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Naruto sighed as he rubbed his hair as dry blood fall on the floor. How the blood dry so quickly? Well, he is hot just like that. He then plopped down in seat next to Rei, handing her his blade as she gave him a towel to wipe his face. He muttered thanks to which she smiled happily. He sighed "…now I can sleep a little…" Rei giggle at his antics. How can he be so calm at a situation like this nobody knows?

He closed his eyes to take a little nap that's what other thought. But he was a little tired mentally and physically both.

It was about 20 minutes later. "Thank you for saving us." said Shido as he walked to the front of the bus. He then looked to Saeko, "Are you the leader, Busujima?" he asked with a gleam in his eye.

Saeko just smirked and said, "No..."

Shido's face looked insane as he said, "Well that's no good...A leader is required in order for us to survive..." he trailed of as everyone, minus Shizuka and Naruto for obvious reason, looked at him. He smiled and continues. "One who manages everything..." he was grinning by this time.

Rei got close to Naruto's ear "we are going to regret this…" Naruto popped open his left eye then muttered "don't worry; If he tries something…I will get rid of him…." "What?" she asked flabbergasted with little anticipation. Naruto smiled lazily "what?...it's the least I can do for you…Rei-chan" she blushed profusely as he added chan in seductive tone. She blabbered incoherently, he just chuckled. She turned away with puffed chicks 'I know…he was messing with me…'. Then she remembered something 'like...he used to do….before me and Hisashi…'. Another realization dawned on her. He became distant to her. But he was opening again...albeit slowly. Naruto has again closed his eyes.

But his speech was interrupted by one of the Shido's group yelling, "The city!"

Everyone looked out and saw it. The city was in ruin. Houses hit by cars, buildings on fire, the setting sun in the horizon giving everyone a vision as if they were looking into hell.

/Sometime later/

Music could be heard from a place called Sevenson station, as a yellow car drove away just as one of them staggered onto the road to the station. In the station was a single employee seemingly staring out into space as if he was in high. Through the window, you can see the undead person slowly make their way to the station but was stopped as a mini bus ran it over on the way to the city.

/with everyone on the bus/

"Look!" said one of the students Shido came with. "We'll never make it if we keep going! First, why do we need to do whatever you guys planned to do? You all decided to go back to the city without asking us. Couldn't we have just looked for a safe place inside the school?" finished the guy.

As he was saying this, everyone from Naruto's group looked like they wanted to say something to him mid-sentence but a look from Naruto half-lidded eyes stopped them. He then slowly shook his head as if telling them he would deal with this. They all stopped reluctantly, no sound coming from them except when Shizuka adjusted her seat belt because of the way it felt on her bust.

"He's right! We should find a Place to hide, like that convenience store we just passed by." said a rather sick looking kid.

Despite what Naruto signalled, Shizuka couldn't take it anymore, she slammed on the breaks, and parked the bus in the middle of the street. She unbuckled her seat belt, stood up and yelled at the kid.

"I've had it! I can't drive with all of you yelling!" she ended with a huff making her breast sway a bit.

"What...the hell?" muttered Tsunoda little surprised. Shizuka finally calmed a little then looked to Naruto out of the corner of her eye. She was relieved to see him chuckle at her expense as if to tell her that it was okay. Even if unexpected.

"Then what do you want to do?" asked Saeko. He looked at Naruto with hatred. "I can't...I can't stand this guy!"

"Jeez!" Kohta growled out and was about to shoot him if he tried anything, but Saya stopped him.

"Hmm…oh..." Naruto opened his eyes still looking bored then stare at the boy confusingly "uh…did you say something?", said boy face fault, while Shido's group have sweat drops at the blonde's presence of mind…or absence, While Naruto's group snickered. They just love his antics when they are not directed at them. Saeko giggle a little, Hirano's shoulders were shaking, and Saya was trying to school her face but still was shaking a little. Rei was too snickering as the boy also has stood up. But Naruto was just sitting there his head tilted to the side to gaze over his shoulder at the boy.

"You..." he said raising his fist to strike Naruto. But Rei wacked him in the gut with the side of her new spear, dropping him in the ground in a heap.

"You suck" Rei stated heaving for breath. Rei just love this new bo-staff, it's perfect in every way- weight, length, design as well quality.

