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Mist could be seen everywhere, it was the airport and sound of planes could be heard.

"I am done checking on the passengers…none of them seems to showing any of the symptoms…" a man in white pilot dress entered the control room while stating "...nor do any of them have a fever or any injuries…nor are they already dead..." he finished as he looked at the other man.

The other too has a serious expression on his face but asked "your...family lives in Tokyo?". Other man just adjusted in his seat putting on the ear piece said "no one answered the phone…".


On the outside, you could see the undead moving in the mist on the runway. Just then a voice sounded in speaker *tokonosu towerJX089…..Ready to take off*, there was a reply *JX089, tokonosu tower. Hold on runaway 3-4…we have a problem*.

One more plane took off…


"He looks repulsive..." a female voice said as gun was aimed at a glasses wearing undead. "He is an actor..." a male voice replied. "...He was on a location here for filming….distance:4500, angle:-6, wind: favourable…corrections: none….permission to fire: granted".

Just then, gun was shot hitting directly in head of actor undead. More were shot just like that and in no time all were shot down. "Good work..." male voice said. He pressed his earpiece "all targets on run way have been eliminated...over and out".

On the other side, the woman stood up and starts massaging her breasts from under the armour. This woman was Rika Minami. Rika was a tanned female with purple hair. She wears a black combat suit with a bulletproof vest. Also, she was wearing a white choke collar along with shooting glasses. Underneath her combat uniform, she wears a white sports bra under which were D-cup perky breasts

"What are you doing?" asked Tajima with a little sweat drop. Tajima wears the same First Squadron police uniform as Rika, which consists of a full-body suit, knee and elbow pads, and a bulletproof vest. He also wears a white cap. He has a scar just above his right eye.

"These things are numb. I have been laying down there since this morning" she replied. "If you don't mind, I could massage them," he said with a perverted grin. She just undid her armour. "I would if you were a better shot than me…" she retorted. He whines a little "but you are one of the top five officers in our whole country… that's not fair…." "Then you should give up...". "Anyway…" he then turned serious "...There is a new name coming up in the list, which came just last year" "who is that?" she asked surprised. "not much is known about him…only a few officers knew who he is…commander gave him direct orders" she whistled, he continued "it was said he never failed a mission, he carry a sword with red blade and a S & W model 500 magnum…has stealth better than our assassins.." "Who is this guy?" she asked aggravated, having enough of his bragging. "I don't know?" he replied, she sweat dropped but he answered "but where ever he goes blood is spilled…so in departments he is famous by the name of ….the red death." He finished looking at the sky.


Naruto who was still riding on bike sneezed. "Bless you" Rei quipped. Naruto just nodded, rubbing his nose 'someone must be talking about me'


She again whistled, "Well…I want to meet this guy one time…" "It is also said that he is rather young". She just nodded. In this world, everything is possible.

"By the way…how did those things even get here? We are at seaside airport that can only be reached by ship….haven't they been restricting entry?..." "Yeah..." she answered "…only high ranking officials and airport technicians as well as their families are allowed in". Some people have arrived at the rack to clear the mess. "…One of them must be infected….the situation is under control right now, but who knows how long that will last…".

Another airplane was taking off. "What do you think would have happened to this place...if we hadn't been assigned here due to terrorist threats?...well I don't have infinite ammo…" "You gonna run away…"she taunted a little. "Not planning on it…well not yet", the airplane took off. "I am gonna go to the city…eventually" "what? You have a guy there?" he questioned off handed. "Maybe…. But a friend for sure" she answered slightly smiling. When ones only friend fill your ears about a guy, you would too want to meet him.


We can see Shizuka leaning on the steering wheel tapping it with her finger while her mind was somewhere else 'hmm…where Rika will be. Are Naruto-kun and miyamoto-san fine?'.

But a snake like hissing voice could be heard, "That's right….thus instead of acting out of self-interest…" shido was standing in the centre of bus arms spread wide giving another one of his speeches which he was giving since Naruto and Rei seprated from them. "…we need to find a safe and move as a group.". He then brought his right arm in front of his face, his clothes making sounds; to make him look more charismatic he said, "for example, we shouldn't all go check on our families…until we become an organized group."

