Phil's POV

I rushed along the busy corridors, running late to the worst class in my curriculum history! People where going in the other direction as I rushed as fast as I could holding on to the papers of my history assignment that I had to hand in! I wasn't even really looking where I was going just trying to make up good enough excuses for why I was late!
As I made my way out the door of the main building I rushed along the path not looking where I was going trying to count if I still had all my papers.
BANG! I ran into someone and tripped and as I fell I dropped all my papers. The floor was wet from the rain and I could see the papers getting soaked! I tried to grab them quickly and it was good that who ever I had just ran into helped me. Barely looking up I collected my stuff, once done the person who helped me helped me get up.
His hair was slightly damp from the rain and it had fallen in front of his eyes. He slowly flicked the hair out of his face and I saw that his eyes where hazel brown matching his hair. He looked perfect and all though obviously in a rush he stopped for a moment and said: "Hi I don't think we have met before I'm Dan I think we are in the same year." He didn't have to say that, I knew it, I had a crush on him since the day I met him He gave me a slight smile as a queue for me to introduce myself. Still looking at his perfect face I said: "Hi, I'm Phil."
His girlfriend walked past and he slapped her on the bum. She turned slightly, and he kissed her then whispered something to her. I stood there awkwardly. I was in love with this guy! Watching him obviously being straight made me want to cry.
Suddenly, the path was filled with girls staring at me and gathering around Dan. His girlfriend walked up to me and said: "We know your secrete, but Dan will always straight! So just leave you GAY freak!" The crowed around started chanting: "Gay freak, gay freak..." Dan smirked before turning away to be handed a knife, he stabbed me in the thigh and I screamed from the pain. Then lifted the knife up to my trout. "I never want to see you again!" He hissed to me. "I don't like gay freaks." He looked in my eyes for a moment before stabbing me.
My eyelids snapped open, and I jolted awake. I repeated in my head: "It was just a dream Phil." I looked around my room in me and Dan's flat trying to calm myself.
Slowly I got out of bed stripping of my sweaty shirt. Shit! Dan couldn't see me like this he would ask me what the matter was. As my best friend he was very protective of me and was always there.
Trembling I made my way to the bathroom. Slowly I stripped naked before looking at myself for a moment in the mirror my messy hair and shocked eyes portrayed the horror that I felt in the dream.
I got into the shower and felt the hot beams of water stream down my body. It felt good, it made me calm down and let me clear my head to think. These nightmares had to stop at first it only happened once in a few months but recently it had become a weekly occurrence. I need to find a way out of it.