This fic was meant to be a one-shot, so it had nowhere to go. For now, here's the last one I'll ever make.

The man of one week earlier

The day I met my country was memorable, to say the least. I was so busy with paperwork and the Restoration of the Wizarding World that I didn't even go into my office until a week after I was elected. And when I finally got there, someone was already there.

"About time you got here," A voice came from the chair in the corner. Instinctively, I pulled out my wand and aimed it at the intruder.

"Who are you, and how did you get in?" After assessing that he was unarmed, I had a good look at the intruder, and saw that he looked a great deal younger than me. His eyes, however, told a different story. They were greener that Harry's, but looked as if they had seen more than even Dumbledore.

"I'm England, and if you had gotten here earlier, I might have knocked,"

"Well, you're the one who- wait a second; did you say that your name was England?"

He gave me an impressed look. "You know, most of your predecessors just stared at me for a while, but you're the first one to actually respond first,"

This was getting annoying. "Okay, just tell me why you're in my office, and then we'll talk. I'm only willing to listen if you get to the point. I have a job, you know,"

"And so do I, it's my job that brought me here,"

"And what is your job, then? Is the fact that your name is England relevant to it?" I mean, it had to be a nickname or an alias.

"As a matter of fact, it is. You see, I'm the basically the incarnation of England, and I have to meet my bosses when they are inaugurated,"

Ah, that explains why he's here. "So what else do you have to tell me?"

From the look on his face, he respected me. "You're the first Minister to actually believe me when I said that."

"So it's not true?"

"No, it is true." He said quickly. "Anyway, I'll be dropping in at any time if something happens. By the way-" Ringringring. Was that a cell phone? "Hang on, hello?"

"IGGY! IJUSTWANTEDTOTALKTOYOUSOI-" Someone was shouting in an American accent on the other end. He was so loud; I could hear him from the other side of the room and England pulled the phone a meter away before yelling again.

"America! You're interrupting something important here; can't you keep your voice down? And stop calling me Iggy!" America? "I'm talking to my new boss here…Yes, I know how many you have [1]… I'm glad Voldemort's gone, too, I'll come… what do you mean, I get drunk on the first glass…"

"Excuse me, but I'm still here," I said irritably. It seemed to me that England had broken even with me by having this call.

"Sorry. I'll call you back when I'm done," he hung up. "What I was going to say was that you still have to meet the muggle Prime Minister. Yes, I know that you've been busy, but you still have to see him, it's for your own good."

The Prime Minister! I had forgotten all about him! "Thanks for reminding me," I ran into the fireplace that was hard-wired to go to the Prime Minister's office.

"Just so you know; he has a machine gun!" England called after me as I jumped into the emerald flames.

The office was just as I remembered it, marble tables and all. The Prime Minister was sitting at his desk doing paperwork with a ballpoint pen, exactly as I had foreseen. He turned to me. "So you're the- hang on a second, you're Kingsley!" Oh yeah, I had posed as his assistant a few years back.

"Er, hello," Man, this was awkward.

"So you're the new Minister of Magic? I hope you'll be alright," I couldn't tell if he meant if he was hoping that I'd be a good Minister, or if he just wanted me to be safe.

"Which do you mean?"

"Both. You were a great assistant- I mean… er… you do know what I mean, right?" So he was as awkward as I was in this situation! "I have to ask, but did you meet England yet?"

"I did. So… what should we talk about?"

"Er… I'm not sure exactly, I guess that we exchange news from our ends?" Oh yeah, normally the old Minister of Magic would tell the new one what to do with the Prime Minister, but Thicknesse had been Imperiused, so I was on my own. Additionally, from what I had overheard, it had seemed as if normally the Minister of Magic took charge.

"Erm, actually, what did happen to Voldemort?"

"Dead. Young Potter defeated him," I said with a touch of pride in my voice.

He looked terribly relieved. "Actually, I just thought that we could subscribe to each other's newspapers. That way, we could know about each other without having to visit as often. But we'll have to pay for each other; I haven't got any wizard money,"

I agreed that it was an excellent idea, and turned to leave.

"Oh, and by the way?" I heard the Prime Minister pick up something heavy behind me. "I can take care of myself now."

I had just enough time to see what he was holding in his hands as I left. It was a fully loaded machine gun.

[1] America's multiple bosses- Contrary to popular belief; the President is actually part of the Executive Branch, which had to be kept in balance with the other two branches to maintain the Union. Therefore, the President technically isn't America's boss. However, given the amount of bosses he would have had the Legislative Branch alone been counted, America would have several hundred bosses. That's probably why he went to the President when he found Tony's UFO.

Additionally, I didn't really have an understanding of Great Britain's political system when I first wrote this. I thought that the Minister of Magic was of equal importance to the Prime Minister, but then I found that the Prime Minister would outrank him. However, the Ministry of Magic is technically a government of its own, so England chose to go there.