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'Why are they eating people? This isn't even funny!' Saya Takagi thought as she and Kohta Hirano stayed near the walls so they would not get in the way of the panicked masses.

"Can't be. This can't be happening. Can it mommy? It's not right?" A student boy mumbled aloud as he held the wound on his neck as he slowly walked the hallways. One of the undead then grabbed his face and had him for lunch. Saya and Hirano took that as a good distraction and ran past them.

"Takagi-san! Where do you think you are running to?" Hirano asked as they ran down the hall. "And what exactly was your brilliant plan?" She shot back rudely. "I was going to talk to the teachers in the faculty room and then-" He said but was cut off.

"That's pointless." Saya said they stopped at a door to look around before running again, this time out on a bridge on the outside of the school. "What do you think a bunch of stupid teachers can do about it?" "But Takagi-san, this is just…it's kinda…because of this I should…" He could not get the right words out and because of that, Saya stopped, prompting him to as well.

"I've got a question for you." She said calmly. "What is it?" She turned and pointed to him. "Do you want to die, or do you want to live?" "Well…that's um." Hirano said as he looked at the dead teacher next to him.

"They had the same idea as you. Let's see how that works for them." Saya said, referring to a group of student pounding on a nearby door, which leads to a faculty room. The result was not pretty. As soon as the door opened, the students were mulled by the undead. "You want to live right? Then stick with me!" Hirano just nodded, seeing that the loud girl he was with was his best chance to survive. "Let's go chubby!" although he could do without the names.


"Naruto-kun…will you do me a favour…"

"What is it Hisashi?"

"Even through the ups and downs, you have, and always will be my best friend…

"I don't want to become one of those 'Things'..."

"If I fall from here, I will surely die" "you were my first and only best friend I ever have…and I am glad it was you".

"Please take care of Rei…Naruto-kun"

Then blood splatter across the roof.

With that Naruto woke up with a start from his dream. 'Hisashi…I will protect her for you…for me...'

Rei glanced at Naruto as he was staring at Hisashi's corpse with hollow look. She was a little worried for his friend; he hasn't said anything after that. His bored look is now more hollow than before.

"What's the matter?" she asked. "….I was thinking about the responsibility Hisashi has left me…" "What is that?" "...to take care of a brat like you" he said with a small smirk. She puffed her cheeks in aggravation "Mou...that was mean". Naruto chuckled lightly. After all that happen, he needed a break and this was enlightening. He ran his hand through his blonde and crimson hair. They were at roof for more than 1 hour. Now, they have to move and find his other friends.

She too smiles seeing her friend's smile; she slowly stood-up "I think I am going to call my father again"

Naruto nodded his head. All of the sirens seemed to have stopped sometime ago, but still… "I know your dad's a cop, but the emergency line was jammed remember." 'He should have called me by now…which means city in chaos too' he thought.

Rei just smiled and started to dial in a number. "There's a secret number I can only call in an emergency." It rang for a while, but someone eventually picked up.

"It got through." Rei said in happiness.


"Hello? This number…is it you Naruto?"

" Daddy? Daddy, were at school and…"

"Is it Naruto? Did Rei give you this number? Is Rei okay? 'CRASH' "the signal's too…"

"Daddy! Can't you hear me?"

"Listen Naruto, pleas-..prot-tect Rei…the city is…"

"Daddy! Daddy!"


It was quiet for a moment, then the call resumed.

"Got it? The city is in complete chaos…get out of-"

"you should..qui-ly evacua….mission-."

The call dropped.

"No signal? But he just picked up! Why? Why?

"Rei…" called Naruto, only to halt as he saw Rei started to cry. He sighed as he slowly stood-up to go near her.

"Naruto…my dad…didn't even realized…it was me." She ended with a sob as she wrapped her arms around Naruto tightly as if he is her only lifeline. Slowly Naruto too wrapped one arm around her.

She didn't have to worry…Naruto will be with her.


"Takagi-san, I know it is against school rules, but do you have your cell phone on you?" Hirano asked as they sneaked through a hallway full of the undead. OK, they were near the hallway, near a stairwell.

