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"Ok, we are here." Hirano said as they entered what looked like a wood shop classroom. "What do we do now? Although, I do see some things that would come in handy." "Just shut up you chubby geek!" Saya growled, clearly annoyed. "Lock the door so they won't come in."

Hirano quickly did that and turned back to the girl. "I-I locked it." Seeing the tools laid out on the desk in front of her, he asked, "Are you going to use those as weapons?" "You're one of those basement shut-ins, one of those military nerds or gun geeks aren't you? Come one, you must have seen this thing before; it was in that Mel Gibson movie."

"A nail gun…and it's gas!" Hirano said as he observed it. "Hell yeah! We won't be able to carry it around if it was one of those compressor types, right? God, you're fat and stupid." Saya sighed.

"So you like movies?" Hirano asked as he worked. "Don't be ridiculous. I am a genius, so I know everything!" Saya stated like it was obvious.

As Hirano went through all their supplies that they found, he asked a question that had been bothering him. "So…how do you know Naruto?"

Saya looked at him stupidly before saying, "Simple, Hisashi introduced us. He was having trouble with some of his studies and I offered to help. Although out first meeting was…different to say the least." (In this fic, Hisashi's parents knew Takagi's but there was no close relationship between them, they were just friends)


It's a week since Naruto transferred to this school. Now Naruto and Hisashi were standing in the hallway during lunch break. We can see Naruto leaning against the window sipping his orange juice can...with a straw.

Hisashi was facing a twin tailed pink haired girl. "Saya…meet my friend here…Naruto Uzumaki" said Hisashi gesturing towards Naruto. Naruto stopped sipping and looked up at the girl with a bored gaze "Yo…" Then he again starts sipping. Hisashi sweat dropped lightly at his friend's laziness.

But the girl didn't take it too well so replied arrogantly "nice to meet you…stupid" with a smirk. Naruto took another sip before looking at the girl with his usual gaze. Hisashi looked between the two nervously like waiting for a bomb to blast but what happen next was great.

"Hmm…did you say something?" asked Naruto innocently, you could even see the question marks over his head. Hisashi face fault hard while Saya has gone white to blue to red with anger. As Hisashi, slowly stand up he tried to stifle his giggles but was horribly failing.

Girl grew some tic marks "how dare you to ignore me. I am genius you know!" Naruto blinked at her confusingly. "So…?" Hisashi could not control anymore so burst out laughing. While Saya stared at him as if he was crazy "so…". "Yeah…so…you are a genius, good for you….but what it has to do with me?" Girl tried to come up with a retort but couldn't. He was right what his reason to know she was a genius, he didn't even know her.

Hisashi slowly control his laughter and spoke "actually Takagi…Naruto here come from a literally small town so in studies he is not that good…could you help him?" girl first blinked but then gain a smug look "so…you want help, how many days you need idiot…then I will decide" Naruto thought for a moment "5 days will be enough for this term" and nodded to himself while in thinking pose. Takagi and Hisashi stared at him in shock with jaw drops. "Man…are you really thinking of completing half syllabus in 5 days?" asked Hisashi incredulously. While Saya just stared. Naruto looked at him in confusion "yeah, people said that I am fast at learning things so it will be ok".

While 'he really thinks…he can do that much in only five days….even I can't do that'. Then she gained a smug smirk. "Well than we will see about that, if you fail you will announce yourself that I am better than you and a genius". Naruto smiled lazily and shook her hand. "Deal"

After that, he studied 5 days with Saya. The girl was just too shocked. He would spend about 15 seconds on one page before continuing, means he would complete a book in only 1 or 2 hours. And if she asks something from previous material he would answer yawning without missing a beat.

After that, she realized, that in front him she had fallen short. However, she couldn't understand how a person like him be a genius.

But after first term she was sure of that. He has gained first rank. And the most infuriating thing was that, he BARELY attends ANY class. Most of the time she will find him sleeping at the roof or nurse room or stairs even in tress near P.E. and the classed he attend he would fall asleep. Teachers were infuriated with him badly. How can someone rank first without being in class? They try to expel him through principal but he just said "everyone has his quirks…this is his. As long as he produces results it will be alright"

Part, which she didn't tell but remind herself

It mostly affects her. She was intrigued by this enigma. The most they know was he came from a small town, leaving his home for studies. Whenever they tried to ask something, he would somehow escape from the question without them even recognizing.

That's where her crush starts building. She would try to spend time with him while he just lazes around or met few people that are all. Nor intimidate relationship with anyone. The close he has were Rei and Hisashi…well they are the only ones he has let her met. Slowly his personality also rubbed on her, his carefree attitude just attract like a magnet. Not that she would tell him about her crush of course. Although, if he ever asked her out, she was definitely say yes. But of course, since they were friends, they usually hung out normally anyway.

Flashback end

Hirano wanted to laugh at what he heard, but he controlled himself as he worked on the nail gun. "You're right, that meeting was a bit different. But what made you be friends after that incident?"

Saya smiled, "after I come to know that he is knowledgeable person, I start spending time with him. We discuss a lot of things. He would laze around and I will ask question about anything I wanted he would answer; it was like he is electronic library. History, novels, languages, mechanics, anything. But when I asked him, how he knew so much, he just said that he likes to read books in library…sometimes I even think that he has read the entire library (bingo). And from the way he behaved with other girls and me…it was different. He is not like the other guys in this school. He…didn't treat us different because we are girls and give respect. And nobody knows his past which makes him…an enigma to me and I have always thought different. To me, he is one big puzzle!"

Hirano smiled at that. Naruto was an enigma. "Glad I am not the only one who thinks that, but it sounds like you have a small crush on him."

"Don't be stupid." Saya said quickly as she turned the other way. She had a blush on her cheeks. How could she not have a thing for him? He would always listen to her babbling, answer her sincerely and never belittle her behind her back like others. He was always there for her when she needed. He was such a nice guy, a bit lazy (understatement of year) that she needed to solve and that lead her to liking him.

However, those thoughts were put on hold as the door to the room was being banged on by them. Luckily, Hirano was done just as the door burst open and they flooded in and he managed to shoot them all down with nails. "Gotcha!" he said with an insane smirk.

" Hirano?" Saya asked, a bit shocked.


It was at that moment that Naruto and Rei decided to move out as well. They were using a nearby hose. Hey, all they had to do was knock them over and so they could fall on their heads and stay dead. It was simple…right? Or Naruto could kill them but he suggests the first. It was also not time to show his full abilities, they are for emergency…well more emergency than this.

"Are you ready?" asked Naruto. "Yeah" "Turn it on!" Naruto ordered. As soon as the water came, he channelled chakra to his feet and be prepared for backlash of the powerful water hose. They were starting to come through, so he needed this thing under control.

