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Both Naruto and Rei were overlooking the city from the mountain road as undead filled the streets. It was about 9 at night.

"Do you think someone will come to help us?" Rei asked gloomily. "No…" was Naruto's simple bored reply. Rei look at him like he just kicked her kitty. "But why…how can you say that?" she asked little distraught. "You told me you saw self-defence heli at school rooftops…it is the same deal here. We are not some important figure in this city or country. They won't be bothered to save us…so we should move with worst case scenario in mind…" "Worst case scenario?" Rei asked fearfully. Naruto nodded slowly "…we might never get any help…" "Never…" her voice was low; he has just said that they might never get out of this situation.

Naruto simply closed his eyes. "Then how are we gonna make it through this?" she asked. "It's simple really…" "Huh" "...we can't make a decision before checking on your families. Then it will be your choice would you want to be with me or with your family same goes for the others" She stared at him not able to say anything. But he continued "...I am here to ensure all you people safety, and I will try my best to protect all of you…". As Naruto stared over the city with his half lidded eyes Rei could see immense sadness and pain in his eyes. She always admired him for his conviction but…

"But what about you?" she asked. "What about me?" asked Naruto confused a little. "What will you do after we meet our parents?". Naruto hummed then chuckle lightly ruffling her hair playfully making her pout "I didn't think about that". 'No, I thought a lot…but there are too many unstable variables that I can't make a decision…yet'.

She was about to retort. But they heard groaning from behind them. They saw them coming towards them. "We should go," said Rei. Naruto was more than ready "yeah…yawn".


Noises produced from different type of vehicles and there engines could be heard to a long distance. Someone was shouting "its dangerous outside! Don't get out of your car at any circumstances!"

Among the vehicles, there was a microbus. Inside the bus…

"We progress roughly one kilometre per hour," said Saeko who was standing near Saya's seat. "I wonder if we can even make it over the bridge before morning at this rate," said Saya. Suddenly Hirano's stomach growled who was sitting beside Saya. Who oh'd. But Saya don't take it lightly "oh shut up! Put a lid on it!" "Put a lid on it? But I….am hungry…." He muttered solemnly.

Suddenly there was sounds of gunshots from outside as the police killed some undead. But two of the girls from Shido's group were scared. Suddenly Shido came in front of them slithering like a snake smiling sickly "there~there…" as the girls looked up as he hugged both of them "we are safe in here..." "Sensei…" one of the girls said hopefully. "There is nothing to worry about…we will be ok~ay". He finished with a singsong voice.

Saeko stare at him dispassionately while others of his group clapped.


They have entered the city and were now travelling through the silent streets. But to their surprise, there was no one…even the undead.

"There…is no one here," Rei whispered. "Either they ran away or they died" "if they are dead, they would be walking around" "there is no food left here…so they go the next place". "Hmmm…we have to fill the gas..." muttered Naruto.


They arrived at the gas station after sometime. "..We are here…" he said. Rei though was little sceptical "I wonder if they still have some gas?" "Every gas station has at least enough gas to fill up 1000 cars…I think they have enough." He knew better then to give her an unsure reply. Naruto start walking to the pump but suddenly stopped then turned to Rei with an extremely serious but still lazy face "Rei…" his tone was grave, "y-yes…" she was feeling nervous under his serious gaze, what might make him like this.

Then suddenly he rubbed his neck eye smiling softly "do you have money?" he asked innocently. She face faulted rather hard. She quickly stood up and was using all her will power not to shout at him and strangle him. Seriously, someone ask something like that with that face.

"You don't have money…" she asked harshly. "Uh…I left it in my school bag" he muttered with a downcast expression. "Do you have?" he asked hopeful. "Well…I also forgot my purse in bag" she replied embarrassed. Naruto blinked, then sighed "and you were asking me". She glares at him lightly but Naruto just wave his hand dismissively, not in the least affected by her glare.

"Wait here…if something happen scream" he said. He was about to go in but his senses were telling him that someone was here, but he could not pinpoint the location between all that stench of undead. So "Rei..." she looked up "...be on guard". With that, he entered the shop.

Naruto stepped into the store and took a glance around for a second, extending his senses. Upon knowing the coast was clear, he walked over to the register and stared at it for a moment.

