In America, in an airplane. Argument is going on with the president and advisors.

"Mr President! Please enter the code!" Chairman pleaded. "But…" president was in little doubt. Chairman too knew, it was an important decision, but delaying it will only worsen the situation.

"You and I have both bitten! Please listen. We do not even have anywhere to land! This is why we must supress every country that is pointing ICBM's at the USA while we still can! Aside from officially announcing national state of emergency tactical regulation 666D, we have no way of fulfilling our duty to both the constitution and the people!" he exclaimed but suddenly lurched forward coughing, blood gushing out of his mouth.

President startled, stood up from his seat, taking a few steps back. "Mr Chairman" another person in the room called in concern. Chairman looked at his shaking hands; his eyes were too started getting glazed over.

He looked at the occupants of the room, his eyes pleading, "I'm done for. Some please…" his voice trailed off in the end, as he entered in another coughing streak. Woman covered her mouth to hide her gasp of horror. But for the police officer, already seen many of his comrades' die like this understood completely, nodding curtly "yes sir!" he said, bringing out his gun.

Chairman knowing his end was near drive his last words to the President "Mr President…the code….god…bless". President lowered his head in silent prayer while the man was shot down. Below the plane was a city, which was in chaos.


With our team.

They were crossing the river in their Humvee. Naruto, Rei, and Saeko were sleeping inside. While Saya was looking around with binoculars, Miku sitting on the roof silently enjoying the peace they have for the moment…

And Hirano was singing song with Alice sitting between his legs, with a really pleasant look on his face, that shouldn't be there. As there song finished "I can even sing in English", Alice said proudly. "Wow! Try singing it" Hirano replied, prodding her to continue. With that girl, start singing in English.

As her song finished "okay. This time I will sing a parody," Hirano said grinning. Alice nodded eagerly "okay".

He then starting singing a weird song about guns and who knows what. Behind her Saya's eyebrows were twitching dangerously, she should have expected this from the gun-otaku. "Wow Kohta-chan" Alice clapped, in awe at the song...or Hirano, it can't be sure.

He smirked, little kids are so easy to impress, but suddenly turned blue as Saya thumped the roof angrily. "Hey, fatty! Do not teach kids inappropriate songs! That song is from mother goose, you know!" she said annoyed. "Yessss…" he agreed in a depressed tone as his colour as well enthusiasm just went down the drain.


"Guys, wake up" Shizuka's childish yet sultry voice called to the sleeping party. Rei stirred in her sleep as she slowly opened her eyes, blinking rapidly to clear her vision. "It's about time we crossed the river" Shizuka said.

Rei finally came to her senses as she sat straight up from her previous position on Naruto's shoulder. Looking at the said boy, she blushed as she saw Naruto's peaceful sleeping face.

But then heard little whiny-moaning sounds. Looking down, Saeko was sleeping on Naruto's lap using his leg as a pillow. Her boobs were coming out of dress, which was only an apron. They seem like to be exposing too much as she was showing a lot of skin…albeit unconsciously. Her thumb was between her lips, like a child... a really good one...


At this Rei gave an evil stare.

They reached the shore; car jumped a little but remains put. Saya looked around with binoculars. "There's no one here. Living or otherwise" she reported. Hirano was now in serious mode, gun ready for any possible threat. Alice was looking to other side in her childish curiousness.

Inside the car.

Rei pinched Naruto's cheek hard, really in mood of causing him some pain. However, all she got was him, slowly opening his eyes as he scratched his face, like some fly has stung.

Rei got a tic mark at that. What the hell? She can't even startle him in sleep.

"Huh?" was his response as he blinked few more times, trying to determine where he was at the moment. "I bet you are enjoying it," she said looking towards Naruto's lap with obvious slight glare. "What?" he asked confused, looking down only to see Saeko sleeping in his lap.

He raised an eyebrow at this but then smiled. Saeko maybe a strong woman but she also has her limit. He start running his hand through her hair, as he hummed a little "hmmm…I guess I am" he replied with a smile.

Rei stared at Naruto in surprise, she doesn't expect him to answer like that, she expected him to be surprised, little startled, but not this.

She puffed her cheeks. Yes, she is mean like that.

At Naruto's pleasant ministrations, Saeko too started to wake up. She slowly raised her head sleepily looking around then she looked at Naruto who was smiling at her softly. She blinked in confusion, still sleepy, not completely understanding her situation. "good morning, sleepy head" he greeted as He still has a hand on her head.