Just as the pressure came, his balance downed a little but he quickly recovered aiming his pipe at the stairs. All of them were blown away where they hit their heads or something.


"You see the drill and the nails over there?" Hirano asked as he kept on shooting. "Will you put them in a bag or something?" "Excuse me? You're nobody to me, what makes you think you can order me around?" Saya said, clearly offended.

He looked back at her with his killer face, freaking her out, before the face changed into a smile. "Please?" Sighed, the pink haired girl relented. "Alright."


"Here! You hold this bag!" Saya ordered her chubby partner before she headed to the door. "Can I ask you something?" Hirano asked. "What?" "Well, why are you with me?"

"Why? Because of Naruto." Saya said, arrogantly. "Yeah…I can see that. Oh well." Hirano said with sigh, as he should not be surprised. He then straightened up and became serious as he held his nail gun at the ready.

"Hey, you're on the ball all of a sudden." Saya said with a smile. "Something click in you or what?"

"I don't know! But I guess it did!" Hirano said excitedly before they rushed out of the room to escape this place. "Now let's go and find Naruto! I am sure he had found some other of his friends!"

"Right!" Saya agreed. "Or he could still be trying to sleep somewhere" he added as an afterthought. Saya sweat dropped big time…but with their blond friend, it is still possible. Only he has the guts to sleep at a time like this. She agreed with him at this.

With the both of them, they would surely survive this ordeal!


"Man, it was definitely a great idea to use the fire hose," said Rei in astonishment as all of them were blown completely off the roof from the water.

"It definitely cut our time short." Replied Naruto, his voice and attitude was definitely back to normal. No enthusiasm, no fear…just disinterest. Sometime Rei couldn't help but think if he even considers current condition a threat.

"I remember. What we learned in middle school? Hisashi-"but her sentence came to an end when she said that. Hisashi was taboo for them and after remembering such a happy memory…

She looked at the ground in sadness while he looks at sky and sighed. "Hisashi will always be with us in heart and memory…he wouldn't want us to be worrying about his death at a time like this."

Rei nodded at that. Hisashi wouldn't want them to brood over it. "It should be fine to get going now," said Rei with Naruto nodding in acknowledgment.

"It's gonna be a different story inside the building. Are you ready for this?" Rei's response was to hold up his sheathed sword. She has always marvelled the design of his sword, it's so beautiful. Naruto looked at it for a moment before grabbing it.

Their hands briefly made contact when he did. Rei looked at him for a moment and he stared back. Not missing a beat before he slowly turned away with putting sheath on the belt.

"Let's go."

Rei nodded sadly, knowing it was an accident and that he didn't mean to touch her, earlier he did was to just comfort her. 'I will make it up to you Naruto.' thought Rei before Naruto ran on ahead bending low, hands at his sides with left gripping the sword, he was making no sound or any other unwanted thing…just like a ninja and then beheaded one of them out of the way.

They then proceed to the stairs.

xXX in the school Xxx

Naruto and Rei ran down the stairs as fast as they could. At least for Rei.

"Where are we going?" asked Rei. Naruto stopped before going down the next flight of stairs to look at Rei.

"We will find my friends." He said with a lazy smile. "and we should go look for other survivors and work together to get out. You are all locals, so you'll figure something out."

"Yeah…your right." Said Rei happily. "At least I know my dad's okay. Oh! You should try calling home as well." Naruto smiled lazily at her deceptively hiding his pain "I live alone, you forgot?" Rei giggled at her mistake "Ahh….I really forgot" not able to see past his mask.

'It's not like I have anyone to call to...'

On the outside Naruto just chuckle lightly as he always did at her expression, but on the inside was another story.

'Of course I didn't mean it like that, all I want is at school.'

"Naruto?" asked Rei.

He snapped out of his thoughts and looked to see Rei's worried face. "I'm fine Rei." He said with a small smile. She looked at him for a moment before smiling softly. "If you say so…by the way…where are we? I don't have any classes in this part of the school." She said ending in confusion.

Naruto looked around too, but unlike Rei, he knew exactly where they were, well if he want a safe sleeping place, he has to explore school first. With that he starts descending. "come" Being closely followed by Rei. "And be quiet…they only react to sound" "how do you know that?" Naruto sighed "I ran among them for 10 minutes before I saved you at roof….how do you think I survive?" She blushed in embarrassment and smiled sheepishly. However, he continued "in this situation we need to be insightful and of intellectual thinking" Rei nodded. Her friend's calm demeanour and his thoughts are always awe-inspiring.


Saya and Hirano were in one of the schools hallways trying to experiment. Right now, there was only one of them in the hall and they wanted to see just what their full capabilities were…..By throwing a wet rag at them.

"WH-what are you doing?" Hirano asked looking nervous. "Just be quiet and watch," said Saya as she wet another cloth from a water bucket. She then threw the cloth again, only this time she threw it at a locker. The now dead student then walked up to the locker and started to bang on it as if it was trying to get through.

"You See that? They didn't react when something hit their bodies. Their senses are dead. They only respond to sound….most likely they can't see either. Otherwise they wouldn't bump into the lockers." Finished Saya.

"What about heat?" asked Hirano. "I am sure we'll get plenty of opportunities to find out" "Let's go." She said after a standing up from her position.

"So are we going outside?" asked Hirano nervously. "What are you trying to say?" she asked irritated with the boy. "Well, I hate walking" he said with blue lines on his forehead. She turned to him fully scolding, "that's why a chubby-geek is so…" he cringed "you can say that again, when you are old enough to get driver's licence," she said hotly.

But she didn't continue because she was staring at more of them closing on them.


Another one of them charged at her. Only for her to knock it away as if it was nothing.

Saeko and Shizuka walked briskly through the hall knocking them away when they got to close.

"The faculty room? It's going to be a pain to get there." "But all the car keys are in that room" said a jogging Shizuka, causing her boobs to bounce. Saeko then knocked another one of them away.

"Why don't you kill them? You can do that easily, can't you?" asked a curious Shizuka. I mean, Saeko did kill all the ones in her office so why is this different? "You wouldn't want to stuck at a place just because you want to smash all their heads"

"They would surround you before you know. Besides they are unbelievably strong, once they grab you it's difficult to get away." Shizuka had a look of amazement and understanding after her explanation. "You're amazing, just like Naruto-kun. He too knows everything" she chirped happily, Saeko was about to ask how she knew him but…

Shizuka then proceeded to take a step forward. Unfortunately, she tripped on a rug that was on the floor causing several different effects. Her boobs bounced, she fell on her ass and it was in an erotic position on the floor.

"Oh no! What was that! Mou…." said a flushed Shizuka.