"I'm a straight A student," She stated with irritation. "Besides, even if I had one, who would I call?" "The police maybe?" Hirano offered. "God you're so stupid!" Saya said, "Look how serious this is, there's no way people haven't called them already. But yet we have not heard a single siren. So now you know."

"So this…happening all over?" Hirano asked, truly freaked out now. "You think?" Saya replied sarcastically. "I am sure the police are dealing with this already, but look how things are!"

"I wonder if we should call the self-defence force or something."

"I would not expect much from them."

"I know they can't do much without the government's order but-"

"That's not what I meant." Saya said with a twitching eyebrow.

"Well what did you mean exactly?" Hirano asked while accidently bumping into her.

Pushing him away, she said, "They're just like the police! What do you think would happen if people were eating people in all the cities out there? Listen; there are a hundred and thirty million people. How many of them do you think work for the self-defence force? And what if the same things have been happening inside the self-defence force?" That should have gotten the point across, but they didn't have much time left because one of them came walking down the stairs. "Come on! We need to go!"

"Ok!" stuttered the gun freak. "You're lucky that Naruto is in here and one of your friends. I am such a nice person." Saya growled out, irritated that he was freaking out still. "Huh? You know Naruto?" Hirano asked as they ran.


In the nurse's office, a student was freaking out while killing his friend…who had become one of the undead. While that was going Shizuka was gathering medical supplies to put in her bag. She was just act stupid and like nothing was bad, but she was actually worried and trying to ignore the undead kid in her room. "What should I do? I can't get a hold of the police or the fire department. I can treat them but they'll just die and once they die, they'll resurrect! This is just like that George Romeo movie I saw."

"I don't think it is time to be impressed." The student boy said, out of breath. "Let's get out of here Shizuka-sensei!" "Hold on a second. Let me take all the stuff I can carry." Shizuka replied as she reached in the medical cabinets. "I hope Naruto-kun is ok." She mumbled to herself so no one heard her.

You were thinking how she knows him, well we have to have a...


The first time she had seen him was when she was working on her table near the window. It was 3rd period and Naruto was at the ground going through his Tai-jutsu katas shirtless. She was just passing by the window when her eyes fall on him and her breath hitched.

It was not because she saw Naruto's perfect body but the number of scars that are present on his body. There was a long scar going from his right shoulder blade to his left of the stomach. One straight down from chest to waist like he was cut open. Round scars like impaled by something blunt. Rest were not so big scars. Scars of when one was impaled with bladed weapons. But they were spread on his back too, they were long almost covering his whole back. Holes like scars on arms at various places, like use to hang him somewhere.

'Oh my…what would have happened to him?' But what made her scare were his eyes. They were empty like he was some faraway place. Slowly she took in his features. His deep blue eyes, his whisker like marks on his face 'cute'. She stopped her train of thought, blushing profusely at that. Slowly she took in his body, which was pretty much perfect except the scars. It was like he was sculptured from stone. There were all muscles but not buff. They were like a perfect structure, which was a result of using chakra to enhance muscles.

As she again gazed at his face, she come to a knowledge. He was looking directly at her with his emotion less gaze. She wanted to turn away but cant, it's like he has caught her in an illusion where she would just see the blue ocean which were his eyes. Then his eyes soften as he smiled his lazy smile.

Shizuka blush dark red as she quickly turned away from the window. Her heart waspounding relentlessly, 'oh no he has seen me checking him out….and…he smiled…' now she was as red as tomato as various thoughts ran through her mind, some of which were not so appropriate.

After few days

"So…you want me to be an intern for you Marikawa-Sensei?" Naruto asked with his bored expression.

"Yes." The buxom blond said with a smile. After that day she had tried to get some information about him...which was rather easy as he was most famous. She heard a lot about the boy from students and teachers alike. It seemed that they were right. "As the school nurse, I know a lot of the medical field, but I seem to get lost a lot with other subjects."

"Eh? Well…I will help you with this" Naruto said with a smile. "But one condition" she faltered. What would we ask of her? Many incoherent thoughts again invaded her mind but she shook her head but there was pink tinge across her face.