Rei crossed her arms under her breasts smirking "you are drooling…," she said. Saeko's eyes widened a little; As Naruto brought his hand from her hair to her face wiping the drool from the corner of her lips. She blushed deep red at what he has done for her. It isn't normal for someone to do that as they would feel slightly disgusted, since parents only do these type of things...or really close friends.

Their relationship is progressing...albeit quite fast.

She slowly sat up wiping her face repeatedly, to remove any drool left behind. She sat their timidly with her hands between her legs with a prominent blush, stealing glances at him.

'I-I w-was sleeping…in his lap…' her blush seems to deepen at that.

Naruto chuckled a little, this side of Saeko didn't come out much but he still like it. "Let's get out" he said. "Why?" Rei asked confused. He stared at her for a second then smirked "I think I have seen enough for one day…" he said looking over her figure. She realized what he was implying, as she lowers her head in embarrassment a huge blush present on her face, Saeko was too in the same predicament.


Outside the car Naruto was standing staring over the city, his hands in his kimono sleeves. "Naruto, help me a little" Hirano said. Naruto turn around to see Hirano hoisting Alice towards him so she can be brought down. "Let's get Alice-chan down…," he said. Naruto smiled softly at the girl who smiled back brightly and brought her arms forward so Naruto could hold her.

And Naruto happily obliged "ara…how is my little princess today?" he asked as he took her in his arms, instead of putting her down. "Alice is fine, how is Onii-chan?" she asked happily. Naruto smiled "Onii-chan is fine…".

As Naruto was talking with Alice. Rei came by "look we're going to be changing, so don't you dare look over here!" Rei said sternly with a glare.

Naruto just wave his hand dismissively "Hai, Hai…". He then put Alice down as she too ran over to the other girls. Naruto smiled at the departing girl. "You like kids?" Hirano asked. Naruto spare the chubby-boy a glance "you could say that…but not completely". Hirano just nodded, knowing well, how annoying they could get at times.

Naruto then saw the pup on the ground. He picked it up "he's always so hyper" Naruto said scratching under the ear. "Hey, don't bark too much Zeke" Hirano said. Naruto looked at Hirano in confusion "Zeke?". "That's his name….Zeke was the nickname the American army gave the Reisen during the pacific war" Hirano said. "Reisen? Oh, the zero fighter plane. You really are small and fast. It's a fitting name." Naruto said, smiling at the pup. Dog barked back happily.

"Naruto, want to use this?" Hirano asked as he shows Naruto the shotgun. Naruto smiled but shook his head "nah, I am fine with mine…with this I won't feel comfortable". Hirano nodded. He has seen Naruto's expertise with magnum and with that, he can also use his sword. He still held his possessions. Sword on his left while magnum on his left.

Naruto was going to other side to check when "Onii-chan...", Alice called. He looked to the side only raised an eyebrow. Hirano too come around asking "what's up?". But jerked back in shock, a blush present on his face.

Girls have changed the clothes. Saeko was wearing female battle boots with heels, long lace purple stockings, purple gloves, her school uniform top, a Chinese style skirt that shows the string of her thong and her entire right thigh, and a special belt to hold her sword, her hair are unkempt.

Rei's clothes were same except she has elbow pads and kneepads in place of her stocking, and was holding a gun.

Saya was wearing school her uniform but under it, she has black sport shirt, while her school blouse was open. Shizuka has too changed. She was now wearing a white buttoned shirt with no bra, as the outline of her nipples could seen and a honey colour checkers hot pant. Her air fell on her back to her hips.

Miku too has changed; instead of her school blouse she was now wearing a tight purple T-shirt, with V-cut, showing a lot of cleavage. Her skirt remains the same. She also has removed the hair band from her hair, as she knew Naruto like them open. They were falling on her face, slightly shadowing her eyes, giving her a mischievous look.

It seems like a scene from an anime, for a moment as their hair float in the wind as sparkles seems to appear out of nowhere.

Naruto smiled while Hirano was laughing creepily with a black aura surrounding him. Thinking something perverted.

Rei smirked "what? Gotta problem?" she asked. Naruto just smiled "no, but…do you know how to fire that thing?" he asked, looking at the rifle she was holding. She turned to Hirano "Hirano-kun can teach me, if I have to. I'll use it like a spear." She replied shrugging. "Hirano raised his hand excitedly as he ranted "youcanyoucanyoucan". He then proceeds to describe the gun, about how to use it. But Naruto spoke interrupting Hirano "don't depend on it too much; you didn't have experience…keep the bo-staff near you". At this Rei nodded, Hirano too nodded.

