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Chapter Four

Bella was standing in front of the school waiting on her Dad to pick her up when she heard someone yelling her name. When she turned around to see who it was she saw Jacob Black, her ex-boyfriend and the last person she wanted to see right now running towards her. "Oh crap, heck what the fuck does this idiot want now?" She groaned.

"Hey, Bella," He said coming to a stop in front of her.

"Is there something I can help you with?" She asked rudely.

"I want to explained what you saw when you came over to my place, but I haven't seen you since we were still on break until today and you have been ignoring all my calls and texts, so I thought I would give you some time to cool off before I talked to you."

"I thought that me ignoring you calls and texts would have been enough of a hint to tell you that I have no desire to talk to you or hear whatever bullshit excuse you can come up with."

"Bella, Babe please don't throw away all that we have away because of one silly mistake that meant nothing." Jake pleaded, reaching out and grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him.

Just as Jacob had grabbed Bella's hand Charlie was pulling up and before either teen knew he was even there Charlie was out the car and approaching them. "What seems o be the problem here?" Charlie demanded, sending Jake a death glare.

Jake had the good sense to let go of Bella and step away from her. "Nothing Mr. Swan, Bella and I were just talking."

"Actually we've said all that needs to be said," Bella contradicted. "We can go now Daddy."

"Bella," Jake tried again.

"I think, she's made it clear that she was done talking to you. I would get moving about now If I were you young man." Charlie warned and something in his eyes told Jacob that it was in his best interest to leave.

After Jake left Charlie led Bella to the car opened her door for her and closed it when she entered. "What did he want?" Charlie asked Bella as he sat in his seat and pulled out of the high school parking lot.

"To explain to me what happened between him and Leah. I told him I didn't want to hear anything he had to say." Bella answered, looking at Charlie and trying to read him. But he was staring straight ahead eyes on the road and face a blank mask.

"Do you want to get back together with him?"

"NO!" Bella responded immediately. "I liked Jake when we were together and I thought I could have possibly loved him at some point. But he ruined that chance the minute he lied to me and went behind my back to do only God knows what with Leah."

"Just checking," Charlie said as he quickly glanced over before returning his eyes to the road and reached out his hand to take one of hers and intertwined their fingers together in her lap. "You know I love you, and I only want you to be happy."

"I know, I love you too and you make me happy. In fact I can't wait to show you just how much I love you and how happy you make me went we get home." She replied seductively.

A grin spread across Charlie's face as he stepped on the ignition and sped the rest of the way home.

They had hardly made it through the door and locked it before Charlie pushed Bella up against the door and attacked her lips with his. Bella was only too eager to return the heated kiss and she deepened it and flung her arms around his neck, while running her fingers through his soft silky hair.

Charlie then lifts her up as she wrapped her legs around his waist. He then moved them from the door and brought them to the closest room which happened to be his home office since they had entered the house from the side entrance. He sat on the couch in his office with her in his lap.

"Baby I need you right now!" Bella panted as she began to unbuckle Charlie's belt. Once she had his belt unbuckled and his pants and boxers out of the way she got up from his lap and sunk to her knee between his legs and took Charlie's huge cock into her hands, and slowly began to rub it back and forth spreading pre-cum from the tip down. She then took him into her mouth and began sucking him.

"OH fuck Baby, I love that sweet little mouth of yours." Charlie groaned as she continued to suck him.

Bella smiled and moved her mouth back over the head of his dick, taking as much of him into her mouth as she could before pulling her mouth back and pushing down again. Charlie moaned and muttered unintelligible words as she continued to pleasure him with her mouth. Bella got wet just from watching him under her lashes as she sucked him. She continued to suck him as his moans and groans turned her on even more. She could feel his hand tangled in her hair as he guided her up and down his cock and she almost came then and there just from the thought of how much she was pleasuring him with her mouth was almost enough to send her over the edge.

Charlie felt the familiar tingles in his body which signaled his approaching orgasm. "I'm so close Baby, you have to move now if you don't want me to come in your mouth." He said not knowing if she wanted him to come in her mouth, so he moved his hand out of her hair to allow her to move if she wanted to.

Bella moved her lips up his cock to the head and licked the tip, tasting the pre-cum once again. "Come in my mouth Daddy. I want to taste you; before I let you fuck my tight little pussy while I scream your name." She whispered seductively before once again taking him into her mouth as much as she could. She swirled her tongue around his cock bringing him closer to the edge of ecstasy.

