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Love Bugs 5: Epilogue

He refused to believe it, even as he looked at the evidence of it with his own eyes.

Shino was watching the fish cook over the fire, his teammates and colleagues surrounding him on all sides. It was a warm summer afternoon, nothing too hot, but not exactly breezy, so Sakura and Ino had invited everyone for a camping trip of sorts. Everyone was relaxing as the large catch Chouji provided was roasting slowly, the delicious smell wafting all over the place.

It was all so normal, so generic, except for the new couple sharing a park bench in the middle of the gathering. A stream ran close beside the two men, a lemon tree blooming sparsely but attractively near them. Like something out of a painting, for God's sake! The blond man lay with his head in the darker man's lap, flipping through some kind of comic book while the raven sat back with eyes closed, continence relaxed.

Did it not bother anyone else that Sasuke was letting anybody act so intimately with him? Was it so normal to see the aloof Uchiha looking relaxed while he used one hand to stroke and play with Naruto's spiky locks? It drove Shino silently insane that nobody even looked at them oddly. Was this somehow foreseen by everybody but himself?

When his bugs had returned to his side on that hellish day, he refused to believe that Naruto had managed to sleep with anyone on such short notice. Someone was hiding the blond nin, and well. But then Naruto and Sasuke visit him as smug as you please and inform him that they they'd slept together, and are now going out thanks to him? He still couldn't believe how his revenge had failed so utterly.

He didn't know if anyone had seen that particular development coming, but he sure as hell hadn't.

Shino watched in amazement as Naruto grinned up at the raven, propped himself up on his hands and covered Sasuke's mouth with his own, the raven meeting him halfway with a secret kind of smile. Shino was stunned…envious…amazed. And still nobody seemed perturbed.

He sighed. He prided himself on his sharp mind and keen observation, but he had never thought Naruto and Sasuke would become lovers, which they obviously were now and had no problem showing it to the world…

Ugh! Was that tongue? Fuck!

Naruto clutched the pillow and squeezed his eyes shut. He tilted his hips slightly so his cock wasn't as continuously stimulated. Then maybe he'd last longer than ten minutes!

Sasuke was covering his back, thrusting into him slowly form behind as he licked and bit his neck and shoulder. Naruto shuddered, his gasps unsuccessfully muffled, and his strategy for lesser stimulation to his aching member not working out so well. It irked him that Sasuke insisted on getting him off in record time. Two, sometimes three times before coming himself.

"When you can keep from coming for an hour, I'll let you have my ass."

Naruto pouted, glowering when the cocky bastard had made the deal a few weeks back. He wanted inside Sasuke, but he did love being taken, he had to admit that at least. He'd find a way to hold out. And practice was his best chance.

That's what he did now. It had been fifteen minutes so far and already he was aching to come. Actually he didn't doubt he'd come in the next five minutes no matter what he tried. Sasuke knew just how to swivel his hips to drive him over the edge, sometimes before even Naruto himself expected it. It drove thoughts of topping from his mind totally.

Soon. Soon Sasuke would ache the same way. Very soon. "Only for you," Sasuke had told him meaningfully when Naruto asked if he would let him inside his body. "I don't bottom. But if it's you…"

Naruto got to his knees desperately, removing his member from any contact and avoiding a much-needed release. He sucked in several breaths, stiffening and clenching his inner muscles to keep Sasuke still. Usually, Sasuke would drive right through his tightened channel and push him over the edge with pleasure, but now he stopped.

He kissed his back soothingly. "Don't fight it."

"I have to," Naruto gasped, still struggling not to fall over the edge; he was that close. No way in hell was he ready to last an hour. Maybe in a few years…or decades, when he was too old to be so fucking horney for the Uchiha all the time.

"But I'm close. I want to feel you dance around me before I come." Smug bastard. So Naruto convulsed and writhed when he came, that wasn't dancing. "You do know I'll give you my ass anyway, don't you, dobe? Even if you never manage to last anywhere near an hour."

Oh, god, he hoped so, because Naruto didn't think he could hold out no matter how old he got. And it didn't scare him at all that he could see them growing old together…He loved that vision beyond words.

"Good," Sasuke growled when Naruto relaxed and lowered himself to lie flat on his stomach. "Slow?"

Naruto rested his head on the pillow a moment, letting his arousal get back in control before turning to look at the Uchiha. "Hell no."

Sasuke smirked, a feral, lustful glint entering his dark eyes. "I love that you like it rough, koi. Get ready."

