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Sophia was sitting behind her computer in her room reading digimon fanfics, minding her own business. Her long brown hair held together in a high ponytail as her teal eyes scanned the words on her screen. She was wearing a short sleeved red shirt with dark blue jacket and lighter blue jeans. Then all of a sudden the screen began to act weird. It began flashing white and sparks started to come jumping out of the screen.

"What's happening!?" Sophia asked herself.

The screen suddenly flashed in a blinding bright light, so bright Sophia had to cover her eyes to not get blind. She felt a weird sensation, like everything around her was changing. Opening her eyes again to see what happened, she noticed everything still looking the same, but at the same time different. Looking outside of the window, she noticed a different scenery then before all the weird stuff happened.

"What the heck just happened?" Sophia asked herself now slightly scared. "What the?!" Suddenly she saw someone really familiar passing her house. "Takuya?! No way!"

All of a sudden her phone beeped and flashed. "Sophia Nedena, your destiny is calling. Are you willing to accept?"

'Omg…Ophanimon? Ophanimon is calling me?! AWESOME!' Without a doubt she pressed 'Yes' and waited for the next message.

"Very good, now take the 5:45 Shibuya bound train from Jiyuugaoka Station."

Looking at her alarm she saw it was 5:40. "Okay, not much time!" She ran out, saying goodbye to her dad and followed Takuya's tracks.

When she arrived at the station she realized she didn't have any money.

'Damn! Just perfect! My dream of going to the digital world finally comes true, and I don't even have the money to buy a ticket to get there!'

Out of frustration she hit the machine with her fist. The machine started making strange noises, catching Sophia's attention. A ticket came out, leaving the brunette slightly confused, before remembering Takuya's case.

'Oh, right. Takuya didn't have money either, but got a ticket by bumping his head into the machine…'

Quickly she grabbed the ticket and ran to the train before it would leave. Once in the train the first person she noticed was Koichi, her favorite character from the frontier series. Trying to keep calm she walked over to him.

"Hello. Did you come because of that 'Decide your future' game too?" She asked the bluenett boy.

Koichi looked up at her surprised, not knowing what she meant. "Huh?"

Sophia shrugged. "Well, it seems like a lot of kids here are here because of that game, I was wondering if you got that too."

"I don't know… I left my phone at home." Koichi said, looking away from Sophia to glance behind him.

"Oh, well. Maybe we can both use my phone if another message comes? I mean, if you'd like to come."

"Umm…" Glancing behind him again, he nodded. "Sure, why not? My name is Koichi Kimura. What's your name?"

"I'm Sophia Nedena. Nice to meet you Koichi."

"AAAHH COME ON GIVE ME A BREAK I'M DOING TO BEST I CAN!" someone near them screamed, interrupting the little conversation the two had.

Sophia glanced at the boy, very well known as Takuya, holding his head in his hands. She giggled softly at the sight. Then, remembering why he was freaking out, she pulled out her cell phone and opened the new message.

'Transfer to the 6 o'clock subway from Shibuya Station.'

Sophia looked at Koichi to see if he'd already read it, but noticed him looking at Koji.

"Koichi?" No reaction. "Umm…Koichi?" A little louder this time, but still nothing. Sick of being ignored and having no patience, she began poking him. "Hey! Earth to Koichi!" she exclaimed annoyed, but not loud enough for Koji or Takuya to pay attention to them.

"Huh?" Koichi, finally snapping out of his trance, looked at the brunette girl confused. "Oh, sorry. Did you say something?"

"Yeah, I called your name a couple of times. But you were too busy…." She glanced the way he looked before. "Too busy looking at that kid…who looks a lot like you…." She gave Koichi a questioning look.

Koichi looked away from her gaze. "Long story, you wouldn't understand."

Sophia was about to say something to that, before remembering the message she got. Just before the doors opened she showed it to him. He nodded and together they went to the train door. At the door Koichi hesitated to go out, but Sophia pulled him by his arm towards the elevator. When they arrived there Koji wasn't there yet, meaning they had enough time to get inside.

'I can prevent Koichi from dying!' Sophia thought happily.

