Hey guys! Here is the next chapter. Ah…yes! I will be following the canon. I don't like it when it gets too far from main story. But there will be twists and turns here and there. But the main goal is to see…how Naruto…tortured to extent, that even demon felt disgusted will do. It will be interesting…


Suddenly a boomed in his mind "it has started…the apocalypse". This broke the blond from his trance. 'Kyubi you awake' "yeah" 'would you tell me what was that?' "Your mission has started Naruto; you will be the deciding factor in this…". Naruto blinked, never in the world has he thought he would be in this type of sticky situation.'Well…then let's start, these type of situation can't be solved in days, it will take time….first protect people I care about'. Kyubi smiled inwardly his old Naruto is coming back albeit slowly.


The nameless teacher stooped his English lesson and addressed Naruto with a tone of anger. "Uzumaki! What are you doing here, Shouldn't you be in your own class room!" Naruto just stare at the stupid teacher who was scared of the killer look in his eyes, then he reached out and grabbed both Rei's and Hisashi's arm, hoisting them up and out of there seat.

"Come with me you two. We're going to get out of here now!" At that moment, all the class had different reactions, one Saya Takagi immediately stood up, knowing something was wrong when she saw the seriousness and worried look in Naruto's eyes.

Hisashi walked up to his best friend, knowing something was wrong seeing the way Naruto was acting. His lazy friend act this way only when shit hit the fan "What's wrong Naruto? Did something happen to you?" Naruto turned to face Hisashi and said with his usual but serious voice. Which made the nearby students shiver.

"Some of the teachers were just killed at the entrance of the school" This shocked, Hisashi asked "Are you serious? There has to be a logical explanation you just saw" Hisashi finished with a confused look.

"Have I ever lied to you Hisashi?". Hisashi nodded, Naruto never lied to him. If he doesn't want you to know something he will answer you without answering, tell half-truth, or will straight out refuse to answer. This also brought different reactions from people though the only ones to really believe him were Hisashi, Saya, and Kohta Hirano.

Hirano is a teenage boy, slightly short, and a bit overweight for his age, with a shoulder-length hairstyle that has bangs reaching down from the side of his temples stretching outwards and obscuring the sides of his face, Hirano was wearing the same school uniform like the other but he kept the black button up shirt closed with a pair of black pants with white shoes. Hirano meet Naruto a while back.

Flashback? (1 year ago)

Hirano was outside enjoying one of his military weaponry magazines when three boys walked up to him, "Hey look, it's the fatass reading one of his gay little books!" Hirano then looked up and saw the three looking at him with smiles plastered on their faces, the leader of the group was Tsunoda. Tsunoda has brown and yellow hair, he wears the male Fujimi High School uniform, and unlike the other students, he wears slippers instead of regular shoes. Under his uniform, he wears a blue high-collar sweater that is unbuttoned slightly. "Hey, fatass are you one of those crazy gun Otaku who can't get it up without a gun in your hand?" the leader of the three grabs the magazine from his hand and getting ready to ripe it. Hirano for his part was scared and shaking out of fear, of what Tsunoda was going to do to with his magazine.

"P-Please can y-you g-g-give that back me" they all started to laugh at him until Tsunoda felt the magazine taken from his hand. As he looked around, he saw Naruto was reading from it with an interested but still bored look. But this time he has a new accessory, on his back is a long 3'10 long sword with dark blue sheath which has a red nine tailed demon fox with roaring like design near the handle, tails are spread all around the sheath. It looks like you are drawing sword from the fox's mouth. The handle is in dark crimson with usual diamond shaped grip. The guard is of like 9 tilted spikes in black. On the end of handle is a chibi shaped kyubi tied like a key chain.

"Hmm….interesting…hey can you tell me something about this" asked Naruto pointing at magnum handguns. The other three stared at him like crazy but when they looked over, they recognized him in a second. He was the student who beat Takagi Saya and known for being extremely skilled in hand-to-hand combat. Tsunoda hesitated a bit but then spoke rudely "you have nothing to do with this Uzumaki...". Naruto lifted his head to look at him "who are you?" he asked, oh so innocently. The three face fault while Hirano chuckled in the corner.