"What you are wearing isn't exactly made for running." said Saeko as she grabbed the bottom of Shizuka skirt. Shizuka blushed and was about to tell Saeko to let go, but it was too late. Saeko ripped her skirt all the way up to her hip showing a little bit of her purple lace panties.

"Heyyyyy…it's an expensive brand!" Said a now little mad and flushed Shizuka. Saeko just sighed and looked at Shizuka, "what's more important, clothes or your life?"

Her answer was a pouting Shizuka saying, "both!"


"What was that?" asked now scared nurse. "Is that from the faculty room?" asked Saeko.

They start running in that direction while Saeko asked, "so…how do you know Naruto-kun?". Shizuka first stare at her confusedly but then smiled widely "oh...he is intern for me as school nurse"

Saeko blinked but has to ask one question "but how do you get that lazy ass help you?" She smiled more widely "oh! It's simple….I let him sleep in my room". Saeko face faulted at that, she stood up while mumbling 'should have known…' With that, she again started running.


"If you keep shooting them, how will we learn about them?" Saya said, having already learnt quite a lot. Their senses, except for their hearing, were dead! "Please you help me fight them too!" Hirano countered.

"Why do I have to do that?" Saya asked loudly. "The magazine is almost empty!"

"So what! Why don't you just reload it?" Saya shouted, "But their…their right behind you…. See?" Hirano said weakly. Saya looked and let out a shrill scream, alerted everyone and everything to their position.


'That was Saya….but she is one floor down….'. He knew he would not reach in time if he used stairs. "Follow me..." he ordered as he starts running in different direction. Rei blinked but also start running "where are we going?" He didn't answer as he suddenly entered an empty class

Rei entered a little later. But he was standing in the middle of the class. "Hurry…behind me". She looked confused but complied at hearing his urgent tone. 'I have done enough of my physical workout. It should be easy even if it is a 3 meter thick concrete' he has made his own version of chakra control, to suppress the chaotic nature of his chakra, he has to spread it in his entire body, while pumping more in the limb he want to attack with and then release it one go at a focal point. But he has to reinforce his muscles and bones too. However, for him…a chakra powerhouse. He can do it for week while still able to stand.

Just as she got behind him. He lifted his leg of the ground while gathering chakra in his whole leg 'here it goes…'….


She took a step back in fear while mumbling "Hi-Hirano…". Said man tried to fire but "the magazine is…" Saya then took a step back only to trip on the bag of tools she hadn't realized she dropped as her breasts bounced lightly. She then backed up to try and get some room between them but she ended up with her back against a broken trophy case.

Looking up in panic Saya mumbled, "Get away...get away!" "Takagi!" said Hirano in panic. "Stay back! Stay back!" yelled Saya as she threw trophy after trophy, as the dead person, but it had no effect as he kept walking towards her. Just then the room shook, which made the undead stop for a moment for some reason. Suddenly the ceiling at the centre of room fell away forming a dust cloud.

Looking around, she couldn't find anything to defend herself with. Just as the dead man opened his mouth to bite her, she saw something at the corner of her eye. She picks up the item pointing it at the undead and shouted. "Stay back!"

This is the scene Saeko and Shizuka arrived. At first glance it looked like the dead man had gotten Saya, but it was actually the dead man's blood that went flying. Saya was holding a cordless power drill that was currently drilling in the chest of the dead man, who was still trying to move forward. But Saeko couldn't do anything from her position; she was too far from where Saya was. But to her surprise suddenly a figure came out the smoke from the room centre.

It was someone she knew too well.

As Naruto came out the smoke, he took a glance around the room to analyse. Hirano was alright but Saya….so he moved fast.

Saya's face was turned other side as she cried "I can't take it anymore…MOM!" She slowly stopped the drill and dare to look up but to her dismay, the undead face was still intact, she was about to scream again when she saw that head was not moving. Just then, her eyes fall on a lope of blonde and crimson hair. And she knew only one with that type of hair, so she immediately slump to the ground.

Everyone including Rei who also has jumped down was staring at Naruto in shock, he was holding the dead man with only right hand, and the person was struggling to break free but can't from the blond's vice grip.

Naruto has a serious but still bored expression but his eyes have hardened like that of a veteran warrior. He gazed to the left to see that 3 more undead were at the window. So with one arm he lifted the undead of the ground and throw him at three other like a baseball with great strength which was not a surprise as you take in his Hanyou status. (from now on there will be no claim of him being Hanyou except if it is important, he will have Gai like strength…he could break boulders without chakra)

The result was something they didn't suspect. Behind the throw was such force that after colliding with the other three, they were all pushed of their feet and out of the outer window to out of the building.

All were little stunned at this display of power. But Naruto didn't stop there as he saw about 7 more undead coming toward them. He put his left hand on the hilt of his blade as he bent down in a low stance with wide legs.

Then he seemingly vanished from the site. Only Saeko was able to only see a little blur of him. There was silence for few seconds. They located Naruto on other side of hall ahead of all undead. Then he flick his blade like for removing the excess blood and sheathed it in one swift motion with a click sound… he turned around and start coming back towards the group.

All of them didn't move, but as Naruto passed the second. Blood erupted from their heads from different location. Some were sliced of head parts, other a deep cut in the centre and many more. As he reached the group, all seven of them fall behind him.

Just then Rei came out of her shock as she ran for Saya with Shizuka in toe who knock Hirano of her feet with her bouncing breasts asking " Takagi-san are you okay?". "M-Miyamoto…" Saya mumbled.

Meanwhile Naruto was shutting the door while staring in the distance. Saeko came from behind. Naruto asked without turning around "are you okay…Saeko?" She smiled, he always know who was where "…yeah..."

As they move back to the group Rei was trying to calm down Saya while Shizuka and Hirano stood at side. Well Shizuka was spacing out a little. Saeko decided to speak, "You all know the school doctor Marikawa, right? And I am Saeko Busujima from class 3-A."

"Miss Busujima, I remember you won the national championship last year with Naruto where he also caused some fiasco. I'm Rei Miyamoto; I am in the spear martial arts club."

"Oh! I-I am Kohta Hirano from class B" "Nice to meet you." Saeko said with a closed eye smile, getting a gasp from the boy, as he was not used to having hot girls talk to him.

"And…I guess I don't need an introduction." Naruto chuckled. It was at this time that Saya regained some of herself. What was once a normal day became a hellish nightmare. Seeing people die, get betrayed and turned into monsters, she had too let out her pent up emotions. "Why are you guys being so warm and fuzzy? Why are you being so polite to her, Miyamoto? You flunked last year, you are same age, and she is not your elder!"

"What are you talking about Takagi-san?" Hirano asked while Naruto grimaced. He knew what going on. This was what he called, 'the snap' for situations like this. He had his in the previous world at age 7.


"It's ok, that's enough." Said a person from behind her as said person put their hand on her shoulder. Snapping out of her crazed state, Saya looked to see who it was only to meet the eyes of concerned Naruto through the mirror.

