Naruto: Life Among The Dead

As the class ended and the kids ran up to their parents, showing off their new headbands. Listening with joy as their parents heaped praises on them.

One person however, was not partaking in the joyous atmosphere.

Naruto sat over on a small swing set, staring at all of the students and their parents with a look of longing. Having never known his parents the blonde had often wondered about them. The people at the orphanage had told him they had left, not wanting to be with a monster like him. The old man had told him that his parents had died during the Kyubi attack and no one knew who they were.

However, Naruto knew this is not true; he was able to see through all their lies. It was rather easy for him whose whole life is a lie….but to survive he endured it and put on his idiot mask to get less problems than normal. He has hidden almost all his real self. He never smile a true smile just his idiotic grin. Nevertheless, to create a mask like this to this perfection that can fool even a veteran warrior like third hokage requires a lot of brain. Yes, Naruto has a very advanced brain. If someone has to know, third hokage would say he got it from his father but he will not agree.

There is another reason behind it and he knew that. He admit his mind is extremely sharp but he has done his research in library in which he has read almost all the books because they interest him, however that is a secret to be kept. The other reason is he knew that to survive having information is very important. After all knowledge could be more lethal than a blade.

Seeing all these kids with their parents hurt, he would never show it and would deny it if anyone mentioned it, but he could not deny to himself how much it hurt. He just wants the reason behind all this which he was desperately trying to find out.

"I'm so glad that boy didn't end up graduating."

Naruto turned his head slightly as he heard the voice. He had always been blessed with enhanced senses, his hearing, and vision and smells were far more formidable then most people.

Some times that was more of a curse then a blessing.

"Yeah I know, could you imagine what would happen if he became a ninja. I mean he's-"

"Shh! You know we're not allowed to talk about that."

Naruto frowned as he turned his attention away from the discussion-taking place. He had heard many talks of a similar nature with other people whenever they spoke of him and thought he could not hear. They would always stop however, as if they had been about to say something taboo. He wished he knew what they were going to say. Maybe then, he would understand why he was so hated. So he could find some truth in his life.

"Hey Naruto."

Naruto turned around to see Mizuki looking at him, "come with me, I wanted to talk to you."


"You know, Iruka didn't fail you to mean," Mizuki said as he and Naruto sat on the roof of the academy.

"He's just worried that you're not going to be ready to face the responsibilities of being a ninja." Naruto could smell hate radiating from this person but he played along.

"I know," Naruto, sighed dejectedly. "But I really wanted to pass this time…"

An evil of glint came to Mizuki's eyes but Naruto did see it. "Then I guess I have to tell you."


Naruto grinned as he entered the Hokage's office, having sneaked past all of the guards downstairs. It had been notoriously easy for him to do so. In fact, a part of Naruto was surprised by how easy it was, was it not supposed to be the most guarded place?

"Now let's see, where is that scroll," Naruto muttered as he looked around. Naruto had been in this office many times in the past, often coming in after a prank or sometimes just to visit the old Hokage. Or so that he could find some clue, but old man seems to keep check that he didn't find anything.

The office was standard; it had a wooden oak desk in front of him that had a window overlooking Konoha behind it. On the left was a couch and behind that were the pictures of the four Hokage's. On the other side was a bookshelf filled with books and scrolls.

Walking over to the shelf Naruto looked at the scrolls, when he did not see what he wanted he frowned. He was about to turn around when his eyes caught sight of the stand right next to the shelf. The stand was really just that, a stand made of wood that had a large scroll on it. He frowned, looks like Mizuki has done arrangements for his plan to succeed, as he had never saw it before. He always felt barriers and Kinjutsu around the room, but he couldn't search them as old man would get suspicious

"This has got to be it," Naruto said as he grabbed the scroll. strapping it to his back.

He was just about to leave when the door opened up and Sarutobi walked in.

"Naruto," the old Hokage blinked, as he looked at the blond, "what are you doing here?"

"Uh… I… well… Hehe you see…" Naruto racked his brain to find a way out of this. In his desperation, he realized there was only one chance. Naruto quickly made a hand sign and called out the only original jutsu he had.

"Oiroke No Jutsu (Sexy Jutsu)!"


Naruto snickered to himself as he entered the forest. "Hah! I showed ojisan whose boss! With how easy it was for me to knock the old man out, he might as well just make me Hokage!" He knew that Sarutobi is watching him through his crystal ball.

Taking the scroll off his back Naruto sat down and unrolled it. He looked at the first Jutsu and groaned, "Kage Bunshin! Not another Bunshin jutsu." The blond sighed, "oh well might as well get to work."

Know that it is a forbidden technique scroll, he first read the description of the technique.


