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Massacre was going on the bridge, and nobody was there to save them. Once again, the streets were filling with the un-dead. At the house girls were sleeping peacefully. Saya was sleeping on the couch while Shizuka and Miku were sleeping on the mat. A thin sheet of sweat covered their bodies making them all more attractive as it glistened under the dim light in the room.

"Naruto-kun…" Shizuka mumbled in her sleep, smiling heartedly.

Rei was sitting in stairs still in little daze.

Saeko was bending low, much like in a provocative pose, while she was checking fridge. She brought a vegetable close to her lips, and smiled with a blush as she remembered. 'He…kissed me….what would it feel like …own lips.' She was still giddy from that little kiss. The pleasant shivers it sent down her spines were something she wanted to feel again.


Saeko stopped her packing as she heard gunfire. Outside a single guy was shooting them, who was later devoured by the un-dead.


Saeko stood beside Naruto as she looked through binoculars. Naruto's hands were inside his kimono sleeves. Hirano on the other side was holding a gun.

"Indeed the situation is getting worse…" Saeko said as she lowered the binoculars.

"Shit…Naruto!" Hirano said. "Hm…" Naruto replied as he continued to stare over. "Are we gonna shoot them?" asked Hirano through gritted teeth. Naruto just closed his eyes, intead Saeko responded, "Have you forgotten that they react to sound, Hirano-kun?"

Hirano looked at her not even getting a nosebleed due to her dress…or lack of it "And...the living will gather here once they notice the light and our figures. Naturally we lack the ability to help those who are still alive," She gave the binoculars to Hirano, "look out for yourself; this has become a place where you cannot survive on chivalry alone." As she proceeded to go down the steps, she spoke once more, "Whether you like it or not, I am merely stating the truth…"

"Saeko…aren't you forgetting something…" Naruto spoke out of blue, and it was something completely unexpected on her part. Saeko stopped in her movements. "What?" She asked a little confused.

Naruto sighed. "You'll remember…" Saeko nodded, and went down the stairs.

Hirano gritted his teeth, but gave Naruto the binoculars. Naruto was looking upon many people with a passive expression as they were being killed. Hirano also saw while watching through the gun scope. Suddenly Naruto's breath hitched, as a little girl's father was killed by people from the house. His eyes Burned purple as the pupil elongated into slits. When he gazed at the girl he remembered the broken body of her Siya-chan. His blood began to boil, if he had to he would kill everyone in that house…just to save the little girl.

Hirano too saw the un-dead come near the crying girl.

He gritted his teeth looking almost out of control. "Hirano..." Naruto said in a grave voice as Hirano focused on Naruto. Naruto continued to stare in the direction of the girl, "Make your decision…now!" Hirano gritted his teeth in frustration. "Hirano, now!" Naruto said a little loudly just to cross his point.

Hirano answered by setting his gun up and, "Let's rock n' roll." He shot the bullet with a wide grin on his face. The bullet hit an un-dead man straight in the head who was about to attack the little auburn head.

"I've never used this gun before, and I just scored a headshot with it! I am a genius! Though to be fair, they are not even 100 metres away." He shot a few more of them. As the girl comes to her senses she starts to back up into a corner. He then continues to shoot more of the un-dead.


In the house Saeko heard the gunshots from above along with Rei. She knew what was happening…looks like it was time.


The puppy rushed to where the crying sound was heard.


Naruto smiled at his friend. His eyes were still have slits. They will be like this until he completed his mission. "Hirano?"

"Yeah?" Hirano answered.

"What happened to not shooting, and abandoning people to save ourselves?" Naruto asked, a little amused and the auburn girl came into view, "DUDE LOOK, ITS A LITTLE GIRL!" He said animatedly. "You're going to rescue her right? I'll back you up from here." Hirano said and smirked while he turned around to look over his shoulder.

