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His hate for his parents—the reason I made him hate his parents is simple, at least for me. In cannon he was able to get a closure from Iruka as well the Third Hokage. But since he fled that world, the matter of him being Kyubi Jinchuriki as well as the knowledge of his heritage was left unattended.

Genius or not, everyone needs someone else at a time like this. And Kyubi wasn't one to console him for things some petty humans did, even if he showed him what happened that night.

Yes you could say fourth Hokage had no choice, but Kushina had, if she hadn't jumped in, she would have been alive. Also the dead demon consuming is for the Shinigami to absorb the demon, not seal it. But he used the 8 trigrams seal to seal Kyubi in Naruto, so that he could become the so called hero as well complete the prophecy.

A coward's way out in my opinion, also add my general dislike for Minato into this. But I don't hate Kushina, she is one of my favourite character in the whole anime. But since there is no need of her in this story…you can understand. It was basically to completely cut him off his past.

Naruto killing the innocent to get his revenge—Let see it like this. He started his life with nothing but hate, to the limit that he was forced to run away. Got a loving family, something he wanted his whole life. Only to has it taken from him. In my defence, I specifically wrote the word insanity there. Meaning he wasn't completely in his right state of mind. Reason again not getting any closure, and Kyubi could help only to a point, after all he is not human in the end. Thus leading to his genocidial revenge.

As for Naruto crying so much. Well just say he was finally able to tell someone what happened with him, and finally getting a closure. So from now on, crying would be far less.

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As they entered the house they met Hirano, Shizuka, Saya…Rei was in her room, because of her injuries.

As they entered Naruto looked at Shizuka and smiled, she smiled back. There rest of the day was spent resting and talking.

But one question was on all minds. "Naruto I thought you cut you hand" said Hirano frowning. All other looked at him for answer. But Saeko shivered as she remembered the process. He smiled "yes, I cut it" "b-but, ho-how, y-your h-hand?" Saya stumbled at her words.

Naruto chuckled "guys tell, I was whose intern," he asked. They all looked at each other than at Shizuka who pointed a finger at herself. Naruto nodded "yes, and I also studied about medics under her for 1 ½ years". They all nodded he smiled "so…I used my knowledge on anatomy of body with conjunction to one of my main family abilities. Which exceeds the regenerative ability the body have to extreme. So…you could say I regenerate my hand."

All jaws were hanging open in shock. Saya was opening and closing her mouth but nothing came out. Hirano was staring at Naruto in new light. Rei was still coming to wrap. Alice was confused. And Shizuka…well she has fallen on floor, from her seat. Mumbling something about genius and what not.

They all looked at Saeko for confirmation. Who nodded with a shudder. They also understand that it wasn't a pleasant sight.

"oh, and don't tell anyone about this, I don't want to become a lab rat." They all looked at him then nodded in understanding.


Saya's mother has asked about it. She just tell her "Naruto has vast medical knowledge after working under Shizuka-sensei, so he was able to save his arm"



Naked as the day she was born, her hands pressed against her bosom to hide as much as she could. She looked into his deep eyes; much similar to the sea she has the pleasure to sea. "Na…Naruto" she spoke softly, feeling quite a bit nervous. He gazed back into her eyes, his expression never changing, his eyes lidded as ever, "Rei.." he softly said, his hands gripping her shoulders tightly, not giving her anyway to escape.

Rei looked at the third presence in the room and whimpered. While she walked up to the bed, a creepy smile covering her face, as her eyes were shadowed. She seems very much like a mad scientist, who has just found out a way to immortality. Laughing creepily, Shizuka looked at her prey- sorry, patient. Rubbing her hands, too creepily, she let the white fluid spread, making squelching sounds, much like the last night. "Fu Fu Fu…Here I come!...Don't let her escape, Naruto-kun." She said, for once the ever cheerful Doctor seemed intimidating. And not a good sign for Rei.

He eye smiled, his expression cheerful enough to even make Kurama double take, "of course…" he said, cheerfully. But the prey- I mean Rei whimpered again, her eyes tight shut, tears prickling at the corner. "I hate the pain!" she wailed, trying to make them stop. But it was all in vain, Shizuka just laughed creepily bringing her hands forward, while making groping actions, making Rei scared even more.

"Noooo", but their luck, her screams wouldn't leave the boundaries of these walls.

Shizuka's smile didn't falter a bit, as she put her all in treating her patient to the best of her abilities. Naruto just sat there, holding Rei from running away, his smile not faltering in the least.

Since me and Saeko made it to Saya's house, one day has passed. That was the first "ordinary time" we had since the whole incident occurred. While I don't mind much, it was good for them…

Shizuka giggled cutely, retreating her hands, the white fluid sticking between her hands, looking like things strings of thread, just like the game of cradles. But we are going of topic, looking at her patient, "did it burn?" she asked still smiling, "that was my special formula along with herbs Naruto-kun taught me about." She said proud of her…invention.

But Rei glared at Naruto, tears prickling at the corners of her angered eyes, "You traitor!" Rei accused, like he has left her among them. He just looked at her innocently, "Huh, but why?... i only helped to put the medicine on you" he said still eye smiling. While Shizuka left, quite happy that at last, her skills were required.

She huffed, irritably "That's not what I meant" she mumbled, as a blush spread on her cheeks. "Hm…so what do you mean?" he asked still smiling. "All I want some medicine on me. You don't have to call Shizuka sensei." She grumbled under her breath. Thanks to his enhanced hearing, he was able to hear it quite clearly. Naruto inwardly chuckled, but outside keeping the innocent look. "But Rei-chan, you do know that my hands slip a lot and I might touch you at wrong places…", he brought his lips close to her ear, "like last time…' he whispered huskily, a lazy smiled plastered on his face.

Her face burned red, as she was reminded of that night and specifically of that event. She looked at him, her face flushed red, her mouth gaping like a fish. But finally she was able to collect herself, "PERVERT!" she shouted after Naruto who left the room chuckling. While she sat in her bed, trying to banish all the perverted thoughts that has appeared, but to no avail.

Chuckling to himself, he walked down the stairs, moments like these make him feel that his life was taking the right path…again. He was still wearing his kimono. Other people were amazed that it hasn't gotten dirty, even after all that fighting, but his group knew better. Especially Saeko, having the pleasure to wear that piece of clothing.

"That was fun..." he chuckled. But his thoughts were interrupted as he heard some scuffle down stairs. Looking at the fallen box as well the men, he knew what caused that noise. Walking up to them, he eye smiled, "let me help you" he said. But they denied it easily, "No, it's okay! This job is for adults.", one said. Other too nodded, "you guys just relax". Watching as they walked away, he sighed lightly, "Adult-mind-sets…" he mumbled to himself.