He pressed the button but it was locked. So he unsheathed his sword and swing it at the register…cleaving it in two. The money fell like it was raining…


Rei sighed, as she was lost in thought. She leaned against a stone column in between a couple stations for distribution of gas. Her mind wandered to the activities they had done in the last 12 hrs.

Killing the undead, running from blasts, riding a bike. Then her thoughts got to one-sided talk she had with her father. Her father knew Naruto. Yes, she had told her father about him. He just said that to be nice with him, like he knew him...maybe that is true. His father might have known Naruto because it felt like he does but what her father meant by mission.

However, all of those thoughts came to an abrupt halt as something crept up from behind and grabbed her.

She let out a piercing scream, as something grabbed her chest believing that any moment; a bite to the neck was coming. However, it was then as whatever grabbed her pointed a knife at her throat that she realized she was not dealing with a zombie. And it was why this person got the jump on her despite her thoughts being elsewhere.

A zombie did not have the intelligence to sneak up on a person like a living breathing human being. At least as far as they knew.

That thought quickly died though as the sick freak proceeded to grope at her now barely covered chest; her shirt pulled down and started to fiddle with her skirt while holding a knife to her throat. He was breathing heavily, and she could only pray that nothing further would happen.


Naruto had rushed outside with the speed like that of a seasoned shinobi the moment he had heard the scream, and his worried face instantly turned into a cold one at the sight before him.

The scene makes Naruto really pissed. Rape in his mind was the worst thing that could happen. It also brought some past memories. In previous world, he would go to bandit camps to test his skills by destroying them. He has seen many raped women there. He would try to help as much as he could but…it was never enough. Then he had come to this world to face the same situation but in much worse place. Now here it was again.

Rei's face that was formerly one full of a liveliness that he loved. Now that same face was one that was filled with distress and panic. She was growing teary eyed by the second at her situation. 'Yeah well who can fucking blame her...?' Naruto added his conscious thought. He normally didn't not curse until he can't take it anymore.

"Hey bro! Your girl is pretty cute!" he taunted Naruto.

"Let her go." Naruto stated calmly. He didn't want to take unnecessary life. "You dumb? Like hell, I would do that. If I'm want to survive in this monster filled world, I need a woman." He only further made his intentions clear as he groped Rei's breast, trying to peel the bra down, while still maintaining firm control over her body.

"Let her go" Naruto said in eerie calm voice. That sent shivers down Rei's spine but the man was oblivious to this.

"Are you insane?" the guy asked in respond. "All of my family turned into those things in front of me! I had to smash every single one of their heads…my father,mother,my little brother…even my little sister….how the fuck I could stay sane?" he shouted and started laughing like a maniac.

She kicked out of the man's arms and got a couple steps forward, but couldn't get further than that before the man gripped her by her chest once again painfully.

Naruto clenched his jaw in obvious anger, now he didn't care about his pitiful life. He would kill him the first chance he got. She cried out at being touched again.

"Her tits and her voice are mighty fine! And these are p-pretty big!" he said as he clutched at her throat with a knife, as he groped her. Naruto's jaw clenched as his anger was reaching new heights. In his mind, kyubi was also growling. 'How dare that ningen touch my jailor's women'? Was his thoughts. His hands have transformed in claws. His own demon blood is awakening. As his eyes turned slits, whisker marks becoming little ragged. But he can't be rash here

"Hey... you fuck her, right? Every night, don't you?" the man asked as Naruto glared. However he did tense, a bit as the man's hand began to wander further south. It made Naruto just wants to take the risk, and make the kill, despite the obvious danger.

The men raised his arm back up at Naruto's lack of response, "Or... wait... You don't. You idiot!" he burst out laughing. "Now fill up the fucking bike! While I have fun with-"

"Naruto!" Rei cried in fear and panic at the thought. As he was playing with her breast trying to peel of the bra.

Naruto clenched his jaw and finally took a step forward. And he honestly wishes he had done so earlier, as the man made a grave mistake. "Fill up the bike or you'll be d-"

He pointed the knife at Naruto, instead of the hostage. Naruto was in the guy's face in a second, left hand holding the knife arm at wrist. While with other clawed hand he brought all fingers together to make it look like a sharp blade….then he plunge it in the man's centre of the chest.

