Chapter 2 : The Question

Well , its been a few months now . Me and Zayn have gotten really close , Serena found someone better for her Richard the schools asshole , Liam and Emily have gotten close as well , Niall is single no ones heard from Charlotte in a while anyways . Summers just beein throwing herself at guys , usual old Summer I thought to myself.

Zayn snapped his fingers in my face "hey you alright?" I shacked my head

"Yeah , im fine just day dreaming" He stepped closer to me , I bit my lip looking up at him . He spoke softly

"Can I ask you a question?"

I nodded "yes , anything" He smiled

"Well then , will you be my girlfriend?" I looked up at him in shock trying to hold back a squel "YES i will be your girlfriend!"

He smiled wide leaning down to give me a small peck on the lips . I felt my blood rush , my heart beating faster , I was so happy , it wasnt usual .

I went running to Emilys house , banging on the door as she opened .

She laughed "why so happy?"

I squeled "Zayn asked me to be his girlfriend!" She gave me a hug , i hugged her back tightly . Emily smiled "aw , i'm so happy for you" I pulled back from the hug

"So hows things with you and Liam?"

Emily laughed "Just come in" I walked in as she closed the door . Emily smiled.

"Well , were definately moving faster than you and Zayn but you know were still not dating or anything" I looked at her

"Oh im sorry"

Emily shooke her head "its fine"

She smiled "were kinda like friends with benefits" We both laughed

"Your such a slut Em" I laughed.

"Well you should start to be one to!" She smirked . I smiled running my hand down my arm "Maybe i will maybe i wont"

I later decided it was time to go home , even though the last person i wanted to see right now was my mom . I walked into the house seeing my mom with her boyfriend in the kitchen I rolled my eyes and walked up the stairs . I heard my mom call after me

"SAMANTHA! you dont say hi to me and your step dad?"

I just kept walking up the stairs , ignoring her closing my door sitting on the bed . I layed back, slowly falling asleep.

It was the next morning , me and Emily headed over to Zayns pent house we walked in. Zayn greeted me with a warm kiss on the lips , I smiled kissing him back trying not to break the kiss . As Emily headed over to Liam, he gave her a huge bear hug, I pulled back from the kiss.

I spoke softly "Zayn, weres the bathroom?"

He pointed , letting out a small grin "you know I could go in there and help you"

I laughed "No thanks I think i could handle myself" I walked to the bathroom walking in, locking the door.

I looked at myself in the mirror thinking to myself "why would he want such an ugly girl like me? This isnt normal, maybe this is a joke.. or just maybe hes just not a big ass douche" I let myself out, getting a bit startled to see Harry standing there

"Harry! you scared me." Harry chuckled

"Well i'm sorry , for seeing if you were still alive in there" Me and harry walked back to the rest of the people , I took a seat next to Zayn but he pulled me onto his lap wrapping his arms around my waist. I turned a light pink , throwing my head forward so my hair could hide it. Niall shouted "lets go to Nandos" Emily turned to face him

"Niall , there is no Nandos over here in America" Niall frowned

"America sucks , I want Food" Liam spoke nearly as loud as Niall

"When dont you want food Niall?" Everyone laughed , including Niall. We ended up going to Olive Garden to eat. After we finished eating everyone argued about who should pay , but ofcourse Harry won .

I was beyond tired, the next morning I woke up next to Zayn I thought to myself "what happend last night ? did we actually have sex?" I shook my head , I would've remembered. I looked at the clock , realizing it wasnt morning it was actuall two o'clock in the afternoon. I got up quickly , Emilys gonna kill me we had a photoshoot at three i was thinking how long would it take for me to get to the studio . Zayn woke up rubbing his eyes

"Hey , where you going?" He looked so adorable waking up. I was holding my phone , seeing three missed calls from Emily .

"Babe, I have a photo shoot with Emily" Zayn smirked

"I could give you a ride if you want" I Looked down , then back at him

"I'd feel bad , for waking you up" He shook his head

"No, its fine" He got up , sliding on his sneakers . I Grabbed my flats

"You could come in and stand on the sidelines if you want to " Zayn smiled

"I'd love to" I smiled , walking toward the door with him walking outside over to his car . He opened the door for me as I got into the car buttoning my seat belt . We drove to the studio , I called Emily and Liam picked up . I spoke

"Hey Emily! im here"

Liam laughed "its Liam, mate" he handed the phone over to Emily she basically screamed "Where are you! I'd knew you'd do this!"

I groaned "Emily! calm down im walking up stairs right now"

I ran up the stairs , Zayn behind me. Him and Liam stood on the sidelines while they got me ready for the photoshoot. Emily was posing already , once i was ready I got up and walked to the stage floor . We changed outfits about a million times