But has to turn back, at hearing the new but familiar voice, "don't worry about it too much." She said. Turning around, his eyebrows raised in surprise.

Starting from her feet, she was wearing the classical straw sandals, on white socks. Eyes trotting upward, he gazed at her Kimono, in dark blue, with a design of multi-coloured patterns, almost matching to her hair colour, her pale skin seems like glowing under the dark robes. At the moment, she seems like one of the most beautiful women alive…well, there really aren't much left, anyway.

She seemed to notice, his quirking of eyebrows. Well, being with him has forced others to take notice of his smaller reactions to know if he was listening. And raised eyebrows, means he is quite surprised. Tilting her head to one side, she smiled serenely, "what's wrong?" Saeko asked.

Walking up to her, till he was standing right in front of her, he eye smiled, "Ara…I knew kimono will look beautiful on you" he complimented. The blush on her face was undeniable, "U-Uhm i-I u-Uhm…" she tried to say something, but was having a little difficulty to form the words. Naruto chuckled lightly, brushing few strands of hair from her face, so that he could see it in its full beauty. Trailing his hand to the top of her head, he patted gently, sometime running them down her locks.

Her head tiled downward, submitting to him almost immediately. But her thoughts, 'he just pats me affectionately and am all done….mhmhmm feels good…Ahh.' her inner turmoil was interrupted as Alice came running. Looking at her two favourite people around the house, "What are you both doing, Onii-chan?" she asked. Saeko blushed in embarrassment while Naruto just smiled at little girl, "oh, we are just saying how much cute Alice-chan will look in kimono…". Said girl nodded eagerly "yeah, you will see, I look really cute…" she said happily.

Naruto smiled sadly, he remembered when they had returned yesterday. Alice was crying, for both of them, while Shizuka was calming her down enough, so that she could sleep. Crouching in front of his little sister, he smiled "Yeah…Next time I will bought you a beautiful kimono," he said. She smiled happily, nodding her head.

But heard some shouting, a familiar voice to them…and quite frustrated. "Fine" they heard, "you are always right!" she shouted stomping down the hallway.

Her eyes shut, trying to calm herself down, she paused in her steps hearing a familiar voice, "Saya, something wrong?" he asked softly. Saya opened her eyes to see Naruto's concerned face. She sighed, even if she wants to, she can't get angry on him…she just cant. Looking away, she muttered "nothing…". Naruto sighed, putting a hand on her shoulder, he looked in her eyes, "take a walk…you need to calm down" he said. She stiffly nodded, following his advice; she walked down the stairs…to take a walk.

Naruto stared after her departing figure; he could understand what was wrong with her. He too has caught in many arguments with his father, but he wasn't the one to raise his voice. Disrespecting his father isn't something he would ever do in his consciousness. He knew, she is a little spoiled, but having a rich family do it to the children, he couldn't blame her.

His thoughts were interrupted, as a new voice invaded his ears, "I'm sorry if it's troubled you" a soft, but mature feminine voice said. Looking to his right, he looked at the beautiful woman.

Unlike Saya, she had maroon coloured hair, falling to the middle of her back. She has a pale complexion, a beautiful face, and well-endowed chest. She was wearing a single piece red dress, a white scarf around her back and arms. This person was Yuriko Takagi, Saya's mother.

Turning to his right, his hands went inside his kimono sleeve almost instinctively. It was more like a habit; he developed over years, especially when he didn't have his sword with him, like right now.

He stare at her for a moment, "no, it's okay Mrs Takagi…" he replied in his bored voice. Not showing a least bit of nervousness or eagerness at seeing her.

The women inwardly frowned. She knows he wasn't being disrespectful to her, but still. All others may be used to it but she is not. While she has heard a lot about him from his daughter. As he seems the only topic on Saya's mind, when she is free. Like how he is a genius, even surpassing her daughter, best at everything and of course…extremely lazy. She smiled "I guess you are used to it, since you have been friends for about two years now", she half-asked.

He chuckled softly, "she is a good girl, short tempered but good" he replied. She quirked an eyebrow, 'he talks like an adult with me…while he talks like kids among his friends…interesting'. Unknown to her thoughts, he gazed out of the window,"Anyway, this is spectacular!" he said watching some of the trees, that seem quite unique, "I knew Saya has a big house, but I didn't know it would be this big….it's almost as big as our compound" he mumbled but she was able to heard him. "You compound?" she asked her interest picking.

He nodded his head slightly, "my family had a compound where I used to live. Nothing flashy like this, just a traditional house in the middle, rest was forest." He explained. She nodded her too turning to the window. "Now that I think about it, you have never come to my house before", she stated. "Right…" he replied casually, slightly inclining his head. "You scared of this house?" she asked little teasingly. He chuckled a little "not really, I have spent nights in forest, so it's easy to spend time in house" he said with a eye smile.

She too smiled, "I like your honesty…". He gazed at her lazily, "nothing good came from lies…" he said distantly, remembering all the times the Third has lied to him. she too nodded, already knowing how much that was true. Looking at the woman, he asked his own question "but I heard that you don't stay here often".


Grinning like a man possessed, his eyes gleamed in darkness, making him look all the more creepy. Picking up another part, he examined it like a skilled doctor does to his patient, "This is the carrier spring ejector …" Hirano muttered, still grinning. But a new voice interrupted him.

"You look like you're having fun…" she said. Hirano turned around to see Saya leaning against the Humvee. Closing her eyes, "Oh well, enjoy it while you still can. We're not going to be here forever anyway," she said, her arms folded under her bosom. "Why not, Takagi-san?" he asked confused, "with a fortress-like house like this..." He started but was interrupted. "Have you ever thought how hard it is to secure electricity and water? That's something you learn in elementary school." She chided him, her voice turning a little annoyed…as always. He looked a little uncomfortable, remembering his past. It was Kindergarten, when he first saw a gun, and also the place from where his fetish started. "Oh, Hm well…" he trailed off, knowing he really doesn't have an answer.

Looking at him sharply, "even under normal circumstances, it still takes a safe and secure environment, where many highly-structured specialists can work, in order to keep that enormous network functioning".


"When dead started attacking people, the commander sent the SDFs to power plants at his own discretion. I guess he couldn't sit around and wait for that incompetent prime minister's orders" she said, gazing out of the window, like him. Naruto frowned slightly, "hmm... In that case, keeping it working would be tough…" he remarked.