Hell yeah, Naruto loved it rough, and Sasuke loved to oblige him. Apparently, his ass was made for Sasuke.

Sasuke climbed over him, positioning himself in a way that made Naruto pale slightly. He knew that angle. The three-minute fuck Sasuke liked to perform on him sometimes…it always started like this. Direct, merciless stimulation…loud, shameless orgasm… and raw, aching ass belonging to a totally satisfied if embarrassed Naruto. He was going to be made to come multiple times tonight, he could tell, from Sasuke's tense posture.

The Uchiha was getting ready to fuck him through the mattress.

Sometimes the both just needed to go totally wild. Animalistic almost. It was a part of both of them and that is why they fit so well. "You want to last?" Sasuke asked unexpectedly, lying still as a statue at his back, hips angled just right.

Did he? "You can keep me from coming?" he asked skeptically, curling his toes.

"Want me to try?"



The blond turned his head enough to look at his lover. "Yeah?"

"I love you."

Naruto blinked, a smile spreading across his face. "I love you, too. Always have."

"Good." Sasuke's eyes turned serious, and he pulled out. Naruto started to protest but was flipped on his back before he could say a word.

Knowing what came next, he relaxed his body and spread his legs, and Sasuke slid right back inside him. Naruto bucked and groaned, his arousal spiking. "That'll make me come faster, you know," he panted with a smirk.

Sasuke smirked back, a lot more devilishly, and started to thrust.

Naruto let himself fall back, enjoying the sensation, opening himself up to his lover, to everything he had to give him, everything he wanted to give him.

He started crying out outright when gentle thrusts turned to slaps and then a hammering that had him arching his back and mewling in pleasure. About to come, he gasped once, and then growled when Sasuke grabbed the base of his cock, forcing back his climax.

"You want to last?" Sasuke asked him dangerously, eyes wild, voice rough with lust and strain. He kept slamming into him at an angle that made precum spill form his cock, regardless of the fist holding him back.

"Oh, God!" No. No, he wanted to come! Right now! "Fuck me!" he cried out, bucking his hips and trying to dislodge the hand that denied him the ultimate pleasure. He reached forward, but Sasuke was faster. He hunkered over Naruto, bending him backward and covering his mouth, kissing him even as he kept ramming inside him.

He took him for what felt like forever, fucking him raw and making tears of pleasure and frustration spill form his eyes.

Naruto clenched his teeth, unaccustomed to this brand of sexual torment. It was usually that he came too often when they had sex. It what he had been expecting, even as he agreed to let Sasuke keep him from coming.

Sasuke kept fucking him for a while longer, until he was sobbing and begging to be let go, thighs shaking uncontrollably and belly quivering with too much pleasurable stimulation that had nowhere to go (aka release). Finally the fist loosened, and Naruto came with a loud scream, spilling all over them both.

His body quaked as he wrapped his arms around his dark lover and kept spilling between them, wondering if it would ever end, wondering if he really wanted it to.

He felt Sasuke come inside him with a shout muffled against his neck. And then Sasuke was kissing his jaw, his nose, his eyes, before settling on his mouth, both of them panting still.

They kissed for a long time, slow, simply enjoying each other's taste as they came down form their orgasm high.

"How do you feel?" rasped the Uchiha against his mouth, nipping.

"Like I'm going to be sore tomorrow." Naruto grinned, nipping back.

Sasuke hummed in satisfaction and rolled to his side, taking Naruto with him. They lay in a tangle of arms and legs, staring drowsily into each other's eyes.

"We're living together, right?" Naruto asked suddenly, breaking the comfortable silence. "Just to be clear."

Sasuke's eyes narrowed. "I thought that was obvious when I asked to move in, and you accepted."

"Yes, but your house is a wreck. I thought you might have wanted to get it fixed up until you could…" He shut up at the angry look on the raven's face.

"You're as frustratingly thick as ever, dobe."

Naruto couldn't quite get himself to take offense at the insult. Sasuke…was living with him. They were living together. They were a couple. "Awesome," he breathed, his happiness reverberating off him.

Sasuke sighed and smiled at him. "Glad we cleared that up. Idiot."

Naruto grinned and snuck another kiss, making Sasuke laugh. "Teme," he growled, tightening his arms and legs around the Uchiha until they were wrapped up in each other. "My Teme."

"Yours," Sasuke agreed softly, covering his mouth again. All Yours, Sasuke thought, just slightly annoyed now, and happier than he ever thought he would be, now that he was where he belonged.

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