Less than an hour later Naruto found himself staring at ten more copies of himself, the jutsu had been surprisingly easy to be forbidden, but he could blame it to his mind and his large reserves for this. Blinking a few times, he reached out with a finger and poked one of them.

"Stop, that tickles," his clone said as he swatted the hand away.

Naruto blinked again before a large grin spread across his face. "YATTA! I DID IT!" Naruto shouted as he pumped a fist in the air.

"YATTA!" all of his clones shouted, emulating his actions.

He was just about to go over some more jutsu from the scroll when a familiar voice yelled at him.

"There you are!"

Naruto looked up and saw Iruka stomping up to him. The blond grinned as he jumped up and pointed a finger at him, "Hah! Found you Iruka-sensei!"

"Baka!" Iruka shouted as he stopped in front of his blond student. "I found you!"

"Hehe I guess you did sensei," Naruto replied as he rubbed the back of his neck. "You were pretty fast! I only had time to learn one jutsu!"

Iruka started as he looked around at the ruined clearing. 'He has been training hard, I can tell.'

Naruto jumped on the balls of his feet as he spoke to his sensei in an excited manner. "Hey but listen Iruka, now that you're here I can show you this totally awesome jutsu and you can let me graduate! That's how it all works out right?" he asked in feign ignorance and innocence.

Iruka who was just about to go back to scolding Naruto blinked. "What? Graduate?"

Naruto nodded, "yeah that's how it works right? I learn a jutsu from this scroll and you let me graduate."

Iruka looked at Naruto cautiously, while he did certainly look like he had been training, Iruka had no idea where Naruto had gotten this idea for graduating this way. "Naruto who told you, you can graduate this way?" Iruka asked.

Naruto tilted his head to the side. "Mizuki-sensei did. He told me where to find this scroll and about this place…". Inwardly he was laughing his ass off. Its funny to act like that 'how easy to fool them…' he thought.

Iruka's eyes widened as he realized what was going on. He was just about to say something when he heard a whizzing sound and shoved Naruto away. "Get down!"

Several kunai came out of the trees and impaled Iruka in the leg and arms. The chunin instructor looked up and scowled, "I see so that's how it is."

"Wow you got here pretty fast!"

Naruto, who had been staring at Iruka in shock, looked up to see Mizuki with a large grin on his face. "Mizuki-sensei, what's going on here? Why are you attacking Iruka-sensei?" Naruto mumbled. He was laughing his ass off in the inside.

Hearing his voice, the two Chunin turned their attention to Naruto.

"Give me the scroll Naruto," Mizuki commanded, holding out his hand.

"No Naruto don't give it to him!" Iruka shouted.

"W-what's going on?" Naruto asked, unsure what he should do, well it looks like…that.

"Mizuki used you to get the scroll!" Iruka said, "That scroll contains Konoha's secret and forbidden jutsus and seals. He lied to you so you would do his bidding!"

"Oh I'll tell you who's lying Naruto," Mizuki said with a smirk.

Iruka looked over at Mizuki and saw the smirk on his face, it was then he realized what the white haired traitor was going to say and his eyes widened. "No Mizuki don't say it, you know it's forbidden!"

Naruto looked back and forth between his two sensei's in confusion. "What do you mean? Who's lying?" but his mind racing at what Mizuki was about tell him. maybe from that he could get answers of his questions.

"They've been lying to you your whole life, ever since the degree of twelve years ago," Mizuki looked at Naruto with an insane grin.

"Twelve years ago?" Naruto shook his head, "I don't understand."

"No! Mizuki don't!"

"Haven't you ever wondered why were you hated?" Mizuki questioned, making the blond's eyes widen. "Why you were ignored? Why people treated you as if you were worthless! Like less then dirt!" "Mizuki stop it now!" Iruka shouted to no avail.

"I'll tell you why Naruto," Mizuki sneered, "you see what they don't want you to know, was that the Yondaime did not actually kill the Kyubi. Instead he sealed it away inside of a new born baby…"

Naruto began to tremble; while he act dumb, but his genius mind has read all about it in the library. How bijuu's were sealed in humans to harness their power. And are socially out casted. Evading the villagers and ninja's for so many years. He has the very keen ability to read others. It became a necessity to keep himself away from harm.

He knew that Mizuki was telling him this for a reason that the child who the Kyubi was sealed into and he were in some way tied.

Mizuki confirmed his theory a few seconds later, "you are the child he sealed the Kyubi into! You are the nine tailed fox!"

Naruto slumped to his knees. Everything made sense to him now. The glares, the beatings, the hatred, the people muttering behind his back, telling their children to stay away from him. A part of him was actually angry that he had not realized this. His birthday was the day of the Kyubi's defeat, people hated him with a passion, and the time he went out during the Kyubi festival, how they would be more aggressive. Moreover, he was supposed to be a genius, looks like desperation clouded his mind.