One the side Saeko was sitting eyes closed arms folded, her wooden sword in her hand in case something happen. Hirano was snoring lightly as drool fall from his mouth. Miku was too dozing off, her head dipping at intervals, while Saya has a thinking pose on with eyes closed. She slowly opened her eyes…

But shido continued "in fact, I think the number one thing for us right now is laying down a foundation for our group...understand." "Hirano..." Saya elbowed Hirano to wake him up. He slowly came to his senses mumbling "Takagi-san…" while blinking "good morning, sunshine". "Why did you fall asleep?" she asked more or less used to his antics now. "And you are drooling…" she said waving him of looking grossed out. He wiped his mouth and looked out of window. "Because of…all this". Outside was still traffic jam, people were standing on footpath. Police officers controlling public.

"I think it would have been better if we had gone toward the suburbs...". He muttered. But at this Saya got into her lecture mode "there are other ways to escape besides cars." She said pointing at an airplane. Hirano mind clicked "the seaside airport…" he said in realization. "As you can see, it's too dangerous to be in the city. There's probably a group of people who are trying to flee to an island…or to some isolated area where there are armed forces," said Saya. "Like Okinawa?" Hirano gave a suggestion, "the American military forces that are stationed there aren't there to fight…" suddenly a thought pop up "oh! But there is the SDF…".

Saya has again taken the thinking pose "Hokkaido and Kyushu should be okay if they handled the situation appropriately. I would say the airplanes are headed for one of those locations..." "So we should go somewhere like that too?" he asked with a sweet face. But Saya gave him a pointed stare "it's way too late for that, areas with large amounts of American soldiers or where the SDF is stationed are probably keeping the situation under control. However it's likely that they started being strict about who they take in. Actually before we know it whole world will be like that. What would you do if letting in others meant risking letting those things in too?" she asked

"I'd shut myself in..." he replied in childlike innocence. "And what if the world started thinking the same as you. What if they tried to keep their community as small as possible for maximum survival?" she questioned rhetorically. Hirano gulped "wow Takagi-san, you really are a genius". "What are you acting so surprised about?" she said with a scoff.

"Just look at him…"she pointed her thumb at shido "he is an example of what I am talking about". In the back seat, shido was flirting with a girl smiling wickedly. She continued, "I doubt that he himself realizes it…I mean, you know what happened over night" she stares at him.

He put a hand on his nail gun "should I stop him," he asked seriously. But she didn't react; there all thoughts were similar at this. "What we should be doing is thinking about how we are going to survive…I need someone I can trust….mou, if only Naruto is here."

Hirano stare out of window "Takagi-san, you like Naruto, don't you?" he asked knowingly. She blushed then exclaimed "don't say something that stupid!". She then deflated, but when she turned around. Saeko, Shizuka and Miku were staring at her with glint in their eyes. Shizuka hummed to add effect.

"w-what?" Saya stuttered. Saeko stared a little more, then out of the window "I am concerned about their safety…it would be preferable if we were able to meet them without incident". But Hirano smiled confidently "don't worry, senpai…this is Naruto we are talking about…they will be fine". At this all smiled, they know he will be fine but heart is such a vulnerable thing…


Suddenly a car blasted. People were killing each other. They didn't care if they were alive or not. They were just killing everyone.

On one side of the road. Naruto and Rei were waiting "this is crazy, it's like a war…" Rei said. Naruto just stared ahead. "It's worse than war…there are no comrades….it's dangerous here…we are going through". He starts the bike and throttle. It was on rear wheel for few seconds.

When the others heard the bike. They started to attack them. Naruto was able avoid most of them. But when they were passing through a car, a man shot a bullet. Bike was not fast enough Naruto knew that, and with the current speed, it will hit Rei. Thinking fast…

Rei was staring at the bullet wide eyed in fear. She could see that it was coming towards her, like in slow motion. Well for Naruto it was but for Rei it was adrenaline rush. She saw it coming near her, life flashing before her eyes with every moment it come close. Thoughts running through her head. But before it could hit, something pulled her out of its way.

Naruto at the last second pulled her around from his left side to the front that her legs were around his waist and hands around his chest. She was practically hugging him on the bike.

Rei was now staring at a scarred chest wide eyed, which she recognized. She looked up to see that Naruto was staring at the man who has shot the gun. Just then, he suddenly picks out a rectangle card just like playing cards from his kimono's sleeve, but it has weird designs on it. He throws it at the man, striking into the centre of his forehead. Man's mouth opened in silent scream, but only spit fly out.

