Hey everybody! I'm back and with good news! At least I hope it's good…Oh well, anyway your votes are all in and by one single vote the lucky readers of this fandom (although not so lucky for the characters) get to be a part of the sequel of Uh, Oh! They've Found Our Fanfictions! Which will be written in…*drum roll please*… The Hunger Games!

So congratulations to those of you who voted for that fandom, but don't worry if you hadn't, because I'll be sure to add some crossover action with the characters of Narnia in this new and hopefully improved story.

Now, what else was I gonna tell you? Oh, right! If you guys happen to see a absolutely dreadful story that you would want me to use in this new story then just p.m me or review on this one, but it might pay to make sure that the author doesn't mind unless of course the author isn't very nice. Or…you could write your own if you want, your choice, or you could just let me do all the work which is fine too.

Ok I think that covers just about everything, except I should probably tell you the first chapter of the story should be up either by the end of this month or the beginning of August. Ok, now I'm done, anyway have a great summer or not summer if you're not on your holidays and be sure to p.m me or review about any story you may have seen or written yourself.

Hope to see you in the Hunger Games fandom! M.C