All of it made sense.

So I am a demon then…?

Naruto was so caught up in his turmoil that he did not even see the giant Fuma Shuriken heading his way.

A second later Naruto found himself staring into Iruka's tear streaked face, he looked over to see a giant shuriken sticking out of his sensei's back.

"Why?" Naruto asked, his voice cracking with emotion.

"Because we're the same," Iruka said with guilt lacing his words. "I was just like you; back when I was in the academy I was so lonely, so I played the fool. I know what it is like to feel that kind of pain, it hurts does not it. I'm so sorry Naruto; I should have done more to help you."

"Hahaha!" Mizuki laughed behind them, "That's a good one Iruka! But we both know you hate him more than anyone! After all, it was the demon who took your parents away!"

Naruto's eyes widened when he heard that. Naruto did the only thing he could do given what he was being told; he grabbed the scroll and ran.

"Naruto!" Iruka's voice shouted after him.


Naruto was running blindly as coherent and incoherent thoughts mixing in his mind. He was beginning to panic so much that kyubi's chakra started leaking out off him at fast pace but he doesn't noticed it. His high emotions not allowing him to think straight

Inside Naruto's mind kyubi woke up from his slumber and growled 'he is releasing too much of my chakra, if this goes on it would be bad' but then he noticed the place where the blond was running, there was a tear in the air which is reacting with kyubi's chakra, opening a void like purple whole in front of Naruto.

He stopped suddenly as a vibe feeling erupted in his stomach. But kyubi was thinking something else 'that's a dimensional rift…don't recognize it being here….kit could leave this place and start a new life, he has suffered enough in this village. If these people can't see past their hatred then they don't need him…even a demon can't do something like that to a child' so the kyubi has decided to help the child.

"Naruto…" Naruto looked around frantically searching for the owner of the voice but find nothing but asked, "w-w-who are you?" "That not important now….you are seeing the portal in front of you?" the voice asked, Naruto hesitantly nodded. "if you want to start a new life go in there…this will take you to a different world where you can start from the beginning in hope of a normal life" "w-will I be able to come back?" asked Naruto hesitantly. The voice spoke again this time a little soft "do you really want to come back here?" Naruto immediately stop his train of thoughts, he has nothing to come back for, no one loved him even the third hokage kept him for the village.

Naruto eyed the portal as his eyes gleamed with determination; he has made the choice and this time right one. He jumped into the portal, which quickly close behind him. From this along Uzumaki Naruto has vanished from this world…forever.


Pain was all he could felt as he floats through the purple void. Pain was too much that he was knocked unconscious. But he found himself somewhere else.

Naruto's mind space


His eyes slowly fluttered open as he found himself in some kind of sewer. He slowly stand up and asked the obvious "where am I?" then slowly the recent memories returned to him. So he start looking around 'this isn't the portal that much I can tell, so where am i?' at this he noticed pipes near the ceiling radiating blue light. As he got closer, he recognized the source of light. It was his chakra; he also saw a red light pipe, which he felt familiar but still different. So he started following it.

As he walked, he reflects on the information he get before. He gritted his teeth in self-loathing. So much, brain and can't handle a little information and goes into panic state. What kind of shinobi is he…maybe pathetic? But he can't dwell on it too much. His desperation has made him illogical but now he can reflect on what now he has in life.

For next one hour he thought about the situation all he came to conclusion is….he need more training to control his emotions.

As he was thinking he reached to dimly lit hall where he could see giant bars a paper tag with kanji for seal, inwardly he thought 'so time for confrontation…but if my guess is correct kyubi is not just a mindless killer if the voice from earlier was his than I better prepare'

As he reached the gate two crimson eyes opened behind the gate, which radiated such hate and malice, he flinched and jumps back in fear and like his normal idiotic style. He asked hesitantly "w-who are you?" there was a snort from behind the gate, which cause wind to flow like very strong wind, as the kyubi rolled his eyes which was rather comical for the fox but…well things happened. "Cut the crap kit….drop your mask so we can start our discussion" Naruto looked surprised in real, how the fox know about his mask. He straightened his back as an aura of confidence rolled around him. "When did you find out?" asked Naruto a simple question with half-lidded eyes with a bore expression on face.

Kyubi sweat dropped at it while thinking 'one minute he is a scared idiot and the next he is bored to even keep his eyes open'. Kyubi cleared his thoughts; he will solve this puzzle later.

"I am inside your mind kit…I know what you know I feel what you feel, hear, see, smell, even the touch" "heh…that is interesting…now why do you want to help me?". Kyubi will not say it but he is impressed, kid is lot smarter than he thought, kyubi selected his words carefully "how much you know about demons?" Naruto looked a little confused but answer, "Not much, from what I read demons are vile beings that live for bloodshed and without any care in the world." Now kyubi look pissed, Naruto sweat dropped as kyubi gone his rant how humans are just hairless apes with no brain at all and the first chance we get he will annihilate them.