She nodded, "think about how much longer the workers who maintain the place can work there. They have families too, don't they? And their family members aren't at the power plants," she said. He eyed her, "so you're…" he trailed off. She nodded understanding what he was about to say "right, we will take only those we can be responsible…", she paused, looking at him with slightly narrowed eyes, "no, we'll only take those who are ready to survive with us"


Hirano loaded the shotgun, checking the eye scope, he grinned, and there are no problems. But was interrupted, "hey, hey…" the voice has a stern tone in it. He turned around to see a fat red-brownish haired man, "dude, that's real, right? A kid shouldn't be playing with it" he said in a scolding tone. "Well, um…" Hirano fumbled, getting a little nervous. But Saya came to the rescue, not even opening her eyes, "Maddo-san, is that all you've got to say?" she asked. Said man jerked back, surprised at well nervous for not noticing the girl, "uh, Saya-sama…Uhm…I was just going to let you know that we have finished the tune-up on the car you were in earlier", he said, rubbing his head.

Saya didn't even twitch, replying curtly, "Okay, thank you". Maddo bowed slightly, quickly scampering away. Hirano stared at Saya with an awed expression, "you must come from a very distinguished family! That's cool!" he exclaimed. "I don't want to hear that from you. Moreover you should do something about it", she retorted, for once her voice calm, not even rising. Hirano looked at her in confusion "why do you say that?" he asked. Her tone turned exasperated, "Didn't you get it from his reaction? Most of the people here are adults. And what are we to them?" she asked. Seeing as Realization dawned on him, she turned towards the exit "we better talk to Naruto and the others…", she muttered.


His single eye gazing at her, he quirked an eyebrow, "and what would you want from me?' he asked. She outwardly didn't react but inwardly she was surprised as well impressed, to already know that she has a purpose for this nonchalant talk, and also cutting straight to the point. Seems like his reputation isn't exaggerated.

Nodding her head slightly, "I want her to understand me. But no matter what I say, she won't listen. Can I ask you to do that for me?" she asked. Naruto sighed; he knew it would be something troublesome. He slowly shook his head, "sorry, I can't do…" he replied, his tone not changing in the least.

She was about to argue, but he held up his hand. Looking at her with a slightly narrowed gaze, "You think she is being a child, when she said she wants to come with us.", he didn't wait for reply, as the slight widening of her eyes was all the answer he needed. Inkling his head towards the window, "But she already has the mentality to kill them and survive. At this time in this war type situation, spirit and morale should be held high. And If she lost her fighting spirit now or you try to force her to stay, her survival chances will automatically deduct..." he replied.

She looked at him confused, not fully understanding. He sighed, "We took confidence from each other, if you force her to stay here. You will leave her behind while all others fight, with a single weapon. Am I wrong?" he asked. She was about to deny, but paused. Thinking over it, she found out that they would more specifically do that. She nodded a little hesitantly.

He nodded, "in this situation, physiological condition is more important. If you try to change what she believe in the middle of this mess, she would be left confused among them. With confusion, there will be hesitation…and you know what happens when one hesitates in front of the enemy." He deduce that to her.

She was left speechless. He not only led her to believe that she was wrong here, and also made a point that with Saya among them, she would be safer. 'What an amazing kid, no wonder he could beat Saya'. Unknown to her thoughts, He continued, "although I knew she is stubborn and a little naïve. But we all cover each other back. There will always be someone to protect your daughter," he said confidently.

"how can you be so sure of that?" she asked cautiously, he may has made his point but she still has to make it sure. He raised an eyebrow "well, 1st we haven't has a single casualty in our group from the time we have left the school. 2nd we have 3 skilled close range fighters with me able to use arms. A long range, who still has to miss a single bullet. A skilled doctor, a strategist and at last we have little Alice-chan and Zeke who are our mascots and confidence booster…." He said with a chuckle, causing her to giggle a little too.

"3rd we are mostly on move, so there are less chances of them surrounding us…" she interrupted "but you were surrounded when we saved you…" she said. He held up a finger "correction, we were surrounded because we tried to come here, where those things were attracted for some reason." He said in a matter-of-fact tone.

A silence fell between them, none of them moving, just looking outside. He glanced at her once more, "So…do you want more reasons, I can tell you more…" he said. She giggled but shook her head. "No, that's enough…sigh, alright you won, I will let her decide" she said, finally relenting. Naruto smiled, nodding his head. He turned around, waving back lazily, "later" he said over his shoulder.

Women stared at his back, 'what an interesting boy, no man….he seems like he is used to these type of situations…' she shook her head. 'That's impossible…but still interesting…'

A little too much, wouldn't you say.


Glancing behind her, her face flushed especially when her eyes laid on Naruto. "I don't see why everyone has to gather around here" Rei said a little hesitantly. They could have at least waited for her to get dressed!

Looking at his injured friend, Naruto smiled lazily, "That's because you are too lazy to move…," he said. She huffed lightly, looking away so as to hide her growing blush. Just seeing him smile like that make her heart skip a beat

Smiling her ditzy smile, she lightly licked her lips. Slowly peeling the banana, she has very vivid imagination since yesterday night. As she remembered something just like this banana…if a little bigger, as well pulsing. And how it impaled her…mhmhm….

Her thoughts are really running wild. "So what are we talking about?" asked Shizuka.

"Whether we can continue to move forward as a group or not" Saya said seriously. Shizuka chocked on her banana that she so happily taken a bite. Miku looked at the genius girl, "as a group?" she asked. Saeko dipped her head in agreement, "good point…Right now, it looks like we have joined a larger and more close-knit group. Basically…" she finished.

"Right, we have only two options. Whether we are going to be absorbed or…" Saya trailed off. While Hirano choose to finish it, "separate from them…" he said. "But is it necessary to separate from them?" asked Miku, a little frightened. "Things are going to be get worse" Hirano added. "And your father is efficient in what he does and your mother is great too" Miku said with a smile.

Saya breathed in, "I bet she is…" she spoke lowly, barely restricting her frustration. "I used to brag about it…", tears welling up in her eyes, she didn't even registered when Naruto came beside her. "She is still great now, within just two days, she's done this much. But if she was able to do that then she could have…" she trailed off, stifling a chocked sob. "Takagi-san", Miku muttered a little concerned about the girl.