Naruto then looked over Hirano who was fidgeting foot to foot. Then it click in his mind "ah...so you are bullying the boy". Tsunoda smirked "so what?". Naruto grinned sadistically, three students start sweating. From what they knew Naruto rarely grin and when he did, it means trouble. He looked over them with a sick glee "Ara...you don't know what I do to bullies". Now they were turning blue. Naruto take a thinking pose "you know…my dear sword hasn't tasted blood in a while, will you like to help me" they shivered as Naruto's eyes flashed red for a moment. "n-no t-t-h-hanks". Naruto then walk over to Hirano who stiffened as Naruto laid an arm around his shoulder "so, will you bully my friend here again…". They shook their head feverishly. "Oh…then…run" spoke Naruto in almost demonic tone.

The three students ran like hell like there is no tomorrow. Naruto chuckled as he removed his arm from Hirano's shoulder and extended his hand in greeting "hi…I am Uzumaki Naruto" said Naruto with a lazy smile, his bored look never changing. Hirano stare at hand for few seconds, then quickly grasp it with both hands shaking. "I am K-Kohta Hirano" he replied hesitantly.

Naruto just smiled "so Hirano would you tell me about these" said Naruto while pointing at magnum revolvers. Suddenly Hirano goes into a trance like state while explaining all details. Naruto chuckled lightly, he met an interesting person.

"Thanks…so from now on we are friends," said Naruto with a closed eye smile while his eyes formed an upside U. "r-really?" "yeah...and If you have any problem ask me". With that Naruto turn around waving over his shoulder.

Now Hirano was extremely happy, at last, he made a friend, which is none other than Uzumaki Naruto, the most famous student in the school. He is very laid back person. Extremely handsome plus best in almost everything he does. Whenever he smiles, girls will blush. He gt a lecherous look as he thought of beautiful women he will meet with Naruto. Shaking his head, he just met him…it's for later, hehehehe…

After then Hirano will be with Naruto time to time. He would tell him about something while he listen patiently lying around somewhere. Also giving his opinions. Doing few things in town once in a while. Like going for shooting practice.

Flashback end

Getting back to the matter at hand, Rei finally got out of her daze and snapped at Naruto. "What's going on? I can never understand what's going on in your he-"' Rei was interrupted by a smack to the face.

All was quiet in the class. They were all shocked to see Naruto smack Rei in the face.

Tuning back to him with a face full of rage "What the hell's your proble-" Naruto was now in Rei's face surprising the girl as for the first time there was no bored expression on his face but simply seriousness and concern for his friends in his eyes " will you listen to me…or you want to see what happen when I lose my head!" he said too quietly but everyone heard him.

All students shivered at his tone, it sounded like death itself is talking to you. And it was true only Hisashi has seen him loose his cool and that was when someone has threatened his friend. Hisashi could not help but felt pity for that boy.

As Naruto finally got them to agree. He gave a discreet signal to his other two friends to get the hell out of there. They both slightly nodded. But both of them thinking Naruto just told him/her as a warning not knowing of each other's presence.

Outside The Classroom

After the little episode in the class, we now find the three of them running down the hallway. "Just what's going on? And why are you so worked up right now?" asked a now calm Rei.

Now Naruto has calmed too, his past memories with the worry for his friends has him worked up so he was not able to comprehend the problem properly. Now we can see him with his bored look again "well…There was some crazy bastard! At the entrance of the school walking into the front gates repeatedly. Some of the P.E. teachers went to check it out. Now we got three dead P.E. teacher and they are coming back in a matter of minutes."

"That's insane…" Rei said with a worried look on her face as she look at Naruto to see any reaction from him...well he rarely give reaction to anything.

Hisashi suddenly stopped and opened his locker and pulled out a black sports bag. Naruto looked at Hisashi curiously, "What's wrong? Did you forget something?"

Hisashi then pulls out a baseball bat from his athletics bag and tossed it to Naruto. "If what you said is true, we'll need weapons, right?" After his statement he then broke the head of a broom in the corner and tossed it to Rei and told her to use it like a staff.

"What about you, Hisashi?" asked Rei with a little worry in her face "I've got a black belt in karate. I know I don't look it…I'm tough enough to defend myself from anyone" Hisashi said with pride in his abilities.

Naruto then turned to the exit and about to say something but Rei spoke first. "Let's call the police. My dad is there, too." Stated Rei.

Naruto then stare at her before pulled out his cell phone and toss it to the shocked Rei. "You're not supposed to have a cell phone on you at school!" she said, Naruto just smirks.

"You got some perks if you are maintaining the school reputation, right?" said Naruto with a smirk on his face that causes Rei to blush.

