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Next day

A little girl about 7 years old. Dark black hair shoulder length a sweet round face with big red eyes. Her skin is pale but is somewhat tanned because of playing all the time outside. She was wearing a single piece white dress. At the time, she was running through the forest to find her little puppy, which was a golden retriever.

The forest is behind their traditional Japanese compound. She ran through the forest searching for her pup. When she heard the barking she followed it but couldn't comprehend with her little mind what she find. There lay a boy covered in blood, dead skin lie around him in a crater of 2ft wide. His hair bright blond with crimson tips in them. She could see his muscles and scarred through his tattered orange jumpsuit which was straining his body.

Slowly the situation crept in her mind as she ran back to her compound to inform her parents.

In compound

A man with black hair straight hair and black eyes was sipping tea. He has few wrinkles on his face. He wore a white samurai type kimono. While a woman wearing an apron with brown hair in braid and red eyes while humming a tune as she prepares the dinner. She has pale white skin; there are no wrinkles on her face as she seems younger than her age.

Just then their daughter opened the sliding door falling into a heap of herself. Parents sweat dropped at their daughter's antics. She quickly stands up, hovering her arms above her head while spurting "t-tou-san! Tou-san! t-there is a boy in the forest covered in blood! " she said frantically. At this, her father gained a serious look as he glanced at her wife who glanced back "are you sure Siya-chan?" the ma asked. The girl nodded frantically "Haru found him". The man stood up "take me there Siya" girl nodded as she ran out of the house.

Her father followed close behind. As they enter the forest man's eyes went wide as her daughter was right. He closed to the boy, checking his neck… it was still pulsing. 'from the amount of blood spread around he shouldn't be alive…is this anyone else blood…no there is dead skin which looks like it peeled off. First I have to take him in' it was then his eyes fall on thing beside the boy. 'A scroll?', time of scrolls has long past gone, it surprising to see one and of this size.He slowly picked the boy, careful not to cause more injuries. He turn to his daughter "Siya pick up that big thing over there" little girl looked around then her face lit up as she found the thing and pick it up with both hands and followed her father.

As they enter the house, they remove his clothes and laid him in bed in guest room. When mother asked "who is this boy?" man just shrugged "I don't know, he was lying in forest covered in blood" gasp was heard from mother "we should call the doctor" man nodded as he exited the house.

1 hour later

"From the looks of it, seems like his body has gone through some kind of change" "change?" "Yes, almost all his bones are cracked; most of the muscles have tears….its like he just enters the puberty in a way" "will he be fine?" "At the speed he is healing he will be fine in a week or rather before…but I didn't understand how he is healing so fast… but he has to rest a lot so his chances of waking up are less".

Both adults nodded while Siya mumbled a little 'Onii-chan' as they all shuffle out of the room. While with Naruto in his mind

Naruto's mind space

Naruto was having a talk with kyubi "so was I able to bring something with me?" kyubi smirked "why yes, we have the forbidden scroll of seals made by fourth hokage….which have to be said contain best knowledge about sealing as well as few other things like the Bunshin jutsu you learned….it is the most useful jutsu for training as well as other things"

As Naruto looked around he saw that chakra in the blue pipes has stopped moving "Kurama, why is my blue chakra not moving?" "that is the residue of your old chakra, in time it will eradicate…it will take time because it is calmer than my chakra" 'maybe for some time I can use techniques…that will be enough to live here... I need information, that's where shadow clone will come to use'.

After 5 days

Naruto groaned as he slowly start waking up, he grunted as his stiff body break its knots... but that's when Naruto noticed something, he was lying in a bed and a black headed little girl sitting to his side head down holding his hand drooling at it. Naruto chuckled, He was not in the least disgusted by the display…he has seen worse and this is just a cute little girl. He brought his other hand and start moving his hand through her hair a little. After about half an hour girl slowly started to wake up. As she rubbed sleep from her eyes, they widened as she saw the softly smiling face of Naruto. She lit up like a sunflower and jumped at Naruto hugging him tightly while yelling 'Onii-chan'. Naruto was little stunned that this girl will call him 'Onii-chan' without even knowing him. He knew he was in another world, but because of his past life it was little difficult to accept it. But he has enough self-control as well knowledge on human behaviour to see what was happening and what to do.

Because of the commotion other occupants of the house quickly reached to the room to see what the ruckus was but what they saw was a little unexpected. Their daughter was sitting in the blond boy's lap giggling softly as he play with her hair. They quickly shook of the surprise, as both parents enter the room.

"Ah... I see so you are awake" father asked, Naruto looked up from the little girl and smiled slightly and nodded his head. He picked up the girl and sat her on the bed. Then bend lowly still sitting on the bed in a bow "thank you sir for saving me" old man just laughed "HAHAHA…don't worry son, my name is Kitomura Karasuma…this is my wife" the women smiled "Ame Karasuma and you already have met my daughter Siya-chan". Naruto bowed to the women as he patted the girls head.