Clapping was then heard as Shido walked up to them. "Bravo! Simply…outstanding teamwork. I'm impressed. I commend both of you." Naruto's eyes suddenly hardened, his group noticed but didn't say anything.

"But, hmm...The fact that this conflict arose simply proves what I stated earlier..." Shido stated with a slight hiss in his voice. "...We really do need a leader. Do you understand?" he ended with a demented gleam that Naruto saw as clear as day.

Saya then adjusted her glasses while looking at Shido, "And there's only one person who can do the job?" she said with sarcasm.

Shido leaned down and said, "Well Takagi, I'm a teacher and the rest of you are students. That alone should be enough to say whose more qualified." he ended with a fake happy tone. "If I was the leader, I would prevent conflict. What do you say?" He ended while looking at everyone. To the pity of Naruto and the others, a few, among the large group of students Shido brought, stood up and clapped with approval. Shido then gave an exaggerated bow while turning to Naruto and his group saying, "Well that's that. I've become the leader based on a majority vote."

At this Rei was shaking and wanted to just up and leave but she and all the others 'celebrating' stopped at the sound of Naruto's chuckle. Which was also a mystery that how they listened his chuckle through all the clapping. After a while, he stopped and looked at Shido with an amused lazy smile on his face.

"Wow that was funny. I never took you to be the joking type Shido-kun," Naruto said with a chuckle.

Shido's face became a face of rage before he schooled his features. "I wasn't joking Naruto..."

Naruto's amused face tells his group something, they will enjoy. "You just said, you should be leader, because you are a teacher…" said man smirked "but… I never attend your class so I am not your student…which means I am out of your reach" he said with lazy glee. "Oh? And that is a problem?" Shido asked amused only for it to turn into rage again, at what Saeko said next.

"That is a problem because Naruto is the leader of our group." The boys on Shido's side started to argue while the girls stayed quiet. "Quiet." said Naruto in a commanding tone, no trace of laziness. Off to the side, all the girls on Naruto's side felt a shiver went down their spine. 'There it was again! What was that?' was the thoughts of all the girls with him.

"Now where to begin..." said Naruto ran a hand through his hair. Then he picked up his sword. "Let me tell you a little story…". "we don't have ti-" Shido was cut off as he fell to his knees when Naruto released a concentrated amount of KI on him, Shido's group was also feeling it quiet much, others felt it too.

'What is this feeling of dread…?' Thought all as they stare at the blond who was emanating it. "Now…will you listen…?" he asked smiling sickly. Shido's group couldn't say anything so nodded furiously.

"Good...". "This..." he gestured to his blade. His group also listened intently. They all admired the blade; it's really beautiful, even Shizuka was listening intently. They would not miss a chance to learn about their blond. "…is a family heirloom…which is present in our family for centuries". He said as he stares at the blade lovingly.

But Saeko was thinking something else 'for centuries…but that blade look almost new…' To her luck "but its looks almost new?" asked Hirano, now extremely interested. Naruto nodded "that's because…it's a sentimental sword…" They all were stunned at this commitment. "y-you mean that sword has a spirit in it," asked Rei stammering.

"Yes…her name is Beni-Hime," said Naruto quietly, as he unsheathes a little too show-to-show dark crimson blade. "c-crimson princess?" asked Saya, still little sceptical. "Yes….you know she carves for blood…" at this everyone's blood ran cold. "b-b-blood" stammered Shido. Naruto chuckled then sighed, "Yes…she uses the iron present in blood to repair herself…" Saya's eyes widened at this phenomena.

"But..." he continued, as they gave him his undying attention "...as any other girl…" he gestured to the girls around "...she also always wants to look beautiful…". Males stare at him with incredulous expression while girls nodded in agreement. "…so I has to feed her a lot….and I haven't done that in about a week" sweat was forming on Shido's group males. Shido was sweating like a pig. "Well…Shido-kun, wouldn't you help a girl with her problems like an honourable man like you should do…." "w-w-well i-i-ii" Shido stammered as Naruto completely unsheathed his sword and calmly walk towards Shido, slowly a crazed grin coming at his face. Shido back stepped while Tsunoda too crawl back in obvious fear. When he finally sat at the last seat, staring wide eyed at Naruto. Blonde pointed the sword at his throat.