Rei quickly shakes her head to get rid of the blush on her face. She then quickly dialled in the number and waited but as the seconds went by her face went from calm to worry in a matter of seconds. "No way…can't this be happening?" she mumbled.

"What's wrong Rei? Aren't your father picking up" asked Naruto while he placed his hand on her shoulder. So what he is lazy, he can still show compassion. And he let loose his emotions only in company of his friends…albeit rarely.

*Please hold or call back again later. Emergency services are currently experiencing an extremely high call volume.* came the emergency recorded response from the police station. Rei looked at Naruto with a worried look on her face and said, "the line is busy…that's impossible."

All of a sudden they here the intercom turn on and the principle's voice was heard.

["This announcement is for all students. A violent incident is taking place in the school right now! All students must evacuate in accordance with their teachers' instructions! I repeat, a violent incident is taking place in the school right now!"]

"So… They finally realized it huh." Naruto mumbled loud enough for Rei and Hisashi to hear his statement. The announcement continued. ["All students must evacuate according-"] then a crashing noise is heard then silence…

["…help me! Stop it! Help!"]

"Well…shit" drawled Naruto.

xX Back at the Classroom Xx

As everyone was paying attention to the announcement, they never noticed Hirano sneak out of the classroom. Well one person did. "Hirano?" Said a voice that stopped her until he turned around and saw Takagi Saya looking at her with a serious yet arrogant expression. "Hirano-san" Saya said with annoyance in her voice. Saya then puts her finger in front of her mouth. "Shh! Let's run while no one's looking."

xX Fujimi High Soccer Field Xx

All the teachers and student continued to listen to the announcement in shock and horror.

["That hurts! That hurts! That hurts!"]

xX Fujimi High Kendo Room Xx

In the room was a lone girl in the standard school uniform. In her left hand was a bokken but when she heard the principle's screams for help she griped her bokken tight enough to hear her knuckles pop.

["Help me! I'm going to die!"]

xX Fujimi High Nurse Office Xx

["Help me! I'm going to die!"]

After those words have been said, a woman who was asleep using her breast as a set of pillows woke up from her nap with drool running down the left side of her mouth.

She was a beautiful woman that was 27yrs old, 5'8 with blond hair that went past her shoulders and brown eyes. She was wearing a white button up shirt that barley held her breast and black designer skirt that ended a little past her knees. She appeared to be and was the essence of sexy with J cup breast, slim stomach, wide hips and a nice firm ass. She was the school nurse, Shizuka Marikawa.

Despite having such a rude awaking, all she could say is…"Huh? Who's making all that noise?"

xX Majority of The Fujimi High School Xx

It was quiet for a couple of minutes. No one dared to make a sound. All felt like the world was ending right before their eyes. Then a piece of chalk fell of the teacher's podium in a class. As it fell, it looked as if time itself had stopped. But because of that little piece of chalk hitting the ground then sparked something big. Even though it seemed like only the teachers was the only one to hear it, it still had an effect so large that it would seem that it was heard by the entire school. Like animals, when that little snap was heard, that little sound alerted the whole school that all hell broke loose…

xX With Naruto, Hisashi and Rei Xx

Naruto, Rei and Hisashi could hear the panicking students running through the halls of the quickly, Hisashi yells, "Hurry! This way! Through this door" "Aren't we going outside?" asked Rei.

Naruto suddenly shouted. As the boy turns around, he throws the base baseball bat to him. Hisashi looked at him confusedly. Naruto smiled lazily "sorry, I have to bring my sword and stuff…". Hisashi stare at him then nodded. He knew that sword is very important to his friend, after all he even got the principal to let him bring it to school. Hisashi grabbed Rei's hand "we will be at observatory…be safe" Naruto nodded and took of down the hall. While Hisashi started to run while telling her, "The building is too crowded! We're going to be trampled if we go through there!" Hisashi, let go of Rei's hand as Hisashi explained to Rei.

"Rei-chan, if we went were everyone else was heading towards we would only be caught up in the chaos and that will only slow us down!"

With Naruto

Naruto has arrived at his own personal room, which was given to him by principal. Instead of opening the lock. He removed the door of its hinges. Hey! It's not like he wants to look bad-ass, just situation calls for it.

As he entered the room, we can say that it was leisurely. There was table and chair with a laptop on the top. Table has many drawers but you can see some weird drawings on their keyholes. On one side there was a bookcase filled with books. A small fridge in the corner, with glasses on top of it. There is a glass table and a comfy black leather sofa... (ah~~ that's how life should be~~)

When he gets this room was…fun.