But Naruto interrupted "um…you are just proving my point" Naruto again sweat dropped as kyubi laughed nervously scratching his head with one of his tail. Well that's what it seem from the action.

"yeah sorry about that…and no you have read wrong, demons are not just beings of instinct and bloodshed…well not the one of my calibre but we hate humans because of their action toward us" "what do you mean?" "you have studied a lot, tell me when my name first came up" Naruto sat in a thinking pose 'first time is…at the valley of end summoned by uchiha madara who was defeated but in some old scrolls that I found in ninja library said that first hokage was accompanied by his wife who was a seal master…..but the second time was when he just arrived outside the village out of nowhere which is almost impossible if we take in the size…..that means kyubi was always in Konoha just like now …sealed'.

As Naruto was, thinking kyubi was watching Naruto intently as his eyes reflect many of his thoughts when suddenly he snapped his fingers. "you were sealed during the fight at valley of end" said Naruto with confidence which surprised kyubi a lot as he asked "how do you come to that?" as he listened intently, kid is interesting "I have read about that battle in ninja library which say that first hokage was accompanied by his wife who was one of the greatest seal masters and it is impossible for you to be dead so it's the only way"

Now kyubi's surprised to a new level "HAHAHA…you are good kit…and yes your guess is right…so now could you understand my hatred for humans" Naruto nodded painfully "yes…I think I understood. I fed up with just 13 years of confinement while you have to over 100 years…" "it's not just that they label us as evil without even meeting us then try to kill us in the name of good deed" now kyubi was leaking killing intent so tense that Naruto was having problem standing but he held his ground. "K-kyubi". Kyubi snap out of his trance as he looked at sweating Naruto.

"Sorry..." slowly Naruto straighten himself "but you still didn't answer my question" "what question" Naruto sighed '…and this has to be the evil millennia's old fox'. "Why do you help me?". now kyubi became serious "Naruto…" at the serious voice Naruto also straighten "we demons also have our own code of honour and among demons the greatest sin his abusing a child" "why" "because child is a pure soul which even demon cant taint….we also have restrictions set upon us by gods which we can't break".

Naruto smiled "heh…the more you are saying the more I am liking demons" kyubi chuckled at this but stop abruptly "kit you know that for everything you have to pay a price" Naruto nodded slowly, he knows where this is going "the portal you used is not for a mortal to travel…" Naruto looked confused "the pressure it applies on body will degrade your body if you are not a demon" "so my body is degrading as we speak" he asked in a bored and calm tone. Kyubi was trying to get a reaction out of him but…well.

"yes…so I have to merge my chakra with you which will change your body into that of a Hanyou" "hmm...that's not bad" "well as your body has changed the nin jutsu and gen jutsu are out of question because of you not being a human they will not work or you can make your own techniques. The most you can do is chakra manipulation or nature manipulation" at this Naruto's face dropped "all these years of hard work…" he trailed off.

"now, now kit, look positively you got acute senses, almost unbeatable stamina, perfect physical body with advanced regeneration and at last extremely long life or…immortality." "w-what?" Naruto stood stunned at the last comment. "yes, you in a way share my power and could say you are my son but you may not be able to give your mates these all but one is for sure, they can't die of old age if you are alive" "w-well life is a bitch and what do you mean by mates?" Naruto deadpanned but kyubi just laughed loudly. "You will know and remember where we are going is not my realm so I have no power there, all I could do is gave you advice, one more thing you will be centre to that world" "what do you mean?" "Kit, you are child of prophecy, where you go change will follow you, either the world will be at peace or destroyed" "nah...i will choose peace…I like it quiet"he said, kyubi chuckled.

"and Naruto you don't have to tell anyone about your past, we are in a different world where your new life starts and I am just a voice on the back of your head who in this world is same as an old man" Naruto bowed slightly with a smile "that more than enough for me…and can I ask you a question?" "Yes" "what is your name?" kyubi chuckled "I see….sharp as ever….its Kurama" Naruto smiled "nice name" as he slowly start to fade "and hide your identity from everyone but your mates or we will be in big problem" "thanks…".

As Naruto slowly opened his eyes, he snapped them shut as an intense pain ran through his body as screamed to the dark sky "AHHHHHHH". Birds flew from their perch.

"Fuck..." his whole body is in pain. Aches all over the body because of formation of new organs and muscles and body structure as well force increase in height. His clothes are tatters. "I-I can't move" 'looks like full body regeneration has taken quite a toll…I will sleep for some time'. As he slowly closed his eyes, last thing he saw a giant scroll at his side which was glowing red before glow dissipated and a seal appeared on scroll.