"Of course I will. I would rather forfeit my life than abandon a child." Naruto said quietly for no one to pick up, but Hirano heard it. 'Just now he says that like he has experienced it...how much pain have you endured Naruto?' Gun-otaku asked himself.

Naruto entered the room, and in one swift motion his sword was on the left side of his waist. The magnum fully loaded was on the right side, and extra bullets sealed in the sleeves of his kimono. As he proceeded down the stairs Rei was standing at the bottom waiting for him.


"I have a little rescue mission." Naruto responded, but she didn't seem to notice Naruto's eyes. "T-then I'll go with-" she started, but stopped when Naruto looked at her from the corner of his eyes. "No, you guys guard the gate…I can't defend two people at the same time while fighting."

"But-" Rei tried to argue but was cut off.

"Let him go! The man has spoken!" Saeko said. Naruto smiled as he closed to the gate.

He stopped by Saeko's side as she stood with her arms folded. "Looks like you remembered, huh?" He asked, and a smile appeared on her face.

"Yeah…", she replied little guilty to forget something so important. Naruto chuckled as he walked passed when Saeko spun her sword in her hand a few times, then held it in her right hand, the other on her hip, giving a sexy pose.

Saeko spoke, "We shall guard this place no matter what. You can go without a worry!" Naruto smirked then silently went out.


All the waking members except Hirano walked out of the house with him.

Instead of opening the gate he leaped over it with a chakra enhanced jump, landing on the head of an un-dead, crushing it just from the pressure of his feet. Heads of two others rolled off of their bodies, after Naruto flicked his blade to the side.

A grin slowly appeared on his face as he starts jogging forward. "Let's have some fun." His jog broke into a sprint, and in no time He was fazing through the un-dead like a breeze. The un-dead he passed fell on the floor. Some were bisected, some had their heads removed, and some had their limbs chopped off. One thing to be denoted, no one's body was left intact.

Inside the house, Saya has woken up. From the balcony Hirano was shooting whoever was in the way of Naruto. He weaves through them narrowly, while a lazy grin was still present on his face.

"What's all the commotion about?" asked Saya as she came out of the house. Rei and Saeko turned to her with smiles. "Something pleasant..." Rei replied.

"Huh." was Saya's response. Saeko just smiled, a little discreetly as she said "We realized that we're still human,". Hirano was grinning like a madman while shooting the undead, he reloaded his gun in a swift motion like an expert and continued shooting.

As he neared the house he saw that they were flocking the gate trying to reach the child. He smirked "You people are really getting on my nerves," He reached the gate, without breaking his momentum he twirled around, coating the sword with wind chakra, he gave a diagonal slash, from down to upside "Uzumaki Kenjutsu-Kaze no Soukan!( Uzumaki Style- Wind Scar)."

Just then a fierce wind resembling that of a claw passed over the un-dead. Everything was silent for a moment. But suddenly they flew back, there bodies splitting apart showering the area in a spray of gore and blood. Chunks of rotten meat flew back everywhere, falling on the walls, streets, and on other un-dead as well. It was an amazing sight for a demon, even if he wasn't as blood thirsty as the others. Still the sight of blood excited him.

Without any further wait he ran inside the house, kicking the first one into the wall, making a slight dent and diagonally sliced the other. He sliced the third's head…only half, leaving his tongue flipping inside his now open mouth much like a tail of a lizard.

Suddenly he heard barking from behind. When he turned around he saw that two were closing in on the little girl, but they were far enough for him to reach in time. Therefore, he turned towards the gate trying to shut the door. As he reached, they were shot down. Naruto smirked, closing the door, "He really is a genius."

On the balcony Hirano was grinning while aiming. "Of course I am." He was a little excited after the display of power and speed by Naruto. If he had to say, Naruto easily broke the world record for the 100 metre sprint.

The white puppy in front of the girl was barking, and trying to scare away the un-dead but it was doing just the opposite. The girl cried in fear, "Stop, go away! I haven't done anything bad….daddy, daddy!" but they didn't back off. She cried out again, "Noooo!" shutting her eyes tight.

