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All girls chatted excitedly as they sat in bathtub and wash themselves. It was heaven for them right now. 1 ½ day and they feel like their dream turned real. After escaping school, killing zombies and evading them at every second corner. However almost more importantly than the fact it was time for the girls to relax in a nice bath? It was time away from "the boys" for them to talk and even gossip a bit and just have fun.

Rei and Miku were playing with Shizuka's breasts after a comment from the doctor 'I got that a lot about my breasts' and was that a proud smile on her face? That little spike of jealousy can lead to dangerous things. While Saya and Saeko…

Well let's just say moaning competition was something you don't see every day.


In bedroom. Hirano was checking a metal locker while Naruto lay on the bed. "Looks like girls are having fun..." said Naruto absentmindedly. "Would you like to peek, like a real man should…?" said Hirano, his voice filled with confidence like it was the noblest deed ever. Naruto snorted but said nothing. He knew he could easily evade their 'female fury', but it's something even he wants to avoid.

Hirano was trying to open a locked compartment. "Naruto could you help me open this?". Naruto directed his gaze towards boy "Why? You find something?". Hirano nodded while still trying to open the locker "I found ammo, so there has to be…". At this Naruto thought a little. If there were ammo, there would be gun. He also knew about Rika, so there were very much chances of finding a gun.

So he got up from the bed. He was standing behind Hirano. "Move aside Hirano…." Boy looked at him questioningly but nodded and got aside. Naruto move forward with a bored face. Hold the handle of the locker with one hand, while other to keep the locker in place.

Then without batting an eye. He tore off the locker door. He then put it aside. He turned to Hirano who was gaping at Naruto in obvious shock and awe. 'Man…those muscles are not just for show' he thought as Naruto moved back to bed.

"You would want to look in the locker…" Naruto said from the bed. Hirano turned to the locker. When an evil large grin crept on his face. His face looked truly demonic for a moment.

He then went on rant-explaining which gun was which and how it was better. Suddenly he got serious. "These will help us in this war…where is no surrendering or negotiation, it will only get worse from here…". Naruto smiled as he sat up "yeah, you are right…".


All were sitting in the bathtub; it was not big enough for all of them. So both Saya and Saeko sat as the side of the tub.

It was time for some gossip.

And the topic was…

"So…Yuuki, how do you know Naruto?" Saya asked. This got all their attention; they all have shared how they met him to someone.

At this Miku smiled a little awkwardly as a pink hue appeared on her face. But all other didn't comment, opted to listen.

"Well…it's started like this…"


The gate of the roof burst opened. A girl came running out of the door. She was quite beautiful as well sexy. She has peachy coloured skin, her eyes golden, her sharp looking face was framed by shoulder length orange hair just like Rei. Some falling on her face since there was nothing to hold them back. She wore the school dress just like the other girls. But hers has few differences, skirt a little shorter than normal. Her blouse too tighter, hugging her curvaceous body. Her name was Yuuki Miku, one of the sexiest girls in first year.

At the moment she was crying as well running towards the fence of the terrace to mop alone.

She ran…

Then fell face first on the ground…

"Ow…" she groaned, her tears stopping for the moment. She didn't know what caused her to fall. She was so distracted to notice anything, rubbing her face to ease the pain. But she wasn't ready to hear a voice.

"You know…it's not nice to walk on sleeping people…" a lazy voice drawled. She yelped in surprise, jerking back she saw the reason of her fall. The most famous boy of the school was sleeping…and she walked over him, her legs still draped across his torso…and was that a sword by his side?

She jumped back in shock as well fright. She knew exactly who he was. Who wouldn't? "Sorry! I wasn't looking where I was going" she quickly apologized. It would do no good to get in more trouble, especially with someone like him.

Naruto looked over the girl, in his opinion she was quite a sight and very sexy. He sighed "no reason for me to get angry…since you yourself seems pretty roughed up." She blinked in surprise but nodded. Naruto too nodded.

And returned back to his sleep…

As for Miku, she didn't have strength to move away. So she too just sat there, hugging her knees sobbing.