Suddenly the man turned serious "now, would you like to tell us how was you in our forest covered in blood?". Naruto turned to the man and thought a little 'I will tell half-truth' he has arranged a story in his head in advanced if anyone asked "I...I...was running away from my pursuers…" this got man's attention "why?" "You would have found a scroll with me" the man nodded and Naruto sighed in relief "that is my family's treasure…there was a traitor in the family who killed everybody else….at last my sensei told me to run with the scroll…so I did. But was not fast enough and was attacked…after sometime I blacked out…and later I found myself here." Said Naruto with as much conviction he could muster.

However, the family seem to buy it "do you plan on going back?" Kito asked. Naruto shook his head "I was an orphan in that family I still was an orphan. The person I trusted the most betrayed me and the person I little cared died in front of me….I...I don't want to go back" his actor side rising but there was truth in that. Third betray him and he really doesn't want to go back... to that village he once called home.

Family look sombre while little girl looked confused. Naruto suddenly said, "I should go…I already have caused you many problems". Before any of the parents could interrupt Siya jumped at the blond pushing him back on the bed "you can't go…Onii-chan…Siya want Onii-chan to stay with her" said a tear eyed girl. Before Naruto could say something Ame interrupted "yes, Siya-chan is right you can stay here". He was about to decline the offer politely but Kitomura interrupted "Ame is right and I can't see my little girl crying". He said gesturing to the girl.

Naruto stop his protest. It was the first time someone willingly wants to be in his presence as well as cry for him. It feels good to be wanted. So he smiled and nodded.

Time skip 4 years

Last three years for Naruto were best of his life. He has become a part of Karasuma family. His relationship with them drastically improved. Kitomura and Ame treat him like their own son. Kitomura used to run a kendo school. In past their ancestors were samurai. So they have a rich family with rather big family compound, he has many students one of which is Naruto but he was amazed at how fast Naruto learn the style and now on top of the school even then Kitomura himself. But he also said that he was given combat training in past so it was easy for him to adapt.

The first thing he does after landing here was to find a library and roam the town to get a better outlook. From what he gets, he was in a small town with a historical value still little poor and people here treasure their history.

So it was easy for him to one day go to the library with 5 henged clones and sat there for whole 24 hrs. It was rather comical scene for public at how fast these people reading the books. They hardly spend 20 second on a page before moving forward. His already highly developed brain got little more advanced as few restrictions are lifted from his brain because of becoming a Hanyou and the amazing fact is that he forgot nothing with his photographic memory. Apparently, his brain capacity is so big that there is no space for knowledge to be suppressed in a corner.

So in only 2 days he got the all the information he can get from library. History, present technology, how society works, education and many more. He also learnt that people here can't use their chakra and are mostly normal.

So for the next week he spends working on his scroll which now has a blood seal. Siya-chan once tries to open it but it won't budge. At the time Naruto has started with seals. His first completion was a storage scroll. Practicing calligraphy was easy. Understanding the seal was like second nature to him.

After that he asked for permission to go to the nearest biggest city's library to get some knowledge of where he is now. Ame has protested that he could get all the information from the library here but he smoothly said he has gotten all he could get from here. Reluctantly at last they agreed.

He travelled there through train, one of the vehicles he has read from books. But it was rather easy to travel if not for the traffic. It has taken some time to reach the library, as he has to ask several times for direction. Library was huge, bigger than Konoha's. 4 floors filled with books and each floor was as big as school building. After that, he spent a whole week in library. The librarian was little freaked out by this but adapt rather swiftly. In day, he will henge 100 or so clones while at night they will release henge to conserve energy and eating was in library too.

At home they were worried for him but not of him not returning. They knew that he would not leave without notice or rather his large scroll. They were worried because he has gone to a big city where all kind of activities happen some of which are rather harmful.

After the week is over, he returned to his new home only to meet a crying Siya and a smacking on head Ame with a frying-pan. But Naruto take it all in stride with a smile and tears. At this Ame stop hitting while Kito look concerned. She said "I-I am sorry N-Naruto-kun, I was not meaning to hit you…" but he just shook his head with the brightest real smile he has ever given to anyone and said "n-no…it's not that…it's just… it is the first time someone care enough for me to scold or beat me if required…it was my first beating and scolding…and I loved all of it." At this Kito smiled sadly…he doesn't know much about boy's past as he doesn't want to talk about it but from what he knew, he had spent a very harsh life alone on his own. While Ame was in tears as hearing this, she gave him a tight hug muttering soft words in his ear.