"My clothes are all dirty…," she said still in a daze. "I'll need to have mommy take them to the cleaners." She said in a quiet voice as tears gathered up in the corners of her eyes. She then looked up into Naruto's eyes expecting them to show pity or even distaste for her being like a little girl.

But all she saw was kindness, sincerity and worry in his half lidded eyes. Her emotional barriers finally broke as she turned around and buried her head into Naruto's chest. The last straw was when she felt Naruto's arms wrap around her in a comforting embrace.

Like a river, tears flowed freely as she clutched onto Naruto like a lifeline. She cried into his chest as if he was her lover trying to console her, as if he was silently telling her everything would be okay.

Naruto held her against him, letting her cry her fears and sadness onto his chest. He held her as a close friend who will always be there when she needed it as he had told her.

All the other watched the touching scene, the only sound being made being Saya as she cried her heart out. Naruto just stared out of window and sighed. It will take a little time for her to adjust the idea 'kill or be killed'…but she will understand…she is still a genius after all.

After 15 minutes

After everything settled down, they all moved into the main office. "This should do it!" exclaimed Hirano as he put one more box of text books on the desk in front of the door. Saeko too wipe some sweat from her forehead.

Looking around she saw the condition of the others.

Rei looked ready to collapse. She was breathing a little hard making her boobs move up and down in tandem with her breathing. She appeared to be on her last leg, She could tell the girl has gone through a lot today, pain of loss was visible in her eyes which she try to hide with a smile and with addition of fatigue.

Shizuka appeared to be sitting on a chair as well, except she was using her incredibly large boobs as pillows as she rested on a desk. She might look alright but saeko could tell she was scared before...but now its like she has no worries. She didn't know why, but she sure want to feel like that right now.

Saya was in the small restroom washing her face free from the blood she had earlier, her boobs swinging back and forth and she rubbed her face roughly trying to get all the blood out.

Then she looked at the last person and sweat dropped largely. Naruto's head was on table and he was snoring slightly. She reached to him and shaking him awake. Naruto slowly woke up as he looks at Saeko whom folded her arms under her breasts picking them up a little.

He blinked. "Naruto-kun, it looks like everyone is out of breath, but why aren't you helping Hirano-kun and me with the barricade?" the purple haired sword mistress asked while rolling her shoulders.

"Umm….because I was sleeping…" he answered lamely in his bored tone. Everyone sweat dropped, even the head down Shizuka at their friend's antics. "And…any other reason?" she asked. Naruto sighed; "because it was a waste idea…" she blinked "why?", now everyone was looking at him expectedly for an explanation.

"you do know that those things are blind.." at her nod he continued "you were making noise to which they respond...so In a sense you are calling them here….the barricade is useless because once they heard the sound they will pile up at the door they will break the door without barricade and will file out in the room one by one to which we can easily kill. But with barricade and the noises it will attract more and also require more of them to break the barricade, and once they did they will flood the room and there will be no way out…"

All were staring at him in surprise and awe, but then Hirano asked "but…why didn't you tell us before?" "Hmmm….I didn't get enough sleep today…so I was sleeping". All of them hung their heads at their friend's laziness. However, chuckle a little too.

Now that they thought about it, what were the odds of them all surviving who are all related to a single person.

It just seemed a little too convenient didn't it?

Hirano walked into the restroom and saw Takagi still washing her face. Concerned he asked, a bit hesitantly "Takagi-san, are you okay?" he was surprised though when Saya lifted up her head and put on a pair of glasses that gave Saya that sexy librarian look.

"G-Glasses?" she turned to him while throwing towel at him aggravated "so what…my contact lenses keep moving" with that she walked past him. While he stood, there as towel fall from his face with a blissful look on his face mumbled "glasses..."

"Naruto." said Rei. Looking to her, he sees her with a bottle of water extended towards him.

Smiling lazily, Naruto said with a yawn, "thanks." "Where's your car keys?" asked Saeko to Shizuka. Looking up after her short rest she began to look for them "they're in my bag." Naruto sighed and asked sweetly "Shizuka-Chan, do you think your little beetle will hold us all?". All girls first stare at Shizuka in well-hidden jealousy, then looked at Naruto. As they thought same thing 'he never called me like that….' Hirano sweat dropped at the girls who were trying to lift their stare-somewhat glare from the nurse's head.

"Well…now you think about it," said an embarrassed Shizuka, as she thought of her beetle Volkswagen with a sweat drop seemingly oblivious of everything.

After catching on to Shizuka's dilemma Saeko asked, "What about the microbuses, we use for the clubs, away games? The key for those are on the hanger."

"I see the bus" Said Hirano after looking out the window. "Sure, they'll work." Said Naruto after he took a drink of water. "But where are we headed?" asked a curios Shizuka. "Don't you guys need to check up on your families?" asked Naruto before continuing seeing that he had everyone's attention. They all looked at each other and nodded.

"We'll start off with the closest house, and we'll help the families if they're in trouble. Then we'll find somewhere safe."

"What's wrong?" asked Saya as she saw Rei looking at the TV. "What is this…?" asked a petrified Rei as she looked at the TV. Grabbing the remote, Saeko turned up the volume on the TV to hear what is happening. Naruto too stood up and walked towards them.

*The government has begun to consider emergency measures against the outbreaks that have been occurring all over the place.* *how all the political parties have been expressing their uncertainty*

"Well….they are faster than I thought" Naruto drawled.

*However, we are unsure of the state of the SDF's defensive…* at this point, Saeko changed it to another news channel. At the moment it was doing live coverage by a news woman with police and fire fighters in the background as the put body bags on stretchers.

*It's been feared that more than 10 thousand have been victimized in the Satama Areas. For the governor has already-* Gunshots. *has already declared a state of emergency and requested the emergency disaster relief. It's a gunshot! It seems that the police are finally using firearms! From what I can see here…No NO!* the camera fell over and they escaped them.

"AAAAAAHHHHHHHH…..N-No…let go! Help! AAAAAHHHH…" the camera then fell to the floor, the last piece of footage being shot before it was cut off was a bleeding leg being dragged away.

All the others could do was look at the TV in shock and fear after what they had just seen except Naruto who sighed, "Well…at least we get the news". All heads snapped at him with incredulous expression. "What?" he shrugged "you forgot…we came down from the roof…entire city is visible from there". So they 'oh'd.


The channel was then brought back to the news studios where another newswoman began to read from more reports.

"There's been some sort of problem. F-From now on, we'll be broadcasting from the studio here. As you can tell, the situation outside has become grave. We advise you please stay in your home unless necessary. Once it's safer outside, we'll bring you information about the on-going situation."