Naruto sighed, that girl was still here and CRYING! Why the hell he has to face these types of situations. He had thought he wouldn't have deal with others problems. But this crying girl was making it very hard.

She looked up from her knees when she heard him sigh. He was looking at her with those cerulean lidded eyes and bored look. They were focussed on her like he was about to devour her. She felt like a mice trapped by its predator.

"Okay…why are you crying?" he finally asked. He really can't see weeping women, they reminded too much of his family. She looked away "why would you care?" she retorted. "…Or else you won't leave me alone" he deadpanned, causing her to glare at him.

"Yuuki Miku" she muttered. Naruto tilted his head to the side "you are crying because of this person?" he asked. She sighed "that's my name" after that she shut up like that explained everything. Naruto stared at her hear causing her to gulp a little. "You are Yuuki Miku?" he asked, with emphasis on the name.

Now she outright glared at him. She knew it, all men were same, pigs. He too would criticize her, just like the others. 'I am a fool to think someone like him would help me' she thought to herself sulking.

Naruto stared at her for a long moment, then "I still don't know who are you" he dead panned. She face faulted at that, sitting back up with a sweat drop. "You really don't know me?" she asked with a little hope. He just shook his head.

"I am in the same year as you…slut of this school" she ends bitterly. Naruto raised a surprised eyebrow at that. "Why would you say that?". She glared at him "because whole school thinks I am" she then went on a rant how her best friend as well other friends broke friendship with her. How teachers and classmates wouldn't even give 'benefit of doubt' that she was innocent. How they made her an outcast.

It was already few minutes and she was still ranting with tears falling. Naruto sighed, finally he had enough. With swift movement he pinned her on the floor on her back. His hands restraining her hands over her head. His body pressed on hers, keeping her from moving. His legs entwined with her. If anyone has to walk on them right now, they would think the scene was out of some porn movie.

She gasped her eyes wide. One moment she was sitting on the roof floor ranting, next moment she was on her back, unable to move. A huge blush appeared on her face, when she felt his hard muscles, on her body as well as the close proximity of their faces. She could feel his hot breath on her lips. Finally her eyes matched with his, and fear crept on her being. All she could saw in those half-lidded eyes was lust, unrestrained, untamed. Raging inside him like a storm. It was so much that she almost lost herself.

"If you don't shut up…I will take you right here and now." he spoke in an eerie calm voice. She looked visibly shaken at that. He could see as well smell fear radiating from her. "Now…will you shut up?" she shakily nodded, she was scared to wits.

Naruto smiled slightly, without any delay, he let her go again lying on the roof floor.

She lay there still scared. If he had wanted to he could have taken her and she would not have able to do anything. Even if she had tried to tell others, they would have thought that she was just trying to scandalize him. No one would have even thought about the possibility of HIM doing something like this. But he didn't…why?

"You are no slut" at this her head snap to him. But his eyes were closed, while he was using his arms as pillow. "I have met sluts before…you didn't even come close to them." He sat up looking at her with his half-lidded eyes. "And you are still virgin". At this her blush which had subsided returned full force.

"H-how?" she stuttered. He shrugged "I can tell…" now he looked at her sharply. "Now tell me the reason why you were crying?". At this she again hugged her knees and started telling him what happened with her.

How her boyfriend wanted to have sex with her in only two months in the relationship. Thinking since she was open to talking about sex. But when she said she wasn't ready, he tried to force himself on her but managed to get away. She went to her best friend's house since her parents were away on business when she got there she found out only her friend's boyfriend was there.

Here her sobs increased. She went on saying that since she know him for so long that she never suspected anything until it was almost to late he pinned her down ripping the buttons her shirt revealing her bra. Before he could do anything he heard his girlfriend/her best friend he manage to pull her on top of him and push her off of him just when she walked in. This caused a massive fight that lead her best friend to break their friendship and told her to get out of her house, she even told Naruto that she remembered the guy's smug look on his face.

