I Watch It Up!

Rated: T

Pairing: Runther

DISCLAIMER: No, I do not own one of the greatest dance shows ever.

A/N: I decided to rename the title. Just to let ya know. :)

I watch as Rocky Blue gives her all. The way she dances is absolutely mesmerizing and intimidating.

I watch as she studies for her next test, and her nose does that cute little crinkly thing as she concentrates.

I watch.

I watch as she and CeCe go back and forth with each other, and it's obvious who's winning. However, I'll always side with Rocky. She's always right in the end.

I watch as she wins that pointless fight. Ha.

I watch.

I watch as she smiles and giggles when Deuce says something he thinks is funny, and Ty has a retort for it.

I watch as she makes her mom stop the car so she could carry a limping puppy out of the dangerous street.

I watch.

I watch as she gets that A on the test.

I watch as she asks CeCe what she got, in which the redhead replies with a D.

I watch.

I watch as she walks down the hallway with a huge grin on her face.

I watch as three guys suddenly corner her, towering over her, and that beautiful smile is gone.

This time I don't watch. I move.

I move in their direction automatically, hearing their threats.

I move as she does, trying to get out of her prediciment, but they block her way.

I move.

I move between them until I was able to stand in front of her.

I move just enough so they won't get a good look at her, because I know these guys won't leave her alone. They get what they want.

I speak.

I glare.

I demand.

I point.

I even threaten. And if anything, no one messes with the people I love.

They laugh.

They curse.

They call me out of my name.

They grab.

They shove.

And I felt.

I felt my body.

It was on fire.

Because they had me outside where no one could see us.

And they beat the hell out of me.




Consciousness fading...





Pressure lifts.

Pain lessens.

Soreness increases.

Consciousness continues to fade.

I hear.

I hear.

I hear.


I'm suddenly in a soft pair of arms.

I gaze.

My eyes gazed into hers.

She thanks.

She thanks me.

And tells me that I was stupid for defending her.

Yet she smiles a little bit, and she cries.

I manage a chuckle, and I'm able to hold onto consciousness.

Because of her.

Because of her.

Because I loved her.

And she is right.

I am stupid.

But hey,

That's what love does to you.