She stares at him intently leaning forward. He looked serious but suddenly smiles at her his closed U eye smile "will you let me sleep here?" She face faulted hard with a large blush. Her thoughts were not pure. But she should have expected it. All students say he is best in everything he does- studies, sports, management. He is kind, gentle, don't bully anyone….but the most stressing trait of him is that…he is completely lazy. He would miss most of the classes even the sports ones so that he could sleep somewhere.

She slowly lifted herself from the floor and laughed nervously. "t-that's al-right". Naruto nodded with a smile. "Well you can ask me of anything, I will answer you….I am pretty knowledgeable for book smarts"

She nodded happily while giving him a hug "thank you Naruto-kun" she squealed. Naruto chuckled as he patted her head. And for some reason she felt good when he shows that affection as a warm felling enveloped her. She let go a bit reluctantly.

"Do you know some of the medical field?" Shizuka asked, very interested in knowing what he knew.

"Yeah, my mother taught me some simple stuff like first aid and making natural medicine from herbs, something like that." He said casually.

"Oh. Would you teach me, huh, huh?" She asked with a ditzy smile. Naruto chuckled. This woman Naruto has come across has a very pure soul. Her body is that of an adult woman but her spirit is like that of a young girl. And Naruto has decided he would not let anyone taint her spirit.

"Of course, but you will have to teach me too" Naruto said trying to sound little excited to make the woman little happy. Shizuka smiled widely at his response. She also heard that he is a detached guy and have very few friends. Taking a closer look at him, she thought he is everything she could ask for, but she sadly shook those thoughts away. While she may be lonely, she could not do that….could she?...maybe but for now a friend would do…

"Naruto-kun will you be my friend?" she asked timidly. She has only one more friend who is out of country most of time while all other are just passing acquaintances. Naruto smiled lightly "of course"

So that's how their friend ship start.

After that, Naruto would spend a few hours. In the infirmary lazing or sleeping while Shizuka will ask for all type of things. From general information like what's going on around the city, new medicines to clothes even under garments. Well last one she has asked to see if she could get a reaction from the blond but all she got was a raised eyebrow with an answer "well I know few shops which sell them, if you want I can come with you" so at last her plan failed and she was the one who got embarrassed.

Naruto helped her to understand the normal things which often torment her. But still she behaves like her ditzy self but understand a lot of things. So would not be bullied. Well that's stops when others come to know that she comes under Naruto's circle. No one dared to say anything to her; such was his presence to evil people.

Shizuka has come to know about this from some rumours she overheard. She was inwardly happy that people were relating her to her Naruto. Wait…her Naruto…that feels so right…

Once she has asked, "Naruto-kun how is you able to sleep so much?" Naruto blinked as he was sitting in a chair in front of her, elbows on the table while his head between his hands. "well…I do a part time job at night, so I fulfil my sleep here….well that is one reason but I am lazy from the start, my mother always scold me for this" he said smiling a little. She was interested "eh…what kind of job do you do?" she asked. Naruto waggled his finger "that I will tell you some other time…" she pouted "mou… meanie Naruto-kun"

Naruto's eyes drifted to faraway look. Shizuka was checking some medicine. When Naruto slowly stood up as he walked over to her. She sensed him approach, looked up to see him standing in front of her. But what entranced her were the emotions swirling in his eyes.

Those deep blue oceans which normally only show apathy were now showing emotions, which make her gasp. There was so much pain, sorrow, little happiness which was ripped apart till only a small bit remain. She couldn't get enough of these eyes.

She watched as he slowly brought his arms forward. Her heart beat fasten as she thought about what was coming. But Naruto slowly brought his arms around her, pulling her in a tight hug. She was shocked the affectionate display from mostly apathetic boy. But when he start mumbling, tears also came to her eyes "no one…no one will hurt you Shizuka." but we said next shocked her "If anyone make you cry…I will kill him" her tears stopped as her breath thinking 'would he really go that far…for my sake' but from his voice she could tell he was serious.

Her inner debate was stopped when she felt wet on her head. Then she heard a chocked sob. At this she cried harder. He was crying and for some reason she felt herself to cry too. She slowly looked up as tears fell on her face and into her mouth. But she didn't care "….Naruto-kun…" Naruto smiled down at her as he wiped her tears "nothing wrong…old memories…that's all" she bit her lip in debate if to ask or not. She has learnt that his past is not the best so should be approached carefully.