"That's all? Why aren't they saying more?" asked Hirano. "Because they're afraid of causing panic." Said Saya with a frown. "Even now?" asked Rei.

"Because of what just happened now." said Saya as the others stared at her as she pushed her classes up "Fear leads to chaos, chaos leads to anarchy? How would you expect the government to deal with the living dead in a time of anarchy?" said Saya as grabbed the remote from the table and started to change it to another channels.

*this unusual phenomenon has spread throughout America...*

*...and has yet to be brought under control.*

*The government authorities have evacuated the white house and will relocate to a command centre on-board an aircraft carrier. There are reports that this transfer is in preparation for the possible use of tactical warheads. We have currently lost contact with Moscow. Beijing has been set ablaze, London has maintained order, but in Paris and Rome, there are reports of looting. Government officials have declared...*

The signal was cut off again.

"So…they are everywhere." Naruto sighed as he they saw a picture of the white house, where the disease was said to originate…in America. "Well…lucky us…" he finished with a chuckle. "But, how?" Hirano said, "Everything was normal when I checked the internet this morning."

Rei started mumbling, "I can't believe that it took only a few hrs. For this world to come to this "don't you feel the same…there must be some place safe, right?"…trying to reassure herself more than anything. She unconsciously grabbed a hold of Naruto's sleeves for a few seconds. "Everything is going to go back to normal…right?"

"That's not going to happened." Saya stated bluntly. "You don't have to be so blunt about it, you know?" Naruto deadpanned. "This is a pandemic! There's nothing we can do!" Saya said defensively.

"Oh a pandemic." Shizuka said worriedly. "It's when an epidemic of infectious disease spread. The entire world is experiencing the same outbreak."

"You mean like influenza," Hirano offered. "Hmm…I don't think this could have happened by accident." Naruto thought aloud to himself as to what it all could be. Stuff like this doesn't happen in a matter of minutes…or even hours. As he rest his cheek on his fist.

"This is exactly like the Spanish Flu in 1918." Saya said to herself aloud. "More than 600 million got infected and 50 million died from it. Think about recently when there was a new type of influenza that had people worried."

"Isn't this is more like the Black Death from the 14th century." Shizuka replied, making the all sweat drop while Naruto chuckled lightly. He was immune of her antics by now. They had learned about that and it was a scary.

"One third of the European population died, during that" Saya commented.

"So how did the outbreak finally end?" Rei asked quietly. "Well, there are many theories…but…." Shizuka replied. "The reason why diseases like those 'die' is because they killed so many, that there's not enough people left to spread the disease."

"But…in this case, dead are moving around and attacking people." Hirano replied as he looked out the window. Saeko asked, "Then you are implying it has no reason to stop spreading?"

This was when Shizuka had a thought and turned to Naruto sharply causing her boobs to jiggle again. "It's hot outside! Maybe their flesh will start decomposing and they won't be able to move!" she said like it was the best idea ever.

"And what is the duration of this process?" asked Saeko.

"Well, during summer, it takes around 22 days for some body parts to decompose. And during winter, it can take months...anyway; if we go to our homes-" but she was cut off. "How do we know they'll even start to decompose?" said Saya as she walked to the window and looked outside. "Why do you say that?" asked Saeko.

"Don't these things defy our knowledge of medicine? So why bother relying on it? It could be hopeless. Just how long…"

"What is important is having a location to make use of after we check on our families. Should we act only in our own self-interest, we won't stand a chance out there" said Saeko.

"Sigh…if we want to survive this…" all turn to him. "We must have to be a team that could trust one of others with their life if need be." he ended as he looked at them with a serious expression maintaining his half lidded eyes. They don't know how he does that.

At seeing him with such an expression, the girls felt a shudder of...something go down their spine.

'What was that?' the girls thought at once.

"Also, we should help survivors if possible as well. While adding to a group would be a bad idea in this situation, saving innocent lives will help us maintain our mentality" "why do you say that?" asked Hirano now scared. Naruto sighed, "Human psychology is very complicated….when we continue in these kinds of situations, we slowly become used to it. We start believing that it will always be like this, which is not a good thing…..so if we do things we thought to be right compare to our previous feelings and thoughts, we can easily pull through this… and friends and trust help a lot in this case" he finished standing up and moving for the water bottle again, his throat felt dry.

All other stare at him in stunned silence, they knew he was smart but WTF…now he was talking like a war hawk. "Of course…" he continued again gaining their attention. "...we need to be careful of who we meet out there. We all know each other somewhat and I am the main connecting link to all so we can trust everyone in this room. But everyone else though is a possible threat." he said again with the girls agreeing again on his suggestion. He finished his little speech.

"How do we get out?" asked Rei. "The front door is closest to the parking lot." answered Saya.

"Let's go!" Saya exclaimed causing the girls and Hirano to get ready. Just as they took a step forward to the blocked door, they were interrupted.

"And where do you think you're going?" asked Naruto as he lazily sat on a chair finishing his bottled water. This had the reaction of all the people to face fault to the floor, making their boobs bounce but also exposing their under garments to Naruto. They quickly got up after that but the quick glimpse was enough for Naruto's photographic memory.

'My, my…looks like it's a lucky day for you Kurama, my perverted fox' thought Naruto as he stares at their fallen forms for a split second. There was an unvigilant reply "hey! What was that supposed to mean?" 'Oh you want to see...' he asked as he sent mental images of few of the scenes that happen today. Then he heard a perverted giggle in his head "hmm... I think it is" Naruto just chuckled.

Hey, it may be a zombie apocalypse, but he is still a guy and have to have boys talk and being alone with 4 sexy girls will do that to you.

"What's the holdup Naruto? We should get going now while we still have light outside." said a frustrated Saya. Naruto gazed at them then sighed "you are still not completely thinking with you head" "huh" was his response from all. He sighed, what are they kids?

They really are kids...

"Yes what you said is true, but…. are you ready to go out there? We just got in here 15 minutes ago. Are you ready, both mentally and physically, to go out there and do what needs to be done to survive?" asked Naruto as he looked at them.

At this, the all stopped and realized that they were still a little shaken about the whole situation. "Naruto-kun is right, if we go out now, we have a low chance on even making It." said a bitter Saeko for being brash and reckless.

The other girls stopped for a moment and realized that they too were still too out of it to go out yet. Seeing that they finally got the idea Naruto said, "Let's wait for at least 30 minutes before we go. That should be enough time for use to get enough rest."

Seeing the girls nod and calm down Naruto leaned back in his chair to try go back to sleep but was interrupted.

"Hey Naruto, I was wondering, how is it that you know so much on this? I mean like, all of the actions we have been making are your suggestions, but how do you know what to do?" asked Hirano timidly, thinking his friend might feel offended.