A single drop of dark red blood came out. But what they saw next, really scared them shitless. Just as the red blade touched the drop of blood. It vanished, seemingly absorbed by the blade.

Naruto then smirked and slowly backed off "well then...now story is finished….i will talk logically…" Naruto's group sweat dropped while Shido's group stare at the blonde with great fear as well at his blade. They don't want to be her food.

"Hmm… you're trying to take command of a huge group of people and while most of them are with you. Some are with me. This will cause conflict as our two groups have different agendas. If you want to be leader? Fine, but you're the leader of your group while I'm the leader of mine. And as it is, you're conflicting with our group's agenda. If you don't like what we are doing then the door is over there." said Naruto pointing to the door.

The sick looking kid stood up and yelled, "You can't do that! What about us!"

Naruto turned his gaze to him making the kid scared as hell. "You seem to have forgotten your place while we were here. Alternatively, did you forget that WE let you all on here. You saw us head to a bus so you should have known that we were going to leave the school, not hold up in there. So if you don't like how things are done...well...leave then. Like I said, we have our own agenda so either work with us or go."

"And what makes you qualified to lead this group? What do you know about surviving?" asked Shido now able to take a hold of himself.

Naruto looked at him with a deadpan expression. "Because, I have been surviving on the streets since I was kick out of the orphanage at 3. Trust me, compare to that it's too much easy" Naruto said.

'Oh my, he is an orphan….wait, so does that mean his parents died when he was younger?' Shizuka thought. The others had similar thoughts while also thinking on how he knew his parents. Now it was confusing them, because he will sometime tell about her mother and father a little, even if by mistake. For Saya, this all just brought more questions to the table. She admired his will to survive though.

Naruto was about to return back to his seat, but something caught his eye or someone.

He reached out with his hand, only to pull back a…cheek.

"Owowowowowow…" miku cried as Naruto pulled her cheek almost causing her to stand from her seat. You could see tears welling up in the corner of her eyes. Finally Naruto let go when she was only a few inches away from him.

She rubbed her cheek which was red now. She lifted her head to glare at Naruto only to shrink back when she saw his steely gaze. "Miku…" his voice was cold. "H-Hai" she stuttered, she knew he wouldn't hurt her but still…he is scary at times. "Why are you with the snake?" he asked quietly.

She stuttered trying to think of a reason, "s-shido-sensei forced me!" she exclaimed finally, eyes closed shut. Everything was silent for a moment. After few moments she meekly opened her eyes to see Naruto's face right in front of her. A blush crept on her face.

Naruto stared into her eyes; he knew she is telling the truth. But he didn't think shido would go that far.

He turned his gaze at now again pale Shido who was trying to back away. But Naruto wouldn't let that happen. A foot right at Shido's crotch, making the teacher turned almost white. Naruto smiled sadistically "so you forced her to stay with you" Naruto said. "I-I-I d-don't kn-ow-AHHHHH!" shido screamed as Naruto's food smashed on his family jewels. All others flinched, boys were turning blue.

Naruto just grinned sadistically "you were saying?" he asked mockingly. Shido face was fixed in silent scream mode. But finally uttered "I-I d-didn't- AHHH!" Naruto again pressed his foot "please can you repeat that, I quite didn't hear you?" Naruto asked, looking completely innocent. All were now sure…he is cruel.

But when shido saw his foot coming close "I did! I forced her!" shido finally shouted, he can't take it anymore, he would die probably just by this pain. He sighed in relief when Naruto's foot stopped. But suddenly screamed as Naruto's foot again smashed. He cried for about one minute, while Naruto put a hand on Miku's head. Girl looked at him little awed "go sit with Saeko" he ordered. She just silently nodded. Quickly skipping over to Saeko, where she sat down smiling at the senior who smiled back.

Naruto again looked at shido, coming close to his ear "listen and listen well, you try anything with one of my friends…I will kill you." in the end his tone getting darker. Shido gulped audibly, shakily nodded. Naruto finally stepped back.

Rei was a bit disappointed that Naruto didn't just kill the man, but she saw that her group all had smiles on their faces as they looked at Naruto. He was leadership material in their eyes and she agreed, but she was not going to stay on this bus with Shido especially after she heard him mumble about how this was not over.

