1. Editor of Time

There is a room, somewhere in reality. The room is filled with clocks of various shapes and sizes, all ticking away at a slightly different rate from any other, giving the overall impression of counting Time itself.

The room also has various screens, pools, crystal balls, and other devices used for viewing. Each has a different image flashing across it, displaying something out of one world or another.

Standing in the center of this room, watching the images and listening to the clocks, is a man. He is neither old nor young, thin nor fat, wise or foolish. His exact aspect is uncertain, but he is dressed in a plain gray suit with top hat, and is leaning on a cane capped with a stylized hourglass.

He turns to gaze right at you. "AH," he says, smiling. "Visitors, viewers...readers. How quaint." He shakes his head and spreads his arms. "Welcome."

"I am sure many of you have written a story or two...in one form or another. SOme of you may even have written something that was...published. If so, you will know of that which I am about to speak.

"Somewhere along the line of publication is someone whose job is to pick and prod at your work, and ask stupid questions like, 'Wouldn't it be better if you did it like this?' THey suggest these tiny, miniscule changes, or even major ones, without thought to the consequence to the story as a whole, generally. After all, even the tiniest change to the weave of a story can have drastic reprecussions to the overall flow.

"Of course, some of these people consider this, and try to take it into account. These people, though, who pick and prod at your story, are called Editors. I am one such being. But I do not edit published works. No.

"I edit timelines. I am the Editor of TIme."

The Editor of TIme turns and points to one screen, and it widens. "I am sure you are familiar with this scene. Shall we see what can happen if - taking into account implication and deeper motives - we make the smallest conceivable change? YOu want to see, don't you."

Jinx looked at Cyborg sadly as the Hive Academy collapsed around them. "You could have been one of us," she said, her voice tinged with regret and longing.

"I could have been a lot of things," Cyborg said sadly.

Shaking her head, Jinx hopped onto the disk as Brother Blood evacuated along with Mammoth and Gizmo.

No one saw, as she looked through the falling smoke and debris, a slight smile breifly flash across her face.

The Editor of TIme turns back to you. "See? A very slight change there...but what will it lead to? What will come of it?

He smiles. "Feel free to stay and watch. I know I will." He turns to the screen, as time flows onward.