As if reading her mind he said "don't worry Shizuka….I will tell you everything…in time" she sighed as Naruto brought her in another tight hug. She sighed blissfully but after this one thing has cleared in her mind….she has fallen in love with Naruto.

Flashback end

"Just do it quickly!" The student freaked out before the windows to the office broke open and they broke through. He managed to get in front of the nurse and got bit in the shoulder for his troubles. " Shizuka-Sensei! Get out of here quick!"

"Hey." The nurse said as she backed up, clearly afraid, but putting up her stupid personality. In reality, she was much smarter thanks to Naruto and she liked that about him. She knew she was not that smart and he took the time to help her understand a lot. "Hey, I'm sorry, what was your name again, please?"

"What?" The student asked, not believing what he heard and his lack of attention got the better of him as he was pushed down and the undead fell on him as well. They were about to get to the school nurse, she looked scared 'but I still have to tell him my feelings' she thought desperately. But thankfully someone came to the rescue. If she remembered correctly, this was one from kendo club who challenged Naruto time to time. Saeko.

Her name was Saeko Busujima. She has long and straight bluish Indigo hair with a triangular fringe at the front that barely touches the ridge of her nose, and she has bluish-purple eyes. Like most of the students, she wears the normal school uniform but with long skirt, even though they do have kendo uniforms. Another notable thing about her is that she had large D cup breast.

Saeko easily took them all down in a flash. When the undead were dead yet again, she walked over to the student who had been bitten and said, "I am the captain of the kendo club, Saeko Busujima, a sophomore. What's your name kid?"

The kid coughed out some blood and stuttered out, "Ishi."

"Ishi, you did a great job protecting Dr. Marikawa. I commend your courage." She said softly. "You do know what happens to you once you get bitten. Do you want your parents and friends to see you like that? If the answer is no, I will end your life as painlessly as I can. But I've never killed anyway before."

The boy stared at her for moment, knowing it was the end for him either way and smiled weakly. "P-please do that." As she took up her sword to get ready for this, Shizuka panicked, "Wait! What are you going to do?"

"You're the school doctor; I got it, but stay out of it. This young man is going to die with honour and I am going to make sure that he does." Saeko said as she readied her wooden sword. Ishi laid back and smiled before it all went black for him.

Shizuka looked on in horror, but she did not have time to grieve because they came in through the doorway this time. Saeko looked that them and gave off her sadistic smile. But before she could start the nursed a wailed a name that has haunted her for a long time which also stopped her in her tracks.

"~Naruto-kun, where are you? ~~" shizuka wailed childishly.

"You know Naruto-kun?" Saeko asked surprised.

But we now have to see how she comes to know him.


Naruto was standing in kendo club as of now. Kurama's words were clear to him 'things revolve around you…and to change that you have to be strong'. He has been practicing his swordsmanship skill at many places, which shouldn't be told. But he has heard that the captain of this club is really strong, so he wants to practice a little too.

As he enters he talks to a passing boy, who looked at him like crazy when Naruto told his reason. But shrugged before going to his captain. Naruto just stared at wall bored. That's when the captain of kendo club comes forward and Naruto has a good look at her.

Saeko Busujima, came towards the boy which could be called a man as he was taller than her. She has heard a lot about him from other girls. He was said to be perfect. They said he was genius in studies even though miss class, great in sports, manages school discipline…but has a major quirk of being lazy beyond anything. That's why she can't determine his position. How someone as lazy could be perfect.

But when she matched his eyes, she stopped in her tracks. She couldn't read them, she was always able to read something but now all she could see was apathy and determination. But for what she don't know. She shivered involuntarily 'such gaze….which clearly told he didn't believe us to be better than him, such confidence'. She shook her head to clear her thoughts.

She looked as Naruto's eyes roam over the place before settling on her figure. "So you want to challenge me, my name is Saeko Busujima" Naruto blinked still looking bored as his look say he didn't want to stay here too long. "….yeah, I want to challenge….I am Uzumaki Naruto".

Girl nodded before speaking "I accept your challenge Uzumaki-kun". Naruto blinked owlishly 'that was pretty fast'.