It all takes less than 3 seconds to happen. Rei doesn't even see him move.

The man looked wide-eyed at Naruto, dropping his knife, clutching at the arm going through his chest. Rei now looked at the man in surprise. But her face lit up as she heard Naruto's words "you dare…to touch my women".

Naruto removed his arm with a squelch as blood pour on both, him and Rei, but it did not stop the girl from running into his arms crying. The man crumbled to the floor. Staring at Naruto in obvious shock and fear.

Rei was sobbing uncontrollably. Leaning in his arms trying to go deeper after her near rape experience.

Naruto pursed his lips as he slowly wrapped his arms around the girl, despite the dying man at their feet. How could he allow this to happen to Rei? He promised that he wont let anything happen to them. One tear rolled down his eye.

She needed someone to remind her that she was safe. And a place to rest.


Naruto has put the sleeping Rei leaning against the gas tank, as he filled the bike with gas. He has to think of a way to carry both of them to a nearby apartment building he has seen on their way here. He cannot take one at a time; danger to Rei will be too great.

Kurama voiced his opinion "you can use one of your chakra control exercise…" Naruto blinked "...the one in which you used to stick boulders to your body". Bulb lit up over Naruto's head. "Stick that bike to your back while carrying her, this little weight will be easy for you"

Naruto nodded as he bent down, sticking his back to the bike, and channelled chakra. Slowly he stood-up concentrating on not letting the bike fall. He then walked over to Rei picking her bridal style and started his trek.


After 10 minutes-time 12:07

He put the bike down from his back to the side of building. Rei still asleep in his arms. He has taken rounds around building and didn't found any undead. There was blood but nothing else. He didn't want to scale the complex with a sleeping Rei, so he decided to use ninja way.

His breath evened. He put a foot on wall then another and another. He reached the third floor balcony of the apartment building he had stumbled upon. The glass door was open, but he highly doubted that meant any type of security risk. All he had to worry about was the potential for them to be in the room he was about to enter.

Naruto set Rei down gently outside on the balcony, before taking a large leap to just gain a moments vision of the roof of the apartment complex. After everything that happened that night, he wasn't about to lose his sleeping friend to something as random as a zombie walking off the side of a rooftop.

Naruto looked down at the girl who despite the stressful night appeared to be sleeping rather peacefully. There was a time in his life that Naruto remembered vividly where he wished to be accepted. Now he was accepted. He can't let that go.

Naruto shook his head free of thoughts and stepped through the threshold of the apartment before slowly and quietly closing the glass door behind him. He hoped Rei wouldn't wake and start a panic, but he has to check the apartment first, he can't take a risk here.

And with that he was gone in a flash or which was his top speed. He had trained his body and speed but he can't show that in front of his friends or they might freak out or so he thought. The speed at which he was able to search room to room of the empty house would have been incredible to anyone here. He barely needed to spend no more than 5 seconds in each room in order to effectively check the room high and low for any unwelcome guests.

He pushed aside the irony of the fact that he himself was likely an unwelcome guest.

It was quick, effective, and decisive. He had cleared the house in exactly 57 seconds, and was opening the glass door with the house lights on within 1 min. 3 seconds. He silently stepped inside with Rei scooped back up into his arms only to gently lay her on the couch.

He made his way through the house, taking a closer look at it now that he was sure it was safe. It was obvious that there had been quite the struggle in the house. There were tables and chairs flipped over in what could only be considered the living room. Kitchen knives half way drawn out as if someone was deciding upon choosing that as a weapon, before finding something else. Even the sink's cold tap was slowly running. However, he doubted the apartment owners would care. He frankly doubted the apartment owners were alive.

He moved his way into the bathroom, and prepared a hot shower.

Naruto moved back into the living from and silently grabbed the fallen tables and chairs, and proceeded to barricade the door, another thing he felt slightly ironic given his barricading is waste speech he gave earlier in the day. Now he was becoming a hypocrite.

But If he needed to make an escape, he would simply take her and jump off the balcony. Alternatively jump on to the roof. He has plenty of escape routes.