Charlie once again grasped onto her hair and started to thrust his hips forward fucking her sweet little mouth with his huge cock. "OH fuck, Baby I coming!" He cried out as he felt himself falling over the edge.

Bella felt hot fluid shoot into the back of her throat as she swallowed fast. Charlie pumped a few more times into her mouth as his warm fluid shot from his cock and she tried her best to swallow it all up. When she was down sucking him off and swallowing all he had to give he lifted her up and placed her on his lap again. She attached her mouth to his and they shared a long heated kiss. "Baby, I would love nothing more than fucking you long and hard right now, but it's almost time for your Mom to get home and neither of us wants her walking in on that. But I will make it up to you later, I promise."

Later that night, almost an hour after Bella had gone to bed she heard her bedroom door open and close before she felt her bed slightly sink as someone climbed into bed next to her. She turned around to see Charlie smiling at her. "Hey Baby, I promised I would make it up to you later. Well now is later so here I am." He said as he started kissing down her neck.

"Not that I don't want this because I want you so bad, but what about Mom, your room is two doors down."

"Don't worry, she's fast asleep and if you don't scream too loudly she won't hear a thing." He assured her before attaching his lips to hers in a passionate kiss.

Charlie pushed her back onto the bed as he felt her trying to pull him fully onto her, and instead grabbed her wrist, pinning it next to her head. He leaned down and used one hand to lift her shirt up and started to kiss all over her stomach. He let go of her hands and slowly pushed her shirt further up her body and left gentle wet kisses on every inch of newly exposed skin. He continued to suck and lick her body until he reached her breast.

Bella could feel her body ignite with his soft gentle caresses.

Charlie slowly swirled his tongue around her hardened nipple, before taking it fully into his mouth and sucking on it.

"Daddy that feels so good." She moaned.

Charlie took turns sucking on both breasts before moving one hand down her body and over her hips to her ass where he slowly caressed her bum, slowly running his fingers over her ass, up her back, down her smooth legs and back up again.

Bella could feel his erection on her thigh and tried to reach down and touch it but she was stopped by Charlie. He intended to worship her beautiful body before he finally entered her.

Charlie was propped up on one elbow with one hand caressing Bella's breast as the other slowly hand slid into her tiny shorts. He moved her panties aside and slid his long fingers along her slit he could tell she was very aroused as he felt heat pulsing from her very wet pussy. He felt her thrust her hips forward as he touched her clit and she widened her legs to give him better access. He gently rubbed her clit as he captured her lips in a deep yet gentle kiss.

"Daddy," she whispered against his lips. She wanted to feel him deep inside her so badly.

Suddenly he stopped stroking her and moved down her body removing her shorts, sliding the tiny piece of clothing down her smooth slender legs. He placed tiny kisses all the way up her leg and thigh. When he got to her entrance he used his long fingers to find her clit. He brought his mouth down a slowly ran his tongue the length of her slit before slowly sucking on her delicate bud of nerves.

Bella arched her back as pleasure shot through her and she grabbed one of her pillows and bit into it to keep from screaming out.

Charlie slid one of his long fingers into her and he could feel himself getting even harder than he was as he felt her tight pussy wrap around his finger. He continued fucking her with his mouth and finger until he heard her muffled scream and felt her shudder as her warm juices squirted into his mouth, which he gladly licked up. He then climb up her body and hovered over her.

"Fuck me now Daddy, please." She begged.

Charlie stripped off his pajama bottoms and boxers in one swift motion. He positioned himself at her entrance and slid into her. He started thrusting into her slowly at first and then he started to thrust harder, faster and deeper into her.

"OH, yes, yes, yes. Daddy, please don't stop, please don't ever stop." She moaned into his shoulder trying her hardest not to scream out and wake her mother who was sleeping just two doors down the hall. Her body began convulsing as she tightened around his big hard cock that was thrusting hard and fast into her. She gripped his back and clung to him as the most intense orgasm she has ever had rocked through her body.

Not long after his own orgasm hit as he thrust a few more times deep inside her where he exploded and shot his seed deep into her. He slowly extracted his now limp penis from her and collapsed in the bed next to her, both breathing hard.

"Oh my goodness Daddy, that was…there are no words for that." Bella said when she was finally able to get her breathing under control.

"I agree, it was out of this world." He said pulling her into his arms and kissing her deeply. "I hate to go but I have to get back to my room now. Good night Sweetie, I love you." He said as he got out of bed and redressed before giving her one final kiss and leaving.

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