At this, all of the girls looked to Naruto waiting for an explanation. Naruto looked at them and saw them waiting so he smiled lazily and said, "Like I told you before, I came from town of ancient warriors. My family also was one of those war families and it's a tradition to continue their legacy." They all listened intently "simple is that…I have been given combat training since I was four, these type of situation also came under it".

They didn't hear rest of the sentence all it was ringing in their head 'since four…he wouldn't even knew how to talk'. While Saeko 'since four…no doubt he is so much better than me'

They were quite for another 10 minutes, just trying to get a grasp on the new idea.

"Oh! Now I remembered what I was forgetting," said Naruto suddenly. They all looked at him expectantly. He brought out his 'Naruto's handbook' from his jacket. They all look little confused, but when they read the title.

"Hey Naruto, isn't that the notebook you mostly carry with you" Hirano asked while Naruto nodded. Now they all remembered. He always has this notebook with seemingly thick and best quality paper. He would sit somewhere while doing something in it with a brush and homemade ink like some scholar.

All slowly surrounded him as he flipped through pages. They saw that he has some different type of designs and marking and kanjis. He finally stopped at a page. Then bit his thumb smearing at the page. This action caught them off guard, what's the reason to draw the design if you will spill blood on it.

But to their shock and surprise the design glowed light blue, then note book was surrounded by smoke but when the smoke cleared. All their jaws hit the floor. Their over the notebook was a black metallic bo-staff with silver ends, there are Reinforcement seals drawn all over it for strengthening, it was almost unbreakable. He picked it up and tosses it to Rei, Who caught it out of reflex. She looked questioningly at Naruto, "there is a button near one corner, push it". She looked it over and found the button on the lower side.

As she pressed it suddenly a blade spike out from the upper end. "Whoa..." mumbled Rei, as she examined the weapon. He said "I was trained in weapons too…so when I came here I found a weapon shop, so I give few orders for these weapons of my own design" they nodded at his explanation but a question popped in everyone's mind but one vocalled it.

"How did you do that?" asked Saya. "Do what?" "That popping thing" "oh… this is called the art of sealing" "art of sealing?" Saeko repeated in confusion. He nodded "in past it was said to be the quite famous and incredibly hard to master, and my clan was quite feared because of their mastery of this art"

"What can you do with this art?" asked Saya "sealing have theoretically no limits" "no limits!" they almost just yelled in disbelief... he nodded "yeah, from what I read, it can even surpass currents technology…" they stared at him in disbelief. "there said to be a man who could teleport from one place to another by using seals as a landmark, artificial personality, explosions, storage space, heat producing…even electricity producing".

"You are joking, right?" asked Saya. Naruto shook his head. "I just showed you one of them, this array..." he gestured towards the notebook "that is a seal for storage space. To put it simply this seal help me to open a dimensional pocket where I can store almost anything but size and mass still matters" "impossible" mumbled Saya. Naruto sighed, "So, how do you think I brought the bo-staff…from under the table". All sweat drop a little at that crack. "The staff has Reinforcements seals on it, it is almost unbreakable. But..." they again listened "there is a requirement, for this to work" he said, "and that is?" Saeko questioned, it was interesting and she always wants to know about him…well everyone wants to know.

At this Naruto folded, his arms with a serious look said, "That's ...a secret." At this, all of them face faulted again. They all quickly stood up glaring at him, which he easily ignored "Its clan secret…I will tell you some other time" he replied to at least satisfy them.

While they wanted to know, they knew he has some family restrictions too. So For now they will put rest but they were determined to get the answers they wanted.

He then again flip few pages again wipe blood. This time there was a small puff of smoke and pouches of brown colour appeared? He opened one and brought out two kunais. They want to question him but put hold. He was popping out many weird things today so…

He signalled for Saya and Shizuka, as they came near him. He give each of them one. "Put them somewhere on yourself, if no help arrives use it to stall for time…stab them with it precisely in the eye" both looked a little freaked out but nodded as they saw his serious gaze. He was not up for argument.

Then he turned to Hirano and nodded at seeing he has his weapon. Said boy also nodded. Then he turned to Saeko "Saeko…are you alright with that wooden sword" "for now I am" she replied with a smile, glad he has asked her. As they adjust themselves, he put his notebook back in his jacket. "Guys..." they all looked to him and saw he was serious."...are you almost ready?"

They understood what he meant. If they leave now, there is no telling when they will get to rest again. The world is in chaos and the chance of them getting to rest will be slim to none. But they knew they could not just stay here and wait for it all to end. Therefore, they all nodded at him.

"Good. We will take a formation so that it will be easier for us to go. I will take the front with Saeko on left and clear the path, Shizuka Saya behind us in the centre as both of you has the least fighting experience Rei with Hirano rear left and right cover the back and anyone if we miss., is this okay" all quickly though it over and nodded at his suggestion. "Alright…and be quiet everyone" they all nodded.

Naruto then moved all the furniture blocking the door and grabbed the door handle. "Let's go!"

Naruto quickly opened the door causing some of them to look there way. Hirano then shot them with the nail gun just as they started to move. They then ran out of the door and into the chaos once more.

He quickly unsheathed his sword this time in his right hand. He has to clear the path so preciseness will not work, he need power to blow them away from their way.


They soon were almost, but far from the bus. It was on another part of the schoolyard. "Just to confirm it. You need not begin fighting unless it is inevitable. Refrain from fighting when opportunity arises." Saeko informed them, but she knew Naruto wouldn't have any problems.

"Remember, they're sensitive to sound so keep it quiet." Saya offered her observations. "Additionally they are strong enough to break down a normal door and once they have a hold on you, you are going to get eaten, so be careful."

As they made their way to an outside bridge, they heard a scream. On a walkway underneath them, a group of 5 students. Three average looking guys and two girls.

One of the girls Naomi said her boyfriend's name in fright. . Takuzo has black hair and brown. He wore the normal school uniform. He also has a sports towel hanging around his neck.

Naruto as he saw they were being cornered by them, so he ordered Hirano to take it out. "Shoot it." Naruto said quietly.

"Right!" Hirano said as he shot his nail gun at it and it slumped to the ground, something Takuzo was extremely grateful for as he relaxed somewhat.

Naruto signal for Saeko to engage which she did by jumping over the railing while he used the stairs while Rei take out from below while Hirano stayed up for long range as well protecting the other two. They take them out as they went. The rest of the group not far behind.

"Uh…thank you." The girl, Naomi said loudly. "Not too loud" Saeko said softly as well. "Is there a person among you with a bite?"

"What? No, no one." Naomi replied. "They really do look fine," Rei said happily. Naruto walked down lazily to them, not even in any hurry and said, "We're getting out of there. Want to come with us?" Naruto said in a bored tone. The new group sweat dropped at this while their group was already used to it. "y-yes" she replied nervously.