He then moved back into the bedroom and pulled out his trusted 'Naruto's hand book'. He put it on the bed flipping through the pages. Then coming at the desired seal, channelling some chakra. There was poof of smoke, when it cleared there laid a dress. How he remembered her adopted mother had made it for him with all her heart. How he had cried at seeing this. Someone working so hard for him makes his heart swell with such joy and happiness; he has played with Siya that whole day not thinking of anything else but how lucky he was. Kurama was too happy with that. But…

And with that fleeting thought he made his way back to where he had laid Rei down before he scooped her back up into his arms. He smiled lightly at the way she curled up into him. But that fleeting thought passed as he walked her into the bathroom with the now hot running shower.

Naruto stopped as he thought what he should do now. Should he wake her, and let her do it herself...no she has suffered a lot waking her up is not an option. Should he just set her in the tub and wash her himself...but she doesn't have spare clothes. Should he set her in the tub and wait…they don't have much time. He sighed as he thought 'she can shout at me all she want….but we don't have much time'. He then strips her up of everything except of her undergarments.

Even If he wants to blush, he has trained his mind too much for these sorts of things to affect him. First, he trained in mind with Kurama showing him all type of perverted images, he could imagine of. Different sexual experiences he had in past. At start, he would be red in few minutes but with time. He came in complete control. It was one of the reasons he has such good control over emotions. After he has master mental attraction, he proceeded to physical attraction. He would go to brothel. He had asked them what he wants to achieve and has given them a lot more money. At first, he was like a wild beast in heat. He would give in quickly…well that would make the women's night as they would get the best sex of their life. But slowly his training paid off and he was able to control himself from physical attraction too.

He moved in closer before aiming the shower directly down the drain before setting her down at the back of the tub. He quickly stripped his shirt so he wouldn't be dealing with wet clothes.

Naruto sighed as he lightly ran the hot water over the girl's feet at first. It wasn't scalding hot by any means, it was simple shower water, and he was sure he could pour it over her head just fine if it weren't for the fact that they had been outside in the cold all night.

Rei seemed to be stirring from her sleep as Naruto silently continued to wash the drying blood of her body, occasionally using his hands to rub off the few dried flecks that had hardened and stuck to the skin.

It was only when he had move the water to Rei's upper body that she realized her dream of relaxing in a hot tub was indeed not real, and she nearly slipped around with a yell of surprise as she saw it was Naruto giving her a bath. Normally she would have yelled pervert but she knew Naruto was not. In school girls were flocking him at every corner. He could have enjoyed himself anytime but he didn't. Once she thought he might be gay, but that was too thrown out of window when he almost killed a boy who by mistake touched his ass.

Shudder…that was really scary.

"Ahh! What are you doing!" she all but squealed as she attempted to cover herself before pulling flicking a bit of water in his face. He didn't even blink as water contacted to his face. He wiped with his free hand also running a hand through his hair as he sighed. This was going to be a long night.

Naruto stare at her for few seconds with his bored gaze. He then looked at the shower handle raised it up allowing a stream of hot water to rise and fall. "I was showering you because you were asleep…." He said in a deadpan plus matter-of-fact tone.

Rei had gone completely red in the face at the scene playing out before her, almost completely aghast at the fact that Naruto didn't seem to find anything wrong with the situation. They are not a married couple "And you don't find anything wrong with that?" she nearly yelled, but controlled her emotional state and remained relatively quiet. She didn't even know where she was being showered.

Naruto outwardly school his features but inwardly was chuckling along with Kurama at the girl's expense. He opened and closed his mouth then he looked into her eyes and asked seriously, "Do you want to listen truth or lie?". Now she was becoming wary of him but she answered "um…truth". Naruto nodded "no…i don't". She sweat dropped. His antics….

Rei's retort died on her tongue that she has prepared for after hearing his answer, as did her anger... partially, "You don't find anything wrong with this?" she questioned, a serious look of her face despite her posture seemingly relaxing.

Naruto sighed and shook his head his hair swaying slightly; he gently ran the water over her hair, where most of the blood was located. "I used to do this for someone, in the past….also with less clothes" Naruto explained as if that answered everything.