Her body trembled lightly, still now her mother's words were ringing in her head. But why should she care?. "I know! I know! My parents are best! As soon as they noticed something funny was going on, they acted quickly and protected the house, their subordinates and their family members! Yeah, that's great! Really! Really great! Of course, they did not forget about their daughter. In fact, she was the first thing that came to their minds! They are absolutely great!" she was crying now." I'd expect nothing less from my dad and mom! They just instantly gave up on me, because they figured there was no way I could've survived it!" she screamed, as finally her defences broke. Tears fell from her eyes, slid down her unblemished skin. She can't understand, was she not important to them, that they just forgot about her…just like that. Then what d-

"Stop it, Saya"

Her thoughts came to an abrupt halt, as she felt her body stiffening. Her tears froze as the authority in his voice make all them stiffen like board. He putted a hand on Saya's head…causing her to went still, not even sobbing. All were amazed just how easily he could handle the situation.

Her eyes widened, at the feel of his hand, "w-what?" she asked stuttering. But he just gazed down at her with his lidded eyes. He knew or at least has an idea for this outburst of Saya. She had expected that her parents will come for her, but when that doesn't happened. So she feared the worst, only to find out that even that wasn't true. Leaving her with unchecked frustration and confusion.

But that doesn't mean she could be like that, being spoiled won't get them anywhere. He inwardly sighed, "You are lucky, Saya." he said quietly. Her head still lowered, she was stunned as well confused by his words, "huh?" she uttered softly. "Here most of us don't know if their parents are alive or not, you at least know you parents are safe." He said, his tone getting slightly stern. Her head lowered a little but he continued, "It is not the time, when you can get all things for granted….be glad you were able to meet your parents before something happened. Maybe one of us or all don't even get that chance" he softly said.

Her head lowered even more. As shame flashed through her eyes, she continue to pile up how her parents don't even came to save her or how they don't even care for her. But she never thought about her friends, if they are worried about their family or not. And here she was, acting like a petulant child.

She sobbed lightly, truly feeling guilty for her outburst. "i-I a-am sorry…" she croaked out. Naruto sighed, he never like berating his friends. But sometimes it became a necessity. Sliding his arm of her head to her shoulder, he pulled her to him, bringing her into a comforting hug. Saya didn't even objected, bringing her arms upward; she too wrapped them around him, as tightly as possible. Her face buried in his wide chest, as she sobbed. He did nothing but comfort her. Rubbing the small of her back with one hand while other patted her head.

While all others were contemplating over his words and how much it is possible for them being true.

Slowly her sobs seized, followed by her shaking. He didn't stop his ministration, opting to do them a little longer. A small smile appeared on his face, "Now, now…and here I was going to give you good news..." he said. Pulling her head back, she wiped tears from her eyes, glancing up at him with puffy eyes, "what good news?" she asked. His smile widened a little, "That I just won an argument with your mom and she allowed you to take your own decision," he said eye smiling.

Saya's head snapped up so fast, you could have heard the bones snapping. Her eyes were wide, her jaw hanging. All others were the same. To win an argument with a businessman…er woman. As always they were staring at Naruto in awe. "H-how?" Saya stuttered, even she wasn't able to win any argument with her mother

"Oh, few words from my medic books, some war knowledge and…friends." He finished dismissively with a smile. All smiled while Saya's expression became giddy, as she again hugged him. He just chuckled patting her head softly.

As he got out of the hug, he turned to them with serious face. "Now to the problem…" he started, they all got more attentive. "Who wants to stay on team and move forward and whose not…" he said. He gaze went to Saeko "Saeko, you want to stay, yes…you don't want to, no", he asked. "Yes" she replied with no hesitation. "Shizuka, yes or no?" he asked. Said woman didn't even need to think it over, "yes" she too said quickly with a smile. Naruto nodded, turning to the other boy, "Hirano?" he asked. Said boy looked at Naruto with determination burning in his eyes, "yes." He replied. Naruto nodded, "Rei?" he asked. Said girl glanced at him from her lying position, slightly nodding her head, "yes" she replied.

He glanced at the other orange head, "Miku?" he asked. Said girl, looked into his eyes for a second, but then looked way, a blush covering her beautiful face. "I would like to stay with…you." She finished, looking at him with a really adorable expression. All were surprised by her answer, leaving little Alice. Looking at the girl in shock, who tried to hide her blush but to no avail. But the jealousy of two girls spiked, that Miku has the nerve to show her intention so clearly while they struggled with it every day. While Saeko and Shizuka looked at the girl in surprise, but inwardly smiled. They could understand just how one could get attract to him.

While Hirano was giggling perversely, while at the same time whining. That why he can't get a harem like Naruto. Said boy himself was surprised, even if a little. He knew she has feeling for him, but never thought she would say it outright. But looks like even Miku is getting desperate in current situation. Nodding his head slightly, he smiled at the girl, causing her to flush even more.

Directing his gaze to the youngest of the group, "Alice-chan?" he asked softly. Said girl smiled widely, "I want to be with Onii-chan and Onee-chan" she said. Naruto smiled. Then he turned to Saya "Saya?" "Yes, of course." she said with a smirk, No way in hell she is going to lose her chance with him!

They were all about to rejoice in happiness that none of them would be leaving the group, but stopped when Naruto turned his serious face to Zeke. "Zeke, yes or no?" he asked seriously. The dog seemed to nod and bark seriously. But all gave the same reaction to this, falling to the ground face first, even Alice couldn't ignore that. All slowly stood up with exasperated but amused faces as they thought the same thing.

'Thank Naruto to remove the tension'.

He nodded slightly, gazing at all of them. "So guys pack your stuff, I have a feeling we will travel soon" he ordered. They all nodded. But suddenly Naruto ears twitched lightly, as he heard the rumbling from outside. Turning to the window, all were a little confused by his action but too heard sounds of heavy vehicles, entering the house.

Gathering at the balcony, they watched as one by one vehicle entered the house. "Hey that…"Hirano trailed off. "I know" Saya said, her expression dead serious, "he is the former lord of tokonosu as well as the current head of Takagi family. The man who judge everything by his rules. My dad!"

A man wearing an army uniform that showed off his bulging muscles along with a katana in his hands and a stony expression stepped out of the car. Looking around at the gathered people, he silently climbed the small stair case, standing on the platform in front of the fountain.

Looking at the cage, which was brought with him, "This man's name is Tetsutaro Doi!" he spoke, all eyes on the undead inside the cage. "He is former retainer of the Takagi family as well as my best friend. And today…during the rescue operation, in an effort to save his acquaintances, he was bitten!" the leader yelled as he stopped and turned around, his hand on the katana.

Mrs. Takagi just sighed and stared at her husband. 'Always the noble one.' she thought to herself.

"It was an act of self-sacrifice! What he did was the noblest thing any human being could do.…however." the older Takagi man tensed and poised himself for attack.

