Summary: The salarian's have an intelligence network that discovered more secrets than it knew what to do with. The Asari's had commando feared throughout galaxies. The Krogans were the most frightening species to have ever stepped foot off Tuchanka. The Turians had fleet rivaled by none and soldier more obedient and willing to die than any other. What did humanity have? A little mix of each plus giant biologically grown kickass robots.

General Williams frowned as he examined the battlefield display in front of him. Every few seconds the normally crisp and clear holographic interface would fizzle and lose focus before coming back into view with sharp clarity. Shanxi was lost. He had thrown anything and everything he had at his disposal to slow down the avian invaders long enough for Alliance reinforcement to arrive, but with only a handful of colonial militia and an even smaller brigade of regular infantry grunts and measly caravan of tanks left, the battle had ended the minute the navy had collapsed. Still nonetheless, with what he had, General Williams had rallied his men to make a stand against the invaders. Humanity would not go down quietly, not here, and certainly not anywhere else.

A massive rumble shook the bunker, but the good general kept his foot even as dozens of other soldiers stumbled and cringed about him. The holographic TAC interface shorted out and turned dark completely, increasing the panicked activity of those in the small fortified room. Calmly the General turned to survey his soldiers, experienced eye noticing with detachment that most were younger than his own son who was only 24 and freshly graduated from the academy.

"General, power generator 3-9 are offline, we can't get a connection back up with the satellites!" Dozens of other reports were called out as men and women worked furiously in the half darkness to get more information for the General, but in his heart he knew it was over. Clasping his hands behind his back, the 50 year old man closed his eyes and considered his options. They had sent the signal out a day and a half ago when the invaders had first come through the uncharted relay. Reinforcements were probably en-route already, but not in time to save him and his men. He could surrender, and hope the aliens had enough mercy to spare his men. The thought of surrendering to an invader that had come to burn their homes sent a knot of cold fury in his stomach. No, he would not be surrendering. Opening his eyes, he noted that the general activity in the room had fallen down and most had turned to silently watch him. The solemn silence was punctuated by the respect his fellow soldiers radiated towards him, and the general felt his heart tighten.

All their lives depended on his decision. These men and women all had family and friends they needed to return to, and though they were prepared to lay their lives down for humanity, no doubt they wished to be able to return home and see their loved ones again.

"Sir?" The quiet question from the normally cheerful first lieutenant sliced through the air like a knife, and for a moment Williams simply wanted to lie down and go to sleep. The weariness he felt was bone deep and blissful oblivion called to him. But it was not in him to give up, not in him to simply roll over and die, and in the eyes of the men and women before him he saw that they too felt the same way. Shanxi was their home, and no one was going to give it up without a fight, even if they knew that fight would not end well for them.

"Break out the rifles. Get on the comm to all units, tell them to hunker down and fix bayonets. The Alliance will arrive, and we will kick these bastards off our planet!" Even as he spoke, the room broke once more into frenzied activity, the tension brought on by his moment of indecision gone. The call to march to their deaths seemed to put them more at ease than when Williams had seemed uncertain of what to do. As the general armed himself along with a sergeant who was snapping heat sinks into a bandolier pouch wrapped around her waist, the man reflected upon his life. Hands checking the standard military assault rifle with the ease of a lifetime of practice, General Williams thoughts went to his family. Two daughters, a son and a loving wife were his most treasured possession in the world. Closing his eyes, he pictured them standing together smiling down at him from the vineyard of their home back on Earth. 'I'm sorry' he thought silently to himself. Another thunderous crash shook the bunker, and this time only the dim emergency lights were left, those powered by a generator within the bunker itself. "MOVE OUT!"