"We're going up in Humvee! You two men, go see if it's safe!" Saya ordered. Hirano saluted "YES MA'AM!". While Naruto chuckled, in what way does it seem they are facing an apocalypse?

They proceeded to climb the slope. Naruto has one hand on magnum, but that's all, while Hirano has his gun ready. However, Naruto still held a bored look.

They reached the top, Hirano aiming at right while Naruto turned to left. Hand still on the gun but has not made an effort to bring it out. "Clear" said Hirano. Naruto moves toward the slop signalling with his hand that it is okay to come up.

Rei looked at Shizuka "Shizuka-Sensei". Shizuka smiled starting the engine "here we go!" she drove up the slope rather easily. All came to the road. Saya looked around through binoculars, once again checking for any of them. "It doesn't look like they tried to block the river" Saeko said as she turned her head to Saya "as the news broadcast said, it is like this all throughout the world." She finished.

"But I'm sure there are some police officers left" Rei included, not giving up hope. Saya smiled hesitantly "right, Japan's police officers are all about their work." she said, too trying to support said girl. Rei lit up at that comment, smiling happily "yeah..."

"What do we do now?" Shizuka asked from the car. "Saya, aren't you from Higashiosaka 2-chome?" asked Naruto "yeah..." "Then, Saya's house is the closest….but…" he stared in her eyes, giving her the silent message. "Yeah, I know…" she sad smiling sadly "I'm not expecting anything, but I still want…." "Of course you do" Naruto interrupted her with a lazy smile.

She looked at him in slight surprise, but seeing his smile as well the reassurance, she too nodded.


They were travelling for sometime in the empty streets, Pink blossoms flew everywhere, and everything seemed so peaceful.

Rei and Naruto were on roof.

Inside the car "ah~there are so many big bikes" Alice said in amazement. Hirano smiled "they sell stuff like imported buggies there. Some of them were trashed by military" Alice has a face of awe. While Saya lower her head sweat drop present "why do you know all of this?" Saya asked herself.

Upon roof, Naruto closed his eyes, thinking… "What's wrong?" Rei asked. "We haven't seen any heli or airplanes today but yesterday there are so many" he replied still eyes closed. The only thing he could guess was they were done with escorting civilians to safety or were postponing the process for some reason. "We will be fine, don't we?" she asked doubtful. Naruto didn't let her doubt linger, "yeah…".

"Hey, Naruto did you notice?" she asked smiling.

Naruto popped open one eye to see that Rei has a hand in her hair keeping them away from her eyes while smiling. "Hmmm?" he mumbled. She smiled "We, We haven't seen any of them today". Naruto nodded but inwardly 'they are here, I am sure of that…but not in the area…something is wrong…'

Naruto's eyes again closed as he let himself lose to his thoughts. But his peace was interrupted "it's them!" Hirano shouted. Naruto's eyes snapped open. "Ahead and to the right! Distance: 300!". Naruto too turned his head. There were many of them on the road...too many to be normal.

"Turn right," Saya said. Shizuka looked at Saya from the corner of her eye, doctor too could see the distress in the genius's eyes. "ok-okay" Shizuka replied hesitantly. On the next turn there were too. "They are here too! Mou…jeez" Shizuka whined. "Then turn left. Left!". Saya shouted while pointing in the direction.

"We are seeing more and more of them as he got closer to Higashiosaka 2-chome…" Naruto said as he and Rei lie on the roof. "But why? There must be a reason why!" Rei asked, a little frantic.

Now on the road they were there were more of them. "Keep the speed up and push them aside!" said Saya, Shizuka did just that. Naruto hold Rei down as he used chakra to stick to the roof. Undead were send flying over their heads. However, suddenly his eyes widened a little as his enhanced vision caught something.

"NO! Stop!" Naruto shouted.

Saeko too come to realize as she saw the white wire. She gasped "a wire is fixed to the walls! Turn the car to the side.". Shizuka was able to do it just in time. The side of Humvee was pressed against the wires, making them groan at being stretched so much. "don't look" said Hirano as he covered Alice's eyes to keep her from the sight of undead being sliced just by the pressure of the humvee against the wires. Blood was sprayed on the glass.

"Why won't it stop?" Shizuka exclaimed distraught.

