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Missiles were all going for their assigned targets. While there is some talking in the background. "Target information acquired! We can confirm that four DF-21s were launched from Tonghua base in the Jilin province right before the Trident warheads hit! We have targets A, B, C and D." the radio voice ended.

Now we are in some ship "even though the monsters are all over the world….System to BMD mode!" "Begin firing at the target designated by CIC!" "Commence fire!" missiles were fired.

"10 seconds until we intercept! 9…8…7…6…5…4…standby!" They all looked in fascination as the missiles collide with each other. "Our SM-3 shot down target A! Kirishima and USS Shiloh shot down B and C!" at hearing this captain leaned over to look at the scene "but there's one left!" "That's Curtis Wilbur's target!" "Dammit! What's going on over there?" a man looked at the screen hold up his moth so not to vomit.

"Curtis wilburg, this is kongo! Why haven't you fired yet? Do you read me?" but there was no reply because in the ship blood was spilled as the undead walk around.


International space station

"There's one left" said the brown haired blue clad man while looking at the computer. "Where is it headed? Don't tell me it's the US" she asked worried. "No, it's…." The man trailed off. The woman looked at the screen and gasped.


Tokonosu airport

Gazing at her phone, she wondered why of all the times it has to be now. Just when she has finally contacted her only friend. Someone came running towards her, "Hey, what just happened?! What was that light just now? Aren't you an officer? Explain this!", the worker demanded. Not even looking up from her cell phone, she just carelessly threw it away, having no further use of it. "It's simple", taking in a drag of her Cigar, she exhaled slowly. "After today, the nights will be truly dark…"


A few minutes ago at Takagi's estate

Jumping up and down like a little kid would do when really happy. Her boobs following suit, in a really…alluring way. "Yay! I remember it! Definitely! No mistake!" she exclaimed still jumping.

"What is it, sensei?" asked Alice as she looked at the happy woman. Shizuka just dragged the little girl into a hug. Mashing her face against her melons. "I remembered my friend's phone number!" she exclaimed. "Your friend? The one who had the guns and the Humvee?" asked Rei. Said doctor nodded her head, "Yeah! She is definitely alive! She's part of SAT, the special assault team!" Shizuka said while holding Alice under her boobs who were holding Zeke in her arms. Both having pitiful expressions, not knowing that place have been dreams of many boys in the school.

"Anyway, gimme your phone!" said Shizuka shaking her hand rapidly. Naruto just eye smiled at her cheerfulness. "Hai, Hai…", reaching into one of his sleeve, there was a noise of slight puff of smoke, before he brought out his cell phone. All others blinked, No matter how many times they see it; it still looks amazing to bring out a thing from nowhere.

Already eager, Shizuka quickly swiped the phone from his hand. Flowers hovered all around her, as she pressed the buttons on the phone one after the other, having a childish expression on her face. "Let's see…here's 1…here's 2….here's 3…" she spoke to herself as she slowly pressed the buttons.

All sweat drop a little, thinking if she really is 27 year old woman and an airhead. "Want one of us to do it?" asked Hirano with a deadpan look on his face. She doesn't even look at him, "don't bug me or I'll mess up!" she said cutely, reprimanding him. As the bell ring there was reply.

"Hello?" a female voice came from other side.

"Rika! Awesome you're alive" Shizuka exclaimed happily, her face lighting up like a sunflower. Her cheerfulness dulled, as happy sniffs escaped her lips "I was so worried!" Shizuka exclaimed, really glad that her friend is safe and alive. But then smiled cheerfully, "I had a lot of trouble, but you know Naruto-kun protected me," she said.

All except Naruto and Alice sweat dropped, twitches forming above their eyes. All having the same thought, 'and we didn't do anything!'. Really Naruto spoil her too much.

Taking a seat on the bench, "Oh! Your new friend?" Rika asked. "Yeah" Shizuka replied.

But she really was in a hurry right now, "save the rest for later. Where are you right now? My place" asked Rika. But doctor was quick to deny, "oh no. It is not safe there anymore. ", but then remembered something. "Um, we borrowed your guns and some other stuff…" Shizuka trailed off.

"That's fine, but where are-"But Rika was cut off, slightly wincing as she removed the phone from her ear, just in time as sparks flew out of it. Looking at the wisp of smoke rising from her dead phone, something outside caught her eye. Looking out of the window, a gasp escaped her lips as she realized what has happened.