Overhead, task force General Articus watched in satisfaction as the final alien ship disintegrated over the atmosphere. The battle had been more costly than he had anticipated. For a race that had not even mastered using kinetic fields for their ships, they had put up a surprisingly good fight. The ugly rectangular boxlike design of their massive warships was durable and took a slew of cannon fire to penetrate, and even more to bring down. The weapon of choice fired by the alien warship had been energy lances that had minimal range but had quickly sapped kinetic barriers with their splash effect when it struck, and missiles that were mostly countered by the guardian lasers. Their most effective weapon had been a close range projectile that when detonated send thousands of projectiles outwards rather than explosive fire. The deceptively simple weapon had wreaked havoc whenever it did manage to penetrate the hull of one of the Turian warships, often silencing the smaller ships with a single well placed hit. Though the task force had easily outnumbered the alien fleet three to one, the aesthetically unpleasing ships had given as good as they got, costing Articus half a dozen cruisers and a frigate. The fighters had been much more evenly matched, and from the quick glance he had made at the reports, the Turian general knew he would be writing many letters of condolences to send after this operation.

"Last enemy ship down." The announcement wasn't necessary, but as per hierarchy protocol it was the tactical officer's duty to announce whenever the final enemy combatant had fallen silent. General Articus nodded his head and flared his mandibles in a Turian smile. "Well done people. The planet doesn't appear to be populated enough to be their home world, so let's mop up this operation fast. We need to get as much information on this new species as possible, and I want a report sent back to the hierarchy about our success here. What's the status on the ground troops?"

"Most of their ground infantry has been driven into retreat though we're getting reports that the enemy troop had begun to hunker down and fight to the death. We believe orders may have been given to make a last stand."

Silently General Articus digested the report given by his first officer. Few species had the guts necessary to fight to the death in a straight up fight, the Turians being one of them due to their sense of instilled duty and honor, and of course the Krogan being the war mongering beasts that they were practically lived to make last stands. Silently Articus raised his own level of respect for the new species up by a notch. "Have the translation software finished their analysis enough to broadcast a request for peaceful surrender?"

A high pitched chirp interrupted his officer's reply and gasps and cursing filled the bridge as displays went haywire from the influx of sudden information.

"Report!" snapped Articus.

"Sir! Ship sensors detected a massive energy spike in one of the northern cities. A nuclear device of massive yield was detonated!"

Tightening his jaws slightly the general braced himself for bad news. "Were any of our troops deployed in the area?"

"2nd platoon had been mopping up resistance in the area sir."

Closing his eyes, the Turian general exhaled slowly. War always came with a cost, and though he knew his duty to the hierarchy, sometimes he couldn't help but hate the militaristic nature of the leadership. He had privately been against the idea of invading the new species without letting the council know in order to gain a new client race, and now his men paid with their lives for the Primarch's decision. No amount of metals or condolence letters will bring those men back.

"Have the Spirit of Vengeance and the Spirit of Honor fire over the position of the remaining alien resistance."

"Sir?" While not strictly forbidden by Citadel law, bombarding garden worlds with kinetic fire was still highly frowned upon and Articus could be court-martialed and found guilty of war crimes. But currently if that risk would save his men's lives, Articus was more than willing to take it.

"You heard me soldier. I will take responsibility for these actions personally. Send the orders."


Closing his eyes, Articus listened to the hesitant affirmation from the two warships. 'Forgive me, you have fought bravely and deserve the honor to at least defend your homes. But if that comes at the cost of the lives of my men, then you will have to face death without being able to fight back.'

Another chirping beep filled the bridge and Articus felt himself tense once more. Had the aliens detonated another nuclear device?

"Sir we've got incoming bogies! They just entered through FTL jump at the edge of the system and is holding position next to the third planet!"

"Bring it onto the display!"

The friend or foe display of the tactical map zoomed out to encompass the area where the enemy forces were holding position and the Turian felt his mandibles twitch in surprise at the number of red displays that showed up. Already he was outnumbered almost four to one, and still more foe displays were appearing as ships arrived in system.

"Order the pickup of as many of our troops as possible! Send the Sound of Silence back through the relay to warn the Primarch!" As the display continued to fill with a dizzying amount of foe displays, Articus felt acidic bile back up his throat. It looks like we may have poked a sleeping giant.

AN: just a random thought that came to mind. Evangelion vs Reapers anyone? Won't be a strict crossover since there will be no characters borrowed from the Evangelion universe, just the ideas. Hopefully get to see some Eva's in action next chapter.