Fat boy knowing the condition, "Lock the tires! Just ease up a little on the break and step on the gas!" Hirano said as he looked out of window trying to analyse any further to help Shizuka.

"Lock?" Shizuka asked as she looked around nervously. She found it and did what was told but now they were speeding towards the wall. "Shizuka! Step on break!" Naruto shouted. Shizuka shut her eyes tight, her love's voice ringing in her head and pressed the brake to full.

Naruto's eyes widen as the rear side of car lifted in air, but the worst thing was it wasn't stopping. Naruto glanced back; if he didn't do anything the car would flip over.

Rei looked at Naruto as she saw him gritting his teeth. He let go of Rei as he jumped to the rear of the Humvee, successfully stopping it from lifting anymore, with his weight and force of his jump.

Rei saw what Naruto did, but was not able to hold on car any longer. She fell on bonnet on her back hard then fall on ground again on her back skidding to a distance. She tried to move but her body wasn't following her command. All her senses were rocked with pain.. She strained opened one eye obviously in pain. She saw that the undead were closing on her and eyes widened in fear as she stared at them.

She tried to move, if only a bit. But felt her body getting numb. She looked at them distressed, was she going to die like this, not meeting her parents, not being with Naruto.

Just then Naruto jumped from the roof of the car, kicking the closest one with a roundhouse kick at neck easily killing it, he turned in mid-air, bringing out his sword in blink of an eye beheading the second. He landed on his feet in a low stand. Bringing out his magnum in his left hand aiming to the front, to the closest one…and shot. Nearest head was blown plus of another one who was behind it.

"Naruto?" Rei asked, perturbed. Naruto didn't gaze at her, he didn't have time. This is serious there are too many of them. Rei looking at his serious face understood that they were in serious problem.

Hirano opened the roof of Humvee and start setting his gun. "Naruto!" he shouted. Naruto glanced at him and smirked "yeah…." He said, already knowing what they have to do. Hirano too smirked. Naruto walked forward raising his sword, beheaded the one smoothly, he spun around diagonally cutting the other, and he again spun around cleaving another then killing the two with one shot.

"Naruto-kun..." Naruto glanced over to Saeko, who was out of the Humvee. "I shall assist you! Take this opportunity to rescue Miyamoto-san". Naruto smiled a little. He knew better then reject her help. He moved back to help Rei.

Crouching beside her, he helped her to lie on her back, trying to ease her pain. He smiled slightly "rest". With that he stood up again towards the undead. Rei's eyes widened "Naruto?" she called, he didn't think of fighting them, did he?

He didn't reply just move forward.

Aiming his magnum at the first, bursting his head, then second, and two together. He cleaved another in two, without breaking his momentum he swung it to the left, killing the undead who tried to pass him.

Saeko was killing them with her wooden sword, but she was getting tired. Hirano was shooting them one by one. Naruto's gun was empty as undead came near which didn't seem to faze him, he reached in his kimono's. And brought the bullets. Loading them with ease. He again set at shooting, no moment of hesitation. He is a Shinobi, a killer. He cant hesitate.

Hirano stared at Naruto in awe. His friend still holds his cool. But little did he know Naruto's pupils were now slitted, he was too losing his cool.

Aiming at another, he pulled the trigger, but suddenly noticed "my magazine!" he exclaimed, his voice too frantic. Inside Alice was slowly crying, seeing as they couldn't get out. "Someone get me on of these from the back." Hirano called desperate. "Kohta-chan?" Alice looked up tears in corner of her eyes. "This!" he showed her the empty magazine, in hope she would be able to find it quickly. She nodded and turned to back searching, just then Zeke barked showing the location. Alice picks it up.

Hirano was gritting his teeth. Even if Naruto was taking down more than them, there are just too many for him alone to handle. "Kohta-chan!" he looked down at the shout of little auburn head. "Here" said Alice shaking a little but still smiling. Hirano stare at little girl, if they lose here he won't be able to see her smile like that. He won't be able to hear her voice. He wont be able to forgive himself, ever. He got a murderous look, like hell he would let them near her! "Time to kill…I'll kill them all!" he shouted and started shooting with new determination.

"What the? The engine is stalled and I can't start it!" exclaimed Shizuka as she desperately tried to start the engine. Saya huffed as she moved to the back, her decision made. "What are you doing, Takagi-san?" asked Shizuka, stopping her wasteful effort for the moment. "I am going to pick up a gun and use it!" Saya replied, pushing her glasses up.