Things have just taken a turn for worse…


At the estate

"Hello? Rika? Shizuka asked but got no reply came. All were staring at the bright light in the sky. Naruto frowned slightly, "…we should get some candles..." he muttered as he went towards Shizuka. All looked at Naruto having the same question 'what do you mean?'. Whil Saya has different thoughts, looking at his back 'amazing, one glance and he knew what has happened…he didn't even deem it necessary to check….like he knows it's true.'

"What's going on?'' asked Rei still looking at the light. "That light…" Saya said to herself. Looking at the confused girl, "Miyamoto, try aiming your dot sight" asked Saya. Rei looked at her in confusion, "Huh, why?" she asked. "Just do it. Your gun uses an IC" Saya said.

Rei did as asked, aiming the gun, only at the said pink-head. Squealing in surprise, Saya jumped to side, from out of the way. "Well? Do you see the dot?" asked Saya. "Uh…I don't." Rei replied getting more confused. "So it was…" Saya muttered. "Hey! Takagi-san what's wrong?" asked Miku, but said girl was too busy with her own thoughts to answer that.

Standing near the stairs, Naruto gazed at the sky with a passive expression.

Things are really taking turn for worse...


Near the house at some barricade "hey what are you doing? Hurry it up!" one man shouted. "But the engine…" muttered the second, still trying to start the vehicle.


In the house situation was same, "what is it?' asked the white clad man. Still trying to access the computer, if possible, "we lost power and now all of the computers are dead!" the other answered.


Looking distraught, the woman cradled her husband in her lap. "Someone! Please help! My husband's pacemaker seems to have broken!" she shouted, pleading for help. Others looked at her in question.


Shido was in a problem, a really big problem. Slamming his foot against the break, over and over, but having no effect, "why is the engine stalling right now…don't screw with me!" Shido grunted out, right now he has a very strong desire to rip his own hair out. That's another thing, that he has no hair to rip.

But suddenly lurched forward, his head slamming against the steering wheel/ As Shido slowly lifted his head from the steering wheel in obvious pain, blood running down his forehead. "What the…" he grunted. But his eyes widened in fear as he saw them, gathering again.


On the other side of barricade. "Hey..." one man said fearfully backing up from the undead "this is bad", the other with a scar came forward aiming his shotgun "my phone's dead. We need to stand guard!" he said. But the other ran away in fear "hell no!". The scar man looked back "hey, don't run! What kind of man are you?!" but he was already gone. He gritted his teeth "shit!", aiming his gun, he took his first shot.


"Electromagnetic pulse?" asked Miku. Saya turned to her, "an EMP attack. Also known as HANE. High altitude nuclear explosion. When a nuclear warhead explodes in the upper atmosphere, the gamma rays make electrons get repelled from atmospheric particles which cause the Compton Effect. The flying electron gets caught in the earth's electromagnetic field and emit an electromagnetic pulse over a wide range. The effect is lethal to electronics. The electromagnetic pulse gets transmitted through antennas and fries integrated circuits" Saya finished her long explanation.

"So basically, right now…." Saeko trailed off, already reached to a conclusion. Saya nodded her head, "Yeah. We can't use electronics!" she said. "So we can't use cell phones?" asked Rei.

Shizuka gasped, as it hit her that she won't be able to talk to her friend for a long time, not even again, if possible. Tears fell from her closed eyes, and she just got to talk to her only friend. Naruto who was standing beside her, his eyes soften as he laid her head against his shoulder. The least he could is comfort her…

"Not just phones, but computers too. Cars won't work either. The power plant are probably dead too. EMP counter-measures have taken, but only for the SDF and a small part of government." Saya said.


There were men who were putting candles at the edge of garden. "Is there a way to fix this?" asked Soichiro as he came down from stairs with his wife in tow. Saya looked towards her father in little surprise "dad?" asked Saya, but slightly shook her head, "the cars might be able to work if you change the fried parts. There might be some cars that still work because electromagnetic waves have little effect on them….of course classic should still work," replied Saya looking away from her father.

"Go check immediately." Soichiro ordered "yes!" the man replied. "SAYA!" Soichiro exclaimed. Saya looked at her father perturbed, "huh! What?". "You have done well to keep your head on during the chaos! That is admirable!" Soichiro said. She looked at her father in surprise but then smiled, "DA-" but she was interrupted.