Just as it was about to bite the girl, Naruto has unsheathed his blade and was behind the dead within a second. He gave a side slash from the blunt side of sword. The un-dead's head caved in just like a water melon in beach games, as it hit the wall hard, splattering blood all over the wall too. The puppy barked happily, as the girl opened her eyes with tears still settled in the corners of them.

Naruto smiled at the girl as he hit another one of them without even looking. "So…how are you?" asked Naruto. The girl sweat dropped, even the little puppy sweat dropped. She almost got beaten and he asked this. "F-fine…"

Naruto nodded with that same smile on his face. "That's good." With that he stood up, the smile not leaving his face. He turned to face the un-dead, "How dare you scare this little girl!" He spoke while radiating a chilling aura. Title of demon fit will fit him perfectly just now. Naruto moved forward slicing the head of the first, cleaving the second in half, and ramming the sword into the thirds forehead. Naruto turned back towards the girl; smile still present.

"Behind you, onii-chan."

Naruto froze for a second still staring at the girl, but without turning around he brought out the magnum in his left hand aiming backward. It was put in un-dead's mouth, he pulled the trigger, and the head burst open as the rest of the body flew back. Naruto just stared at the girl while voices rang in his head.

"Onii-chan, let's go to temple! Onii-chan, I want a new toy!"

"Of course Siya-chan that do you want I will bring you from the city"

"I want a sword just like yours so I can protect Kaa-san and Tou-san!"

Naruto chuckled, and ruffled her hair. "I will make you one myself when you grow up."

She held out her pinky finger. "Promise?"

Naruto smiled happily, joining his pinky finger with hers. "Promise."

"Onii-chan, I love you."

"I love you too my little princess."

He was brought out of his thoughts as the little girl tugged on his hakama. He looked down at the girl who has picked up the puppy, and held it in her arms. "Onii-chan…" She spoke softly looking at him. Naruto smiled as a single tear fell from his eye. The girl seemed to notice this, but didn't say anything.

Naruto smiled down at the girl. "So what's your name?"

The girl smiled back, and said, "My name is Alice Merasato, nice to meet you." Naruto chuckled as he ruffled the little girl's hair. "I am Naruto, nice to meet you too," Alice's smile widened.

"You know, you remind me of my little sister..." Naruto suddenly said.

Alice blinked. "Little sister?"

"She went somewhere far away," said Naruto as he smiled sadly, as did Alice. She went far away just like her father.


Meanwhile in the house…

"Shizuka-sensei, wake up!" Saya said in scolding tone. Miku has woken up a little while ago, and was now helping others carry the stuff to the car. Shizuka stirred a little as she finally sat up.

And instantly started making a kissing face, "Naruto-kun, give me a kiss…"

At this Saya got ticked off. Of all the things she has dreamt something like this, which she too dreams, waiting that someday this would happen in reality. She stomped forward, "Quit being childish!" Saya then grabbed her cheeks and started pulling them.

Shizuka cried with tears forming in her eyes, while Saya inwardly grinned. "S-stop it!" Shizuka wailed in pain.

When Saya finally stopped, Shizuka lost in her own thoughts again 'Was that all a dream….no, I know I was with Naruto-kun…the mark…' She looked over her left shoulder, and to her relief there was still a fox blonde tattoo on her neck. She squealed in delight, like a teenage girl.

To Saya, Shizuka was glimmering like a light bulb. Pink-head sweat dropped. 'What happened to her?' She thought to herself.



Hirano with a smile on his face recognized the voice. "Takagi-san". He turned around, and lost all his confidence as held the gun between his legs to hide his boner as both were wearing really erotic clothes. But seems to forget about His nose as it began to bleed.

But Saya paid it no heed, they have much important things to do. "Get ready to run, we can't stay here; we have been causing way too much commotion…you need to get ready to move!" Saya ordered.