The moment they were inside Koji came in. Sophia noticed Takuya running up to them and tried to keep the elevator from closing by pushing the doors further apart. The doors slit open again the moment she gave a light push and Takuya came running in, slamming into the wall because he ran too hard. He sank to the ground rubbing his face.

"Are you okay?" Koichi asked as Sophia tried to hold her laughter.

"Yeah I'm fine." he groaned. He stood up looked around at the 3 others. "Hey did you guys get the message too?"

"I did." Sophia answered. "But I don't know about mister grumpy there." She said pointing at Koji, who seemed unaffected by her insult.

Remembering the elevator was gonna be a bumpy ride Sophia took hold of the railing and waited for the impact.

"Man I really gotta stop landing on my head." Takuya said.

Sophia giggled softly. 'Yeah good luck with that Taky.'

They looked around then Sophia heard Takuya mutter. "So weird, were all these kids called here the same way I was."

'Not likely. Some cases were very different.' She thought annoyed.

Her phone received a message again. Pulling it out, she showed it to Koichi.

"It's up to you now, which one will you choose?"

Koji ran off immediately, leaving Sophia and Koichi looking at the direction he went to, before he disappeared out of sight.

"Hey, Koichi? You okay?"

He snapped out of his thoughts again, third time that day. "Y-yeah, I'm fine. Let's go." He said as he went to the closest train.

Sophia followed him and just stepped inside when the doors slammed shut, making her stumble into Koichi's arms. They stood there for a minute before pulling away and blushing like crazy. Takuya took that moment to step inside.

"Oh, hey. It's you guys again." He said. "At least that means this isn't a ghost train." He said, awkwardly laughing and rubbing the back of his head.

"…Ok… I only know you for about a minute, but I already know that you watch way too many movies." Sophia said.

"Yeah." Koichi agreed. "There's no such thing as ghosts."

Together they went to the next cabin where they met 3 other kids. Zoe and JP looked at the trio that just walked in.

"You're here because of the phone thing?" Takuya asked.

Zoe nodded while JP ignored him, just looking the opposite direction of him.

Zoe turned to the others. "With them here there's 6 of us. I wonder if that means something special."

"Something special?" Takuya asked himself. "What?"

"Yeah maybe." Sophia said, knowing that's true.

"Why did you guys get on this train?" Takuya asked the others, walking towards them and turning to JP. "I mean was it the message?"

"Hey kid this is the closest train to the elevator, okay?" JP said, sounding annoyed. "Now look, just leave me alone."

"Geez sorry." Takuya said sarcastic.

Sophia walked over to JP, glaring down at him. "Don't be so rude. He was just asking."

He looked at her, not even flinching at the failing glare. "Sorry, I'm just nervous."

Takuya turned to Zoe, also asking if there's a particular reason she chose the train. Zoe just giggled, giving the same answer as JP. Then turning to Sophia and Koichi.

"Also the same reason as them?" he asked.

Koichi nodded while Sophia shook her head. "Honestly, I don't know why I choose this train." She said. "Just a feeling I guess."

JP, who'd been watching Zoe for a while, began to grin widely. "Watch this." He whispered to Takuya. "Hey honey, you want some chocolate?" he asked Zoe. He stood up, pushed Takuya out of the way, simply saying 'Move' and turned all his attention back to the blonde girl. "So, my name's JP what's yours?"

"I'm Zoe, it's nice to meet you." She said smiling at him. Then turning to Koichi and Sophia. "And who are you?"

"I'm Sophia." She simply said.

"My name is Koichi. Nice to meet you all." Koichi said politely.

"And I'm- I'm Takuya hi there." Takuya said.

"I'm …" All teens looked at the one who said that. The little boy in the back. "I'm Tommy, but I didn't wanna get on this train." He said crying.

"What do you say?" Takuya asked, not understanding what Tommy meant.

"-sniff-sniff- I –sniff- Two kids, bullies and they…-sniff- pushed me on the train and shut the door." Tommy said, sounding like he was crying. "Why are kids always picking on me?" Tommy asked in tears.

Sophia felt sad for him and sat down next to him. She laid her arm around his shoulder and pulled him close. "Hey, don't cry. It's okay, Tommy." She said trying to calm the crying boy down. "I know how you feel, I was bullied a lot too. When we find them again, I'll make sure they stop, okay?"