This happened within 2 seconds, they were gone. After about three seconds. Rei heard an explosion.

After finding a clear area, Naruto stopped the bike. But didn't make a move to remove Rei. She slowly looked at his face. He was staring at her with concerned eyes. She smiled happily; he again has saved her life. "Are you okay?" he asked lowly. "Yeah…". She removed herself from the front to again take a seat at the back. After settling, they again moved on "what was that card?" she asked curiously. "Explosive paper" he stated simply. She was surprised at that but not shocked. She has already accepted that everything is possible with Naruto, "But why kill them?" she asked with a frown. Naruto sighed, "At this rate they will attack more living people than those undead. 10 undead are not enough for a life…so they are better being dead…they have gone mad…just like us" "just like us…" rei muttered.

But Naruto didn't reply, opted staring ahead. But he deflated. As he reaches the turn, he turned to the left. "Huh? Isn't the bridge straight ahead?". Naruto stopped the bike "look at the other side of bridge" he said without turning around. She gasped, as there was about two miles long traffic jam, all honking their horns.

"Who knows when we will be able to cross over" Rei looked at him as He said, "Let's go toward Onbetsu Bridge and try to meet with the others." They were gone the next moment.


One the bridge police were trying to control people but it was becoming hard as time passed. Some teenagers tried to force way through but were shot by water gun into the river.


"As members of Fujimi academy….its during times like these that we must keep our pride!". He said waving his hands to emphasize his point and finished with a dramatic bow and an eerie toothy smirk.

"We must keep our pride! Meaning those two who got off the bus, Naruto and Miyamoto don't belong with us anyway! Let's stick together in order to survive!" all other girls of Naruto's group who were sitting in front were staring at him in disdain. "He seriously is insane," Saya, said folding her arms under her breasts picking them up a little.

While Shido continued his speech. "Indeed…he is comparable to a recruitment officer for a religious cult," Saeko said. "Compare to? No! That's exactly what he is doing…just look at the people who are listening to his crap." All of Shido's group have stars in their eyes, looking at him like he was their god. "They are cult…this marks the birth of Shido religion" she finished.

Saeko looked outside "look at the situation outside…in order to escape; I believe we will need to leave this bus." Saeko gripped her chin in thought "somehow, we must make it to the east police station by means of crossing Onbetsu bridge…I must keep my promise to Naruto-kun there"

"Wow! You really have Naruto on you mind," said Saya adjusting her glassed trying not to seem stiff. "You aren't worried about your family?" "I do worry, but the only kin I have is my father. He is overseas at a dojo….so as of right now all I have to hold onto right now is my life and my promise with Naruto-kun….and father has always told me that a promise must be kept even it should cost you your life" Saeko said with a gentle smile. Saya just ehh'd, not familiar with Samurai codes.

While Hirano asked something that others overlooked "what promise do you made with Naruto, senpai?". At that, all eyes were on Saeko smiled sadly with a little blush, she closed her eyes "that…I won't leave him". Hirano, Miku and Saya think of it like something wrong but Shizuka understood what she meant. 'I am glad Naruto-kun has such good friends….' Shizuka smiled.

Saya asked another question "Saeko, what was that commotion in the finals of the tournament you and Naruto won…I saw in news that the finalist was in critical condition.". At this question, Saeko blushed cherry red. But all others stared at her, waiting for an answer. She lowered her head in embarrassment "Naruto-kun beat him…". Shizuka look sceptical at that, "this badly?". "He insulted me…" "You mean to tell me that…he broke his arm, six ribs, and a ruptured lung…just because he insulted you," Saya asked not believing. Saeko just nodded.

Now Hirano knew why other students stop bullying him. They don't want to face demon's wrath. How cryptic.

"Where do you all live?" Shizuka asked turning to them. Saya glanced at the blonde "my house is in the area on the other side of onbetsu bridge." She said. "Uhm, my parents aren't in the neighbourhood, but I will follow Takagi to the end of the world," he said with a gesture. But Saya has only one thought 'gross'...

Saeko asked, "Where is your family, Hirano-kun?" smiling. He too smiled "my dad is in Amsterdam buying supplies since he's a jewel merchant. My mom is a fashion designer and she is in Paris...". "What the! What time period is this character sheet from?" Saya asked aggravated.