She leaned her head down further between her legs for a moment letting the water wash on her back as she quietly thought over her current situation before sighing once again and sitting back up.

"I can't believe I'm doing this." she said quietly as she looked up and over to Naruto who was crouched down to a knee next to her. "Look away for a second." she said, how can she be fine like this in front of someone she like…err...she answered her own question. Plus his non-shifting gaze and no blush make it easier.

Naruto raised an eyebrow, but complied quietly and unlike a teenage boy, he turned away for the girl. He heard a bit of shifting around in the tub before two wet slapping sounds hit the floor beside him. He looked down without turning around and realized it to be the girl's remaining articles of clothing.

"You can turn around." Rei said tensely, but quickly added on, "But I swear if you are just looking to grope and stare at my tits, I will beat you to death with the shower handle you are holding." She finished with a promise as Naruto got to turn around and stare face to face with her intense gaze while saying "hai~hai" in an exasperated tone.

Naruto turned around, not even giving a glance at her now new appearance. But he knows how difficult, to stop from taking an instinctively first glance, he handed her the shower handle. She gently took it as he reached back around her for what she could only assume was soap or something.

Rei on the other hand suddenly had it sink in as Naruto rose up his body over her to reach behind her for the soap. The perfectly sculpted but still somehow soft, but heavily scarred chest in front of her was not something she ever anticipated from someone like Naruto who is always laid back or even any 17 year old teenage. She knew that Hisashi likely didn't have a scar on his body. Hell Hisashi didn't even have anywhere near Naruto's body. She honestly doubted anyone she had ever met had a body like that. Even her mother whose level of physical fitness was one she came to accept as one of the best bodies around, even she would probably never compare to Naruto but how can a laid back guy like him be this fit...

It was a bit silly that she had warmed up to the idea of this so easily. But, the numerous scars the covered his chest alone makes her forget about his previous predicament.

She blushed a bit as she had just complained about the idea of him staring at her, and here she sat doing nothing but ogling him entirely in the few moments that she could get away with. Silently she almost wished that she hadn't told him not to look. But now she didn't even know if he was even going to look at her now which was frankly disheartening. It is a sad thought in anything when one would put everything out there to be seen, and then only being barely spared a glance. She hoped that wouldn't be the case. These thoughts crossed her mind in only few seconds.

Her ogling stopped but she couldn't control her gasp as Naruto came back around with soap in hand, and a free hand full of bubbles. "Hold the shower over your head?" he asked simply.

Rei stared and blinked at the blonde, only to stare some more. 'I just spent the past thirty seconds ogling you and you ask me about the shower head... and the boy I want me to love, I just said not to look at me or I will beat him to death...and he didn't even spare a glance….what is wrong with me?' "Sure..." she said quietly. He then proceeds to rub bubbles in her hair smiling lightly. Rei stare at his face as if expecting him to look at her breast…but he didn't.

Rei than asked a question that was bugging her "Naruto?" "Hmm..." "How do you have so many scars?" she asked quietly. At this Naruto stopped in his tracks. She thought like she has dig her own grave…but she didn't back off like all other times. They have to know each other better and there will be no better chance than this. He sighed loudly as he slowly again continue to massage her hair. She was feeling like she was heaven under his soft hands.

He answered lightly "my childhood, was not good…Rei". At his tone, she knew he didn't want to talk about it, so she stopped. But she got a little new information.

It was then that Naruto proceeded to go over her body again with his hands, and Rei couldn't help the heat rising to her face. 'Just who the hell was the one he done this for?' She thought to herself with an uncontrolled blush. But when she looked at blonds eyes, he was lost in thought, while his eyes showing sadness and pain. She now felt guilty to make him like this.

"So ummm... who was the one you did this for?" Rei asked trying to change the subject and resisting the urge to jump a bit as he went over her feet with his surprisingly soft hands.

"My mother…" he softly said with a strained voice. All perverted thoughts in her head stopped at that. "Huh?" was all she could said, but then she questioned "but you said, in the bus that you were kicked out of orphanage?". Naruto chuckled hollowly, which sent shivers down her spine. He answered little over a whisper, voice slowly becoming more stained "I was adopted…" "Oh..." she mumbled now understanding came to her. She was feeling triumphant at how much she was gaining.