"So you are saying you want a room to do your work?" asked the principal. Naruto shrugged with his usual bored look "yeah…" he drawled. "Why?" principal prompted, he at least needs a reason. "well….you can say to me to work in the classroom where in time others will find out that there is an assassin among them who kill on daily basis and they will tell their parents about me then they will withdraw their students then slowly your academy will close…after sometime you will go bankrupt. You will have to sell you car, then house. You will left on road…with a bowl…" Naruto finished his little loooong explanation. Principal sweat dropped largely with tinting blue. Why does he asked for a reason again?

"a-ah…sigh…you are right…I will arrange for that" Naruto nodded eye smiling, he turned around before looking over his shoulder "don't worry…I will help you to maintain peace here" principal nodded thankfully as Naruto exited the room.

Flashback end

He walks over to his dressing table. He put two fingers on the keyhole as he channel chakra. A purple glow spread before a click sound is made.

He loved sealing techniques; he was really ecstatic when he learned the security seal so he can reinforce his dorm.

As he opened, the drawer there is a single notebook with thick papers. Written over it was 'Naruto's handbook'. He opened the book to the first page as he channelled chakra. There was poof of smoke, as it cleared we can see in Naruto's hand there was his sword looking as new at the first time.

He tied it around his belt on his left side for easy draw. Putting his notebook inside his jacket as he exited the room. There is no need for other stuff. He has all he needed in his notebook.

'now first check on them…' . he closed his concentrating as a violet glow covered his form. When you have an ancient fox with you, you can learn many tricks. So he start searching for the people he want to check on. 'let's see…those two are together! How that happen? Ah…there she is…sigh that woman, still sleeping…hm…looks like she will be safe…with her going there…now the last two…' but just then he felt one of the last two signatures fluctuate like crazy. His eyes widened a little 'shit…Hisashi!'

He has to move quickly…now…

With Hisashi and Rei (ten minutes before)

/outside the school/

The moment they got outside they quickly ran through one of the many walkways that connect all of the school buildings. But as they got half way there they got stopped by what appeared to be a teacher.

"Is that wakisaka, the modern Japanese teacher?" asked Rei in a hushed voice. At that moment, they really saw him. He skin and eyes were ash grey and he had a trail of flowing blood from his left hip until it reached the floor.

"Be careful, it's…" Hisashi's sentence was cut off as the former 'teacher' changed toward Rei. "What… No! Stay away!" said Rei as she backed away in fear. "Stab him Rei!" said Hisashi. Rei looked at the end of the broomstick and noticed it had metal around it that was twisted to make a tip sharp enough to stab.

"Don't hesitate. Give it all you've got!" said Hisashi. "Noooo!" said Rei as the 'teacher' started to push her back, making her crouch and once again showing her white panties. She then registered what Hisashi said and what Naruto would have said. Spurred on by her boyfriend and friend thoughts she threw him off her and got serious.

"Don't underestimate…" she began as she started to beat his ass with the broom stick. "The spear martial arts club!" and of which she ended when she stabbed him through the heart with the tip and effectively held him suspended in mid-air with the stick.

"You did it!" said Hisashi happily. That is before the 'teacher' sprang back to life and threw Rei into the wall, causing her boobs to bounce again. She grabbed the broomstick as fast as she could to stop him.

"This is insane! I stabbed him through the heart, so why is he still moving?" screamed Rei as he tried to grab her. Suddenly Hisashi sprung up from behind him and got him in a submission hold. "Rei, pull it out now!" he said.

At that moment, Rei noticed that only a little blood came out of the wound she inflicted upon him. Seeing that things are really starting to get out of hand Rei said, "Hisashi, get away from him!"

Smiling in appreciation of his friends concern, Hisashi said, "Don't worry, I can take him…"

"No Hisashi! You don't get it! You're in dan-"

But it was too late. The 'teachers' head started to turn like an owls. Hisashi tried to stop it but it was futile. "What the… How? How is he so strong?" just as Hisashi was going to let go the 'teacher' bit his arm causing Hisashi to yell in pain as blood splattered from him.

Rei stare at Hisashi in shock and fear. She looked around and notices the golden bat lying to her side. She quickly picks it up while running towards his position.