His eyes turned dark the moment he heard that both guys tried to rape. His hand twitched, reaching towards his sword. His eyes were radiating bloodlust like he was about to murder someone.

Now she was again openly crying. After calming himself enough so as not to scare the girl. He put a hand on her head. She looked up with tears still running down her face. He eye smiled at her "I believe in you". At this she couldn't take it anymore, all her pent up emotions burst out and she hugged him tightly. Naruto did nothing to stop her. He knew she needed comfort and he would give her just that. He let her cry, exert her frustration, sadness, anger…everything.

After about half an hour her cries turned into sobs…then finally she stopped crying. But she didn't let go of Naruto. He was warm and she likes it. He too didn't move, just sat there holding her.

When the school was over, he asked her the names of the guys. She looked confused but told him. When asked why, he just smiled creepily then excuses himself saying he has work to do.

She sat there a little while longer dwelling at his parting words.

'If your so called friends didn't believe you, than they are not worthy of being your friends.'

Next day, she found out that both boys were found in a dumpster behind the school. Half- beaten to death. And now whenever a woman came even close to them, they would scream like girls muttering about, crazed blonds and crushed nuts.

She knew who did it. So she went to meet him.

He was leaning on the fence looking over the city, his expression bored as ever. Wind silently caressing him, making his hair slap across his face. She silently walked behind him. "Do you want something…Miku?" he asked without even looking back.

She stopped blushing that he called her by her name. Looking at her feet embarrassed "I-I…" she paused 'get a hold of yourself Miku!' taking a deep breath "I want to thank you". At this he turned around looking at her with a raised eyebrow. "For what?". She looked down "for… believing in me when others didn't…". He walked forward, placing a hand on the girl's head. He smiled slightly "hey…what are friends for". At this her eyes widened, but then tears came to her eyes.

Here was a boy whom she barely knew who called her his friend, who believed in her while others didn't. He accepted her just like that…no secret motives.

That was the day, they became friends. While for her she fell head over heels for him.

Flashback End

All were surprised at how they become friends. They also felt bad for Yuuki that she has to get through something that bad. Rei understood why her friend cried, she herself was in that situation prior to few hours.

Suddenly Saeko giggled, getting attention of all. She smiled "it's just like him…he would go to any lengths for his friends". At this all smiled, because they knew how much it was true.

He cherished them like they were the most precious treasure of his life.

They didn't know how correct they are in their assumption.


They sat at the side of bed. Hirano was loading bullets in magazine. Naruto chuckled "it's good for you, now I can have my gun back…". At this Hirano paused, he turned to Naruto and smiled hesitantly "yeah…Naruto can you tell me why you have that gun?" he asked a little hesitant, after all it's his life, he has no right to interfere except asking as a friend.

Naruto just smiled.

"I work for SDF and police force…" "Huh, you work for police?" was Hirano's dumbfounded response. Naruto nodded "I am there...what you could say, hired assassin". Hirano gulped "b-but why would they hire you?" Naruto sighed lightly "I have skills that their assassins couldn't match. I could wipe out a whole company without being caught. I never failed a mission. I only answer to the commander….it's my choice which mission to take. I would do those that police can't get involved with or is out of their league."

Hirano was now staring at Naruto in new light of awe. However, the blond continued "not many knew about my identity since I always wore a mask. That gun I wanted to buy, but it has to be imported. I asked commander about this. He ordered it for me and gave as a gift for my work." Naruto smiled. He was thankful to commander.

Hirano too smiled. His friend was great after all.


"What! Naruto work for SDF and police force?" Saya all but shouted. All other girls were staring at Rei in shock. They couldn't comprehend what they were listening. Rei nodded "I was in just as much shock." She said to help to subdue their shock.

Saeko just has asked Rei how Naruto has gun, as he had said it was his. But this answer they were not expecting. "Did he tell you?" asked Shizuka. Rei shook his head. "My father seem to know him too well, and he mentioned something about mission….so I asked him when we were resting in an apartment." All girls nodded but seem to recognize Rei has a blush on her face.