Her inner musings were stopped as he continued. "my mother had a weak body and she occasionally fell ill….father didn't want to do this as it was against their codes….so I take it upon myself to take care of her…". She smiled at this. He again chuckled, she looked at him questioningly "I specially went through a training programme for this….to control myself from any type of temptation" he answer amused at see her facial expression.

It was just priceless. "You mean you have trained in it…" she asked "of course….without training even a 70 year old would be tempted by this". She held a disgusted look at his explanation.

"So what can you tell me about your mother?" she asked hopefully. Naruto smiled hollowly "she was amazing, kind, beautiful, smart…everything I can think of. She would scold me a lot then she would pamper me. I would do anything she asked from me…even if it is to run naked in streets….". She laughed loudly at his proclamation. "but she will always be concerned for me, I like whatever she cooked, even if it was burnt…" she stopped laughing when she heard his now heavily strained voice. When she looked at his face tears were flowing from his eyes and dripping from his chin.

But he continued washing her absent minded, now holding her arm and continued to wash her, tears still dripping but he continued like in trance "I would go from village to village to collect herbs for her, as she liked to make medicines….she was famous for it too. People would say that I am too close to my mother but I didn't care about them…all I cared was her opinion, we too travelled together to meet her friends." Then she heard a chocked sob. She looked into his eyes, they were becoming red, she tried to stop him but he didn't listen "I always asked if she would leave me…she just said that she would always be with me. And I believed her, she never lied to me before…." his hands were now shaking uncontrollably. His voice was also shaken.

"But she lied this time…" he whispered but she was able to listen clearly. "She left me alone in this world…again". She was now shocked from what he said, if she loved him then why left him but further explanation also tore her heart. "…s-she d-died, while l-leaving me b-behind…" "I-I wa-wanted to f-follow her…". At this her eyes widened, he wanted to die! "But t-they held m-me down…" she just looked at him as of now, "I s-shouted for h-her to w-wake u-up, t-that I w-was h-hungry…" "Naruto…" Rei whispered.

"But...s-she didn't w-wake up…I wanted to f-follow her l-like I always d-did…" she could not do anything "I wanted to die…" now she was fearing for his mentality "I still wanted to die….". At this her eyes widened in horror, he can't die. "NO" she shouted fearfully, she quickly snaked her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly, not even caring that she was naked. She remembered what he said in the school 'hmm... I think I am waiting for something to happen'.

Her loud voice broke him out of trance, but as he remembered, what he had said was true. He sobbed in her hair. At now she was also crying, she was feeling worse. She had made him to feel all those painful memories. She never saw him cry before…it was heart breaking…to see the aloof boy to be seen like that. She berated herself for this. She has pried far too deep.

So she did what she could do, she held him close. He too slowly wrapped his arms around her naked frame. She then loudly said, "No…you can't die…." "b-but..." he stumbled at his words, oh no! he never stumbled. "No buts…what do you think will happen to me, Saeko, Shizuka, Miku, Takagi or Hirano" she finished lowly. "Who do you think will take care of us?".

Naruto's shoulders start stabilizing. As she uttered "we need you…Naruto". After a few moments, his shoulders stopped shaking. Yes that was it. They need him, so he will be there. He then took few deep shuddering breaths. He back off from hug and eye smiled. Looks like a little weight has lifted from his shoulder.

Or so she thought, he can't lift that weight; nobody can as it is now. He then slowly returned to his lazy self. "Thanks…" he said slowly. She smiled widely as she wiped his eyes. "And thanks for the hug..." he said with a smirk. She turned deep red while stammering. He chuckled then brought his hand caressing her cheek "I am grateful to for it…". Now she stops stammering but blushed and lowers her head. Naruto returned back to washing her.

She suddenly remembered something "Naruto..." "Hmm..." "When I call my dad at school…he seems like he knows you…how is that and what about that mission thing?" Naruto chuckled lightly. He gazes at her with mirth-filled eyes. "My, my Rei-chan, aren't you perceptive today". She blushed at his obvious seduction in chan and lightly puffed her cheeks.