They got on the mattress opposite to each other; first bowed both then the match was started by a shout of start. She settled into her usual stance. While Naruto shifted into a really lose stance. It was the mix of the original and his laziness. He has learned this style from the scrolls his mother has left in the forbidden scroll in Uzumaki clan blood seal.

Both stared at each other for a few moments. Suddenly she charged. Naruto remain at defensive as he instead of blocking her attacks he let them hit at an angle which greatly reduced the effect in compare to normal style. This goes for few minutes. She was surprised with his simple yet effective move which showed that he was not any random man who wants to pick a fight.

She again gets on offensive but result was same, she was attacking, he was deflecting. As he was fighting her, he noticed that she had a serious face on, which she usually had when fighting, but there was one time when he saw a spark in her eye when someone was about to give her a challenge. However, that died when she beat that person. Maybe he can provoke that side and really see what she could do. He felt that she was holding back….a lot.

Saeko noticed that that crimson-blond's expression hasn't changed at all. He was looking as bored as he was when he came with his half lidded eyes with a lazy small smile. It felt like he wasn't even trying. Normally, she was a nice person to everyone, concerned about their well-being, but that smile provoked her other side. Her sadistic side. He was holding back like she was and she wanted to see how strong he was!

Like that, the shift happened. She gained her sadistic smile as her eyes showed her bloodlust. She strikes came more rapidly and with more force. His eyebrows rose at this. Naruto had to admit she was good and man she was strong. He actually had to tighten his grip around his kendo stick which is a great accomplishment if you take in his physical properties. He could also felt about chunin amount of chakra present in her. 'So she has trained her mind and body to a level that she was able to increase her chakra reserves, what a great spirit'.

He looked back at her face to see that sadistic smile and he wondered off-headedly if she was turned on by this. But a perverted comment from the fox made up for it. That was a mistake to be distracted like that because she got in a hit on his cheek. The strike was so fast that it drew some blood.

Saeko looked on wide eyed and she lost her sadistic side in concern for her opponent. However, before she could ask if he was alright, his expression changed to that of confusion like he didn't even felt it. He reached up to touch his cheek and wipe the blood off with his thumb before seeing it then bringing it closer to his mouth licking it clean. That scared the other club members and made her a bit nervous plus embarrassed at his licking. She blushed red finding the scene hot.

But she has to think. Somehow he looks more sadistic than before. He gained a gleam in his eyes as apathy is replaced by amusement. He got a dark grin. She shivered at his look. From what she has heard about this boy, he shows little emotion…and when he grins, it always brought trouble.

He chuckled lightly. Tossing his wooden sword in air, he got in a wide stance. His legs were apart, one in front one in rear. Knees bend lightly. That's when he caught the sword with his left hand. People don't know it but he is ambidextrous. His right hand is for strong strokes while left has more precision and speed. He caught the blade in a reverse grip while right hand was forward with blade rested on back side of his palm.

Saeko stared at Naruto in surprise. 'His stance has completely changed…but which style does it belong to. By the looks of it can't be a no-name'. Her thoughts were interrupted "ready..." She blinked and he was upon her. But thanks to her years of training and hard earned instincts saved her as she raised her sword to block a low swipe. But to her surprise her sword rattles a little. He then revolves to the right while switching his grip now come down with a downward swipe, hitting his opponent's sword a little up from before.

Now her sword was shaking, however she holds the blade in basic stance. But before she could move, he again revolves this time from left. He hit his opponent's sword at the tip of the wooden blade. The force behind the attack makes her hand shake as she was pushed to knee with the last attack. Before she could do anything he was upon her. As she looked up his swords was inched away from her head. Her eyes widened as he whispered "Uzumaki Kenjutsu- Yurasu Tame Messatsu (Uzumaki style-shake to obliteration)"

The entire club was silent. Nobody made a sound. They were too stunned to do that. Their captain who has not once lost a match was on her knees.

Just then the blond chuckled as he removed his sword. The girl has not stood yet. Squatting down in front of her. He brought his right hand forward flicking her nose. At last this broke her from her stupor as she closed her eyes from sudden pain. Naruto again chuckled "you are good…actually too good for our age" she blushed a light red. "I can tell that you spend lots of time in it, no?" she shyly nodded.