"t-that's dangerous" Shizuka exclaimed startled that she even think of that. They didn't have any experience in using a weapon. Saya turned to Shizuka and smiled cynically "I know, sensei" she opened the gate "Takagi-san" Shizuka shouted worried for her student.

"The bullets are by your feet! Do you know how to use it?" asked Hirano, glancing back at Saya. "I am genius!" Saya retorted, so what, they are in tight situation. She was indulgent as ever.

"Saya!" Naruto shouted. Her head snapped in front only to see that undead was just upon her. But before it could bite it was knocked off by Saeko. Her whole body spasm, as the yellowish liquid fall on her. She felt...disgusted, soiled. Swallowing her fear, she glared back at the undeads "I'm...I'm ...not a coward! I'm not a coward!" she loaded her shotgun and aimed…she shot killing them. "I am not gonna die! None of us are gonna die here! My house is just around the corner!" she shouted, her determination renewing.

After few hours...

They were killing them for few hours now, sun was setting down. Saeko was tired; Hirano was still trying his best. Saya was backing up as she holds the gun like a bat, fear eminent in her eyes. Naruto was too getting tired. Until now, he has killed the most...if the pile of them beside him was any proof.

Rei was still in pain. Naruto closed his eyes for a moment. Just then he heard a bark as Zeke jump out of the car and standby Naruto growling at them. Naruto looked at the pup, then at sky and sighed. This will be difficult for them as well as for him to deal with…but right now his friends' lives were important.

Saya was about to run up and beat the shit out of them but stopped as Naruto held her gun in place. She looked at him in confusion "Naruto?". He smiled slightly "go over Rei" he said as he stared forward, again serious. She nodded hesitantly and ran up to Rei to help her sit up.

"Saeko! Hirano!" he called for his friends, both looked his way. But gasped. His one eye was slitted red while other slitted blue. "Buy me some time…." He said, quietly. They didn't question him just nodded.

Naruto moved back towards Rei and Saya. Both looked at him questionably "Naruto?/Naruto?" asked Rei and Saya uncertain. He then suddenly picked them up. "Naruto ! what are you doing?" asked Rei scared. Naruto silently moved towards the wire. But Saya immediately understand "no! You can't do that," she shouted but he didn't listen. "We can't leave all of you behind" she shouted tears in her eyes. Rei also come to understand "Naruto! Please stop!" she called, hoping he would stop.

But He just put a foot on the wire drawing it down. "No! Naruto!" Saya shouted. He threw both of them to other side. Then let the wire back. Saya slowly sat up crying, why didn't he understand, she didn't want to leave him behind...never. Rei too was crying.

Naruto quickly went to the driver seat of Humvee and opened it. Shizuka who has her head down on steering wheel looked up "Naruto-kun?" she asked unsure. Naruto's face was passive. He quickly picked her up bridal style, shutting the door with his leg, again moving towards the wires.

Shizuka seeing Saya and Rei on the other side, easily understood what he was going to do. Panic raised in her being "Naruto-kun! No! I don't want to leave! NO! NO! NO" she shouted as she tried to struggle but all was in vain in front of Naruto's strength. Knowing she cant free herself, She started crying. "Don't leave me alone." She wailed in a desperate attempt to change his mind. He reached the wires, drawing it down. He leaned towards her face "I can't let you die... I love you after all" he whispered in her ear. Her eyes widened, as all thoughts left her mind.

He threw her to other side at Saya who caught Shizuka. Her eyes were still wide at what he just said but tears fell from her eyes.

Alice who was being tightly hugged by Miku sitting at the roof of the Humvee. Miku stared at Naruto fearfully as he come near them. She knew that he will send them to other side. His soft heart wouldn't allowing him to do anything else. She hugged Alice tightly who started to cry. She won't make it more difficult for him by protesting, he was already hurting, she didn't want to add in it.

Naruto come near them "come, Alice-chan has to go with Onee-chans" Naruto smiled as he picked up Miku who didn't protest, with Alice in her arms. "What about you?" Naruto asked fearfully. Naruto eye smiled "I will be there soon….". "Liar…" she shouted but Naruto continue to move towards wire "daddy to say that. No! No! I want to be with Onii-chan" she cried. Naruto smiled "you will be fine with Onee-chans". He looked at Miku who has tears falling down her cheek. He kissed her forehead lightly, causing the girl to gasp.

