Yes, I know that I really should get a move on in writing my other fics, but I just couldn't resist.

About Iggy's dislike of the Ministry- Iggy likes magic. He likes wizards. But he hates the racism that splits his people (not just pureblood/mudblood, but also muggle/halfbreed/wizard), and so he likes the less blatantly corrupt muggle government. As a side note, I know nothing of politics other than wizard politics, so I can't really tell how bad it is anywhere else in the world.

The man of fourty-two seconds later.

The Prime Minister was not having a good first day. Just fifteen seconds ago, the Minister of Magic had left the room with a bang, leaving only a gerbil that used to be his teacup behind. The ugly portrait that announced his arrival was still there, and he couldn't take it off. And on top of it all, he had lost his car keys.

"Minister?" Doris, his assistant, cracked open the door. "There's a man waiting to see you. And he's not taking no for an answer!"

Again? Hadn't Fudge had enough? "I'm busy, send him out,"

"Yessir," She scampered.

This is not my day, he thought.

Doris came in again. "Sir? He left, but he said that he was coming in anyway, and that you better be ready by the time he's here," Again, she shut the door and left. Why was this man so determined? Of all the-

"Hello, William [1]," An unfamiliar voice called from the window.

"GYAH!" How did this guy get in? "Wh-who are you?"

The man sighed, as if to say, 'here we go again'. "To make a long story short, I'm England," …What? "And judging by the fact that you're handling it so well, you've probably met Cornelius by now. Spineless git,"

"Er… What?" For some reason, William almost believed him. "You're claiming that you're… Engl-"

"Never mind," The man looked into his eyes and stared. At once the Prime Minister knew. He saw- no, felt- the memories, the wisdom, the emotions of his homeland. He was England. He was the green fields, the smoggy factories, the magic and the nonmagic.

"You… really are England," murmured William.

England smiled. "And you're my new boss," he paused for a moment. "Along with Cornelius, you are. I just hope that you're not as spineless as those gits at the Ministry,"

Spineless? He barged in on me, told me that wizards existed, and turned my teacup into a gerbil! Did the man have no shame?

"What I meant was that they do things that completely disregard those who they think are inferior, which includes just about everyone who does not conform to their standards. To them, you're just another nonmagical inferior whom they treat like a message board, to give notes to every time they do something that you HAVE to know about, legally speaking. You're not a human being to them, just a legal inconvenience,"

As soon as he said those words, I knew them to be true. Fudge never visited me to promote relations; he didn't even visit me to tell me anything. He only visited because he had to. "So we're… puppets to the wizards,"

England shook his head. "Not all of them. And only if you let them." He put his hand on William's shoulder in an almost fatherly way. "You're the Prime Minister, and my boss. Cornelius may be the Minister of Magic, but your word is stronger than his. Nonmagical people outnumber wizards, and while they have wands, you have machine guns."

…What? "Er, did you just say… machine guns?" I half-expected him to say something like 'heart', 'courage', or maybe even 'a larger population'. But why machine guns?

"Yes, I did say machine guns, what did you think I said?" He gave it a bit more thought. "Well, at the very least, you are no one's puppet as long as you stay strong. You're just as decent a man as any, and I look forward to your ideas on the economy [2]. Maybe we'll have some tea later. Bye," he jumped out the window.

The Prime Minister sat back down. Now that England left, he had time to think. He was right about Fudge meeting with him because it was a tradition, but what about him? Did England visit because he had to, too? No, he thought. He had a reason, but whatever it was, it wasn't that. He looked up, and smiled. He was going to fix things.


[1] William- I looked up the Prime Minister on Harry Potter Wiki, and found out that he wasn't an actual person, just a conveniently unnamed character.

[2] Economy- Like I said in the Author's note at the top, I don't know anything about what's happening in the world, so I don't know how bad the economy was then, or even if it was bad at all.

Well, I have a few more comments. Some of you might have read a few 'England appears to important figures, and leaves without a trace' fics, but I figured that he wouldn't do that to his boss. Plus, in order for Iggy to do that, the Prime Minister would have to look away.

I had Doris named Janis, but Doris sounds much more secretary-like.