"The barricade!" someone shouted. They all looked towards the gate. Only to see a man running towards the house shooting the undead behind him. "Don't follow! Don't follow me!" he shout as he tried to run away, but the undead caught him. They could see the undeads closing towards the house.

Soichiro stepped forward, "hurry! Close the gate! Defence group, assemble! Do not let the corpses inside!" he ordered. Looking at his master, "Commander! Are we abandoning the people outside?!" white clad man asked. "We shall lose everything if we do not close it now! Do it!" Soichiro ordered. The man look grimed for a moment but then ran off to do his job.

At they closed the gate; one was able to get inside. "One got through!" shouted the bald red clad fat man.


Hirano loaded his gun, "I got a gun…" Hirano muttered with a smile. Aiming at the undead. He shot down the undead in single shot. A demonic grin spreading on his face, as his glasses glinted in the light. "…in my pocket" (it means: told you I'm the best shot here), sign could be seen floating over his head.

The bald red clad man sweated, "whoa, sorry buddy. My bad!" he said nervously, children should not be underestimated. He might have learnt it the hard way.

Jogging up to the heads of the house, the servant held the suit case, "Commander. Madam. I have brought your weapons." He said. glanced at him then throws of her scarf. She tore her dress on the left leg up to her panties strip. Shouldering more than one weapon, she unconsciously made a sexy pose, making even flowers shine around her.

Saya put a hand in front of Hirano's eyes as Naruto smirked "aren't you the lucky one Mr Takagi" said Naruto. The man laughed heartily, While Hirano was all stars "mommy~" he said in a baby like voice.

"I can't use this, Saya-chan" Saya mother said as she brought out a gun. Hirano got more stars in his eyes. "A l-Lugar P08 Holland model!" Hirano exclaimed in childlike voice. "I don't know how to use this thing! And why do you even have a gun?!" Saya asked. The women just smiled "because I attended an executive self-defence course while I was working on Wall Street. I might even have better aim than your father." She said.

Leaving the rest to your imagination…

"You will teach her how to shoot, right, Hirano-kun?" she asked with a smile. Hirano raised a hand excitedly "okay mommy!" he exclaimed. Saya has depressed lines on her forehead. But suddenly Hirano turned other side with a grave expression of his face "uh, no. she's not my mom." Then he got an idea. "Yes ma'am!" he exclaimed happily, Saya just got more blue lines on her head.

Their attention was directed towards the gate as the undead force the gate. "Ara…." Naruto said as he gazed towards the gate. Saeko and Saya gasped.


The men at the gate were wide eyed, as the gate was groaning. "t-they are…isn't this bad!...H-hey!" the bald man's face was of fear. As if hearing his voice, the gate was run down, throwing the undead inside. "Commander! Escape! Please escape!" the bald man cried as he was tear apart by them…literally.

Naruto seeing the situation is getting worse, "Retreat now!" he ordered. All looked at him slight surprise, but then quickly followed the order.


In the nearby camp, the undead and being killed were attacking all people.


Backing against the wall, he grasped the wooden sword as his last defence. He was shaking like a leaf, as the undead slowly surrounded him. His eyes widen in fear, as one of them charged right at him.

Only for his head to burst open, sending the undead flying away. The man glanced to his right to see Naruto walking towards him with a passive face.

Stopping in front of the man, he turned towards the undead. His lidded eyes gazing in boredom. He didn't really like using gun, as it took away the fun of hacking them into pieces. But when situation calls for it, he cant do anything.

Raising his gun, he shot. Bullet escaping the barrel one after another. a second later 5 undead fell to the ground, having their brains being scattered. Reaching into his sleeve, he brought out another pack of bullets. Loading them calmly, He slightly turned to the man behind him "get back, now," he ordered.

The man who was looking slack jawed at what this teen has done. Shaking his head, pulling himself together, he nodded as he ran back to the others.

Naruto snorted slightly, "calling us children…"


Feeling the wind through her hair, her eyes slightly narrowed. She felt oddly excited, more so than she normally do. Her body too feels different, she felt more…free. As if the restraints are removed. Gliding through the air, he sword flashed out, instantly the undead's head left its shoulders. Not even stopping, she sliced the one through torso, sending him skidding across the ground. A smile formed on her face, her sword felt incredible. She felt a little resistance, when she cut through their flesh. Just like hot knife through butter.