"So what post he is?" asked Saya. Naruto was becoming more of a puzzle. All were waiting for her answer. She put a finger on her chin. "He is not an official…" all girls looked at her confused. "He said he is a hired assassin". Saya raised an eyebrow, while Saeko narrowed her eyes in thought while Shizuka too look thoughtful. Miku just waited for Rei to continue, she has already learnt that anything was possible with her crush/love interest.

"Police hiring an assassin?" asked Saya sceptical. Rei nodded "he said he was hired for his skills, he only answer to the commander and that many doesn't know his identity.". Now they all nodded. Saeko knew there is a difference between their skills but damn… 'To be hired by the SDF, you truly are amazing Naruto-kun'. While Saya 'for SDF to hire him, he must have far better skills then their own assassins, damn….i can't read him….'. Shizuka 'does Naruto-kun know Rika?".

Rei then chuckled again gaining their attention. "He too gets some quirks from his job…" "What are those?" asked Saeko. Rei giggled, "Like, don't attend the class, sleep all day and still not get expelled, got his own private room in school, allowed to bring weapons and also allowed to bring cell phone." They all giggled a little. Now they understood how he gets out of the trouble so easily. They also deduce that as an assassin, he would work at night…that's why he sleeps at school. Well they were partially true.


Naruto was helping Hirano to load the clips. Now he was standing by the window, binoculars in hand.

There was noise coming from bathroom. "They are being too noisy…" Hirano said with a pout. "It's fine…" Naruto said as he used binoculars to search the nearby area. His night vision was helping a lot. But binoculars provide long vision. "They are attract to noise, but noise is coming from ….."


Police were trying to escort people from the bridge. But they were having much difficulty. They can't contact to the headquarters and there last order was to do anything to protect order. And they would do just that.


"They are not fairing any good…" Naruto muttered as he handed binoculars to Hirano... he entered the room. "I remember a scene like this from apocalypse now…" Hirano said. Then suddenly something attract his attention. "What is that?" he asked as he gazed at the people on the bridge.

"What happen?" asked Naruto. "Turn on the TV". Naruto raised an eyebrow but complied.

On the TV, they could see people were protesting against the police. *the abuse of power by police is unforgivable**we believed that this killer pandemic is caused by biological weapons*. There was a journalist *right now, we're live at the demonstrations of those that are against this lockdown…the nature of this group is unknown*.

"Killer pandemic…heh" Naruto chuckled a little. "I guess they are talking about the living dead," replied Hirano while eyeing Naruto. He couldn't understand how Naruto could still laugh. *according to these hand-outs from the group, they believed that this was caused by the leak of biological weapons developed by Japanese and American's government*.

Naruto chuckled lightly. "What are you laughing at?" asked Hirano little creped out by his friend. "They are controlled by their fear, they are not thinking with logic. There's no way science can explain how corpses are able to move and attack people" "well, that would be the usual back story if we were in a movie or a game or maybe…". Hirano stopped as a gunshot was heard from the television.

They watched as police started attacking. One police officer shot down the protester's leader. Then the TV signal went off. "This is insane…". "Well, this is just starting…" Naruto said with a chuckle. Hirano looked at his friend and asked the question he wanted to ask for a while. "Naruto?" "Hmm…" "How can you still laugh? With all this going on. You were always smiling even when we are fighting them?" Hirano asked. Naruto closed his eyes and smiled "Hirano…smile act like a stress relief in this situation. It will give you hope and conviction that we can succeed. It provides my friends reassurance…so it is easy for me to smile. After all, its leader's duty to keep the morale high"

At this Hirano has a wide smile on his face. He was thinking blonde was going insane, but that was not the case. He was doing this for them. He then had a sombre look on his face. He was always doing anything for his friend, does he ever do anything for himself. To smile in the face of death. But from now on Hirano too will try this and smile.