"He is no longer a human. He's become something extremely dangerous. That's why…right here, i…as the man of the Takagi family, I shall fulfil our obligation to out retainer!" He cried as the undead was released and went charging at the older Takagi man who in turn took one clean and powerful swipe at its head, removing it from its body killing the undead creature. The blade was clean from any blood, showing how much skill the older man is.

All averted their eyes from floating head of the undead.

"This is the present we're facing! Even if they are you wonderful friends, beloved family members or the people you once loved, you must defeat them without hesitation. If you want to survive….fight!" he yelled at each of the bystanders.

He silently descended down the fountain, silently walking back to the mansion, followed by his wife, just as silently.


Glancing to the side, at his Chubby friend, he could feel stress coming off him in waves. "What's wrong, Hirano?" Naruto asked as he looked at the boy. "Swords are very inefficient" he mumbled under his breath. But Naruto easily heard it, "hmmm…why?" he asked. He turned to Naruto "the blade of Japanese sword can break if it's hit bone. And it's useless after wounding three or four people." He said adding more force than required.

But Saeko have to…giving the boy a sideways glance, "you can't say that for sure Hirano-kun." She said, causing Hirano to turn to her. "even in the way of sword, numbers determine you strength. The swordsman's technique, the quality of his sword and his mental strength….if these three elements are high levels, you won't lose you fighting strength, no matter how many people you have to fight against." She finished her lecture.

"b-but, once it has blood on it…" he tried to argue. "Hirano…." Miku tried to help the boy, but he snapped back, "don't interrupt me!". But Naruto has enough of it, "Hirano! Get a hold of yourself!" Naruto ordered, his voice heavy. But said otaku was frozen stiff, as he was just able to feel the bloodlust from Naruto. All girls shivered 'that feeling, from before…' they all thought.

He turned to Hirano; said boy looked at Naruto with wide eyes, slightly trembling. Naruto spoke in normal but stern voice. "Every weapon has its weakness, Hirano. A sword can't be used in gun's place just like gun can't be used at sword's place. Nobody is forcing you to use a sword." Naruto finished. Realization dawned on Hirano, he lowered his head. Naruto reached him and put a hand on his shoulder; said boy looked up at Naruto's face. Naruto smiled "you are our long range support. We all depend on you to cover our backs. You have saved us many times. You are as important as anyone else is. Be proud of yourself….because I am proud of you." Naruto finished with a smile.

Tears start welling up in his eyes as he listened to Naruto's words. "Now, get your arms ready….they are coming….and fast", Naruto said as he looked towards the gate. Hirano scrubbed his eyes wiping away the tears before they could fall, and then nodded. He ran off. Everybody smiled a little, Naruto is the true leader, and he maintains the group as one.

Naruto looked at Alice, "Alice-chan, go with Kohta-chan. Make sure he is alright." He said. Girl smiled happily and nodded "yeah…" she too ran off with Zeke in tow. Naruto smiled as he looked at the departing child, but a frown marred his face, "we have become too relax, after coming here….everyone truce is over, be ready for chaos again", He stated as he too left. All nodded to each other, going different ways, to think it over.


Walking down the hall, he sighed lightly. They are here for barely two days and there are already so much conflicts. He could see it, his friends were breaking one by one. The toll of the situation is getting to them.

He wondered, if it was because they got more rest compare to him and Saeko, after all they did come one day late. Well dwelling on it wont take him anywhere. That also remind him, he will have to pay more attention to Shizuka, she is holding herself better than he has thought. But he still remembered her outbreak, the previous day as well what come after it.


It was late in night, as he silently strolled through the hallways. Stopping in front of the room of his ditzy girl, he lightly sighed. Thinking how he is going to apologize to her. Shaking his head lightly, he decided he would say it straight out. No hidings.

Looking down at her bare feet, she was feeling very vulnerable. She has felt, how her heart clenched in her chest just at the thought of losing him. That he would be taken away from her, just when they have gotten together. If it wasn't for the mark, because of which she was able to somehow feel his reassuring presence. She would have broken down the moment she was alone. And his troubled past make her feel more vulnerable for some reason. And she cant even understand the reason.

Slowly opening the door, he peered inside, only to see her sitting at the edge of bed. Wearing only a black trunk and her black panties. Her expression was solemn and looked to be in deep thought. Sighing to himself, he stepped inside the room, turning around he locked the door, so as no one would can enter. But just as he turned around he was pushed back against the same door, as he felt two soft mounds pressed against his chest.

She had known that he is coming. She could feel it, and was waiting for him. She didn't look as she heard the door open, and him stepping inside. But the moment she heard it close, she couldn't take it any longer. With speed she doesn't know she possessed, she was upon him. Just as he turned to her, she lunged forward, her arms going around his torso, face burying in clothed chest. She was able to control herself in front of others, but only she knew how hard it was. But now when she has him in her arms, she didn't want to let go. Her hold tightening, she buried her face deeper.

His slightly widened eyes softened, he felt like shit that he made her cry. But he really cant help it. Bringing his arms upwards, He hugged her sobbing frame tightly. Leaning his face close to her ear, "I am sorry…" he whispered. But it just made her cry harder, "Baka! Baka! Baka!" she repeated over and over, her grip tightening even more.


Outside of the room.

Leaning against the wall, she smiled sadly. She really cant understand just how deep her Sensei's feeling are for the blonde. But if these cries are any proof, she doesn't think she could ever understand. Seeing there is nothing to worry about, she decided to return to her room.

As she rounded the corner toward her room, she stiffened at hearing the new voice. "So, how are they doing?" asked Saeko standing beside the corner, her eyes closed. Saya stiffened for a moment but then relaxed, "sensei was crying… but I think she will be alright" she replied without turning back. Saeko silently nodded as both returned to their own rooms.


"I thought I lost you…" she whispered still in the same position. He smiled sadly, "sorry…but I can't leave a friend behind…" He softly replied. She too smiled at this, albeit a little.

Looking up she gaze into his oceanic blue eyes, those eyes showering so much care and love for her, showing so much compassion. Cupping his face with one hand, she leaned upwards, Naruto doing the same. Their lips locking with each other, brushing against each other. As they parted, she looked into his eyes, as his forehead was leaning against her, "I listened about your past…from Saeko-san" she whispered. "And…?" he asked in the same whisper. She lightly peck his lips, "I love you even more…" she replied.

He smiled lightly, but was surprised when a pair of lips again crashed into him, this time with much force. Her arms going around his neck, her body pressed against his as she kissed him passionately, pouring all her emotions into it. The hunger, the desire all was shown in this single kiss. He was surprised to say the least, he didn't thought he would see Shizuka taking the initiative like this. And this kiss was making him incoherent…it was simply a breath taking moment.