Rei suppressed a shiver as Naruto finally moved onto her chest with his hands. However, despite that fact, he was simply gently washed over her. She honestly wished he perhaps had done something, anything. It was like it was a cruel form of teasing to be touched in such a sexual way... yet not. Why she told him not to look again…

Naruto answered, "He knows me because I worked with him…" "Huh?" was her smart answer. "I worked with your father…." "You mean you worked for police?" She asked aggravated and hurt that he doesn't tell her before. Rei gaze broke a bit as she shook her head and suppressed a shiver as a roaming hand went over her nipple.

"I am more like an un-official…they hire me for the jobs that they can't do for public reason or not skilled enough…" "I answer only to commander…but since I live in this area and your father's police station is the closest so usually he gave me my assignments….but it's my choice what I want to do or not". He went back to lathering his hands in soap before moving to her stomach.

"But why do this job?" "Simple. I have skills and want to use them to do something good…so what's better then help the police" she nodded at his explanation. However, her mind stopped that train of thought as she sadly realized that Naruto had indeed not looked down to glance at her body once. She didn't know whether to be impressed for his incredible self-control, or disappointed at the fact that her body didn't seem to make it crack in the slightest.

"So how did you train for this temptation-whatever"? "Oh, that…first they will show me different type of sensual material…and I would start blushing like a tomato." She chuckled "but slowly it came into control, then they would change the material to soft porn…" she blushed but he continues "then after that to hard core, than Bdsm, masochist. Every type of sex." She was blushing like a tomato now.

"But with time their effect was gone…then they will make a woman to read porn in front of me, then they would sat naked with me while watching porn. Then we will move to bed and-" "Stop…I don't want to listen anymore!" she exclaimed, she can't believe he went through all that. Naruto chuckled at her expense. Rei resisted the urge to gasp at the fact that his hand was still down there. Her legs squeeze together in surprise as she pursed her lips upon receiving her answer as some kind of electric fire roar through her making her squeal out in surprise as her vision went white, and act which quickly caused her to cup her hand over her mouth with her eyes wide. She stared at Naruto with wide eyes, her chest heaving up and down, and her cheeks a flushed red.

He held a look of confusion, then his eyes goes down to where his hand was and his eyes widened, opening fully as he retracted his hand skilfully while lightly blushing in embarrassment with a lazy smile, he said "sorry…I wasn't paying attention where my hand was going.." he simply said. She looked disappointed but the blush on his cheeks made up for it.

He slowly stood up "you rest for a bit…"with that, he gets out of bathroom. After few moments, he came back clad only in towel and a towel for her too. He was also holding her clothes. She blushed deep red as she stammered "WH-what a-are you doing?" "Huh?" he looked at her with his lazy confused gaze. Nevertheless, answered, "The water will run cold if I wait any longer…." He picked up her under garments. Still a bored look in his half-lidded eyes "I will wash these clothes for you…" he said. Then he put the towel near her. "You can rest for a while or get out if you want..." he said. She just nodded blushing face not believing her voice.

Naruto nodded then sat on stool…and start washing the clothes while humming a tune. She could see he was washing clothes easily so she asked "d-do you a-always wash clothes with hands?" "No...But in my hometown I did" she nodded. Therefore, she decides to get out as he does…her work.

She safely wrap towel around her and exited the bathroom. Just as she exited the bathroom, Naruto channelled chakra into the clothes, blood start coming of them. After about 2 minutes all the blood was gone, completely clean. He hanged them then started his own ministrations.

After he was done, he wraps a towel around himself. Then he moved to Rei's clothes. And slowly started to gather wind chakra while holding the first clothing, he allowed his basic body heat mixed with chakra to a make it warm. He does that with all clothes. Within minutes, all clothes were dry. He folded them and exited the bathroom.

he came to the bedroom and saw her sitting on the bed while examining his clothes. "Where did you get these?" she asked curiously. Naruto smirked "Naruto's hand book". "Of course…" she deadpanned. "But why these type of clothes…?" "Many reasons..." he said as he put her clothes on the bed. She checked them and to her shock all were dry "h-how?" she stammered. He chuckled "I have my tricks for time to time" she just nodded and undid her towel.