This greatly improved his relationship with the family. Naruto has also made few acquaintances in town but nothing big. He would go to drop Siya to kindergarten where he will stay for a while to help teachers. Most of the children used to call him Onii-chan. All people in the village welcomed him warmly.

He again started his training this time with new fire in his eyes, so he could protect his family. Life is looking good for him for once. This continues like this until that cursed day….

Time skip- 2 year (Naruto age 18)

Original story starts

Everything was peaceful here. Parents were at work, kids were at school, and the elderly were spending the rest of their days in peace. The story begins at Fujimi high school, a private academy. There students went about their daily lives. Most kids were either in class or resting in there dormitory until there next class, but one student wasn't.

The boy was a teen about 18 years of age, Looked to be 5" 11' with a perfect build and broad shoulders, light tan completion, blond spiky hair with red tips that pointed at random directions and are more spikier than normal and piercing blue eyes half-lidded. He was wearing a school uniform that consisted of black pants and a black open jacket and a white under shirt. A pendant around his neck. It was of face of a fox with ruby red eyes in silver. (upload later on profile)

He was currently skipping class and was just resting near the roof. He was staring out into the distance, like he was lost in thought with half lidded eyes and a bored expression on his face. He remembered the day he came to this school.


A sixteen-year-old Naruto stood at height of 5'9. With half-lidded eyes and an unreadable expression on his face, which shows that he was not interested in current activity, stood before the class as he spoke in a light voice "I am Naruto Uzumaki….nice to meet you" He finished with a slight bow.

All students and teacher stared at him expectedly, but when he said nothing they all sweat dropped, teacher cleared her throat "well then…Uzumaki-san…you can take seat behind Hisashi." Naruto gazed at the said boy.

The teen was 5'7, 15yrs old, with grey hair that parted to both sides of his face and brown eyes. He had the same school uniform. His name was Hisashi Igou and he was slightly smiling.

Naruto slowly made his way towards his seat and sat quietly still looking bored. Just then Hisashi turned around extending his hand "hi…my name is Igou Hisashi" Naruto looked at the hand for a few seconds but slowly shook "Uzumaki Naruto…"

Flashback end

In this way, he has become friend with Hisashi who later introduced him to Miyamoto Rei, which turned out to be rather interesting situation.


It was lunchtime and people were shuffling out of class while Naruto stayed with Hisashi who was introducing him to a girl.

She was 15yrs old, with long light-brownish hair with bangs and two strands sticking out above the rest of her hair. She has reddish-brown eyes and she was the same age as Hisashi and was wearing the female school uniform that consisted of a white and green button up shirt that held her C cup breast, a black bow tie, with a green skirt, white shoes and black stockings.

The normally headstrong and proud daughter of head of public safety department now feels viscously self-conscious under the bored but intense gaze of Naruto which clearly states that she is below his level of acknowledgement as of now.

Rei has frozen in place 'w-what…h-his eyes...they bore nothing and i-it is like I am not even here'. But she brought her courage and stutter out "h-hi…I a-am Rei Miyamoto". At the name Naruto's eyes widened slightly but returned quickly back to normal but this was not lost by the girl. He didn't think he would be in the same school as her.

Naruto stares at her for few moments as the girl fidget in her place uncomfortably. She was about to say something but stopped when she saw an extended tanned arm. She first looked at the hand then in his eyes, but to her surprise and delight, she saw something she wants to see…acknowledgement.

She smiled brightly as she happily shakes his hand. But when she touched his hand she felt current spread through her body. She jerked lightly but not missed by Naruto as she looked at his face she could see a slight amused smile on his face as dry mirth dance in his eyes,

She could not turn away from those eyes. She was mesmerized into those deep pools of endless sea. But she was forced out her stupor by his light voice "you can let go of my hand now" Naruto drawled. She looked down to see that she was still holding his hand. She quickly retracted her hand smiling nervously. It was decided then and there that she had made a crush on our blue eyed blonde.

Flashback end

Naruto chuckled to himself but his mirth quickly died at what happen later. Rei has start dating with Hisashi after Naruto has done something while trying to be doing something good. In that time, Hisashi has also become his best friend.


"Why do you have to repeat a grade? You're a straight-A student!" asked Naruto.

"You wouldn't understand Naruto." said Rei in a quiet tone as she turn away from him and walked away. Naruto didn't say anything just stared at the place where she had gone but he slowly turn around on his own way, his face neutral as ever.

xX scene change Xx

It was after school, and Naruto was crossing the intersection, but that's when he found Rei, she was with Hisashi at the train intersection. Hisashi himself hadn't seen him yet but Rei did and she immediately turned away from him and grabbed Hisashi's arm.

Naruto stared at them from distance and smiled slightly with a forlom look. When Rei turned around to check if he was there but he was gone. She had done what she wanted but she can't understand why she felt hollow on inside

Flashback end

Naruto chuckled lightly, he was glad for his best friend, that's all that matters now.