But he wasn't one to be outdone, as his eyes closed; he began to kiss her back with same passion, their lips rubbing against each other as he wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her close to him.

A light gasp escaped her lips, when he flipped them, now her back pressed against the door with his body pressed against her. She moaned in the kiss, her arms going to his dual coloured locks from his shoulders, putting all she has into the kiss. He lightly groaned, his rock hard member rubbing the inside of her bare thighs, increasing her desire even more.

Trailing kisses down her jaw line, while his hand kneads her mound over the cloth. She moaned loudly, a light hiss escaping her lips as jolts of pleasure travelled through her body. Trailing down his butterfly kisses down her neck, another jolt of pleasure shook her as she felt him biting the nape of her neck.

Smiling to himself, as kissed her collar bone. But suddenly felt his knees go weak, as a wave of pleasure wash over him. Glancing down he was surprised to see her hand rubbing his member, but didn't object.

"Ah…" she hissed as he too began to rub her clit through her soaked panties, his left hand still groping her breast as he leaned in closer again taking her lips in a heated kiss. Her hand going limp as her pleasure increased.

Breaking the kiss, "N-Narut…o…" she moaned, as he continued his ministrations. Thinking of taking it up, her let his hand slide inside her black panties, as he start rubbing her bare clit. Her hand rested on her shoulder, as she wrapped one leg around him, almost instinctively to provide him more access.

Nipping her neck again, as fingered her relentlessly, at the same time groping her breast lustfully. The pleasure was becoming too much for her and at a fast rate, she could feel the knot forming in her stomach, the one she was quite familiar with. Because of when she think of him doing these things to her as she pleasure herself. And now it was happening for real.

"i…i…cum-" she tried to say something, but all that came out were incoherent words along with pleasurable moans. But she felt it coming close, her body stretching as she threw her head back, screaming "I am cumming!~~". Her body shook as all her senses were numbed by this pleasure. She could say that was the best orgasm ever.

She looked at him with her lidded eyes filled with lust. As he slowly brought up his hand, soaked in her juices. She saw him smile as he slowly licked his hand, a blissful smile spreading over his face, "mhm…delicious…" he murmured. Looking in her lidded eyes, he brought a finger to her lips, prodding her to lick.

She didn't even hesitate, taking his finger in her mouth. She tasted her own juices, but that's only work to turn her own even more. She squealed lightly as Naruto picked her up bridal style taking her over to the bed.

Laying her in the bed he hovered over her. His eyes filled with so much love as well the lust. Closing the gap between their face he again kissed her, his hands rubbing her sides electing moan after moan from her. As their battle of tongues ended, he didn't stop trailing down his kisses down jaw line to her neck. Leaving another love mark, he continued on his path. While she moaned uncontrollably, her hands handful of her soft spiky locks.

Licking her collar bone, he went down the valley of her breasts only to be interrupted by the annoying piece of clothing. He looked at her with big watery eyes, looking like a absolute cute fox. She wasn't able to hold it in, as she burst out giggling, making him pout. But she nodded her head.

He grinned lazily, as he slowly pulled the trunk upwards, but just as it reached her breast…it struck. He again tried but it only cause her boobs to jiggle.

He promptly sweat dropped at the situation. But then growled, coating his hand with a thin layer of wind chakra, he tore it into pieces. Also getting a surprised gasp from the girl. But his job was done, as he leaned back taking in her naked body. Marvelling her unblemished skin, as well her luscious mounds of flesh.

She blushed darkly, looking away as she tried to cover herself in a vain attempt. But he didn't let her, leaning down; he parted her arms pushing them away. So he could see her in her full beauty. Leaning to her ear, "you are beautiful…" he whispered as he nibbled on her ear, electing another moan from the girl.

His tongue escaped his mouth, licking her earlobe as well the inside causing her to squirm. Not stopping in the least, he trailed down her neck, licking all the way as he reached her collar bone to the valley of her now bare breasts.

his hand now cupping both of her breasts, squeezing them as his tongue slowly lowered to them. Licking all the way he reached her right nipple, licking it sensually. Her back arched as she felt another jolt of pleasure. "yesss…." She hissed, wanting him to continue.

That he did, licking the pink nipple as well circling the areola. He enjoyed every moment she squirmed under him. Taking her nipple into his mouth he sucked on it, just like a baby, causing her to moan even more. But that only fuelled his lust even more, as he continued sucking with even more vigour, while his other hand groping her other breast.

Letting the nipple go with a plop sound, he instantly latched on the other one. Sucking it, as well licking it. She gasped lightly as he pulled her nipple between his teeth. Reluctantly he moved down, now licking her stomach, around her belly button, as well in the inside, causing her let loose a fit of giggles.

But he didn't stop trailing down he reached to his drenched panties. Not stopping in his quest, he slowly starts removing it. Throwing the wet garment to the side, he looked down at her pussy; juices were flowing out without any care.

Leaning down towards her drenched lower lips, he laid kisses on her inner thighs slowly closing to his destination. As he reached to it, he takes an experimental lick, causing her to jerk. But he wasn't paying attention to that, 'sweet like honey…' , he thought. Pushing his tongue against her lower lips, he dipped his tongue inside, getting moans of approval from her.

He let his tongue explore, as far as possible. Searching for every G-spot he could found. There is nothing that matters now, except to let his mate feel the highest ecstasy possible.

Her breath hitched, as she felt it again. The knot forming again, but this time she wasn't even able to warn him, as he again brushed her G-spot. "ah~~" she moaned, as another orgasm rocked her body, filling her with pleasure to the brim.

He rose from between her legs, showing his drenched face. Only for his normal than longer tongue to lick it clean. Going upward he kissed her again, letting her taste herself. But looked at her confused as she stopped him. But understood as she start removing his kimono. Knowing what she wants, he removes it himself throwing it to the side, as well the hakama along with boxers.

Now both lay in bed, naked as the day they were born. Their bodies mingling with each other. Her arms roam over his sculptured body while he grinded against her wet core. Panting as they passed in their ministrations, he leaned back.

Looking at him in slight confusion she understood what he was complying. Looking down at his member, her eyes widened in slight fear as well anticipation 's-so b-big…it is maybe around 10 in…will he fit in?' she thought to herself. But came out of her stupor as he called her name, "Shizuka?" he asked for her permission. She gulped lightly, but nodded with determination.

"Mmmm…." Shizuka moaned loudly when she felt his hardened member rubbing against her outer pussy lips, her lust sky rocketing when the hald-demon leaned back.