He raised an eyebrow, "no hiding…" she shrugged "you have already seen all of it…you even touched all of it so…". Naruto chuckled lightly "good enough". "So you are telling me the reasons..." she asked as she slowly started wearing her under wear. "Oh! Yeah…1st they are best suited for fighting with my sword style" she nodded "2nd I have seals engraved in them which make them much stronger than normal clothing as well as automatic repair" "you mean they repair themselves" she asked surprised "yes they take their energy source from me" she nodded "and 3rd ….my mother made it for me….". She stopped buttoning button of her shirt as she stared at him felling the cloth like to touch her own mother.

He retracted his hand then picked up his clothes. "Where are you going?" she asked confused. He looked over his shoulder "I can't let you see me naked…" she was about to argue when he continue "or you would be blushing and stammering the whole way" she shut up at that. Well it is true after all. She does not have his self-control. Then he come to her bringing her mouth close to her ear, and whispered in a seductive tone "Rei…" "y-yes…", he took a deep breath of her scent which make her shiver. "...This will be our little secret….". With that, he was gone. When she heard his chuckle, she blushed, as she knew he knew that she too want to see him naked. She hates his genius mind at times. How easily he can make her fluster.

When after some time she came to that room. She could not help but drop her jaw in surprise. He looked really cool, just like a real warrior she saw in anime. He was wearing a white almost cream coloured umanori Hakama. On top he wore a dark blue loose kimono (just like himura in ruroni kenshin), which shows some his chest plus a few scars which can only be seen from close. There was a white obi around his belt, which seems like a thick rope. In that obi was, his sword placed on his left side. He can easily draw it with both hands. His hair now somehow seems spikier then before. Plush his half-lidded eyes with his bored expression gave him a hot look.

Rei was now staring at him for about a minute. Now Naruto could not hold it any longer so he starts chuckling. Rei broke out of her stupor and tried to defend herself. But Naruto just waved his hand. Then he flips through pages of handbook. Rei stare at him curiously. She knew he would bring out something interesting.

There was a pop sound. When the smoke cleared. She could not hold her surprise "h-how did you get that?". There on the handbook a lay a brand new Smith & Wesson Model 500, double action revolver in silver with black grip.

Rei was staring at the gun in awe. She has seen many guns because of her father. Therefore, she knew what good is and bad. But what she was looking is a real beauty. It's shining metal shows the quality of the material used in it. She could see the model on it. She is not a gun-otaku but even she could tell it was special.

Naruto chuckled "didn't I tell you…commander know me, I asked him for it, so he imported it for me…this is one of the benefits of this job…." "Other benefits?" she asked absent minded, what could be else. "Like…missing classes and not to be expelled, taking a real weapon in school…or my personal room in school…" she stares at him with an incredulous expression. "You mean, you were allowed all that…" "Yep…only principal knew about it". He then put it in his obi where it has a holder type hole for it on the right side.

Now she was lost in thought. Her friend was an undercover police agent, what else is coming. But they had other jobs "we should go it's about time…we already are late". She felt a little guilty, because she fell asleep at a time like this. But before she could think anything else Naruto scooped her bridal style earing an eep from the girl. "w-what are you d-doing?" not that she doesn't like it but she want to ask.

"Getting us out of here…" then he takes her to the balcony opening the glass door. "Why are we on third floor?" she asked but he didn't reply, he just said "close your eyes….and don't scream…" she was about to retort but one look from him tell he was now serious. So she complied.

He then suddenly goes into motion. She felt air rustle through her hair. She has an idea what he has done. But she trusts him enough. So she shut her eyes and holds him tightly. Rei could feel they have changed directions a few times. But after few seconds, it stopped. She slowly opened her eyes and to her surprise, they were in the street.

"H-how! How did you do that?" she exclaimed. Naruto put her down "that's ….a secret… I will tell you some other time". He then sat on the bike starting the engine ready to go. Rei smiled. She knew he would tell her some time. So she too sat down. Her bo-staff on her back tied with a belt Naruto has given her. She snaked her arms around him putting her chin on her shoulder. "Let's go..." she said with that they were gone in night at 2:10 am.

I come to know that he is not perfect…as I thought. And…that I am lucky to be with him…




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