Trusting Rei, Hisashi moved his head in time to see Rei hit its head so hard that he let go and went flying 3 feet until he hit the railing and fell over into the cement floor below. Hisashi sweat dropped a little. 'Looks like Naruto rub off her in his brutality'

"Hisashi! Are you alright?" asked a relieved Rei.

"He just tore off a bit of flesh; it's not a big deal." said Hisashi as he turned to face her "And thanks Rei, if you hadn't done that I might have lost my arm." Rei just smirked and said, "well…at least I get results from Naruto's torture sessions". Hisashi laughed nervously as he remembered how he trained Rei with not just books but instincts.

The slight happy moment was ended when they heard a scream.

"Nooooooo! Stop it! Don't bite me!" they turned in time to see a girl get bitten in the jugular. Rei put her hand over her mouth in an attempt to not vomit at the site.

"We can't afford to deal with a bunch of them like that," said a sad Hisashi as he watched the girl suffer being eaten alive until she finally died.

"The rooftop." said Hisashi.

"yes" asked a confused Rei.

"Of course, Naruto said he will be there. We'll barricade ourselves until help arrives," said Hisashi after catching on to Naruto's plan. "but why there?" asked Rei.

"Precisely, we will hide in the observatory." said Hisashi.

/the roof/

Running across the roof both immediately stop. Why? Because they can see the whole city. It was then they realized the true extension of the chaos. "What is that?" said a freaked out Rei after seeing the chaos. Cars were crashed, buildings where on fire and they could hear the sirens from across town.

"What's going on?" "Things were normal until a minute ago!" said a distraught Rei.

Before Hisashi can say anything else, they felt a large amount of wind kick up from behind them. This had the effect of picking up Rei's skirt…again. Looking behind them, Hisashi is shocked to see what nearly blew them away. "A black hawk?" asked a shocked Hisashi.

"The American military? No, that's not it! That's the self-defence force!" exclaimed Hisashi. "Where did they come from? There's no base around here." Said shocked Hisashi to himself

"Help us!" said Rei, hoping they can get picked up. "That's not going to work." said Hisashi. "There's no way the self-defence force would fly all this way for nothing." said a sad Hisashi. "They must be on some special mission. They're not concerned about our safety. They aren't even doing anything about that." said Hisashi pointing to the zombie like students as they ate another one alive. "No, stop it! Sto-AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!"

"That's what's going on outside, where you can still run away from it." "Imagine what's going on inside the school…" said Hisashi.

/scene change: inside school/

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH…..PLEASE STOP!" two boys screamed as they got eaten alive by a group of 'students'. Two girls hid in the back ground trying not to be seen by the 'students'.

One girl was 5"5', She had light blue eyes and long dark blue hair done in a braid till it reached her mid back. She was wearing the school uniform that barley held her d-cup boobs. Her name was Toshimi Niki. She is hugging the other girl that was of the same height, had c-cup boobs, light brown eyes and dark brown hair held in a bun on the top of her head while her bangs where split to both sides of her face. She was Misuzu Ichijou.

They were in the library hiding from them, till they got a chance to escape. Until then they had to hear the scream of pain and of betrayal as some students abandoned their friends so they can survive. At that last one, they held each other tighter; knowing neither one of them would ever leave the other behind.

/other side of school/

A fat guy was walking down the hallway in denial. "There is no way this is happening." He says with a smile on his face. "A dream. That's right! This is all just a bad dream!" "I need to wake up…I have to go to school. I'm supposed to chew out those new members today." He said while climbing out the window.


/ the roof/

"This is like a disease caused by them." Said Hisashi. "Them?" asked Rei.

"Corpses are attacking people left and right, but this isn't a movie or video game. That's why it's them." Answered Hisashi. "From what we've see, they eat people. And those that get eaten and die are resurrected as one of them." Just then they noticed that some of them got to the roof and they are now being surrounded.

"What should we do?" asked a scared Rei. "Let's get up to the observatory and block the stairs then we will wait for Naruto," said Hisashi as he pointed to the stairs.

"Let's go!"

Now both were running on the other side of the roof with no problems until they spotted one of the other 'students' coming at them only to get kicked in the face falling off the any other day, she watched as Hisashi kick someone off the roof they would have been shocked at what he had done but under these circumstances it was necessary. But upon closer inspection the 'students' didn't even look human at all.