"Ready?" he asked while panting whereas she instantly nodded. Both blondes kept gazing into each other's eyes as he pushed his member gently against her pussy lips. Her already lubricated nether region easily gave access to his cock while Shizuka relaxed herself, moaning sexily as she slowly took in his member- only to came to a halt as he came across a barrier.

Looking at her with slightly widened eyes, "you are virgin?" he asked surprised. She blushed, turning her head away, she nodded "I only wanted to do this with the one I love…". she replied softly.

Leaning down to her face, he smiled softly, "that's just like you…it will hurt…" he warned. She nodded hesitantly, as she braced herself. Naruto knowing how much it could hurt, especially with someone of his size, he captured her lips while pushing forward, breaking her hymen in one go. She moaned in pleasure as well pain, as tears cascaded down the sides of her eyes.

Breaking the kiss he looked into her eyes, concerned "are you okay?" he asked. She nodded her head, few tears still escaping. Naruto didn't move, giving her the time she needed.

As she felt herself getting comfortable with the feeling, she nodded her head, "You can move now, Naruto-kun…" she softly said. He nodded his head, as he slowly slid out of her, only to push back.

Naruto too groaned as he felt warm and wet tightness engulf his cock, as if completely hugging him tightly, to never let it go.

"Ohh…K-Kami…" she moaned, now panting heavily as he slowly slid completely inside of her, both of them revelling in this marvellous feeling.

"G-Gosh….s-so good," the whiskered blonde muttered as he clenched the bed sheet tightly while Shizuka too couldn't believe how good it felt having him inside of her, it was like they were complete together.

'We are one now….' She thought with a smile, a thin line of tear escaping the confines of her thick eyelashes. She had thought her first time to be special, but she never thought it would be this special.

"N-Naruto….kun…" she panted as he slowly pulled his cock out until just the tip of it was inside her before slowly moving. He gradually began to increase the pace, making sure that she was comfortable while Shizuka could only moan at the wonderful sensation.

"Faster…" she moaned as he began to go faster, his hands now grabbing a hold of her waist as he started to slam into her, wet sloshing sounds being produced.

"Y-Yes….so g-good N-Naruto…kun…" Shizuka moaned loudly as she too began to move her hips, matching his motion.

'Amazing…it feels….I never thought it would feel so good,' she thought, her breasts bouncing up and down following the motion while Naruto continued to slam into her, going as fast as he could as he tightly held her waist.

"…oh N-Naruto…." Shizuka continued to moan loudly as she wrapped her thighs around his waist, locking him in. Beads of sweat rolled down Naruto's face as he continued to ram into her, her tight slippery insides squeezing his shaft every time he hit her deep inside.

"So tight Shizuka…." He muttered, now slightly panting while she continued to moan, not being able to stop herself- her hands currently clutching the bed sheets tightly. Loosening his hold over her waist, he leaned forward to place both his hands on the bed beside her on both of her sides- taking her lips in another passionate kiss as their tongues duelled wildly with each other.

Shizuka moaned loudly when he began to go even deeper than before, wet sloshing sounds combined with her sweet voice filling the room.

"Ahhh….s-so good...a-amazing," she couldn't stop moaning, the pleasure was out of the world, indescribable. Her whole body was going numb, the feeling of his manhood sliding into her womanhood, filling it like that, was overwhelming. Each time he thrust back in, her body would twitch due to a bolt of pleasure.

Naruto however was lightly panting, sweat dripping down his chin as he continued to rock her, displaying his patented stamina while Shizuka just laid there, completely under his mercy. Opening his eyes just a bit, he watched the lustful look on her face, the way she was biting her index finger to keep from moaning way too loudly, the way her breasts were bouncing up and down…that sight arouse him to no end. His demonic heritage was screaming at him to take her like a bitch in heat. But he still restrained…or tried.

"Damn…" he growled, further increasing the intensity of his thrusts as he leaned down to take her left nipple in his mouth, sucking on it wildly.

"Ahhhh….N-Narutoooo…" Shizuka wrapped her arms around his head, holding him tight while her thighs too were firmly locked around his waist. The whiskered blonde however groaned when he felt her wet inner walls clench his cock while the vibrations from his throat further increased her pleasure as he continued to suck on her nipples.

Naruto lightly bit on her nipple making her mewl softly. The half-demon traced his tongue on the border of her areolas, creating a suction due to his sucking while his teeth tantalizingly grazed with her sensitive nipples.

It was too good….their pleasure meter sky rocketing when her lips left his with an audible pop as she moaned loudly.

"I….I….c-cummiiiinggg!" her voice echoed throughout the room as her body shuddered, a ground shattering orgasm rocking through her form while her inner, wet and sloshy walls constricted around his manhood, engulfing it resulting in Naruto too reaching his limit.

"...d-dammnit…" he groaned vociferously, his sweaty body shaking violently as the he shot hot ropes of his creamy sperm, milking her insides. Shizuka had her arms tightly wrapped around his neck, being lost in the feeling of him filling her insides like that, her eyes closed while she continued to pant along with him- the duo drowned in the glowing after-effects of post coital bliss.

Naruto grunted as he gave out, falling on top of her while Shizuka moaned as his manhood moving inside of her. Her arms were still wrapped around his neck while his face was nuzzled into her neck, both of them recovering from the amazing world they had just experienced .

After catching his breath as well some of his senses back, He pulled out of her making her moan in what seemed to be disappointment. With somewhat unsteady balance, he pulled the covers over them before laying beside her, hugging her tightly to him.

Shizuka slowly opened her eyes when she felt herself being tightly hugged, now her senses coming back as she opened her eyes. The first thing she saw were the warm oceanic blue orbs staring back at her. Her lips curved upwards into a dreamy smile as she gazed at his smiling face, her hand slowly lifting to rest on his chest.

"T-That was…." She trailed with a dreamy look on her face, sporting a silly smile while Naruto chuckled lightly to himself, still such a klutz. Caressing her face with that back of his hand, his eyes soften, "I love you…" he whispered. She too give a million watt smile, capable of lighting the whole room. "I love you too…so much…" she whispered.

Leaning down as he stole another kiss from his mate, he let her head against his chest. Both slowly falling into blissful sleep.

One thought still ringing in his head, 'that was the first time someone made me cum so quickly. Chuckle…but I like it all the more.'

Flashback End

He considered himself one of the happiest man at that moment.


Gazing at the sky, it almost evening and an orange shade has fallen. He knew there time here has drew closer, but they are ready for it, he knew that well. But his eyes travelled to his left when, "Onii-chan!" he heard the shout looking to his left he saw Alice running towards him. Halting in front of him, she bent on her knees, panting heavily.