Shizuka laughed lightly "if we were in a manga, your dad would be the captain of a foreign cruise ship," she asked. He rubbed the back of his head "actually, that was my grandpa…my grandma was a violinist" he finished as he laughed nervously. Saya was gripping her head while sweat dropping and muttering 'it's all fits'.

"and you Miku-chan?" Shizuka asked with smile, looking at the last and the latest addition to the group. Miku too smiled to the nurse, knowing she was just curious. " my home is at the same place as Miyamoto's" all nodded at that.

Shizuka pulled up the hand break as she stood up "so, what are you guys gonna do? I wanna come too" "you do?" asked Saya little surprised. "My parents are both dead and my relatives live far away…and Naruto-kun is my only friend here, so I want to stay with him" she finishes with a smile and a little blush. The girls caught it easily. Saeko and Shizuka have twitch in their eyebrows while thinking 'her too…'. Miku was not, she already knew if Naruto wants someone. Shizuka has the greatest chances. After all, if you pay attention to the gossips, you could get much news. Buts it's not like she would give up on him just because of that.

But the Shizuka frowned, "it's rude of me to say this, but I don't really like ." the others snickered a little. Then Saeko become serious "then what shall we do? This area is foreign to me.," she said. "First we should check on Onbetsu Bridge," replied Saya.

Just then, shido turned to them, "what's wrong, you guys? We should work together-" but he was interrupted by Saya. "Thanks but no thanks, shido-sensei…we got out our own agenda. We have our own leader and we are not on a field trip, so we have no reason to stay with you" she finished in her genius tone and a cocky smile present on her face.

"Oh…" shido hissed, but we know he wont relent that easily. He joint his fingers in front of him "if you've decided to leave, then feel free to do so, Takagi-san…japan is the land of free will after all…Hehe…but…" he licked his lips "It would be bad if you went, Ms Marikawa…" he finished with a greedy look as lust filled his eyes. Shizuka stumbled at being addressed like that, which caused her breasts to bounce. "In this situation, losing our medic would be very problematic…so how about it? Won't you stay…these students are relying on you..." he said as he starts walking forward.

But before he could reach them, a nail grazed his cheek, drawing some blood. The boy who was sitting behind gasped as nail almost hit him. "Hi-Hirano-kun?" shido stammered. "It's not that I missed….i missed on purpose," Hirano said in a low voice. "s-since when have you been so viol-" Shido was again cut off but this time by Hirano "How many corpses do you think I wrecked back at school..." he said a little loudly "...you know…you always treated me like crap…" he yelled with a dangerous look in his eyes. "...You always stand there enjoying my misery. You think I did not notice…HA! I always knew it. But you never give a damn even when as a teacher it was your duty…" now all were staring at him.

" I put up with it…I put up with it for so long, I wanted to be seen normal so I PUT UP WITH IT… but that day… I had decided to kill him…." he posed his gun at Tsunoda who flinched taking a step backward. "but Naruto…he helped me, without even knowing he helped me…he became my friend while you sneer at HIM…hahaha…he was always above you, he was out of your clutches, you can't even touch his hair…and he removed me too from your clutches. He beat you in your own game again and again…and all you could do was snarl and hiss.". Shido sneered profusely as it was true. He couldn't beat Naruto ever. He would try to lure him with his speeches but he will make a funny, snarky plus logical comment converting him into a laughing stock. He was genius in his subject so he can't expel him, as the principal said so. He didn't have any guardians to complain to. He was a packed packet that can't be opened.

"he always said, he doesn't like you…that's why he did it…but I know….he did it for me…for me, a GUN-OTAKU. He does all that to reduce my misery. He was the one who pulled me out of my despair. He taught me being different is nothing; I just have to work hard to make my place… If I have to I will follow him to death." At his proclamation all stare at him wide eyed. Even his own group, that was very bold proclamation, and they had feeling he would go with it.

"Now he needs me…Naruto has asked me to cover our friends' backs. He trusted me enough….DO you really think I will let you slither in while he was gone. This is where I made my place, I will protect my friends…you come near them…you will die…. you said world has changed…than I can kill living being too" he said with an insane smile. After his proclamation, shido was silent. He did not want to test his luck. And by the boy's face he was pretty serious. But Shido did took step back in fear as Hirano pointed his gun at him "hi-Hirano kun t-that's…"

"Busujima-senpai, you should get off first…I'll guard the rear" Hirano said as he looked back from the corner of his eyes. Saeko smiled lightly. She stand up with a grace as her skirt flowed in air, you could see her black lacy panties. "What a fine man you are, Hirano-kun". She said.