Tommy looked up at her. "You'll really do that?" Sophia nodded. "Thanks."

Suddenly all the lights in the train dimmed till it was pitch black inside and outside. The ride became rather bumpy, causing everyone to fall backwards. Sophia opened her eyes just in time to see everyone change into their Spirit forms, even herself. She noticed Koichi changed into Lowemon, that was a relief to her. Everyone's phone suddenly lit up and partly dissolved, changing into their D-Tectors, Sophia's being a violet colored with teal grip.

"What's going on?" Takuya asked.

"Welcome to the digital world, Takuya/Zoe/JP/Tommy/Koichi/Sophia. This is your D-Tector." The voice of Ophanimon said through the D-Tectors.

"The digital world? You're kidding!" Takuya said, possibly to the new device. "What have I gotten myself into?" He sounded stressed. Then again, who wouldn't be when you start a, seemingly normal, game and end up in a whole different world? "Did you guys get that message?" Takuya later asked the group.

No one answered, too busy examining their new devices that used to be their phones, except for in Koichi's case. His D-Tector materialized out of thin air.

'I'm guessing yes.' Sophia heard.

Surprised she looked around, trying to figure out where that came from. Her eyes later falling on Takuya. 'It…couldn't have been him, right?' Her thoughts were interrupted by a loud yell, the Trailmon. 'Oh right, I forgot this was a Trailmon…AND A REALLY LOUD ONE!'

When the yelling stopped the 6 looked outside and saw the flock of Poyomon.

"Are those ghosts?" Zoe asked.

Shooting one glance at Takuya, Sophia noticed him looking back and forth between Koichi and her with a look on his face that clearly said 'See! Ghosts are real!'.

"They look like it." Tommy said.

"Or marshmallows. They go great with chocolate." JP said.

"Um…JP? I don't think marshmallows fly or have faces." Sophia told him. "Besides…" she walked over to another window, waving happily at one of the Poyomon. "They are too cute to be ghosts."

"There's that point." Koichi began. "And there's also the point that ghosts aren't real. They're only real in movies and stories."

One of the Poyomon came closer, looking at Zoe. It pressed its face closer to the window, making it look scary enough for Zoe to scream about, scaring all the baby digimon away.

"They're probably ghosts of kids that came here before." Takuya began flipping out again over nothing. "Ooohh! What have I gotten myself into? And what if there's no way of getting back out?"

"Jeez… Calm down Takuya. We're all in this together." Zoe said. Not really reassuring, but okay.

When the Trailmon finally arrived at the Train station and the doors opened, there was a group of Pagumon waiting for them. Without hesitation Sophia stepped out as if not even seeing the Pagumon.

She turned back to the others. "Aren't you coming?" They just looked at her like she was crazy, which she probably is. "Oh, come on. These little things aren't so bad, are they?"

They didn't even have time to respond to the brunette, because the next thing they knew, they were blown of the train and onto the ground. Falling right in the middle of the Pagumon group.

"Yeah that first step's a doozy." Trailmon said, laughing afterwards.

"Is it me or did the train just talk?" Takuya asked no one specific.

"It's not just you, I heard it too." Koichi said.

"Hey, I'm not just any old train. I'm Trailmon and I'm alive just like you. Although I am more handsome than you scrunched up little punks, thank you very much." Trailmon told the group. "Anyhow this is Flame Terminal, you're in the heart of a digimon village."

"Digimon village?" Takuya asked confused.

Then the Pagumon came again, talking about how their pals and their last friends didn't last very long, scaring the gang.

"I have enough friends." JP told them somewhat scared.

Then Tommy began to cry again. "I didn't even wanna be on this train." he said through tears and sobbing.

"Sorry you feel bad kiddo, but I can't stick around. If you wanna go home you have to find a Spirit or something." Trailmon told the gang.

No one had much time to ask him questions, because immediately after he said that he drove back the way he came from.

"That kid should get a job as a fire alarm." JP said, earning a fist on the head by Sophia. "Ow! What was that for?!"

"For insulting a little boy who's just scared."

"What's a Spirit and where do we get one?" Zoe asked the ditching Trailmon. When he didn't answer she screamed after him. "Hello!"