As she get it a bit under control, she looked up with a panicked face, "hurry up and come with me! Kohta-chan…Kohta-chan is in big problem!" She shouted, worry etched on her little face.

Naruto frowned lightly, 'someone has a death wish…' he thought to himself.


Hirano fall to his knees, hugging all the guns for dear life. "No!" he shouted. About ten people were surrounding him. "Give me a break! Hand it over now!" said a bald fat man getting annoyed. The man was in complete white, "Hey, kid. You know what is going on out there, right? You shouldn't hog a weapon like that all to yourself. Just give it to us and…" the white clad man was interrupted as Hirano spoke, "no way! I…I am borrowing this from someone. Besides, no one here can use this better than I can!", he exclaimed as he shut his eyes.

"Hey…" the bald man signalled to another to make a move. He smirked "now that it has come to this, we don't have time for kids' whining!". That is the seen Naruto arrived. His weapon back in their place. While he could fight without them, they are good to intimidate people. Looking at the scene in front of his eyes, his eyes slightly narrowed.


"Again time to enter the chaos…" Saeko said. "Yeah….this delusion has come to an end" Saya said. But their head snapped to the right, hearing the noises.


"What's all this commotion?" A voice echoed around as heavy footsteps come towards Hirano's location. Naruto blinked, He knew a lot about this man through commander. The man had taken it upon himself to tell him everything about the most important Figures in the city. And he can't deny, that information came in handy…many times at that.


Saya and Saeko too turned towards the voice.


Sweat roll down the man eyebrows, as he saw just who has come, "Ma-master..." one of the men stammered "th-this kid thinks this gun is a toy, so….". Man stopped in front of Hirano, Hirano looked at him, he would be lying if he said he isn't scared of this man. Looking down at the young boy, "I'm Takagi Soichiro, former lord of Tokonosu, master of tendo shogun-ryu! Young man what is your name?" the man asked which came out, more like a demand.

Hirano looked up at the man with shaken eyes, "Hi...Hirano Kohta! Fujimi academy! Class 2b!" he said quickly. But the Don seem to contemplate at his words, "You voice has spirit in it, Hirano-kun. I'm sure you went through a lot before you made it here. So, you're not going to hand over the gun, no matter what?" Soichiro asked with narrowed eyes. But Hirano shook his head furiously, "No! I don't want to! No, I can't! Without a gun, I can't help my friends! I can't do anything for my friends!" he shouted eyes shut as tears escaped.

"What exactly can you do? Tell me." Soichiro asked. Otaku looked up, "That's, That…" Hirano fumbled at his own words, trying to say something.

"to Protect his friends..."

All heads snapped upward, only to see a boy wearing a tradition kimono, walking towards them. His hands inside his kimono sleeves, not even opening his eyes as he approached them, the men parted giving him the way. He stopped just beside Hirano, "And…protect your daughter, sir." Naruto said simply as his eyes opened lazily, shining under the light as he gazed at the green clad man.

To Say, Soichiro was surprised as he looked in Naruto's eyes. He hasn't seen eyes like those in a long time. There was no hesitation, no doubt, only confidence and determination. He saw that the boy, no man in front of him doesn't think of himself as lower than him. He considered himself equal or even greater then him.

"Na-Naruto" Hirano stuttered, as looked up at his best friend. Soichiro's eyes travelled back to the Crimson-blond, "Naruto…? I see, I know that name from somewhere. You have been friend with my daughter for about two years. She tells a lot about you." he said still arms crossed.

Naruto eye smiled. All guys looked at him like crazy, while Saya's mother looked with interest. "Yes…" Naruto replied, but He turned slightly serious, "since, the chaos started, Hirano was the one who protected your daughter." He said. Hirano looked at Naruto with tears in his eyes. His friend…always there for him.

Just then Alice came running "Kohta-chan!" she shouted as she hugged him tightly While glaring at the others with Zeke growling. Next was Saeko, looking at the Don, "I've seen his bravery with my own eyes, master Takagi" she said. All others too has gathered. "Me too! Daddy!" said Saya as she too arrived, "He's just a loser military otaku, but without him I would have been one of those zombies by now, daddy. That's right! He's the one protecting me! Not you!" she exclaimed haughtily. "Takagi-san…" Hirano whispered, still shocked that they are all here for him.

Soichiro stared at her daughter while mother has a small smile on her face. Both proud of their daughter.

As all went back inside the mansion with Hirano, Naruto stayed back. Looking at the Don with his Lidded-bored gaze. Man was again amazed, while mother smirked a little. "You want to ask something, Mr Takagi?" asked Naruto, because that was the only reason he stayed behind.

The man's expression didn't change, " I have heard of you from somewhere else…" he trailed off, trying to remember where he had heard it. But Naruto just eye smiled "Ara…you must have heard my moniker…" he replied. "Moniker?" man raised an eyebrow. Naruto nodded slightly, "yes, you may have heard of me from SDF commander, because he seems to know you quite well…" shrugging lightly, "…most know me by the name of the red death." He said smiling; he also unsheathed some of his sword to show the red blade to prove his point.

The man was shocked by the revelation, but hide it well, only showing a surprised look. While Yuriko couldn't held back her gasp. She too was once part of SDF, as she knew just what type of people work there. For someone as young as him working there is disturbing, but him Being the Red Death is even more. She has heard of him. The best assassin they have ever seen, who has yet to fail a mission. And she knew this type of reputation cant be gained by just words of some man.

Looking the boy over, "you are red death, but aren't you too young?" he asked. Naruto shrugged, "I have the skills, and wanted to do some good with them, what's better then help the police." He replied casually. Man nodded understanding, but still amazed. But The woman asked something she thought would be interesting "Naruto-kun, what you would have done if those men wouldn't have stopped?" she asked.

Naruto eye smiled, but it was different from the pleasant ones. He was smiling sickly sweet, all the while radiating an evil aura. Tilting his head to one side, his smile widened, "simple…I would have beaten them to submission," he said chuckling creepily.

Both husband and wife promptly sweat dropped. 'that's quite straight…isn't it?' she thought to herself.

But both recognized the silent threat, he has sent their way.


"Yes…yes, that's correct" voice of a teenager could be heard from behind a building. "Right, getting ready to get away from here. If you ask for help now, I'm sure they will let you in. shido-sensei!", he said, his eyes wide, literally. As he seems to be under some kind of trance…under a snake.

On the other side of phone Shido smiled creepily. At last some progress, he would make sure that his cult- cough, group increase.





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