With that, Naruto's group exited the bus with Hirano covering the back. Inside the bus, shido was fuming. A girl asked fearfully "sensei?". However, he didn't say anything, he couldn't. he was again beaten and this time…by a loser.


They were little far from the Onbetsu Bridge. "It's the same here…now what? Check on different bridge?" Rei asked. Naruto slightly turned to stare at her, a blush spread on her face. Naruto always make her feel self-conscious. "that's pointless…I can tell you all the bridges are closed, there would be no meaning in closing one not the other...if they want to purge the city clean…". She looked down at that knowing it was true.

He brought out his phone seeing the time was already 7 "we have to cross bridge to get to the police station…" "But how?" she demanded. He was still all nonchalant. "hmm... I have few ideas but…". As he was thinking, they heard some kind of gunshots. Rei gasped "gunshots!". Naruto just smirked "no…they are here".


On the bridge, the group was surrounded by undead; While Saeko and Hirano killed them. "m-m-maybe it would have been better if we had stayed on the bus with ," Shizuka said fearfully as she step back from the undead. "What's that? I thought you said you hated him?" Saya asked smiling. Shizuka put a finger on her chick, looking cute "well, I really don't like him but I don't like walking either." At this Miku sweat dropped a little 'what kind of answer is that'

"Busujima-senpai, I am low on nails!". At the moment one of them was behind her ready to bite her, but just like Naruto's style she swirl around him appearing behind it, then striking with a two handed stroke. She turned to him "would you like to borrow, this?" gesturing to her sword. "I am no good at close range combat!" he wailed while crying anime tears.

She closed her eyes "right now…" she flick her blade to side "then only thing I can do is fight." She smiled sadistically again charging at them.


Naruto was racing bike at high speed. A lazy grin spreading on his face "wait a sec…" Rei said, slowly understanding what he was about to do. "Naruto?" but he didn't said anything. He just grinned. As there was a ramp truck in front of them.


As Saya was back up Shizuka came running to her while "Noooo…" both fell on the road, Shizuka's boobs pressing on her face. At this Hirano looked back "Takagi-san..." "Damn..." Saeko was too worried while Miku was trying to help them.


Rei was staring ahead wide eyed. While Naruto was grinning then he muttered something that disturbed her greatly "I love my life right now…". He then races the bike over the truck and into the air.


Just as there bike, came over the bridge still humming. Saeko and Hirano saw them "Naruto/kun". Then they saw his face. His face has a lazy wide grin, like he was enjoying himself. Well...they could see why he was enjoying.

As the bike landed on the other side, he let it slip so he was able to knock a number of them away. Just he was about to run off in another direction after the slip was finished. Rei jumped from the bike plunging the staff-spear into one's head. She quickly pulled it back then running towards other two, she stand on her right foot and spun while spear held out. Slicing the two undead faces.

But Naruto's work was still not complete. He raced on towards Hirano. Just as he reached, He used his left hand bringing out hiss magnum "Hirano..." boy look towards Naruto's direction. Then Naruto throw his weapon towards Hirano, it goes spinning. Hirano out of reflex caught it, like he was doing it all his life. His hand was raised, suddenly he got maniacal grin as his glasses glint in light. Holding the gun with both hands, He shot two bullets. But one was going towards Naruto's way, but he just bend back and let it pass over him. He knows Hirano has trained in armoury, from their time together he knew about it. The bullets hit two undead head blasting them in shower of goo. He grinned wickedly "double tap...".

He raced passed Saya, Shizuka and Miku, making their skirts to fly showing Saya's strip panty as well Miku's Polka Dot one. As he moved towards Saeko's position. She smirked. Naruto's grin was still in place. He extended his left arm, Saeko grabbed his hand he turned around 180`, as he completely turned she was lifted into air. She then came down spinning taking the three of them out at once.

Naruto hit three with his rear tire throwing them of the bridge. As he stood there his grin faded replaced by his bore look "well…that was good action..." all sweat dropped, they were fighting for their lives not some action-horror movie.