Jumping in the air, she came down summersaulting. Burying her sword, directly in the head of the undead. Ground cracking beneath he force of her jump. Glancing up, she instantly removes her sword, bringing it in an upward slash, easily bisecting the undead in two. Twirling on her feet, her sword coming along side. She removed another head. Out of instinct her hand lash out to the left, her palm thrusting against the chest of the undead.

But she wasn't ready for the result. Instantly the undead was blown back, sailing through the air, he skidded across the ground to at least thirty feet. Blinking owlishly, she tilted her head. She was sure she doesn't put that much power behind that attack. Her eyes widened slightly in realization, as her hand went to her neck. "is that why…" she mumbled to herself.

So engrossed in her own thoughts, she let one of them get too close. But she was able to sense him, her senses being working double time than before. She turned to face him, only for it to be taken down by Rei…

Glancing at each other, smiles appeared on their faces.


Hirano was at the stairs as he shot them down. As his magazine emptied, Alice came running with another "Kohta-chan!" Hirano smiled, taking it. They really are giving it their all.


Taking aim at the one right behind him, he shot. Putting a hole in his forehead, without even looking, he shot to bullets to the side, killing the two were sneaking behind one of the house soldier's. Climbing up the stair at a lazy pace, "Ara…there are too many…" he whined, as it was getting really annoying for him.

Listening to his whining from the other side of stairs, a giggle escaped her lips "no kidding…" She replied smiling. Looking back at Naruto, "The longer this gets dragged on, the worse it gets!" Rei exclaimed, a little irritated by his cool attitude, didn't he know? They are in deep shit!

Well in his eyes, they are not…

"We don't have enough bullets either!" Hirano said as he shot another down. Looking at the front yard, it could be described as a war zone.


Soichiro was staring at the scene passively. He didn't know how long his men would be able hold themselves. They already look worse for the wear. All having exhausted looks on their faces. The white clad man walked up, behind him, "commander, I checked them from second floor. The people we deployed to the neighbouring have yet to be attacked. They might be able to reinforce the door." He explained the situation.

Soichiro hummed in thought, before making his decision, "we shall break through this mob as head to the neighbouring area! Men, who have the will to fight, assemble! Women and children who wished to live, gather in the back!" he said, his voice filled with confidence.

"Darling..." Yuriko whispered, a little worried. "Dad, if we barricade ourselves in the house-" Saya was interrupted by her father. "There is no meaning in protecting the house! The Iron Gate was rundown. Even if we go in the house, they will just force their way in and we will be eaten!" he said. As men gathered around him. At last Naruto and Hirano too arrived. And to his ire Naruto was still eye smiling hand in the sleeves, not a speck of blood on him was present.

Glancing at the boy, "Are you ready, Naruto-kun?" he asked smiling. Naruto just smiled "of course, I was born ready." He said with a smirk. "Hirano-kun" the man said, Hirano looked up. "My daughter is your safe keeping." He said. At this Saya flipped "Dad! The hell is that supposed to mean?!" she moved forward only for her mother to grasp her wrist, pulling her back, her hand clashed against her daughter's cheek with an unfamiliar ring to it.

Holding her stinging cheek, she looked at her mother in shock, "Mamma…?". The women spoke seriously, "Soichiro-san and I have a duty to perform, Saya-chan. It's our selfish desire as your parents to leave you in Hirano and Naruto-kun's hands. And the guilt we feel about this isn't something we will forget. Please, don't make this harder than it already is" her voice getting lighter in the end, as she was barely holding back her tears.

Alice came around holding Zeke. "auntie?" she asked. Yuriko bent to Alice's level "you're a good girl. My daughter is a good girl too!" she softly said as she hugged Alice. Saya's eyes narrowed, as tears glistened at the corner of her eyes. "Listen to what your siblings tell you, okay?" woman asked. Alice nodded her little head. Standing up She stepped forward "now…GO!" she ordered, her voice getting strict.

Tears flickered from her eyes, falling off, "dad! Mom! I love you!" Saya shouted as she and the others ran towards the car. Except Naruto, who stayed behind. They all stopped, turning to him in confusion. He just eye smiled, "Shizuka-chan…come here~" he called in a singsong voice. Said woman blinked in confusion, but did as was told.

Just as she reached close to him, he didn't give her any chance to speak. Putting an arm around her shoulders, he pulled her face closer, smashing his lips against her in an endearing kiss.