Naruto smiled fondly at her. But she saw in his eyes that he was remembering something. He patted her head "keep it up and you will be great in future". She couldn't say anything. This boy no...Man. has come here, than annihilate her…now he was patting her….and all she could do was blush a cherry red.

He slowly stood up, she followed his every movement. His grace is that of a warrior, she could tell. He goes to the side bench where his jacket and that long kodachi type blade were placed. He put the wooden sword on the bench while putting his jacket on then tying his blade to his waist, he said "sorry about the wooden sword…" as He start walking for the exit.

Now she has collected herself enough to stand up as he said over his shoulder "…I got carried away a little with the fight…" all students blanched at that while thinking 'he annihilated taicho…and he said a little'.

But Saeko's thoughts were different "what do you mean?" she asked confused at his sudden apology. Naruto stare at her with one eye over his shoulder, amusement and little mischief dancing in his eyes. He chuckled and just started walking "I will meet you later…." With that he was gone. But his last statement made Saeko think like he know she would come looking for him…maybe she would to persuade him for the club or…other reasons.

Her inner argument was stopped as she heard noises of cracking wood. She looked around for the source…while all were looking for the voice too. As the voice continued all eyes fall at her hand. She blinked and looked down at her hand.

And to her shock, there was slowly a crack coming down from the edge of the sword to downward. It continued till it reached the place where Naruto has struck first. Where noise increased as finally the sword break from the middle falling on the ground again splitting into two pieces.

Her eyes widened in shock, awe and fear at what would have happened if she was struck ' w-what t-the…h-he broke my s-sword' . All other students were silent and were sweating while turning blue. Having the same thought 'what is he?'. But now she knew why he said they would meet again.

It was then her relationship with the blond build up.

After a week

Last week Saeko has asked her father who was the master of Busujima family and a great master of sword. She has asked his father if he knew anything about Uzumaki Kenjutsu. But all he does was looked at her in confusion as he asked "no…this is the first time I have heard of this style…from where do you heard it."

She was little embarrassed at telling her father about a boy but hid it well with her curiosity. She told him about the Uzumaki Naruto, at how he has joined the school just few months ago. And when he was told to join a club he has visited there club where he challenged her and then defeated her.

She doesn't left a thing out…well except his patting, compliments and blushing.

To say his father was surprised was an understatement. He was shocked. Her daughter is one of the most skilled master in the family. For her to be defeated in just one move.

He stroked his chin 'Uzumaki…I have never heard of this family'. "I will search a little about it…does he say anything about your skills". He wanted to listen about the opinion of a skilled fighter other than him.

Her cheeks gained a pink hue "he s-said I am too good for my age….a-and that I must have spent lots of time practicing…..he also said to keep up and I will be great in future." She finished her sentence too quietly. His father just laughed at her daughter's embarrassment.

She just blushed more intensely. He spoke "true…he decipher it quite accurately…I will search for it". Saeko nodded and left the room.

Another week later

The rumour of her defeat spread like wildfire. The people who were first wary of blond were now downright terrified.

Her father searched for the name thoroughly as he too was interested but to her dismay he couldn't find anything.

So she decided to approach the root of the problem with some indirect questions. And she found him where students has told her…..sleeping at the roof.

As she approached him opened one of his eye half lidded. He stares at her "You came…..Busujima-senpai" he drawled every word. He slowly stood-up "so….what can I do for you?" She fidgeted a little under his bored gaze 'what is wrong with me…he is just staring at me and I am all nervous'

But she asked "I-I want to ask a few questions" Naruto sighed then brought his hand forward "then first we should introduce ourselves and you have to become my friend" he smiled at her. She smiled back, so what she heard was true, he is kind, gentle and many more things. "Of course, I am Busujima Saeko" "I am Uzumaki Naruto".