"Wow…" Shizuka said awed at the display. "It seemed we have cleared this area…"was Saeko's respond. "Wow that was tough..." Shizuka said with a smile. Saya looked sideways at her "it's not like you did anything…". Saya mumbled. Miku giggled at their antics.

Just then Rei ran up to Shizuka "sensei" she shouted she jumped on her for a hug. Her face buried in her breasts. "Oh my! Miyamoto-san! What a goinicidence!"… "don't you mean, coincidence" Rei mumbled softly sweat dropping.

Naruto stood behind, holding the bike. Shizuka "Naruto-kun, too" Naruto smiled lazily. "I take it tonkosu bridge is also closed off" Saeko said coming close, "yeah…" said Naruto as he slowly turned to her. "In that case…I am glad to see that you are okay, Naruto-kun" She said. But Naruto make a mock hurt face "what! No welcome hug or…" he leaned forward "…a kiss…" He said with a pout. But Saeko's confidence dropped when he said the last word. Many thoughts running through her mind, "i-i-I u-um-m…" she stammered with a cherry red blush on her pale face. Naruto chuckled waving his arm in front of him "I was joking, I was joking…". She babbles a little more, but in the end accepted her defeat, downed her head in embarrassment. But one thought was running through her mind 'I could have at least gave him a hug…'.

Just then, Saya came behind Naruto with an angry looking pout, "what about me?" she asked grabbing his arm. Naruto took his arm from her hands then start patting on her head, while too rub her hair "I am glad you are fine too, Saya..." he said with his usual eye lazy smile. Whatever retort she want to say, died in her throat. Naruto has subdued her within seconds. She just bowed her head with a blush.

Naruto then turned to last girl of the group. "Miku" girl smiled "I am fine Naruto-kun", he nodded, turning to the last of the group "Hirano…" he said. There was an energetic response. "NARUTO~~", he said pointing the shining gun in different directions "what's this? How do you get it? Bullets" he said checking for bullets.

"This is the Smith & Wesson Model 500, a five-shot, double-action revolver produced by Smith & Wesson, firing the 500 S&W Magnum cartridges. Said to be strongest handgun until made~right-" "It's mine…," he said cutting off the boy's rant. They all look at him questioningly. Naruto pointed at Rei, "Rei will tell you later...". They all then looked at Rei who nodded. So they shrugged.

But Naruto then again turned to Hirano, and spoke in a completely chilling voice with a sickly sweet smile on his face, eyes closed, aura of death radiating from him, "Hirano-kun…" that voice sends chills down her spine. Said boy slowly turn to Naruto "h-Hai" he stuttered out. "I am allowing you to use her but….if something happen to that baby…you want to know what I will do..." Hirano furiously shook his head "no sir, I will protect her with my life…" he said with a salute. Everyone except Naruto sweat dropped who smiled and nodded. He then goes into his kimono's arm and brought out a bullet packet, tossing it to Hirano and smiled "here you go…."


Now all were under the bridge. "Naruto-kun, where do you get those clothes?" asked Shizuka. At this, other girls too looked at him. 'Now he looks hotter…' they thought. He smiled "they are mine; I used to wear before coming here…." "But, aren't they old fashioned?" asked Saya. Naruto chuckled hollowly but only Saeko and Shizuka noticed. "Yeah, but I like them…"

Now Saeko spoke as previous topic ended "we exited the bus due to blocking of the road and have been unable to cross the river". Saya was climbing up the stairs after washing her face in the river. "The water level went up…I guess it wouldn't be possible to go upstream," she said. "So, what should we do?" asked Miku.

Naruto was about to say, but noticed from the corner of his eye that Shizuka was about to said something, but has deflated when she saw Naruto was about to talk. But at this Naruto smiled lightly and nodded. As Shizuka was watching him, she understands that he was signalling her to talk. He has to maintain teamwork, what better way than to talk each other.

Shizuka smiled gratefully. Naruto always seemed to know when she was in pinch. "Uhm…I think we should rest now." She suggested. "Rest?" Hirano asked. "You see, there is a place we can use. It's nearby so we can walk there." Said the doctor. "Is it's your boyfriend's?" Saya asked simply curious.

Shizuka take a step back at the accuse. "n-no, it's belong to my female friend!" she said while flaring her hands in front of her face while occasionally glancing at Naruto. To see if blonde has not believed that, last thing she need was the person she loves think she is keeping things from him. But to her relief Naruto chuckled as mirth was visible in his eyes. She sighed in relief herself. But all other girls seem to notice it. But they can't do anything. He was captor of many hearts.