She looked at him with widened eyes, that was the highest affection he has ever shown to her. She watched as he smiled down at her "take care of Alice for me" he softly said as He then throw them at Shizuka and Saya who caught her. They were staring at Naruto with wide eyes.

Naruto jumped over Humvee and put a hand on Hirano's shoulder. Hirano looked at Naruto in confusion. "Naruto?" he asked, Naruto smiled "good work, my friend". He then caught Hirano's back of jacket and threw him over the wires, with his gun. Hirano stare at Naruto as he fell on other side. Naruto knew he will be hurt but he will live.

Naruto smiled at Hirano as the boy stare at Naruto in shock. Naruto turned to see the final member of the group. But suddenly His breath hitched as he saw her surrounded by them. She had moved forward while fitting and was now been surrounded.

Naruto's second eye too turned red. He growled, jumping down, he ran towards her. He can't run full speed as there are too many of them, nor can he use his weapons as they will stall him. So he just pushed them apart with his hands...a desperate way, a last effort.

Saeko was being surrounded. She hit the one behind her, then quickly spun around to deliver first stroke to other. She tripped another, stomping on it. As she was one knee, she spun plunge the sword in one chest. But it was removed from her hands by the undead, with her sword still in its gut. She watched in fear as its mouth come close to her. She has only one thought 'I'm sorry Naruto-kun…I can't keep my promise'. …..

Just as it was about to bite….a hand came in front of her, it was tanned. Her eyes were widened as she registered that she hasn't been bitten.

Naruto was behind her. He brought his gun to the face of undead which was biting his arm and shoot. The undead was thrown back with many others. Saeko looked over her shoulder with fearful eyes as feeling of dread filled her. She saw the passive face of Naruto as he stared ahead. Her eyes shook in her sockets as she came to register at what has happened. Naruto has been bitten because of her. She screamed in terror, pain and dread



"NARUTOOOO!", all heads jerked at the scream. Tears started falling from their eyes as they thought the obvious. Hirano was too crying silently. His friend has sacrificed himself for their sake. Rei and Saya were in shock, Alice was crying while mumbling 'onii-chan' again and again as she tightly hugged Miku who too has her eyes shut to block the tears. But the worst was Shizuka. Her eyes were shaking, she too was shaking. "Naruto" she mumbled as she started to get up. Hirano saw what their sensei was doing.

Just then, Shizuka ran towards the wires…..but Hirano stopped her by holding her by waist. "Naruto! Naruto! Please…don't leave me alone…" she struggled but in vain. Hirano was holding tight. He will not let his friend's life be in vain.

In the back Saya and Rei were looking at Shizuka in shock. They knew that their sensei has feeling for Naruto but this….giving up life. Could they do that? They questioned themselves. But then they both thought 'she really loved him….' .


"NARUTOOOO!" Saeko's scream was her last barrier. She started crying, not even trying to defend herself. What was left to defend, the person she promised, was going to die because of her weakness.

Naruto shoot those that were near him. Making a circle around them which will buy him some time. He put his gun back.

"Saeko! Get a hold of yourself," he said harshly as He unsheathed his sword easily with his left hand as his right hand was bitten. Saeko looked at him with tear stricken eyes, but then she saw he has brought out his sword. She continued to watch as he brought his right hand in front of him, while raising his sword "n-Naruto? W-what a-re you d-doing?" she asked stuttering as a little hope rose in her heart. Naruto just grunted, "I am getting rid of the bite!" He said as he brought his sword down…..

Blood sprayed all over Saeko, from the stump, which was once Naruto's hand. Naruto has not turned from her because of obvious fear of any of them sneaking. He gritted his teeth in pain, not allowing himself the luxury of screaming. Now the severed hand fell at her feet, it will blacken, not because of disease but lack of chakra.

Naruto sheathed his sword. Then took hold off Saeko's wooden blade, and yanked it out of the body. Saeko was still in shock at what Naruto did, trying to cope with the situation. Naruto got in a wide stance, sword held in his left hand in reverse grip. Blood dripping from the new wound, non-stop. "Uzumaki Kenjutsu- Kaze No Arashi (Uzumaki style- Wind Storm). Naruto spun around Saeko who was still on floor. And swung his blade sideways in full circle.

Result was instantaneous. Wind picked around them like a tornado in which they were the centre, blowing back all of them who were near them. Saeko who was still shaken up looked at Naruto in awe. One technique and most of them were clear.