Hirano was staring at the blonde, when suddenly two arms come out of shadow. Hirano jerked back in shock. However, Naruto's didn't move but a smile tug to his lips. "What are you doing here…Shizuka?" Naruto asked. Shizuka smiled as she laid a hand around his shoulder, her boobs glomping on side of his face, other hand going downward towards Naruto's crotch. "Na-ru-to-kun~" she whispered in his ear, as she kissed him on the cheek.

But Naruto caught her other hand. "Shizuka! Are you…?" he asked half amused half-exasperated. But he couldn't blame her. This was really taxing. Shizuka noticed Hirano standing on the side. She started to crawl towards him like a predator "Kohta-chan~" she said in a singsong voice. While Hirano has a blush on his face on being called cutie "chan? Uhm...huh…" he shied away as Shizuka reached him "you have been a good boy, so here your reward" she kissed him on the cheek. But this turned out to be too much for the gun-freak as He turned red and falling back because of massive nosebleed.

Naruto was chuckling humorously on the other side. Naruto then turn to look at Shizuka. "Shizuka, why are you up here, you should be down stairs." Shizuka looked at Naruto in desire filled gaze, she needed him. "But I want to be with Naruto-kun..." she then hugged him and whispered "I want to stay like this forever….". She looked into his eyes as if pleading.

Naruto stared right back. He knew Shizuka want to talk to him about something. He sighed as he removed himself from her grip. "Sit here…" he ordered and she followed with a pout. Naruto went to the other room and came back with a single piece dress. It was for sleeping in light pink colour. A sundress.

As Naruto entered the room with the dress causing Shizuka's face lit up. As Naruto reached the bed "Hirano, be on the lookout" said Naruto. Hirano try to respond but he still was in daze. So could not make a coherent reply but went outside to do the job.

Naruto then turned to Shizuka "now open your towel..." he said. Outside Hirano got another nosebleed, stumbling He used the open glass door for support. Shizuka smiled as she drops the towel. Naruto could see her large breasts clearly, Her nipples were pink and luscious were hardened by the cool air coming from the window as well as the thought of doing things with him. They seem rather delicious to Naruto. Shizuka was also in mood "Ahh~ Naruto-kun, you perv…". She singed in seductive voice.

Naruto just smiled, thankful for the self-control he has "Hai, Hai….now raise your hands". She pouted, she was drunk but in enough control. She does as was told. Naruto brought the dress over her head then pulled it down; it goes little down then waist, barely covering her ass. On her buxom, it was a rather tight fit. In real… it seems like they would pop out any moment.

Shizuka couldn't understand. She knew she was beautiful as many has said, she has all the curves…but Naruto could still resist her. She then looked at Naruto who has his arms forward…

Shizuka gave a surprised 'eep' as Naruto scoop her bridal style. He then proceeded to go for the stairs. Shizuka was a tad disappointed; she wanted to talk with him. But… "I feel like a princess now…with my prince~" she said as her arms wrapped around his neck. Naruto smiled "but…you are a princess" he said, she blushed at the comment. But then she noticed he wasn't going downstairs but upstairs. "Naruto-kun?" she looked at him questioningly , he just smiled.

They were at the roof staring at the stars, sitting on a stone bench which was cold, but she didn't feel it since she was sitting on Naruto's lap. Her back pressed against his chest, His arms around his waist. She too was staring at the stars. Right now, she was feeling content, like her life was full.

Then, "so…what you want to talk about Shizuka?" Naruto asked softly. Shizuka bit her lip. She was wrong. Naruto always knew what she was thinking. "Naruto-kun…." She was feeling timid. "Hmmm..." "I-I-I l-love you…" she proclaimed hastily. She shut her eyes, in fear. Fear of his rejection; fear that he will not want to meet her again, that he will distance himself from her. Fear gripped her heart. Would she able to live like that…

She heard him sigh "you are drunk, Shizuka….we will talk tomorrow". Suddenly a fire burn inside her like a furnace, she was not drunk. "I am not drunk…I love you Naruto-kun, please…understand". Naruto again sighed but she felt like it was lace with pain. "I am a monster Shizuka…..I have killed hundreds of people" "b-but that was your job" she argued, "I have killed people even before my job" he replied softly. She was quite for a moment. She knew he was telling the truth, but why would he kill people "why?" she asked, "revenge…" was his soft reply. "Revenge?" she asked. Naruto nodded "…they killed my family…I killed them". She gasped. His family was murdered. There was no way he wants to talk about it.