Takuzo's eyes widened when he saw Naruto. He had actually seen Naruto fight at last kendo tournament and had to admit that Naruto was more than good. He felt safer already. He had his group nodded as they then made their way to the front building. Now was the time to leave this place.


The large group made their way to the front of the building and now they were once again in a stairwell, only, this one lead to their freedom from this place. All they had to do was get past the walking dead down below. Easy, right?

"There are a bunch of them down there," said Naruto leaning on the railing closing his eyes. "What's the point of hiding here? They use their ears, not their eyes." said a Saya.

"Then why don't you prove that for us, Takagi?" said Rei to which Saya deflated. "Regardless, if we remain inside of the school as such, we will be unable to move once attacked." said Saeko.

"No way out but through the gate, huh." stated Rei. Said, not wanting to stay there anymore.

"We require someone to validify the truth behind Takagi's words." said Saeko. Naruto open one eye, looked out from the corner of his eye, and saw how everyone, including Saeko, was nervous about going down there.

He chuckled lightly as he pushed of the railing, "I'll go", as he starts descending the stairs. The others were startled by his exclamation. Rei then shook her head, "No Naruto, I'll- "It would be more preferable if I were to go ahead of you." said Saeko cutting off Rei just as Naruto came by her side. He stopped and turns slightly to stare at her lazily. He then brought his hand up in front of her face. She knew what was coming next….then he flicked her nose like he always do when he was little amused at something she said or did, as she closed her eyes out of reflex. There was a blush present on her face due to embarrassment as well as because of contact. But she didn't have it in her to stop Naruto.

All other looked surprised while Rei, Saya slightly jealous while Shizuka smiled at their friendship. Even she knows how all girls feel about blond.

"No, you both should stay back in case something happens, Rei, Saeko." He said with a yawn. They are now getting aggravated with his laziness, didn't he consider this situation a threat.

"But why, Naruto?" said Rei as she was scared of losing another friend.

Naruto then looked at all of them with a lazy smile, "why? Hmm…. maybe I am waiting for something to happen!" This only increased their worries. He waved a hand dismissively "don't worry, I have better reflexes then Saeko, I will be fine." Said girl puffed her cheeks secretly but Naruto noticed as he chuckled lightly.

Naruto then proceeded to walk down the stairs to the undead, while slowly drawing his sword and putting it at his shoulder.

Rei then reached out to him "Naruto wait!" she was then stopped by Saeko. "I understand how you feel. Regardless, this decision was made by no one but himself." said Saeko as she looked at Naruto in worry.

The group, mostly the girls, all looking on in worry for their friend as he made it to the bottom of the stairs and continued walking to almost centre as he stopped by a shoe, his sword still plopped over his shoulder. He just stands there bored. The first thing he has done when he met one of them was to get insight about the enemy. He instantly summarized from there glaze over and unfocused look that they are blind or have poor eyesight. Next thing he observes was that they keep bumping into wall or other things, which make him, conclude that their senses are dead; lastly, he also noticed that they react to sound of whatever it is.

As he stands there one of them move toward him by coincidence but he sidestepped slightly and so it just walked on by him. Ok, they are blind. First theory proved. He saw a shoe near his leg, so with his right foot he hoisted it up grabbing with his left hand. All stared at him tense ready to act any moment. He thought of pranking them but drop that idea. It's no time for silly jokes. Even if didn't show it, he knew it was a serious situation. Alone he could survive easily but now he has responsibility so he has to act little more attentive…hmm looks like cannot do.

He then lazily throws the shoe at the lockers, which connect and made a sound. Suddenly all the undead turned towards the sound start making way over there. While he lazily wave his hand to signal them to descend as he move to the gates and opened them with Saeko who arrived at the other side.

As they were finally leaving the building, Tazuko, student they picked up, who was rather slow, had his weapon accidently tap the railing for the stairwell. It echoed rather loudly.

Naruto just sighed while Saeko looked little afraid. Time seemed to have stopped, everyone turned to look at Takuzo just as the undead started to swarm.

Naomi then yelled. "Run Takuzo!"

He then saw all off the undead stop what they were doing before and then converge to their spot. The group they picked up didn't need to be told twice, they were gone before they anyone could say anything.

"Why did you open your mouth?" Saya shouted. "We could have made it by taking care of the ones close by if you hadn't said anything!"

However, one of them appears behind the pink haired girl. Luckily, Saeko bashed it away. "No way! Didn't you hear that echo!" Rei said, as she cut ones leg with her new bo-staff.

Hirano was at front trying to take aim at all the ones near them and said, "There are more of them!"

Just then, Naruto ran past him, with a lazy grin plastered on his face. He reached the first and does an upward diagonal swing at its neck. Its head shot in the air. He came at another one with downward slash separate its head and upper body into two the waist. Plunging his sword in the thirds mouth then bringing it upward, cleaving the head. They were two in front of him. He gather wind chakra around his blade but instead of sharpening it he let it revolve around the blade, he revolve once while muttering "Uzumaki Kenjutsu-Kaze no Hageshii (Uzumaki style-violent winds).

As he stuck the first all the wind chakra that was gathered was launched towards the enemies, they were blown of the bridge. He slowly stands up straight flicking his sword to remove the blood.

In the mean time they were stunned, he has just wipe out about 15 of them with looking rather easy. Now they were worried for their friend's sanity. But when he turned to them he was back to his lazy self. He said, "I said that, we will make it and you all know I didn't break my promises..." they all smiled, this is one of his qualities.

"So, previous formation…run" after they formed formation they again start running.

It took them a while, but they finally made it to the parking lot. They all ran in there formation to the bus as Naruto and Saeko beat most of the undead out of the way. Though that didn't mean that Rei and Hirano didn't do anything, as both of them knocked any of the undead that tried to get them from behind. Unfortunately, Takuzo got surrounded and was getting eaten by them.

Naomi saw this any yelled. "Takuzo!" Despite him being eaten alive, he looked to them and yelled, "Naomi! Run!" "Takuzo-"forgets him!" said Saya as she grabbed the girl and tried to pull her back. "There's no point in trying to save him if he's already been bitten!" but the girl didn't listen and ran off to the boy.

"Why?" asked Saya in shock. "I told her it was useless. Why is she going back for him?" "I...understand." said Shizuka as she slowly took steps back. "With the whole world gone to hell, I'd much rather die with the one I love." she said as tears gathered in her eyes.

"What kind of doctor are-" Saya was interrupted by one of them being shot before it could bite her.

"Calm down, Takagi-san!" said Hirano as she shot another one that got to close.

"Oh you rude little otaku! How dare you interrupt me while I am taking? Why would you do that?" "Simple, You Naruto's friend so I'd like to think of you as a friend as well. Can't you die on me?" Hirano said.