Hirano straightened up, and looked outside not wanting to feel the female fury again anytime soon "O-okay!"

The other two girls were standing guard at the gate when Saya and Shizuka came down.

"Miyamoto let Busujima-senpai stand guard. You should be helping Miku; she is only one getting the stuff in the car," She then turned to Shizuka, "mou…Shizuka-sensei would you put on some undergarments."

Shizuka panicked a little in her cute ditzy way "Oh! So that's why it feels so airy!". She was still wearing that almost transparent sundress. She jogs back inside the house to get some undergarments.

"So, is the car ready?" Saya asked. "Now would be a good time to get in; they are being drawn toward Naruto-kun." Saeko replied from her position.

Saya bent down on the railing to look over the street but then deflated. "What should we do? He won't be able to get back here with the girl." She said with a frown, her worries for his wellbeing coming to the surface.

"Then all we can do is go meet up with him, right?" Shizuka asked, as she was now clad in purple panties. All the girls stared at her strangely. Making Shizuka nervous, "U-uhm, did I say something strange? I also have the keys…" She said while putting a hand on her face, tilting it to the side, looking all the more adorable.

"No, it's a fine idea," Saeko replied, and Miku nodded as she stopped putting the stuff in for a moment. Saya turned around swiftly making her boobs bounce, "Then that's our only option! We are all set. After we pick up Naruto we will go to the other side of the river!" Her glasses gleamed under the light, "Get ready!" she exclaimed.


Naruto was looking around; extending his senses to find anyone in the courtyard, but no one was found.

"Onii-chan," Naruto looked down at little Alice, who was staring at her father's body "daddy…is dead." She spoke softly, doing her best not to cry. Naruto glanced at the body sadly, moveing forward, "Onii-chan?" She spoke confused a little.

Alice came near Naruto as he took a shirt, and covered the body. "He died protecting you, so you should be happy he saved your life and loved you to the end." He broke off a flower from a nearby stem. At his words her tears that have been held back because of fear, started pouring out, and dripped off her chin.

She took the flower from Naruto, and gently laid it on her father's chest. "Da-daddy…" She sobbed out. Naruto put one hand on her head, and she instantly latched onto Naruto as she wept. Naruto brought his arms around her in a tight embrace to provide the girl some safety as well reassurance. She cried her heart out, as Naruto looked up at the sky. 'So many are going to end up like this…'


"We have a lot of stuff. Do you think it will all fit?" asked Miku. "Ask yourself how we're supposed to get it in instead. What if they come while we are loading?" asked Rei. Saya turned around to them "We have to be sneaky about it, like a thief in an MMORPG."

Saeko smiled. "Then we shall do it that way." She said as she opened the gate. Saeko stood on guard as Shizuka got in the driver seat. Rei and Saya helped Miku in loading their stuff, but to her displeasure she plopped down on driver seat, but her panicking strike begun…again.

"Huh? What the...? The steering wheel is on the other side! Uh..." She fumbled while the others packed rest of the stuff.


Alice was still sobbing while Naruto held her. "Shh…it's okay, Onii-chan is with you…" Alice slowly stopped crying and nodded. "Can we not get out?" she asked seeing there was no way to leave through the gate.

"Well there are so many on the street." Naruto almost deadpanned, but stopped himself. He was talking to a child, being sarcastic wouldn't help here.

"Can't we escape from somewhere other than the street?" She asked with a pouty voice. "Well, I can think of few ways." Then his eyes fell on a wall, and smirked. "Well…looks like we found our ticket."


"We'll load up; you rescue Naruto and the girl and get away safely."

"Sounds good, but there's too many for a Humvee to handle….we'll need something like a tank to get over there and rescue them." Suddenly a light shone on his face. He looked down to see that Takagi was signalling for him to come down, and he signalled back.

He started packing his guns. "Alternatively Naruto would need to find a way out." He then looked up; a gleam of realization passed as He grinned, "I see, you sure are a genius Naruto!" He said and proceeded to go down, "Good job Naruto!" muttering to himself.