All the other 'students' on the roof, and most likely in the school, have now become monsters. If anyone where to look over the building to the courtyard of the school they would see the 'students' eating each other alive. Their skin was now grey and their eyes were now dull and lifeless. Surrounding them were the dead bodies, and missing limbs of students they feed on.

The two students finally got to the other side so that they can barricade themselves in the observatory. They ran quickly up the stairs, knowing time was of the essence.

Hisashi was breathing heavily because of the earlier situations and all the running. while he grabs his left arm to take a good look at it, baseball bat in his other arm. As he sighed he hear a scream from Rei.

"DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!" Hisashi then see Rei stab the broomstick she held into one of their former classmates, though that action caused her breast started bouncing.

Hisashi shouted, "You idiot! Look out!" Rei then turned towards Hisashi with a, "But-!" It was too late, the former classmate grabs onto the broomstick and used it to slam her against the wall, causing her boobs to jiggle and her white panties to be seen. Looking up, Rei saw that he was closing in on her and immediately screamed, "No! Stop it!"

"REI...!" screamed Hisashi as he ran up to the dead student. Just as the dead boy was about to bite Rei, his head was immediately smashed by the blow to the head by Hisashi.

"Did you see that? When I was able to knock them out." Looking up Rei immediately jumped up and latched on to him as it he was a lifeline. Hisashi looked at her and said, "You didn't crush its head Rei-chan" she then started to frown unlatched herself from Hisashi; Hisashi sees this and looks at Rei and asks, "Are you alright?" Rei just nods her head, but they let their guard open. A female 'student' was upon them. They were both shocked that they didn't even noticed it. At the moment, it looked like the student was going to bite one of them.

They saw her coming towards them in slow motion….

But just before she could bite a sword with dark crimson blade with 9 spikes type guard and crimson clothing with diamond styled hilt…with a keychain entered her head from the left temple. The force was so great that it came out of other side with lifting the girl with her and got buried into the wall. Both were too stunned to move, as they had just saw their life flash before them. But came out of their stupor as Naruto jumped from the side in front of them while kicking a zombie in gut. It fly back with such speed that. All other below them were too blown back. They saw Naruto with an annoyed look on his face which was still somehow bored telling them….

"Rei! Hisashi! Come on, I left both of you for ten minutes and you were about to die". Both of them look sheepish at this as he motioned them for move upward. Nodding in acknowledgment, they hurried up the stairs to the observatory while Naruto removes his sword from the wall. After Naruto looks behind him, he sees more of the 'students' walking towards them slowly, "Jesus…give me a rest already?" looking across the roof he sees more student being eaten. Naruto sighed then turns towards Hisashi, Rei, and stares at them with pleading eyes, "2 hours ago...just 2 hours ago everything was just like it was! I would have all day to sleep…" both his friends sweat dropped at their friend's antics while thinking the same 'is he for real!'. Naruto then sighed and looks towards the horizon.

They are now finally resting. After the short call on the stairs, they blocked the stares with tables, chairs and rope that they found in the observatory. They leaned against the rail, looking at what their world has become after all the chaos. Naruto is not that worried, most of his friends chakra is stabilized for now…except Hisashi. He needs to be with him.

"Hisashi…tell me what information you have about these things" asked Naruto in usual voice with a tinge of seriousness. Hisashi nodded as he tells him everything he has observed so far. From them to American army. Suddenly…

"Why? Why is this happening?" Rei screamed in sadness. "There has to be a reason for this right?" said Hisashi as he stared at Naruto after all he got a brain that can beat Saya. "Even If we can figure out what's behind this, we can't find a solution." Said Naruto with his arms crossed as he leaned on railing "The disease as you say has not spread from inside the school because the first victim was from outside, so even if we want we can't do anything from here….day will come to an end later. For now, if we plan on being here for a while then we should look for a lighter or something that can bring attention to our position and help us survive" said Naruto.

"Of course, if we don't start a fire later while we have the chance, at night their movements' will-" Hisashi stopped mid-sentence and started to cough up a lot of blood. "Hisashi! What's wrong?" asked a worried Rei.

"Naruto! Hisashi is-"she stopped as Hisashi suddenly grabbed her arm just as Naruto walked up to them. He looked pale and his eyes seemed out of focus.

Naruto's eyes narrowed in anger and sorrow, he knew something was wrong, dammit! As he asked "Rei. Does he got bitten or something?" Rei looked fearfully at Naruto as rarely seen him angry. Naruto snarled uncharacteristically as he punched nearby wall cracks appearing beneath it. "I specifically told you to not let them near you" Naruto gritted his teeth in frustration.