"I still love you…." she said softly "even if you have to live for eternity?" he asked another question. She was caught off guard by that type of question, was he joking around. No his tone was serious. "w-what do y-you mean?" she asked hesitantly, he was serious just now. He sighed; he was doing that a lot lately "I can't die of old age Shizuka…" "W-w-what?". "Where I first lived…" he started a new story and she listened intently he was telling her about his past "…I was their living weapon…" she gasped at that, 'l-living w-weapon'. "They will scorn me, call me names, beat me, torture me…" as he continued tears start gathering at corner of her eyes. "Those scars are from my childhood…my body heal normal wounds and scars easily…so they make it a game who could left a scar…" now tears were falling from her eyes. How could they do this to a child "…the leader of my village, whom I trust the most lied to me, he let all that happen to me….my trust in him was gone…". Shizuka could not comprehend how he could still smile, he was betrayed too.

"…so when I was twelve I ran away…I left that hell hole behind…." Her tears held back a little. "But I was gravely injured…I was going to die….that's when I met a demon…" she stopped crying "d-d-demon?" "…yes…" he chuckled a little. "You know demons are not like our stories…" "Huh?" "There are all types of demons, good, bad, royal, stupid, bloodthirsty….prideful…any type". She was now listening completely new thing.

"..But gods have set codes for them…" "Codes?" "Yes, there rules for life, which they can't break, no matter how strong the demon was…". He sighed as he put his chin on her head. She did not say anything at the action "they say…among demons the greatest sin is….abusing a child." "Why?" she asked curious confused and in awe. "...child has a pure soul, that even a demon can't taint…they don't have hatred.". She nodded in understanding; of course, child would be pure.

"So when the demon found me…he took pity on me and saved my life..." she smiled a little. "But…everything come with a price….my curse was eternal life, immortality…I can't grow old". Inside his mind Kyubi smiled sadly. Kid has forgiven him but could he forgive himself "but he give me few privileges, I can't get a disease, my body is always fit….and the person bound to me will live as long as I live" "bound?" she questioned "yes, if you accept me we will form a bond to which we will be bind, we can't break it. It will be for forever…your body will not age, no natural act would be able to kill you…". There was silence for few minutes.

"Still think you can accept me?" asked Naruto quietly as he gazed at the night sky. Then he looked back down. Shizuka was too staring at his face. She looked into his eyes like to find something and she found something. He was trying to hide it but it was easily visible. He was vulnerable just now, like he was on his last leg which may be true. What she would say would affect him immensely. She could see his heart laying there completely broken. If she step on that loving heart would she able to move on…no, she won't be able to forget him, she love him too much to just forget.

"I still love you…" she replied still looking into his eyes. They widened in shock, then they narrowed as tears start falling from the corner of his eyes. "Even if you have to share me…" just last question, he wanted to make sure. She has a twitch in her eye but it subdued quickly "yes, I will still love you….and in this situation we should have some more companions…" she said with a wink. Naruto swiftly turned her around hugging her tightly to himself as if to merge with her, he chuckled loudly.

She sighed in content. It was better then she has ever imagined. Being in the arms of the person she loved who accepted after all her quirks. Feeling that he would always be there for her, and her there for him. It was euphoric.

"How can you love someone like me?" he asked in strained voice still hugging her tightly. Tears were too falling from her eyes, but she didn't mind they were tears of happiness. "I don't know…but I love you from the first time I saw you". He smiled widely "you will always be mine…mine cute ditzy girl" she sighed "yes…".