"Where are you going? Give us an answer. HEY!" JP called after him.

"Hey yourself, I got a schedule to keep."

"So… Guess that's it. We're all alone." Takuya nicely pointed out the obvious.

"Wait! Come back here!" JP exclaimed, standing up.

"Yeah pretty please." Zoe added to make it sound nicer, also standing up. But to no avail. Trailmon kept moving further and further away from them.

And, once again, Tommy started crying and cried: "TAKE ME HOME!" Soon after, chasing the Trailmon.

"Tommy, stop!" Takuya yelled as he chased after Tommy, followed by Sophia. Tommy ran up the tracks, getting Takuya to stop, but not the girl. "Tommy!" Takuya called after him once more from safe grounds.

"Go away!" Tommy cried back at him.

But none of the two would have any of that. Sophia grabbed him by his arm, finally making him stop.

"This isn't helping! You're gonna fall!" Takuya told him.

"I know you wanna go home, but falling off the rails won't get you anywhere."

"At least I won't be here anymore."

"Don't think like that!" Sophia exclaimed a little shocked.

"I'll take you home!" Takuya told him. "Uh, that's right! Trailmon said that if we find the Spirits we can go home, right?"

"Right…" Tommy calmed down a little. "Okay, I'm coming back." He turned around, almost falling if Sophia hadn't held his arm.

Takuya was about to come, but a fire in a nearby village made him stop. The trio looked at what was going on and saw 2 creatures running away, slamming into Takuya, making him fall on the ground. Once Bokomon and Neemon were done having their little argument they turned back to the blazing village. Out of the green flames another digimon, known as Ceberumon, appeared.

"Where is the Ancient Spirit?" he asked with his growling, hoarse voice. "I can sense the Spirit's presence all over this town. I must destroy it!"

"No way it's mine!" Takuya shouted to the black dog-like digimon.

"Then you shall be destroyed with it!" he exclaimed before preparing his attack. "EMERALD BLAZE"

The next thing Takuya knew, he was surrounded by green flames that came out of Cerberumon's mouth.

"What? Are you crazy?" Bokomon asked, slapping the boy on his head. "Run already!"

"Yeah! But where am I supposed to go?!" The flames surrounded Takuya, only leaving choice between running to the enemy, or backing off from it.

A third flaming blast came straight for Takuya, leaving him to run through the fire leading to the Trailmon tracks and up to Tommy and Sophia. The area that was hit by the attack turned into data and was scanned by Cerberumon. Now that the rails had nothing to be attached to, they drooped, causing the 3 humans and 2 digimon who were on it to fall down to the one part Cerberumon didn't scan. All of a sudden Takuya's D-Tector was activated and floated slightly off the ground, pointing itself into one specific direction.

"Hey, my D-Tector." Takuya said, noticing its acting on its own. It shot a beam of light at a huge flame right in front of them. "No way."

The flame kinda…well, exploded! It exploded and changed into a weird beam of data.

"It's the Spirit." Bokomon said as the Spirit showed itself, appearing out of nowhere. "The Spirit of Flame."

"Geez, never would've guessed. It only came out of a flame." Sophia said sarcastically.

"A Spirit? That wasn't so hard. Time to go home." Takuya said determined to get it to get Tommy home. "But how am I supposed to get it? And what do I do with it when I do?"

"No need to worry about that, for it will soon be destroyed." As Cerberumon said that, he charged at the 5 on the ground, the green fire coming out of his mouth now and then.

Takuya moved his eyes from the scary digimon, to Tommy, who was clutching the older boy's shirt in fear, then back at Cerberumon with brave and determined expression showing on his face.

"Take Tommy, will ya Sophia?" he shoved Tommy into her arms, his eyes not leaving Cerberumon. "I'll take care of Cerberumon."

He grabbed a nearby pole from the ground and waited till Cerberumon was close. Then he held it in front of him, causing Cerberumon to bite in it, and losing his grip on the pole. Out of pure stupidity he grabbed the digimon by his tail and got pulled into the data stream. Just when Cerberumon was about to destroy the Spirit once and for all, he somehow caught fire and was forced to jump out, unable to finish the job.

