Ian's Truth

By Miss P

Summary: Veritas refuses to give in to the sudden lust she feels for Ian until he does the one thing she can't resist. But as their feelings turn into more than attraction, will Ian be the one backing out?

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters


Chapter one

Stubborn arrogant self-absorbed bastard, that was what Ian was. He was breaking the law in several ways just by walking across the room, but still she couldn't bring herself to bring him to the council even though she knew several things he was guilty of.

Veritas shot a frosty glare at the redhead vampire across the room, and received a wink in return. A sudden wave of lust washing over her so strongly that it almost made her gasp, forced her to slam her protecting shields in place before anyone else could pick up on the embarrassing emotion.

What was wrong with her? If it hadn't been for her needing Mencheres's and Bones's help, she wouldn't have stayed a second longer. It was only a few more days, then she would have the evidence she needed to bring another master vampire into justice. She would have to endure this. Maybe if she stayed away, locked herself into the guestroom, then the remaining days wouldn't be so hard on her self-control?

She knew Ian was just teasing her, and it wasn't until lately that she had even bothered to acknowledge him. Somehow it seemed she couldn't ignore him. The way he looked at her sent shivers all through her, and she hated it. Hated how he could make her feel. Hated that he could make her feel at all.

It had been so long since she had let any man affect her, and she had no interest in changing that, but even though she had tried to keep her shields up, Ian had somehow gotten through. And now, she didn't seem to be able to push him out again. To be honest, she wasn't even sure she wanted to.

Frustrated at herself, Veritas shot up from the sofa in blur of speed. She had to get away. Now. Quick movements in the room made her glance around. Her eyes widened as she realized Cat and Bones were on their feet too, knives in their hands. For a moment she didn't understand, and it wasn't until she was reaching for her own weapon that she got it. There weren't any outside threats; it was simply her rushed move that had alarmed them.

Veritas forced herself to give them a small smile. "It's nothing" she said. "Excuse me," then she went straight for the stairs intending to get far, far away.

"Do you want some company poppet?" she heard Ian's teasing voice as clear as if he had spoken into her ear. She stopped, and when she turned her head to look at him, she immediately regretted doing so. The devilish grin on his handsome face was more than she could bear. Lust slammed into her once more, making her torn between wanting to get away, and to act upon that strange need to throw herself at Ian.

"Ian, you're a pig," she heard Cat mutter.

"Could you at least try to be polite to our guest," Kira sighed. "I'm sorry Veritas."

"Oh I apologize," the tone to Ian's voice made it clear he wasn't sorry at all. He grinned at Veritas. "Can't take your eyes off of me, no? I know I'm gorgeous."

Veritas met Mencheres's apologetic eyes, before quickly turning and disappearing up the stairs.

Ian chuckled. "She's quite fetching that little vixen isn't she?"

"It would be wise to not try to provoke the law guardian Ian," Mencheres said in his usual calm demeanor.

"Come on, the lass likes it. Can't you tell?"

"We should be glad Veritas is on our side, and I do not tolerate any of you offending her in my home." Mencheres sighed. He knew Ian couldn't help himself, but he just wished he could at least try to control his impulses for a while. Was it too much to ask for?

But as he stood there, watching Ian with his hooded expression showing none of the questions that swirled in his head, he started to wonder. In fact he had picked something up from Veritas, just before she had slammed those walls around her blocking him and everyone else in the room. Did she really like Ian? During all those years he had known the law guardian, she had never shown any interest in a man. At least not what he knew of?

Could Ian somehow have awoken something inside of her? It wasn't impossible; she wasn't any more different than he or any other vampire or ghoul who had fallen for someone without planning or wanting it. He should know.

"It's been an interesting day," Ian said interrupting Mencheres's musings. "I'm going to get some beauty sleep now if you don't mind."

"I do not mind."

Ian headed for the stairs, only to be stopped by Cat's voice. "Not planning to sneak into Veritas' room are you?"

"What do you think of me, reaper?" Ian said with feigned hurt in his voice. "I would never do such a thing."

Cat snorted, knowing that he would do just that if he felt like it.

"Come on now Kitten, I'm sure Veritas can take care of herself."

"I know, I just don't like his attitude," Cat made no attempt to whisperer, knowing that Ian would hear her anyway. And she didn't care.


Ian lay in bed staring up at the ceiling. If he inhaled he could almost taste Veritas scent in his mouth. Closing his eyes, he could see her glare at him, her sweet innocent face showing nothing of the deadly powers lurking beneath that soft exterior. He wondered what she would taste like if he was to trail his lips across that soft skin. Would that sharp voice of hears soften with lust as she begged him to take her?

"Bloody hell!" Ian sat up straight as he realized what he was doing. What was wrong with him? Sure the law guardian was a sexy little thing, but he couldn't possibly be thinking about her in that way?

The inappropriateness of it didn't bother him, it was his reaction to her that did.

He liked teasing her, taunting her with suggestions and naughty remarks, and her horrified reactions to it only increased his will to continue. And that was all it was. It was just his style. He had fun, did what he wanted and with whom he wanted it with. But he couldn't remember the last time he'd been lying sleepless thinking about a woman. Especially not Veritas. She was way too old for him. Though age certainly looked good on her. Hell she was almost as old as Mencheres. And not to mention how powerful she was. If she wanted to, she could most likely kick his ass with barely any effort at all.

But she was strikingly beautiful and unique. If it had been mere lust, Ian wouldn't have hesitated to act upon it. He was sure it would be a great challenge to get her into his bed. If it had been nothing more than lust, he would have loved to try her. But no matter how much he tried telling himself that it was just about sex, it wasn't. He'd come to realize he cared for her. More than he had thought he was even capable of.

Despite all that, Veritas was way off limits, and Ian knew that was also what made the whole thing even more alluring. He'd never before wanted someone he could never have.


To be continued

A/N: Aren't we all waiting for Jeaniene to write a book about Ian? I certainly am, but I'm afraid that won't happen, so I decided to make my own Ian story.

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