He then lifted her chin making her look into his eyes. He smiled. Tears had stopped. He brought his face closer to hers. Her heartbeat start racing. He was going to kiss her. What should she do? He was coming closer. She could hear her heart thumping in her ears. As his lips come closer, hers open a little in anticipation. She closed her eyes. Their lips met….and her mind went blank. The euphoric feeling before was nothing compare to this. She was on cloud 9.

His lips felt soft as he gently lay them on hers. He licked her lower lip asking for permission. She opens her mouth eagerly. His tongue invade her mouth searching every corner, every spot not to miss anything, their tongues entangle with each other exchanging there saliva. It was like a silent war between them. Shizuka tried to push his tongue back, but he easily overpowered her. All she could do was moan in pleasure. They felt like they were kissing for hours but it was only 3 minutes. They parted both were gasping for air. They leaned on each other that their foreheads were touching. A thin trail of saliva connecting them.

Shizuka smiled and again captured his lips. Naruto complied happily. They didn't even know how long they were there.


It was about half an hour when they returned down. Shizuka was asleep in Naruto's arms. He was smiling as regular but there was something different,

As he was coming down Shizuka in his arms bridal style. Rei was waiting for him on the stairs. Hands on her hips. "What are you so happy about?" Rei asked with an evil expression. Naruto sweat dropped a little, really what were these girls thinking. "I was happy because…I won a lottery" was Naruto's smart reply.

Rei marched forward with curt steps; Naruto took a step back from the angry looking girl. Then suddenly "ah~! There are three Naruto's," Rei said with stars in her eyes. Naruto sweat dropped big time "huh". "There are a lot of you" she then falls back on her butt in daze.

Naruto shook his head in amusement "don't tell me, you too…" Rei hung her head "but! I was all worn out. Everything went crazy in just a day and I can't even contact my dad…Hisashi died too…" she started crying. Naruto sighed he has to talk to her later.

He proceeded down stairs laying Shizuka on the mattress beside Miku covering her with a blanket. He caresses her cheek lovingly then bent down kissing her on forehead. You could see a blonde fox tattoo. Mouth was in centre. It was curled into a spiral. He had marked her and she had happily accepted it. He heard snoring and saw Saya asleep on the sofa. He chuckled a little.

His attention went to Miku as she was mumbling in her sleep. He brought an ear close to her mouth to listen what she was saying. "mhmm…Naruto-kunnn~…kiss…me…". Naruto smiled slightly, looking at her face. She looked completely peaceful…and a little aroused. So he decided to complete her wish and placed a kiss on her forehead. A smile on her face, without her even knowing…


Naruto was searching the fridge for something to drink. "Naruto-kun…?" Saeko asked "hmmm..." "our late night snack will be ready soon, it will be our lunch for tomorrow as well"…"Ahh…I didn't know that you like cooking?" he asked her with an eye smile as he closed the door of the fridge.

Then he looked at her and sweat dropped 'are they all trying to seduce me?' he questioned to himself. There was Saeko cooking in only panties with a white apron. It was revealing too much to leave anything to imagination. But Naruto just raised his eyebrows in surprise.

Saeko was looking at him from the corner of her eye. But inwardly sighed in disappointment 'he didn't even blush…what type of self-control does he have?'. She then turned her head towards him then in feign concern "what's wrong?" she saw his little surprised but still lazy face. "Oh, you mean this? I was unable to find any clothes that could fit me. So I decided to wear this cloth until the laundry is finished. I suppose it reveal too much…"

Naruto smiled lazily and waved his hand dismissively as he put the straw in juice pack. He proceeded to move towards Saeko as he sips some juice, who was again cooking food, but she knew he was coming close. A light blush spread across her cheeks.

He stood behind her. She could feel his warm breath on her neck causing her to shiver. He snaked an arm around her waist. Sticking his front to her back, Her breath hitched. Her heart was thumping loudly in her chest. But she didn't do anything to stop him. She still shakily stirred the stew. He brought his face adjacent to her their chicks almost touching. She blushed deep red at this.