Meanwhile. As Shizuka was struggling. A force in black dress with orange and white strip like design. They wore a helmet and has a cylinder like thing on their back connected to some kind of pressure gun.

"Everyone! Take positions!" a muffled female voice shouted. At this everyone turned around to look at the new arrivals. Shizuka stopped struggling as Hirano drag her back. The new force took places immediately. Pointing their gun towards them and shoot. Many of them were blown back.

Who seemed to be captain reached the group. "We will help you! We can pick your car later" The captain said. But Shizuka shouted, her voice hoarse "help us! Please save my Naruto! Please! I beg you!" she cried pitifully as she looked at the masked women.

Masked women looked surprised, but asked, "Where is he?" she asked. Shizuka turned to stare at the undead. The women frowned but then bowed a little "I am sorry, but he mi-". She was cut off in midsentence as one of her man shouted "what is that?". all looked over to see a wind tornado picking up among the undead. Woman thought something was wrong, that thing can't be natural.

But Naruto's group got a little hope. As they knew, only Naruto could do this type of damage.

Just a figure shot out from among the undead to land on the side wall of bridge, and then jumped again to the railing platform.


Just as the technique ended. Naruto snaked an arm around Saeko's waist, pulling her close. He crouched as He channelled chakra to his feet. He leapt towards the side wall. He landed easily but took another jump, landing on railing platform.

Now Saeko was slowly coming out of her stupor. "Naruto-kun..." she softly said as her body was tightly pressed against him.

While Naruto was breathing heavily. That last move was taxing, too taxing even for him and plus blood loss. He was slowly getting dizzy.


As they saw the figure leaning on the railing breathing heavily. But they couldn't tell that from their distance. "Naruto!" Hirano exclaimed. All girls face lit up. Shizuka smiled still crying a little. The leader was surprised that the boy survived among this many of them.

Hirano picked up his gun to look at them closely. He gazes through the scope on the gun, so he could tell the situation. He grunted a little "Busujima-senpai looks fine, but Naruto is breathing heavily…" he stopped. All others faces have looks of horror.

But Hirano again spoke after a moment of observing "his right hand is gone….looks like he cut it himself with his sword" he exclaimed. Now everyone has looks of surprise and shock. "But why?" asked Saya frustrated. Shizuka who has calmed down after see that Naruto is still fine. "He must have been bitten at hand! ….so he cut the appendage before the infection could spread." Shizuka exclaimed easily catching on. "w-what?" Rei stammered confused. Shizuka smiled slightly "every disease need some time to spread throughout body, this pandemic is no exception. I have seen that whenever one is bitten. It takes different amount of time for them to be dead based on their wounds. So the enzymes will spread from the infected appendage. But Naruto cut off the appendage before it could infect him.". Shizuka finished almost sagely.

All were staring at her wide eyed. Did their ditzy sensei just deduce something, but they were glad too that their friends were fine. The women behind the mask looked over at boy in amazement. 'That boy didn't panic, even after being surrounded by so many. And successfully saved his friend and himself. Amazing' .

But Shizuka frowned in worry "but he would be losing blood fast, he has to stop bleeding or he will lose consciousness". All other looked at her then at the location of the other two.


"Saeko…"he spoke trying to control his breathing. "Try to stop the bleeding, we have to move on, we can't stay here…we will take a detour." He rasped out. All she could do was nod. She was still dreading, to see Naruto in this condition…because of her, because of her weakness.

Naruto was moving away from the bridge, he jumped down the railing with difficulty but continued to move. While Saeko was thinking of some way to stop the bleeding.

But then her gaze fell at her bow-tie. She quickly removed it. It was about a foot long. This can work. She brought it around his hand and ties it tightly. Bleeding didn't stop completely but it stopped enough that only few drops were escaping.

As well Naruto's body make blood cells far faster than any human.


Meanwhile Shizuka has thanked them for helping. They found out she was Saya's mother. The family hugged and cried.

"Naruto" Rei said as she saw them move away from the bridge. "Onee-chan?" Alice pulled on Miku's shirt. She put a hand on her head, smiling "they will be fine" she assured to Alice. Hirano grinned at them, giving a thumbs up "don't worry! Busujima-senpai and Naruto are both strong" he replied with a smile.

Saya at this ran towards the wires. "We'll be waiting! We'll be waiting at my house!" she shouted as loud as she could. She would never forgive him, if he died.