"So, ask I will try to answer but can't guarantee of all" she nodded. "Where did your family came from?" Naruto sighed as he leaned against the railing "there is a small town few cities away from here to north, whose history is of warriors" she blinked well that was vague but she got a clue. Last question "would you join the kendo club?" Naruto stare at her but then shook his head "sorry, but no" "but why not?" she asked immedeatly "you have skills better than mine…". Naruto stare at her seriously "because…."she leaned a little "it will cut my sleeping time" he finished with his eyes closed smile. She face faulted hard. She stoods up rubbing her forehead. Now she was sure of one more thing. His legendary laziness was real.

Before she could protest, "I have few other reasons but I will tell you that later….but I will be there whenever you need help….after all we are friends" she smiled and nodded.

After that she would challenge him from time to time. Results will always be the same but she improved greatly as he would give her tips while touching her with his soft touches to make her correct. She would just blush furiously while being stuttering mess. Really she can't understand what happen to her while in his presence.

She had also heard that he was an enigma and no one knows about his past. But she didn't ask as they said it was painful by the look of it whenever reminded.

And at last she was spending her free time with him resting at his secret places. Which were amusing to say the least. Like a tree. She would sat beside him as he lay on the bench all the while fingering her skirt so that someone wouldn't get a peek. With him she felt at rest that all will be alright. That he will be there for her.

She was also able to force him to be her partner in the coming tournament. They have reached the final with relative ease. Her with her normal style while his with his lazy stances. Judges sweat dropped at his attitude, they think he won't last a match. But to their surprise blond don't even get a hit; his reflexes were excellent as was his speed. He will evade every attack at amusing angles; he even did the handstand. Then he will finish with single attack.

But real thing came at end. They have reached the final. Naruto has watched her every match intently. She would blush every time she caught his interested gaze. She knew that she has feelings for the blond warrior and with time they will only increase, he was just so nice. Taking care of everything for her, helping her where he can. She was starting to feel like he could solve her every problem and she could rely and trust him for whole life.

As she was returning from stage after her last and finals win Naruto passed her whispering "you were great up there…" she blush a pink shade. All other club members know that she has feelings for him but dare not to say anything...they were scared shitless about what would happen to them if they do. But still giggled perversely among themselves.

They all have arrived to see the tournament and cheer for their team. Which they did pretty hotly if the huge banners and all the shout was any proof.

As Naruto climbed the stage he looked at his opponent in boredom. He was guy with black shaggy hair tall structure but still little short than him. His muscles were buffed and he has yellowish skin….. Who got tick marks at seeing his bored look, but then smirked. "You know after we won this tournament we will take your girlfriend..." pointing at Saeko. "Over there and have fun with her while you will be in hospital moping at her loss…that you won't be able to do anything"

Entire stadium was silent after this comment. Nobody tried to talk as waiting for the response. All kendo club members were extremely pissed but now pitied his opponent. They knew what Naruto do to those who trouble his friends. Some of those people won't even come to school for few weeks.

Saeko while not entirely affected by the statement stare at Naruto in concern, she knew he treasure his friends to great lengths. But she also wanted to hear his response.

He lowered his head as his eyes were shaded. Then suddenly killing intent start leaking from him. It wasn't enough to make him unconscious but at least that he was shaking like a leaf. Others also feel this and it was making breathing hard.

Naruto adjust in a new stance legs wide knees bent sword in his right hand in normal and tight grip, resting on his left side in a quick withdraw style and said in a dark voice "referee start the match".

Saeko's eyes widen 'he will use the style here…' She tried to console him "Naruto-kun cal-…" but she stopped mid-sentence as he glared at her which clearly said her to shut up and that she did.

His opponent was still shaking.

Referee even with the feeling of death stuttered out "H-HAJIME". Just then Naruto revolve to his right bringing out his sword in side swing. He channelled a large amount of chakra in his arm as well as invisible coating to the sword. He exclaimed in a little loud voice then normal "Uzumaki Kenjutsu- Fukushū no Keibetsu (Uzumaki style: Vengeful Scorn)".

His opponent brought up his sword to block. But to his shock and dismay, Naruto broke it like a twig, then it continued on its path which seems like slow-motion and connected with his right upper arm. There was sound of crunch and cracking. His arm bent to a new angle while Naruto's was not yet finished, he pushed hard. There were more cracking sounds….with that he was sent flying towards the judges and crashed into the table.

