Every Second Counts

He made every second count when he was with River Song, because her days were numbered. He didn't see her much; he was off having adventures and as was she, He often felt guilty for not being around much, but that was one of the things he loved the most about River Song, his River Song. She understood him. More than anybody else he knew. He lived for the days she would pop out of nowhere and mess him up with her sassy smile and her good-time, sometimes violent, nature. But after what always seemed like a brief amount of time, she would fly off and his good mood would melt away like early morning dew as the sun burned higher and higher in the pale sky. He enjoyed her visits to the fullest, but lingering in the air between him and his unsuspecting wife was her death. Horror often washed through him alongside the guilt when he thought about her demise. She had died alone in that Library, completely and utterly alone. Some might argue he had been there, but it wasn't him, not really. He didn't have the slightest inkling who this beautiful, impossible woman was and had watched her die with the slightest tinge of sadness and wonder, but not with the inside eating agony that should have pierced him to the bone. The Doctor spent all the time that he could with River Song, formerly Melody Pond, because the day was steadily approaching that she would go to the Library and her Silence would fall. Before, she had briefly joked that the Doctor would be the death of her, never realizing the heaviness in the Doctor's gaze meant she was completely and totally correct.

I know it's short, but my thought process ended here. There will be more (I'm working on a long one about Melody Pond and Demon's Run) Please review!