Looking back at the stream, Tommy began to get worried. "But what about Takuya?"

Standing up, Takuya didn't even seem to notice the heat. He also seemed surprised that he didn't catch fire. "Huh? I'm fine." He said. He looked at the Spirit right in front of him, entering a trance and mumbling: "Ancient Spirit…" Soon after he yelled: "SPIRIIIIIIIIIT" causing his D-Tector to fly towards him.

Catching it, he pointed the device at the Spirit, still screaming, and it disappeared into his D-Tector.

"It is time." Ophanimon's voice told Takuya, who growled in response.


Even as Agunimon he kept on growling!

"What did he turn into?" Tommy asked, staring at Agunimon.

"Well, let me see…" Bokomon grabbed his book from…somewhere in his pink waist band and leafed through the papers.

"I'm just guessing… He turned into Agunimon." Sophia said, rolling her eyes. "Come on, he just yelled out his own name!"

Bokomon didn't even seem to listen to her as he looked through the book. From the platform above them, Zoe, JP and Koichi were staring in awe of what had become of the goggle head.

"No way…"


"I wouldn't have believed this if I didn't see it with my own eyes…"

When Agunimon was finally done showing off his flaming body, Bokomon found the right page. The only thing he could find about him was his name 'Agunimon' and even sounded surprised.

"No matter who you are, you'll lose!" Cerberumon jumped up, attacking again. "EMERALD BLAZE"

But Agunimon was quick to dodge, grabbing the 4 still on the lower part. He jumped, dodging the next wave of flames just in the nick of time, made a front-flip, placed the ones in his arms on the ground and left to battle the evil digimon, showing off with a backflip.

"Molto cool." Zoe said.

"PORTALS OF DARKNESS" Cerberumon yelled, making lots of holes in the ground appear.

Agunimon jumped twice, a portal appearing everywhere he stood. Third time he wasn't so lucky, he jumped right into a portal. He tried to hold on to the edge, but Cerberumon scratched his hand, forcing him to let go and fall into the darkness. Cerberumon was quick to follow him down the hole.

"Now we'll see how you fare on my turf; darkness!"

That was the last thing the rest of the gang heard before they watched the portals close. They waited in tension for Takuya, or actually Agunimon, to reappear. Everyone cheering silently for the goggle head to win. Then finally!


That shout was heard. A huge flaming tornado appeared out of the area Agunimon disappeared into. Everyone on the sideline stared at it in awe.

"I have to admit it, I'm impressed." Bokomon said…probably thought out loud.

"But what if he's in trouble?" Zoe asked worriedly.

When the tornado dissolved Agunimon kicked Cerberumon in his stomach and caused a huge explosion.

"That's amazing." Tommy said, admiring his hero.

"He's beautiful." Zoe exclaimed happily.

"That was awesome!" Sophia exclaimed, trying to hold her excitement of seeing it for real.

"Nice work, Takuya." Koichi called out to him.

Cerberumon's Fractal Code appeared, circling around him. "Now to take the Fractal Code." Agunimon said. He grabbed the black and red D-Tector, pressed the button on the side and swiped it over the Fractal Code. All the data entered the D-Tector, leaving a small egg that used to be the mutt-digimon.

"Hey, look at the pretty, little light." Neemon

"You nincompoop! That 'pretty, little light' is Cerberumon's essence, so it looks like we're not done with him." Neemon peeked over Bokomon's shoulder. The white digimon noticed and closed the book. "Buzz off! You said you didn't want to carry the book."

Tommy's eyes never left Agunimon. He was watching him from the edge and saw him turn back into Takuya, who fell to the ground panting. The gang took the closest thing to a normal way down and ran towards Takuya, still able to hear his conversation with the D-Tector.

"Wha- what happened? How did I know how to do all that stuff?" Takuya asked the D-Tector.

"You are a digidestined." The voice spoke.

"Digi- what now?"

"Digidestined. Chosen for great things. But, don't be frightened. The one who chose you…is you."

"I chose myself?" Takuya asked, though it sounded more like a statement. "I guess that means we're not going home."

Sophia stared off in the distance, just barely noticing the Trailmon coming their way. 'Yeah… I guess… I'll be stuck here for quite a while…'