All people stare at the scene in stunned silence. Their eyes fell on the boy who crashed into the table. His right arm was bent to unimaginable angle…and bone was sticking out. His right side of ribs was also cave in maybe 3-4 broken. Blood was leaking from his arm and chest.

Naruto voice finally broke the ice as he said loud enough to that man's other friends to hear. "Any of you even come near her…your parents will be picking up corpses". Naruto glared at them with his eyes now with slits. They shrunk back in fear and furiously nodded.

Naruto then tossed his sword to the referee who looked at him confused. "Check that sword...so you won't say I cheated". Referee nodded, that could be a problem. Naruto sighed as he turns and left the stage while running a hand through his hair.

Suddenly all started cheering. Kendo club members were at heaven as they could boast of their victory at tournament as well has new story of Naruto for school. They were almost giddy to scare the bullies with this story. And no doubt this will be in news tomorrow.

But Naruto didn't stop there he quickly exited the stadium while picking his bag that he brought with him. Saeko was too stunned to respond. 'H-he d- did that for me….'. Finally she came out of her stupor at the shout of her club members. She saw her friend exiting the stadium….. So she ran after him.

As she ran in search of him, she heard sounds of breaking glass, in the rest room. She rushed in there not even caring that she had entered the gents' restroom. What she saw almost made her cry but she held it in. Glass was broken and there was blood on the floor and Naruto's right hand was dripping blood which shows that he broke the class.

"…Naruto-kun…" Naruto who was till now staring at the ground, he looked at her. She was shocked what she saw. There was grief, pain and sorrow in his eyes but not a little speck of happiness. He looks so vulnerable right now. "Saeko…" She has come here to argue with him but after seeing his condition, she can't bring herself. "Are you okay…Naruto-kun?".

Naruto backend her to come near. She hesitated for a split second but her resolve to ease her friend easily overrode her hesitation. He has opened his arms and she knew what he was gesturing. She knew Naruto was not a pervert but this is her first time hugging a boy…but the vulnerable expression made all her hesitations fly away.

As she strolls forward Naruto brought his arms around her in a tight hug. She stiffened a little but slowly wraps her arms around him too. That's when she heard him mumble. "…y-you guys a-are all I have left…." At these words Saeko's eyes widen in horror. She knew he only had few friends. 'Oh no….t-that m-means…h-his f-family.' . She didn't want to finish that sentence. How can be world so cruel to a person like Naruto?

She hugs him back tightly. Now she could understand him if only a little. That's when she felt her head wet, as she looked up Naruto's eyes were shut but tears were dripping from his chin as they fell on her cheeks and near the lips. "P-plea-se d-don't l-leave m-me" he mumbled eyes still shut. She lowered her head and hugs him tightly pressing her breasts into his chest. "d-don't worry….I won't leave you….I promise". Those words were enough as he let out a chocked sob then a shuddering breath.

Saeko don't understand much about her feelings. But she could not leave him…or his already shattered heart will be…..

After few days

Saeko was sitting in front of her father as a newspaper lay at the table top with a picture of a brown shaggy haired boy who was carried on a stretcher with a broken arm and caved in chest.

Master Busujima stares at her daughter seriously with a well-hidden curiosity playing in serious mode. "So….you won the tournament?" "Yes father" she replied calmly. "So, tell me what happen to this person?". She stared at the picture then at his father trying to collect her thoughts. Whenever it comes to Naruto, she can't think straight. "Um….he insulted me", at this he raised an eyebrow "and…" "Um…then Naruto-kun beat him….". He stared at her daughter long and hard. He knows that her daughter hold affection for the boy. But his curiosity gets his better.

"But….didn't the referee stop him for causing this much damage" "-ne move" "what?" "He only used one move". Now master was perplexed as well as incredulous. "You mean…he does that much damage in one move…" "Yes, he used one of his family Kenjutsu moves". "What was the move?" he asked seriously while she nodded "Uzumaki Kenjutsu-Fukushū no Keibetsu (Uzumaki style: Vengeful Scorn)".

He nodded. He really has to see the tournament recording later on.

Flashback end

I promised to never leave him. And I will do just that not just for my honour but for myself-Saeko




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