"Ah~its smells good" he said with a smile. He brought his juice packet to her lips. "Here…take a sip," he said. She stumbled upon her words "i-i-I u-uh-m…" she was trying to control herself but he was just out of his league. All her pride as a warrior didn't do a thing in this situation. He frowned a little then he smirked. He turned his head to her and…gently he kissed her on cheek. She gasped loudly. Her eyes were wide in shock. She couldn't comprehend just what happened now. 'H-h-he k-kissed m-me…". Just as she was, about to close her mouth Naruto popped the straw into her mouth.

For a moment, she was in daze. Then she realized there was something in her mouth. She looked down to see juice straw in her mouth. "Here…drink," he whispered in her ear. She complied this time that was all she could do. After she took her sip, Naruto took his. "Now. That wasn't so hard…" he smiled. She too smiled little shyly, but nodded.

Naruto rested his head on her shoulder as she continued to cook. "You know…we don't know when they will attack..." she smiled. "Don't worry, you will be there to protect me…." he smiled. "Ara…so much faith in me…" she giggled at his tone. "Yeah….you and Hirano-kun are keeping watch….". Naruto too smiled. They were all trusting each other.

However, their mood was destroyed "hey Naruto! Listen to me" Rei's annoyed plus slurred voice. Naruto sighed while Saeko giggled. "Naruto!" she again shouted. Saeko "I think you should see what she wants….at times, girls enjoy acting helpless..." she said with a smile. Naruto caress her cheek with the back of his hand he whispered "that goes for you too….my little samurai girl." She blushed but giggled lightly. "Yeah…".

But "Naruto…Hey! Naruto!". Rei shouted. Naruto and Saeko sighed exasperatedly.


In balcony who was keeping watch suddenly has a nosebleed with a perverted smile. He quickly wiped it, shaking his head "pay attention". He then again went to keep watch but the perverted smile kept appearing again and again.


"Like I said, Hisashi was really sweet…." Naruto was sipping his juice sitting at the staircase with Rei. "That's why I really want to…even when I felt lonely; he was always there to listen to me. Even when I had to repeat the grade". Naruto was staring ahead. "…but all you do was ignore me…". He chuckled hollowly "sorry…that was all I could do….", Naruto replied. She looked at him "what do mean? That's why you are so boring".

"That's how I am…" he replied with a hollow smile. However, Rei was not paying attention. "You are always like this…". "And I won't change myself. I have my own problems too…". "That's why me and Hisashi…" "Together…. I was happy for my friend.". "What do you mean?" "Do you really think he will betray me and accept you behind my back…?" he asked her seriously. What does she know about Hisashi? "He asked me if I was fine with it…I said its okay".

"Hisashi was…." "Shut up…" Naruto said loudly startling Rei "what do you know about him, do you even know what was going on with his family…?" Rei stared at Naruto wide eyed as tears were gathering in corner of her eyes. "He was in pain, his family was breaking apart. He was falling in misery. That's why when he asked me I gave him my wishes….". He then stare at Rei as if she was an inferior being "he knew that you are being with him just to make me jealous…." At this jab her tears fall. "But he accepted you…". "don't spit on his death by making his memory pitiful….he gave his life to save you….my best friend….he is gone…stop running away from reality…we are alive and we will remain alive not for me then for Hisashi….so stop talking about him and try to complete his last wish-"

Naruto stopped as he felt a pull on his kimono's sleeve. Rei was staring at ground. As she proceeded to move forward to kiss. Naruto at the last moment brought her into a hug. She was startled but then she cried. Cried that she betrayed her love, couldn't understand other's love and was still not able to get his apology. But he hugged her. That was enough for now.


On the bridge. Bulldozers were rode over the undead and other livings that were left behind.


As they were sitting against the railing. They heard barking noises. "There is a dog barking..." Rei said. Naruto sighed as he "voice is coming from somewhere near….". He stood up marching upstairs.


"Hirano..." asked Naruto as he reached the balcony. "This is bad…" said Hirano in a serious voice. Naruto peered from the balcony. He too inwardly cursed. They were gathering…again.

I underestimated this new world…problem was now just beginning….




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