we sat there and talked .

Zayn asked "So hows school ?"

I replied "well I just graduated"

... It was around 2am now , me and the girls had said bye to the boys and walked over to the car and got in.

Summer looked at me through the rearview mirror "so what'd you guys do ?"

I looked at her "I think the question is more what did you do? we just kissed once maybe twice thats tops"

Emily she couged "mhm , more like a french kiss." I hit her playfully.

"I wanna go home im tired" Charlotte " I think we all are , arent we ?"

"Hey Samantha , mind if I stay at your place tonight?" Emily asked .

I Nodded "sure , why not."

Charlotte dropped off me and Emily at my place , we walked up the stairs , and I pulled out the pull out bed for Em as she layed down . I changed into a pair of shorts and got onto my bed smiling at the ceiling.

Emily started talking "Hey Samantha , you think you like him?" I shrugged

"I just met him i dont know yet.."