That set her off and she rushed out the door. "Rei!" Saeko shouted out after her, but Naruto sighed and put a hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry, I got it." He said, making Saeko relax since Naruto was the voice of reason in their group, despite his quirks. Naruto walked out of the bus and to her oldest female friend in this now corrupted world. "Come on; let's get back on the bus." He said gently. "No way, I won't do it! I am not staying here with him!" Rei growled out.

Naruto sighed as he said lowly as he put a hand on her shoulder "I understand how you feel, but it should only be a short time before we part ways with the pyscho. You can put up with him for a while…hmm...then I will give you gift."

"Really?" she perked up at that, all forgotten about Shido...

"Yes...Rei I don't want our group to break up because of him..." he said sadly. Rei nodded slowly.

Rei was about to say something, but there was a disturbance. What was it? Well a bus full of them was coming their way! " " Saeko shouted to Shizuka.

The bus full of undead hit a car and flipped and barrelled toward both of them. "Well…shit!" Naruto muttered still sounding bored as he saw the bus approaching them. Then he grabbed Rei and dived into the nearby tunnel, with the bus blocking their way out and on fire. Never a good sign.

"Naruto-kun! Are you two unharmed?" Saeko shouted from her place on the other side. She had been the first to get out seeing if they were okay.

Naruto and Rei had landed in an awkward position. She was on top of him her boobs pressing in his face and she was strangling his waist. Girl looked at her position, Getting up quickly and muttering an apology with a deep blush, he just muttered "today, is not my lucky day…" turned to the blocked entrance to the tunnel. 'Great…now we are split'

It was then he noticed the undead, which were not burning, were crawling out of the bus. They had to act fast. "Let's meet up at the police station! At the East Police Station!"

"What time?" Saeko asked, being wary of the undead, but she did not have to worry too much because they were dropping dead like flies because of the fire.

"7 'o' clock! If not today then again tomorrow!" Naruto shouted.

Saeko nodded. Naruto again shouted "Saeko you are the leader now…take care of them for me…" girl smiled and nodded and ran to the bus again and addressed Shizuka, "Dr. Marikawa, we are unable to advance." said Saeko.

"Ok, I'll turn around and find another way." Shizuka said as she turned the bus around and speed away. She just hoped Naruto was alright. In the back, Shido was grinning.

Back in the tunnel, Naruto heard a spark and he knew they were in trouble. "God you really hate me…!" Naruto muttered. Inside kyubi was laughing his ass of. He scooped up Rei bridal style and started to run. "Bus is going to explode; we need to get out of here!"

"Can we make it?" Rei shouted in fear. "What! You don't trust me?" Naruto asked in mock hurt. They were already halfway out when the bus exploded and the resulting fire rushed at them. Thankfully, they made their way out before they reached them. Naruto turned to look at the cave as he put Rei down who had a blush on her face. She was blushing a lot lately.

They ended up by some stairs that probably led to a park or something. He felt the presence of one of them, turned, and kicked the thing away. Odd thing was, its head was covered in a helmet, so it survived the fall and got back up. "Now, aren't you the smart one." Naruto joked the undead biker and then sliced its head off.

"Wow that was quick." Rei said with a smirk, knowing that Naruto wouldn't be defeated. Naruto smiled lazily and said, "Yeah well, I didn't feel like dealing with these things at the moment."

Rei chuckled and held out her hand, "Come on, let's go Naruto."

Naruto chuckled lightly and took her hand. "You know, you look better with a smile than that angry face you had." He brought his other hand and wipes some blood from her face. Rei had a blush on her face. Naruto was always nice and that made her feel good while she just…..hurt him. Deciding to change to the subject, she asked, "So…are we just going to walk to the city?"

"No." Naruto as they walked a little further to a stop light to see a crappy looking motorcycle. "The guy was wearing a helmet, so I am guessing this is his." He drawled as he picked it and got it started.

"Do you even have a license?" Rei asked with mirth. "No, but I am sure the coppers won't mind that much…they do love me you know" Naruto said with a chuckle, getting one from Rei as well. "Come on, we got ground to cover!"

Rei shook her head at his antics and got on. As they rode down the highway to hell, Rei snaked her arms around his torso and leaned her head on his shoulder. He felt warm and she liked that.

Their world may have ended, but the new world was just beginning…but its all the same for me…just like the leaf…




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