"Nice to see that you two are getting along." Saeko stated when she saw that Saya had a small blush on her face. However, she didn't know why. One was attacking Shizuka when Naruto hit him at the temple with the blunt side of his blade, which sent it flying away. They can't understand how he could produce such force with a blade and not slice. In real Naruto has layered his blade with chakra, so with the blunt side he used chakra to propel plus kill the enemy.

Naruto looked at Shizuka, seeing that she is scared. He called out to her "Shizuka-Chan, the key~" At this, she opened the door and all of them ran into the bus. Hirano opened a window and took aim. "Target? Check. Public safety? Check. Ready to rock and roll!" Saya looked at him and said, "Oh hurry up and just shoot them already!"

Shizuka turned on the bus but was in a panic her boobs jiggle as she did so. "This isn't like my car! Uhm...the gas, the break, the clutch..."

Naruto and Saeko were still outside the bus when they both noticed something troubling. There were too many of them near the school exit. Even with the large bus, if they were to try to drive through all of them then it could cause the bus to flip over.

"Saeko..." said Naruto, as he ran hand through his hair. He continued when she looked toward him. "I'm going to clear a path for everyone okay. Get in the bus and tell everyone to get ready." He drawled out.

Saeko look at him as if he was crazy and voice her opinion. "But Naruto-kun! There are too many of them there! You will get eaten if you get swarmed by that many of them!" Naruto just smiled lazily and said, "Don't worry about me. I need you to make sure everyone gets out of here alive. I promise….I'll be fine."

Without waiting for her to reply Naruto start jogging then broke into a run, off to clear the path for them while muttering 'too less time for sleep' before she could try and go after him she heard a cry.

"Help us!" looking back to the school, she saw a group of people running to them. In the group were nothing but students and 1 teacher. She didn't recognize any of the students but she did recognize the teacher. It being Koichi Shido.

Shido is wearing a black pinstripe suit. Inside the suit, he wears a white dress shirt along with a yellow tie. He also wears black-framed glasses. He has black hair that is neatly combed and parted at both sides of his face. But his eyes, his yellow eyes put Saeko on edge. She knows that there is something wrong with him. She has seen it since she first saw him.

Naruto too doesn't like him. He never attended his class. Shido many times tries to expel or even insult him in public but Naruto just turn his game back on him making him look like a fool. He was even there when Hirano was bullied but was standing aside enjoying the show.

Rei happened to see him too.

"Shizuka come on! We have to go!" yelled Rei. Though it wasn't because of them. She just wanted to leave Shido to die. "It won't start Rei!" yelled Shizuka back as she tried to start the bus but it wouldn't start for some reason. Saeko was about to say something before she heard a yell from Shido's group.

/Shido's group- a minute before/

Shido was glad that the other group noticed them. He doesn't know how much longer he will be able to keep running. 'Come on, just a little further.' he thought as he loosened his tie so he could breathe a little easier.

Quickly turning, he addressed his group. "Everyone! Hurry! I guarantee you'll make it out alive." The other students quickly ran past him, one girl saying 'okay, teacher!' as she went by.

'Despite what I said, I wonder if they'll even make it to the bus.' thought Shido with a demented gleam in his eye. One student that was in the back of the group was running with a journal and some textbooks for some reason. He suddenly tripped and rolled on the ground to Shido's feet. He reached up and grabbed on to his pants. "I sprained my ankle!" he said in pain.

"Oh..." said Shido sounding caring. "Is that so?"

He then had a happy look on his face. "Then it's the end of the line for you." Just as he finished saying that, he picked up his leg and kicked that student right in the face. Breaking the student's glasses on his face, breaking his nose and knocked a few teeth out causing blood to fly and the student the cry in agony.

"The world as we knew it has come to an end. In this world..." He trailed of as he turned to the student with an insane look. "...it's the survival of the fittest."

Shido just calmly walked away from the student whose cries of pain alerted the attention of a few of them closest to him. His cries of pain increased as he was eaten alive.


Shido quickly ushered in the students and Saeko before she could say anything about Naruto still being out there.


"!" yelled Shido as he saw some of them nearing the bus.

It was by this point that the bus finally started. "Finally! We're off!" yelled Shizuka as she slammed her foot on the gas. "To the Gate." said a student from Shido's group. "I know!" yelled Shizuka as she hit a few of them with the bus. "They're not human's..." she muttered. "They're not human's anymore!" she yelled as she stepped on the gas more.

It was by this point that they noticed something. There was originally a whole mob full of them by the gate. Now there was only a few dozen. "Look!" yelled someone from Shido's group. School greenhouse that once looked like a safe haven when they first saw it on the way to the way to the bus.

Now they can't even look in it because nearly all the glass on the inside was covered in blood. It was by this point that they saw Naruto run out from what was possibly the backdoor of the greenhouse to the school gate that was locked by a huge lock with chains and being hovered by dozens of them. He was covered in blood which was certainly not his own but to their horror he didn't stop he ran straight towards them, holding his blade hilt ready to draw with his right hand he spun to the right while running and muttered "Uzumaki Kenjutsu-Kaze no Hageshii (Uzumaki style-violent winds).

They saw in awe as most of them was literally blown away from the gate to the side or was struck to the green house breaking its glasses as bodies fall out of the broken glass. He then turn around and moved for the gate. They were about to yell for him to move only for, to their shock, that he swung down his red blade and cut through the chains like they were made of paper and quickly opened the gate.

Thinking fast, Shizuka pulled the lever to open the bus door despite Shido's yell to keep it closed. Just as they passed, the gate and turn to the left Naruto quickly jumped on the bus and grabbed onto the door at the sudden jolt he felt from suddenly going at such speed.

Shizuka closed the door and quickly turned to the right to avoid going into the main roads. At least for now.

Though Naruto was still standing so with the sudden turn he was unprepared and instead landed on top of Saeko who was sitting in the front seat for the time being. Naruto groaned while muttering something, which makes her vibrate a little, Saeko blush as his head landed on her breasts. And his voice causes her stifle a moan. No one noticed this though as they were too busy relaxing after barely making it out of there.

"Looks like we made It." whispered Naruto. "Yeah..." said Saeko as she hugged him closed to her making Naruto sigh in relief or pleasure she don't know. She had seen the look when he was killing those things; it seems like his eyes were dead, and not even his usual apathy was visible. "Sorry…" Naruto muttered as he slowly stood up. She looked at him questioningly at his half bloodied face. Naruto pointed at her dress. She looked down and saw the blood from Naruto's face was wiped on front of her dress; she blush a little but smiled. He always was a gentleman. Always so caring...even in a situation like this.

Finally we started our journey. For how long I don't know but it will be interesting what's there in for me.

Damn, it will sure cut my sleeping time.


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