Naruto was casually walking on the edge of a wall, one step after another. The pup was situated in front of Naruto's kimono while Alice was on his back. Just then the puppy started licking his face.

"You know, I would've liked it if it was a girl who was licking my face." Naruto deadpanned. Alice used her hands to stop the white puppy. "Bad boy."

Naruto smiled at her. "Thanks, so...are you scared Alice-chan?" He asked as he reached the second house wall.

"Yeah, are you?" she asked curiously

Naruto's smile remained on his face. "Nah, I'm used to this." He casually replied. Alice was only seven years old, but even she knew this was a serious situation. How was her new brother so casual about it? The puppy couldn't talk so he just sweat dropped, which caused Alice to giggle.


In the car Shizuka was rubbing her head trying to understand how this thing runs. While they finished loading their stuff Saya asked, "Where is Hirano?" "Isn't he still upstairs?" Rei replied.

"Jeez, is he amazing, or stupid?" asked Saya as she was about to call him again. But said boy choose that moment to appear in front of her. Easily scaring her to death, his current get up did help him…a little.

Hirano was laced with guns with both hands on back, and ammo belts across his chest. Torches by the side of his head were put in place with a white strip of cloth. Everyone stared at him incredulously, and then all sweat dropped except Shizuka who was still busy.

"Uh...what's up?" He asked hesitantly.

"You seem to be having fun," Saya said sarcastically.

But Hirano just grinned "Hey, this is nothing compared to Naruto's baggage."


"Alice-chan, what did you say?" He asked quietly almost dreading the answer.

"I need to pee…"Alice replied softly, a little embarrassed as well

"Can you hold it in?" asked Naruto hoping he could at least cross this street.

"Uhm…no, I can't." she said. Hm…seems like luck wasn't on his side.

Naruto sweat dropped at his predicament. He was surrounded by hundreds of un-dead, the world has come to end, and there was a girl on his back who had to pee. Well, he had no choice but to sweat drop. Leader his ass.

"Onii-chan, I can't hold it any longer," she said. Naruto sighed then glanced at the un-dead. Well if it has come to this…

"Well then Alice-chan, if you have to…we could get some fun too." She looked at him like he was crazy. Well…he was crazy but not insane, at least…not yet.

He brings a hand forward towards his kimono, and picked up the puppy.

"Onii-chan, what are you doing?" Alice asked confused. Naruto just smiled, as he picked up the pup putting him on his head. Naruto channelled some chakra to his head making it sticking it to his head, so the pup wouldn't fall.

Naruto removed Alice from his back, and held her like a baby. He brought his other hand under her skirt causing Alice to blush. "Now remove your panty so you can pee." He removed her panty easily, allowing it to hang onto her legs. He then turned Alice around so her back was against Naruto. His arms were under her armpits, and she held his arms with her hands. Naruto propelled her legs apart so the girl could easily pee, but the main thing was she was facing the un-dead or basically over their heads a few feet where they can't reach, "Now Alice-chan…you can pee." He said, a little too cheerfully.

"Are you sure?" asked Alice.

Naruto just grinned lazily "Of course." So Alice relented making a face as she put pressure down lower. With that a fountain of pee fell over the un-dead, on their face and mouth, and it looked like they were tasting it. The scene was creepy even for Naruto, and the pup was having difficulty to remove the sweat drop from is small head.

"Hmm…where to..." he muttered to himself. Just then, he heard sound of an engine getting louder. He smirked. "Well…looks like the party is here."


The group was coming towards Naruto at high speed. Saeko standing on the top was still in her apron, her hair blowing in wind along with her boobs. One hand in her hair, the other holding her sword. Hirano was in between her legs holding a gun, and the others were inside the car with Shizuka driving.

"Wow, there are so many!" Shizuka exclaimed in shock. "You say that like we have the option of running away!" Rei said, but Saya was in different mode.