"What the- Why is this happening?" asked Rei in shock. "The bite barley even pierced his flesh, why did it get this bad…" Rei let her sentence trail of as she looked at Hisashi in sadness. "It's like in the movies; once you get bitten you're done for." said Hisashi with a sad smile on his face.

"That's a Lie! What you see in movies never hap-" Rei was then caught off guard by Hisashi chuckling at her comment. "But it did happen to everyone else right." Hisashi said, as he looked Rei in the eyes. By this point in time Naruto was just standing there with his a sad look on his face. Hisashi then stared at Naruto and smiled happily. "Naruto-kun…could you do me a favour?" Naruto looked Hisashi with a sad look on his face.

"What is it Hisashi?" he asked while his hair shadowed his eyes. "Even through the ups and downs, you have, and always will be my best friend…Naruto-kun and ther-"Hisashi was cut off by a confused looking Rei. "What are you saying...?" blood started seeping from his left eye and mouth. "I don't want to become one of those 'Things'..."

It took them a moment, but then Rei gets the hidden meaning in his words.

"Hisashi you can't die! We need you" Hisashi then spat out blood, before shakily standing up "if I fall from here, I will surely die". Rei was trying to protest but was held back by Naruto. Hisashi was about to run "Hisashi..." he looked at his friend "you were my first and only best friend I ever have…and I am glad it was you". Hisashi smiled "please take care of Rei…Naruto-kun" with that he ran but before he could reach the edge, he fell splitting blood for the last time before falling dead. "NOOOOOOOOOOO! HISASHI!" as Rei ran towards Hisashi. Naruto then thinks back to what Hisashi just told him ("I don't want to become one of those 'Things'...") Naruto then grips the sword in his hand.

"Rei please, let go of him" Rei then grabs Naruto by his shirt. "Don't! You can't do that! He won't! Hisashi won't turn into one of 'Them'! Hisashi's different!" Naruto just looked Rei in the eye.

"Rei...please move out of the way at least let me complete his last wish" Rei then spotted Hisashi getting up from being dead for a couple of minutes. "Look Naruto! Hisashi isn't going to die..." Now the 'Undead Hisashi' was now up and just standing there. "Hisa..." Rei was then yanked away from an angry Naruto. Rei was now behind Naruto trembling with fear to what Naruto was going to do to Hisashi, "This isn't happening...this can't be..." then Naruto grips his sword tightly at thought of spilling blood of his best friend and turn to the 'Undead Hisashi'

"This DOES seem impossible...but. It's all real!" Naruto then swings his blade in parallel slice, taking off the 'Undead Hisashi' head that was running towards them. There was not a single drop of blood on him as the action was done with precision, such expertise. He flick his blade to the side removing the blood from the blade then sheathing it with one swift move. Rei then screams in the top of her lungs.

"HISASHI!" Naruto just stood there silently. While Rei fell on her knees

"Why?" He didn't say anything

"Why?" he's still says nothing

"…Why!" Rei asks with more force. Then Naruto final answered

"…I want him to be at peace…" Naruto said while he held his hands to his side "Why did he ask for such a thing…" it was at that point that Rei started to bawl her heart out while Naruto just stared at Hisashi's headless body. "I would have let him bite me so I could be with him, I would rather be a monster with him rather than to see him die!" She sobbed out.

Naruto looked at her from the corner of his eye and said, "I don't think he would have wanted that…" she stopped crying and just stared at the ground. "How do you know that, Naruto?" she said with hate. "Oh, I know…I know…you must have hated Hisashi! Am I right?" she said while looking at him like HE killed Hisashi.

"Because he was dating me! That's why you killed him huh! Well? IS IT?" she screamed out. Every word she was saying to him felt like hot knifes being driven in to his heart. So Naruto for the 2nd time in life… just snapped.

"DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT YOUR SAYING!" he yelled with every word spoken full of sadness and felt shocked. The amount of rage in his voice was so shocking and more because Naruto never shouts, he is the most cool-headed person in their group. She had just now she realized her mistake.

Maybe a little too late.

"I liked you, I always have. When we sit in classroom alone, I always want to hold you…to be with you but I can't… You know that I came from a small town, which has history of warriors. My family's traditions are different. If I am bound to someone, it is for life…I can't break this bond even if I had wanted to. I didn't want for you to be like that. " the single tear in his eye, Rei was so captivated she had to listen. "I wanted you to enjoy your freedom…mine has stolen from me before I was even born…"

At this inside Naruto's mind kyubi's eyes soften as he thought 'I am sorry' . he knows that Naruto has forgiven him but it doesn't help with guilt of ruining a child's life.