Almost all jaws hit the floor. Rei, Saya, Miku and Hirano were blushing with their jaws on the floor. First three were also glaring at Shizuka in jealousy while the later has another nose bleed, giggling perversely. Saeko was too blushing profusely while thinking of their intimate kisses, as well slightly jealous that the one he called was Shizuka…not her. Yuriko was too blushing at the scene while glancing at Soichiro. Said man was himself blushing lightly, but still trying to look passive. People behind them too blushed.

As they parted, Shizuka was Left in daze with hearts replacing her eyes, blushing madly…she was swaying on her feet. Only one thought running in her head 'he kissed me! He kissed me in front of everyone!'. Naruto smiled, as he saw her expression, "now…thanks for good luck." He said knocking her out of her daze.

Looking towards his group he smiled lightly, "now, all go to our car…I will help here a little as a parting gift for their hospitality." He said. They all looked little hesitant, but then nodded, leaving, Shizuka with a skip in her step.

As they left, Naruto turned towards the front garden. Silently jumping on the railing, he sat there crouched. A hand slowly rest on the hilt of his sword, as a lazy grin spread on his face. Looking back over his shoulder, "please try to be not in my way…..now this will be fun…" he said, before turning back. There was a moment of silence before, he vanished from his spot…

Only for them to feel a fierce gust of wind, as well the place he was crouched was blown off, debris falling everywhere.

They blinked then they looked forward as they hear laughing and gunshots. Soichiro and his wife turned towards the undead, only to go wide eyed. "w-what the..." trailed off as she looked at the scene. Soichiro was too in similar state but held it in.

In front. The body parts of undead were flying everywhere. Some heads, arms, legs, cleave from torso, cleave in two. Heads blown by gunshots. And all they could see was a light blur when he stopped to deliver a strike.

Naruto was having fun, racing among them at the speed of a bullet. His blade by his side, cleaving through them like a hot knife. He could felt his demonic side awakening, as the lust of battle invaded his mind. Stopping for just a moment, he twirled on his feet, his sword coming along in a circle, in a diagonal. Instantly 4 undead were cut down, in a diagonal long cut.

Raising his other hand, his magnum came out. Shooting the first in the head, jumping on the still falling undead. His feet connected with the head of the undead, using him as a spring board. He shot forward, keeping his sword down cleaving one of them straight between his eyes. Thrusting his sword in another's head, he used to pull him down to the ground. Retreating his sword, he raised his gun, shooting five in succession.

But his grin never fell, and for his pupils to be replaced by slits.

Near the stairs. Soichiro came out of his awe stupor. "Attack!" he ordered. So his men too followed the orders.


Near the garage. Saeko was at guard. Saya came running "Maddo-san!" she shouted but when she entered she can't find him. "He's not here." She said as she neared the car. Just then maddo poked from under the car. "Milady!" but his position was wrong. Saya shrieked lightly as she put hands between her legs, trying to hide her panties. "Don't just pop out of somewhere!" she exclaimed as she stepped back.

He just turned around while smiling "you are in luck, milady. This was built to withstand EMP attacks! And it's got triple copper plating! Owner must be a maniac!" he said. "So this car works?" Shizuka asked hopefully. Miku who was holding Alice too seem hopeful, not to mention, they are sure will be able to get out of here. After all Naruto said so…

"Yeah, but I need some time to repair the damage." He replied. They deflated a little.

At this Saeko turned other side, gazing at the undead, "then all we can do is wait here, correct?". Looking at the closing Undeads, Hirano readied his gun, as he shouted "incoming!", he shot down another one. They all moved out. Rei to the left, Hirano on one knee in front of garage, Saeko to the right.


At the front. The people were shooting them and hoping Naruto wouldn't get caught. Whomever they miss, Naruto will finish it. "Soichiro-san, if this keeps up, we might win…" Yuriko said, looking at their dwindling numbers. Soichiro closed his eyes, a slight smile on his face, "Yuriko. You are…one fine woman!" he said. He swung his sword "now, let's go!" he ordered.

Both husband and wife move forward. Soichiro killing them with his sword while Yuriko used her gun turning all around, but they see their numbers are dwindling fast.


Twirling on her feet, Saeko bisected one from his waist. Only for his upper half to skid inside the garage. "Sensei, get back!" Miku exclaimed pulling the woman back. But Shizuka suddenly sensed someone behind her. Pulling the orange head closer, she was able to save the girl from her apparent death.

