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It was just a normal day for High King Peter, he'd gone down to breakfast this morning, he had an argument with his brother, he had to listen to the boring tales of the spoiled Tarkaans overreacting in Calormen. Yes, another normal, boring day for the High King intill he had surprisingly got a himself some rare, peaceful time in his study; If only he knew that it wasn't gonna be peaceful for much longer. Hearing frantic knocks at his door not even two minutes after he'd got in the golden haired king groaned, "Go away!"

Despite his protest the door opened revealing his three siblings, each one looking curious and excited about some odd square thing Edmund was holding. "No Pete! You've got to see this!" Edmund demanded, a grin spreading across his face when Peter reluctantly allowed him to place the object on his desk.

After staring at the sleek blue top for a moment Peter spoke "ok, I've looked at it, now leave."

He was about to hand Susan the object when Lucy shook her head, "Peter, you have to open it!"

Peter gawked at her I disbelief "how in the name of Aslan am I supposed to…oh." The king trailed off, his cheeks becoming pink from embarrassment as he accidently lifted the lid, showing a blank screen like those on a television set and a set of keys similar to those of a typewriter. "What is it?" He asked after a moment.

Susan shrugged "I don't know, but look!" She pressed a button on the bottom pad making the screen go white.

"What the…?" Peter could only stare in shock as some writing appeared on the screen. Squinting his eyes in the sudden bright light he read "fan…fiction?" Glancing up at his siblings he questioned "what the heck is that supposed to mean?"

Edmund glared "for the last time, we don't know! But check this out!" With that he took the object from the stunned king, moving his hand across some sleek part at the very bottom of the key pad part, an arrow appeared moving upward before there was this clicking noise and more writing appeared. Moving over so that Peter could see the excited teenager spoke "Our names are on here! Wait a minute…" Edmund frowned slightly stopping at one of the many subtitles on the screen "Edia? This person is a really bad speller."

"Let me see that," Susan told him, standing on Edmunds left side. After pondering for a moment she spoke "Edmund, I think it's your name mixed with someone else's."

"What?" Edmund asked in shock "why would anybody do that?"

Susan shrugged "I don't know, maybe if we read it we'll find out."

"Alright then," that's when he made his grave mistake…he clicked on it and began to read.

"Aria was talking to Edmund, her best friend for as long as she could remember."

Edmund turned to his siblings "Do any of you know an Aria?" When they all shook their heads Edmund let out a breath of relief "Good, I thought I was going crazy for a minute."

'But even though they'd been best friends she'd always had a crush on Edmund.'

"What!" Peter shouted in shock, "A girl likes him?"

Edmund glared at him "Not everybody loves a dumb blonde." Before Peter had a chance to report Susan continued reading;

"She couldn't help it; he was so…irresistible with his mysterious dark brown eyes, unruly dark brown hair and his pink lips that were always curled in a playful smirk. Sometimes when he wasn't looking she would even sneak a few glances at him, wishing that she could do so freely."

"BLAH HA HA!" Peter burst out into laughter, clutching his sides as Edmund paled, "You've got yourself a stalker Ed!"

"Ok, that's enough now," Edmund said, his face now a ghastly shade of white as he attempted to get the mysterious object from his older brother;

"Ed, listen to this!" Peter said gleefully, dancing out of his brother's reach, his annoyance of having no peace gone in that one instant.

"But she knew it could never be, he liked this other girl, Jessica who although beautiful, wasn't exactly nice."

The blond king continued batting his eyes mockingly, much to the amusement of his sisters. Edmund wasn't amused, grabbing the thing from his brother at last, Edmund scrolled through the page "oh, what do we have here?" He said, an evil smirk spreading across his face causing Peter's laughter to die down being replaced with an expression of absolute horror.

"Ed…you wouldn't…"

Edmund only smiled wider, as his sisters watched with growing hilarity;

"Once Upon a Time, there was a perfect, beautiful girl by the name of Mary Sue. But even though she was extremely beautiful, and was perfect in every way she was very…"

Edmund stopped for a moment taking one good look at Peter's petrified state before continuing,

"She was very lonely, and wanted someone she could love without them having to be dazzled by her awesomeness; little did she know that that person would be High King Peter of Narnia."

Peter stared, frozen in terror as his brother skipped through some of the 'boring' bits; "blah, blah, blah they meet, fall in love and get married…" before the so called 'Just' King glanced up once more with the evilest of smirks before reading.

"It was the wedding night and Mary Sue was getting ready for bed in her and Peter's new room when she felt two strong arms wrap around her waist 'hello beautiful.'

Mary Sue smiled turning around so that she could kiss her new husband, 'hello handsome,' she breathed her hands moving from his neck to his broad chest…"

Here Edmund read ahead a little, his eyes gleaming with mirth at Peter's terrified gaze.

"Peter smiled, his hands moving down intill he cupped her…butt."

Both sisters had to cover their mouths to stifle their laughter; "Please stop," Peter begged, looking desperate "for Lucy's sake."

"I actually think she's quite enjoying it." Edmund laughed and, much to Peter's terror, he continued reading.

"Mary Sue moaned 'god Peter.' Before pushing herself against him;"

This time the girls couldn't stop the outbreak of laughter, "I seriously doubt he's that good!" Susan cried, tears of laughter streaming down her cheeks.

"Hey!" Peter yelled angrily, finally attempting to get the thing away from Edmund who was somehow managing to avoid Peter while reading at the same time.

"That really turned him on. Pulling her closer he slowly began unlacing her nightgown…"

Edmund chuckled "Who knew Peter could be such a lover boy."

"EDMUND!" Peter bellowed chasing after his younger brother in anger, causing the girls to fall to the ground laughing.

Not far from where that scene was taking place Caspian the tenth was walking whistling softly intill he heard a scream of anger, "EDMUND!" Followed by shouts of laughter coming from High King Peter's room; curious to know what was going on he walked to the door, not knowing the mess he was getting himself into.

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