Blye, S Part 1. Chapter Forty: Running back home

I stood in the bathroom, staring at myself in the mirror like I had been doing for the past half hour.

Sissors in hand, I took a deep breath before taking a peice of my long hair and cutting it slowly to shoulder legnth. My once long hair straight and dull, now turning into shoulder legnth, curly, bouncy and alive.

Long strands of hair surrounded my feet, I took a moment to observse myself in the mirror. I didn't reconize myself for a few mintues before slapping myself (should not have done that!) back to reality.

I generously put all my shredded locks into the bathroom bin, before running back into my room where on my bed sat a black rucksack and two old-looking brown suitcases.

I'd already writted Kensi a note and left it on her kitchen side, I put on my LAPD hoddie that Deeks gave to me as 16th birthday present notcing the weather.

I pulled the hood over my head, throwing the rucksack over my shoulder and picking up the two suitcases. I took a deep breath before turning off the lights to my bedroom, I turned away not shedding a tear.

I opened the door with my little finger, I walked outside into the pouring rain. I shut the door behind me, putting my keys through the letterbox.

I took a deep breath, walking away from Kensi's apartment. Knowing she was still in bed cuddled up next to Deeks, my sister was happy now she knew I exsisted.

I walked into the rain, now falling down. My hood soaked within almost five mintues, I walked down the road more confident than I've ever felt.

My name is Sasha Imelda Blye, I was born on 26th Febuary 1996 in Los Angeles, California. At the age of 5, I was adopted by my English aunt and uncle along with my older brother Sammy. I have lived in England for the past 11 years. On my 16th birthday, my Mum told me that I had an older sister living in the US. I flew out straight away, for a short while I lived with her. But then I figured that it would be to hard so I retreated to living with my godfather, then for a short while after I lived with a police dective called Marty Deeks.

I have made new experiences during my time in Los Angeles, some good, some bad. I returned to the Alcatraz Solitary Confiment cell where I was locked in as a child, I witnessed the deaths of all three members of my team. I confessed my love for a man I knew I could never love, I've made new friends within the team at OSP. I have 2 new godfathers: Callen and Sam and new "grandmother" Hetty.

But now, I must return to England for awhile to sort out my affairs there before making the decison to either stay in England or emmigrate to the US; which I'm sure shouldn't be a tough decison.

Kensi walked around her kitchen, holding the note her younger sister had left on her kitchen side.

Kensi (and possibly Deeks)

I have decided to fly back home to London for a short while to sort out my affairs.

I couldn't thank you enough for accomodating me over the past 3 months since my arrival.

Could you tell Eric, Nell and the others of my departure and tell them not to worry.

Tell Mum, I send my fondest wishes and luck.

Tell Hetty to tell Leon that my boss was least unimpressed when he did reply to his calls (small chuckle)

Tell Callen he can keep my little Sans Voir set as a present of gratitude.

Tell Nell that everything will be alright and not to be afriad to tell him.

See you in four months.

Au revoir ma sœur,

Sash. Xxx