Alice chose this moment to save the day, "Sensei!" she called, as she roll the tire at the undead. And only for it senselessly stumble to the ground groaning.

"Good job" Saya said as she ran forward putting gun at its face, she turned her head away then shoot, blood splattering on her face. "Wooow…" at back Shizuka said awed. Saya turned to her "why're you dazing off?" she asked. Shizuka smile apologetically, unconsciously smashing the orange head's face in her bust, Who was flaring her arms around wildly, desperately trying to get a breather. "Get in the car!" Saya ordered. She deflated and turned around "Hai" she said running off, as well letting go of Miku.

Said girl was gulping down the air hungrily, sweat falling from his brow. "I thought I am going to die…" she mumbled to herself. Now she understood what it means by a blissful chocking, as the boys name it.

Outside Rei thrust her rifle sword in another then kicked him. As she backpedalled, her eyes darting everywhere in search for one of them.but she didn't expect for one of them to attack her from behind. Grabbing the funnel of her gun the undead tried to pull her back, so it could devour on this living. Trying to get her gun free of this monster's grip, but was having little success, along with the uncomfortable situation she was in. fear gripped her heart, as she fear the worst.

But then watched, as if in slow motion. A bullet passed over her head, followed by squelching sound as the undead's head was blasted of his shoulder. She felt a little green, as all the gore covered her. But she has other things to do. And…who the hell saved her.

Just then, she heard a shout from afar. Looking towards it, she saw Naruto standing on a lamp post, his gun still poised towards her. "didn't I tell you not to let your guard down!" he shouted. All sweat dropped at this but Hirano has other question "how the hell, he shot accurately from that far and without an IC," he exclaimed shocked as well awed. They all sweat dropped again but it was a valuable question. But Saeko knew the answer 'because he has very advanced senses…as well as the skill…'.

Then they all proceeded to get into the car. "Too bad I can't have a little more play with this sucker…" maddo grunted as he shut the bonnet. He thumbs up to Shizuka "you're good to go!" "Thank you!" Shizuka exclaimed as started the car. "It's moving" Alice exclaimed happily. "Guys! Come back" Miku shouted. They all got on, popping out of the roof, "Maddo-san get on.." Hirano said.

Maddo just picked up a tool "the woman of my dreams is with you guys" he grinned. Saya looked from the window "stay alive! Milady Saya!" he bowed lightly. Shizuka then turned to door and shouted "here we go!" she exclaimed as she full throttle the car.


Naruto's ear twitched, as he heard the engine roar. Jumping to the centre of the front garden, "EVERYONE LIVING CROUCH NOW!" he shouted, his voice filled with bloodlust as well having a demonic tint to it. As if their instincts calling to them to submit to this voice, they did as they were ordered.

Spreading his legs, he got into a wide stance. Holding the blade in reverse grip with both hands, he channelled huge amount of wind chakra around his blade, coating it into a thick layer of wind, which too seemed chaotic, having a purple tint to it. Bringing the blade closer to his face, His now crimson slitted eyes narrowed, as he prepared his finishing move. "Uzumaki Kenjutsu- Kaze No Yaiba (Uzumaki style- Sword of Wind)" he exclaimed as he spun around swinging his sword hard while realising chakra in a circle. Just as he finished his circle, a ring of purple tinted wind, stormed outwards at an incredible pace.

All watched in shock and amazement as the purple ring of wind continue spreading outwards. Passing through the undead, only for them fall into pieces. It was a slaughter with a style.

Just as the wave settled, the Humvee arrived. Horn bonking to get their attention, which it got. Naruto took a deep breath, the technique he used is originally smaller, only for use in one direction, but he has changed it to his own liking, and it also takes a lot of chakra. Pulling his legs back, he stood straight. Just as the Humvee arrive in front of him, he jumped. Landing on the roof in a crouch.

Other livings has too gotten up to their feet. Just as they passed Soichiro, the men smirked. Naruto eye smiled waving his hand lazily "this is my parting gift as gratitude," he said. From inside the car, Saya too looked at his father, barely holding back her tears.

Looking forward, he tilted his head. That's a tricky situation in front of them. "how we're getting out of here?" Rei asked. Naruto smiled, "our only option is over there" he replied, gesturing to the broken barricade. Rei looked forward, only for her eyes to widen "huh, that's too narrow!" she exclaimed, but suddenly jerked as she felt the sense of gravity changing. Car was lifted in air from the driver side moving on only two wheels. "Keep it up" Naruto said as he hold on the roof whole, leaning to the right. Forcing the vehicle to lift even more till it was almost vertical to the ground. Naruto was almost touching the ground.