"Why do you act like an idiot?" said a voice behind him. There stood a girl that was 5'6 tall in the standard school uniform. Though what stood out about her was her bright pink hair in twin pony tails on both sides of her head, yellow eyes and perky f-cup boobs.

Naruto smirked as he glazed lazily at her with his half lidded eyes. "Because I find it quite fun…Saya."

Saya just sighed "I always find you here, you should find a new hiding spot you know. Also, why are you here anyway, the first semester has already started. At this rate, you'll need to get ready for summer school, if not repeat a grade." At the end of her rant, she was only a few inches away from Naruto's face while also giving him a good view of her cleavage. Naruto just looked at her with same expression not intimated in the least.

Which infuriated the girl to no end, she can't believe she can't get a blush from him. She knew she has a fine body.

He asked a simple question with a raised eyebrow "you really think they could fail me?" at this girl bristled. Naruto is someone even above her. Last two years he missed most of the classes but still come out on top of the class that irked the teachers to no end but for some reason principle never said anything.

"Then why are you here?" she asked curtly, she want a reason dammit. Everything has a reason. Naruto sighed, she is too stubborn…but that is one of her best quirks, which allow her to move forward. "Remembered some old memories…."he said with a detached voice. She shut up immediately. All friends know that Naruto's past is painful, as he never talks about. This made it a sour subject.

She sighed and came forward taking him into a hug. Naruto wrapped an arm around her waist while use another to pat her head. "Why don't you tell us anything?" she asked desperately, one could clearly see that her feelings has surpassed that of a crush, it is something more. Naruto chuckled bitterly "now isn't the right time…but you will learn soon"

She nodded quietly with a smile she removed herself from his arms and turn around to go back to the class. Naruto again turned around to stare in space 'I hope she let go of her crush, or the pain will just increase'. He thought while thinking about his past.

There are many reasons Naruto didn't want a relationship. But will be revealed later.

"I wonder when Kurama will wake up, it's been 1 year since he fell asleep" Naruto just grits his teeth, dropping his head out of frustration as he remembered something and sighed. Then he notices something happening in the front gates. At the front gate of the school was a strange man. He looked like your average working dad. But he just kept walking into the gate for some reason. 'Who is that? Something is wrong with him, why is he just walking into the gate like that?'

By this point in time 4 teachers arrived. Naruto recognized the physical education teachers. He didn't recognize the last two teachers standing behind the first two but Naruto knew the two in front personally. The one at the very front was Mr Teshima, the self-defence teacher. He was a 6ft 30yrs old, black hair, brown eyes. He was wearing black pants and a light blue shirt with the collar turned up. He and Naruto had their little moments together, like when he caught Naruto bunking classes. He is one of the teachers that understood Naruto somewhat. He would always sit with him for some time and talk.

And the woman of the group was Ms Hayashi, or as Naruto knows her as, Kyoko. She is a 27yrs old, 5'8 with reddish-brown hair, which she keeps, in a loose ponytail with long strands hanging down in front of each ear. Her eyes are light brown and she wears glasses. She has a full figure with large J cup breasts. She was wearing a white button up jacket over a yellow shirt that stained over her large bust, with a white skirt and white heeled shoes.

Now she is the ping-pong club's adviser and was put in charge of the female athletic students this year. "What do you want?" asked Kyoko as she waved her index finger at him. "We will call the police if you do anything strange."

"It's okay, Ms Hayashi-Chan, let me handle it." Said Teshima with a blush on his face and pride in his eyes. He walked up to the guy and forcefully grabbed him through the gate and pulled him till he hit his head repeatedly on metal gate. Surprised by Teshima's actions, Kyoko said, "Wait, Teshima-Sensei! Excessive violence is prohibi-"

She was interrupted by Teshima's scream of pain after the crazed man bit a chunk of his arm off. Teshima was now rolling around on the floor as blood began to shot out of his open wound.

Naruto at the time was surprised with the turn of events, but only show it with raised eyebrows.

His thoughts ended the exact moment Teshima's life did.

"H-he's dead." The old gym teacher said as he had both his index finger and middle finger on his neck. "I-It can't be…" trailed off Kyoko as she trembled because of the amount of blood she just saw come out of Teshima. "From this kind of wound? Is that even possible?" There talk came to a halt as they saw Teshima's hand twitch. Kyoko, walked up to Teshima's body. "Are you okay! Thank god!" Kyoko said with much relief in her voice. But before she could move Teshima bite through her throat as she screamed in agony.

"Well that is shit," whispered Naruto as he saw Teshima kill the female teacher. It got worst as Teshima tried to bite the other teacher who was trying to pry off the lady.

Suddenly a voice boomed in his mind "it has started…the apocalypse...


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