"You were not ready for responsibilities because we were kids. But you kept pushing for it…so I start distancing yourself from me" Rei sat there shocked, Naruto do all this just for her but her thoughts were interrupted. "I knew that Hisashi like you, so I was fine with it because I knew he will take care of you" she sat quietly after Naruto stopped. She then asked looking at the ground,

"When were us going to be ready then?" Rei asked "I have been Rei..." At his statement she looked up at him as if asking for an explanation. "Remember when I asked why you got held back? I saw you were hurt and I wanted to be there for you. But…" Naruto said with a sad smile. 'I was going to tell you everything…'

"I said you wouldn't understand…" Rei said while tears fell from her eyes, then she thought back on it.

"You would have broken my heart that day Rei….but it was already in pieces so your words are like a foot on it, we have been there for each other since we first met, always looking out for each other and being there when the other needed it. You never even gave me a chance…." Naruto while Rei continued to cry. In the end, it was her who didn't understand.

'But you broke my trust…'

"Naruto...I-" she was surprised at what she heard next.

"I crushed everything except our friendship, Rei." Naruto said with a smile. As she was looked at him the moment he said those words, she knew it was true. He would remain at distance, leave her alone if they were together. He just left that…friendship She now could see behind all the sadness and apathetic look was love. "But I still somewhere like you…..and I hate myself for that..." he said making her shock "I crushed most of my feelings but there will always remain a part…that's how I am "All of it for her. She felt terrible. Of course they were too young, they are barley in high school and she wanted to make a full commitment. And just because she didn't get what she wanted she went and broke his heart in more ways than one. Now she remembered why she went out with Hisashi, so it would make Naruto jealous. That plan backfired as she began to actually start genuinely like him. It wasn't love like what she felt for Naruto, but she knew it would have been with time. But now she knew she had to know why he did come for her.

"If you loved me then why…"

"…I once asked my Kaa-san, 'what is the best thing you can give to someone you love besides love itself?' She told me, 'set them free and let them live the life they want.' I then saw you were happy with Hisashi and what little feeling of jealousy arise in me washed away by the smile it brought on my friend's face…I let you go." After hearing his heart filled words she felt like she wanted to cry more. For Naruto and the pain she caused him. For herself for having been so selfish. And for Hisashi for bringing him in all this.

Naruto chuckled hollowly "when he comes to tell me about this…he even start kissing me…so for my friend's heart I encouraged him the all I could…". Tears started to fall from his eyes but he didn't sob but let the water flow " he was the only friend I had in my whole life…" her eyes widened, only friend.

"Rei…" as she looked up she couldn't help but let her tears fall. It was all her fault.

"I will always be your friend, but after all that's happened I don't think I can pick pieces of my heart again" That finally broke her as she cried her heart out for everything that happened. Naruto just stood there with a lifeless gaze while she cried. When she stopped crying Naruto turned around and walked towards the stairs. Looking up, Rei saw Naruto walking away so she asked,

"Naruto, where are you going?" He turns around and says. "I don't want to bother you, so I'm going downstairs and I'm gonna kill the dead again!" Scared at the thought of losing him, she ran up to him.

"Wh-what are you talking about? That's not something you can take care of all by yourself!" he just ignored her and began moving the blockade out of the way. "Hey, Naruto? Wait Naruto?" she then starts crying again. By this point Naruto just decided to jump over it. "No! Stop it!" she ran up to him and hugged his arm as tight as she could between her breast. "I'm so sorry! I didn't mean it! I really didn't mean it! So please! Please stay… STAY WITH ME!" she screamed as she held onto his arm, fearing that she would lose him too and leave her all alone.

At this, Naruto slowly came down and then she immediately hugged him and cried while mumbling she is sorry. 'Hisashi, you will always be in my heart, but so does Naruto…' Rei then held Naruto tighter. Naruto just gave her a one armed hug while staring into the distance. 'I swear, I will always love you Naruto and I will get you to love me as well…' While she thought this, Naruto just looked toward the horizon wondering how their lives will be now.

"On the day my mission starts…I…lost my best friend…and held the girl I once loved for the first time...but…I hate myself for it…


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