Saeko saw the barricade coming closer, her eyes darting to her lover, "Naruto!" she shouted in worry. But at the last moment Naruto jump of the car roof to the opposite wall, flipping in air. Inside Saeko was wide eyed, But she watched in amazement as Naruto literally run on the opposite wall as they cross the barricade. Just as the car was about to go imbalanced. Naruto jumped back towards the car roof directly inside the car through roof hole. Effectively pushing it back on four wheels again.

All were little wide eyed at what they had just done, but they soon controlled themselves. They are still not out of danger, nor are they inexperienced…anymore.

While our protagonist found himself in a very…good situation. Saeko blushed furiously as she looked at Naruto, who face was currently buried in her breasts. It has happened so many times, that she didn't know if it is coincidence any longer. Naruto sighed sotly, his warm breath hitting her cold skin, "can I sleep Saeko?" he asked softly. Saeko giggled softly, he was asking to sleep in that position. "Yeah, you can…" she said, her arms wrapping around his head as she kissed his hair.

But they have left safely and without any casualty…


"Have they left?" asked Soichiro. "Yeah, our daughter is with the other loving young people" she replied. He smiled. "Now…I have nothing to worry about!" he said taking a pose. But behind him Yuriko didn't move as a sweat drop formed on her head, "Um…Soichiro-san, you really have nothing to worry about." She said with a giggle. Her husband face faulted. Looking around, his shoulders sagged. All around them most of the undead are dead, leaving about 10 at most, which the others were picking apart easily.

He too sweat dropped "you know…" he started as his wife looked towards him "…now, I have no doubt he was that famous…red death. To make such massacre single headedly," he muttered. Yuriko nodded. 'He really is an amazing guy…' both thought at the same time. Now they can too move on.


In the Humvee Naruto was sleeping in Saeko's lap while Saya looked at them with twitching eyebrow with Rei doing the same. Miku was just satisfied by seeing his peaceful expression, she already knew she would have to share him, if it ever come to it, but she too felt a little jealous. Completely ignorant of their discreet glares, Saeko was busy in running his finger through his silky but spiky locks.

Rei sighed "I think we'll be okay…" Rei said then she turned towards Saya, opting to say something to assumingly distraught girl. "Please, just don't say anything. Please…" she muttered looking at her lap. "Takagi-san!" Hirano said. "What?" she asked, a little peeved out by his sudden voice. "Keep it together!" he said almost strictly, looking forward.

Rei don't take it well "Hirano! You-" Rei started but Saya cut her off "it's okay, really. Hirano is…Kohta is right.". Then all jumped a little as Naruto spoke seemingly still sleeping "yes, he is right…because I make sure they could exit the house easily with my last move…" he muttered towards, as he shifted towards Saeko's stomach. "So, don't worry about them dying there…" he said with a yawn.

At this Saya bloomed like a morning flower, tears were at the brim of her eyes. "Are you sure?" she asked. Naruto sighed "Have I ever lied before?" he asked. But it was enough, as tears of happiness came out of her eyes. Naruto just cling to Saeko making her blush, as he nuzzled her stomach. A silent eep escaped her lips, when she felt him squeezing her ass.

After a while.

"Anyway, doesn't the engine sound weird?" asked Saya. Placing a finger against her cheek, making a cute expression, "well, this car is in bad shape. Where are we headed?" Shizuka asked. "As far as you can take us…" Said Naruto who was now awake but still in Saeko's lap, as she continued to ran her fingers through his hair. "We have to find Rei's parents. Then we'll look for your friend" he said. A big smile graced doctor's face, "yeah!" she said happily. Saeko looked forward, a sign board catching her eye, "we will be at the highway soon!" she said.

Looking at all the undead, as far as they could see. It was somewhat disheartening, as well exasperated thing. But they don't felt any fear for some reason "so many…" Alice muttered as she looked over the Highway. Saya turned back with puffed cheeks. Naruto looked at her from the corner of his eyes, a sigh escaped his lips as he chuckled "good grief! You guys are slave drivers" he said as he slowly sat up.

Looking over the Highway, a small smirk formed on his face…

"this is…such a pain in the ass…"

That day, marks the beginning of the end of their world. The only thing standing between their end…is me…




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