Meanwhile Saya and Miku was staring at her as if to check if she was lying. "She is always busy and travelling because of work! She gave me the key. I go over there while she's gone and let some fresh air in.!" Shizuka quickly said with a sweat drop, seeing they were looking at her so keenly.

Suddenly a dancing Shizuka was see in maid outfit with duster while singing "have a nice day~~" but seems like Hirano's thought were different "is it an apartment? Is the view good?" he asked. Shizuka sighed in relief inside "ah! Yeah". She eye smiled tilting her head to the side in a cute fashion "it's a maisonette that's next to the river. It's close to convenience store too". Then she remembered something, lifting her index finger "oh, and she has a car too, it looks like a tank and its thiiiis big!" she finished as she spread her arms wide to prove her point Which cause her boobs to bounce. "Well I am really tired! I will like to shower while there is still working electricity!" said Saya she ran a hand through her pink locks feeling the stickiness from all the sweat.

On the side Hirano was looking at her in thinking pose with hearts in his glasses, plus a blush "s-sounds good" he said softly. However, Saya heard it. Kicking him "you perv". He was sent flying back. Naruto chuckled at their antics, then he took steps toward stairs where the bike was.

He spoke looking over his shoulder with a bored look but a lazy smile present "we'll go check on it first…Shizuka come on". With that, he again starts walking. But the other blonde nodded happily. She could spend some time alone with her Naruto…that always feels good to say. "Yeah…". She ran off after him.

Saeko smiled slightly but twinge of jealousy flickered in her eyes. And the problem was she could not remove it. Could she ever be special to Naruto like Shizuka? She knew that her sensei has a big place in Naruto's heart as he always paid a little more attention to her then others. Could she also can get a place there like Shizuka. Sigh…only time will tell.


They were riding on the bike. Shizuka was pressing her body against Naruto while her hands were snake around his chest and waist. "The breeze is great..." she said happily enjoying the ride fully. Naruto smiled, he loved her childish smile and cheerfulness. "Shizuka...", she still smiled but "hmm…" "Does something happen when I was gone?" he asked. She just smiles "no, nothing happened, we were struck in traffic jam. But shido-sensei was all time giving his speeches…he was trying to keep me at bus" she said with a frown. Naruto's eyes narrowed, if that snake did anything. He would personally kill him.

Then she lit up "but Hirano-kun stopped him bravely…" he smiled at this "he gave a brave speech too, of how he is grateful to you..." Naruto sighed at this. His friend...just… "but then he scared shido-sensei…then we all ran away from bus…then we meet you Naruto-kun" she finished happily nuzzling her cheek with his, he purred lightly, not able control himself. However, Shizuka seem to notice it, looking surprised ' that was just like…cat' Then she stared at his cheek and has the sudden desire to kiss him. She blushed at her own thoughts, but shook her head and again starting to enjoy the ride.

"I love this ride~" she sang loudly. Naruto chuckled at her cheerfulness.


Suddenly lights started to turn on in a courtyard. When all lights were on. There could be seen a jeep type vehicle in green colour with a hole in the roof and big tires. They have reached the house Shizuka has told them about.

"It's a Humvee! And a military model at that!" Hirano's awed voice was heard, as his mouth hung open hands twitching in anticipation. "See? Doesn't it look like a tank?" Shizuka stated at Hirano's side with a smile arms crossed over her chest. "What kind of friend do you have?" Saya asked in still curious but exasperated voice. "I bet those things can't jump the fence," said Rei as she looked around. House was framed with high metal fence. "We should be able to sleep peacefully." She finished.

Naruto just smiled as he closed his eyes "anyway, we should hurry—". He stopped himself, His eyes snapped open as he sensed them. He looked up as he put a hand on his sword hilt. This action caused to tense everybody. They followed his gaze. Surely there were coming.

Therefore, Naruto asked the only thing he could think as a smile crept on his "so! Shall we start?", his answer was everybody readying their weapon. And the hell broke loose.

Thinking back about it. How everyone changed surprised me. They have accepted that world has changed, they were willing to kill to survive. They changed…they changed so much in one day…it pleased as well scared me…would they change even to him…




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