"Chaaaaarrrrgggeee!" She shouted while pointing forward, the grin on her face told that she too was enjoying herself.

They started knocking them away as they came near, Shizuka turned the car to left as it slipped to some distance, stopping right at another turn.

"Well…looks like I rubbed off on them." he chuckled dryly.

Suddenly, all the action suddenly froze, even the un-dead. The group stared at Naruto with hanging jaws and a 'WTF' expression. They couldn't comprehend it, here was their friend surrounded by hundreds of them, and what he was doing? The girl he saved was peeing on the un-dead. On the other hand, Alice has been building up urine for quite some time, so it was a long release still continuing.

Naruto turned to them and eye smiled lazily. "Yo." They all sweat dropped, as face faulting would be dangerous in this situation.

"Naruto, what the hell?" this time it was Saeko, this was just too much.

Naruto looked confused but then realized. "Oh this? She wanted to pee so…I thought might as well have some fun." They all hung their heads at his antics, really Fun…

On the other hand, Alice was finished so Naruto pulled her panties back up, and placed her on her back, while bringing the pup again in his kimono. So he asked, "Now are you fine?" he asked softly. She nodded with a smile.

This seemed to break the others from their trance. Saeko jumped off the car, hitting the first on the head then leg swiping it, she then jumped and hit another on the head.

"Naruto! Hurry up!" Rei shouted.

"Hai, Hai." Naruto started to walk forward, his balance never wavering.

"Hirano, buy us some time." Saya said as she too popped out. At the time Hirano was gone in. he come out with shotgun

"Jawohl!" he grinned as he shot the nearest. The blow was heavy as they started to fall back in semicircle. He laughed in glee as he turned in different directions and shot more undeads, but this time they were blown away in air. "Gotcha," he said with a gleam in his glasses.

Saeko was running forward, hitting the first with dual hand swings; she struck them into a wall. Then she swung it again knocking another down. Jumping and turning around in air as she came down with a simple swing. Knocking more out, she then did an upward slash, knocking most of the nearest away. She turned around and started walking back to the car.

"Naruto-kun!" Shizuka called from inside as she was looking around worried. "Naruto! Naruto!" were shouts from Rei and Saya. While Hirano fire another shot.

"Are they Onii-Chan's friends?" asked Alice happily. "Yeah," Naruto smiled, "they are my dear friends."

Saeko landed on the roof in a crouch in front of Hirano, said boy suddenly nosebleed after the close meeting with her ass. Saeko's boobs bounced as she ran a hand in her hair. She has opened her high ponytail, enjoying the feel of wind through them.

"This is the last ferry that will be crossing the river. Will you be boarding?" She asked with glee. Naruto smirked as he start running on wall "Hell yeah, but I want VIP seats." He jumped on the car, and Saeko giggled at his joke. Naruto landed in a crouch.

"Targets have been acquired." Hirano said happily.

"Sensei!" Saya said.

"Hai, Hai..." Shizuka smiled happily as she drove off.

There were dead bodies on the road, which caused the car to go a little off balance, and caused Naruto's face to land on Saeko's bosom…again. She blushed. Hirano fell back in the car with Alice, falls on his lower region, attaining a painful moan from him.

"Sorry…" Alice said slowly, not sure how much she has hurt him.

Naruto sighed, "Now, can I take a little nap?" asked Naruto. Saeko giggled with a blush, as she brought her arms around his head in a comforting hug.

"Yeah, you can." She knew that it was most taxing for Naruto, since they've all gotten some sleep, but he has not because he also does most of the work.


Naruto had his arms behind his head as he lay on the roof of the vehicle; eyes closed taking a nap while Saeko and Rei were on guard.

And that was our escape. Granted, it means we were able to survive one more day in this new world. We still had yet to cross the river to let them meet their parents…but I am slowly awakening by my blood…would they be able to accept me?




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