Ch. 64

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Katniss POV

1 month later

The park was not my first choice. But going anywhere wasn't really an option. Cato thought as a family we should go spend some time together, and Aster agreed to go to the park. So arguing wasn't an option.

"Katniss come on. It'll be fun!" Cato raves on. I just keep shrugging.

"I don't know. I'm just not feeling it today. I feel sick." Cato pouts. He wraps his arms around my hips, and pulls me closer.

"Please? It'll be a good family bonding moment." I just shrug, and he groans and rests his head on mine. "Fine. We'll just go another time," Cato kisses my forehead.

"No you and Aster go. You two need some more alone time. I'll be fine, ok?" Cato pouts in a last attempt, but nods his head.

"I'll see you later." He kisses me promisingly. I nod my head. I kiss Aster goodbye, and watch out the window until they drive away.

Here's what's really going on.

I'm late. Like, late late. It's been three weeks, and I was starting to get nervous. I have gotten pregnancy scares before, but it would come a week later. But this...

I was scared.

I ran to the bathroom just in time to throw up my breakfast, which I tried so hard for Cato not hoax into me. He knew something was up, but I couldn't tell him. Not until I was positive.

But there was definitely something up. I wipe my mouth, brushed my teeth a couple of times before I couldn't taste the bile anymore. I rested my hands on the counter and looked up in the mirror. I looked like death. I stepped back, and turned to the side. Was my stomach bigger? I freaked myself out and ran out of the bathroom.

I pulled on a jacket, and started walking. I carried my mini pepper spray can with me, and my phone in case Cato needed me. There was a small drug store a couple of blocks away, and I needed some fresh air. I kept my jacket wrapped tightly around me. I looked down, and saw I was still in sweatpants. Whatever.

Is it possible? Could I really be pregnant again? I was on the pill, but there was a few days where I skipped out. And I told Cato it was safe in the heat of the moment. I smacked myself. I would be this careless. I would be this stupid.

I reached the store, and the door rang when I walked in. I walked straight to the isle where there were the tests. I froze in my tracks when I saw a certain blonde picking one up too. She was crying. She must of heard me, and snapped her head to me. Her shoulders sagged.

"Madge?" I asked. She started crying again. I don't know what I was thinking, but I walked up to her and hugged her. She sobbed into my jacket. I just patted her head. I knew how she felt, and I knew she was scared.

"I'm so sorry. I really am." She sobbed. I just shushed her, until she got a hold on herself. She lifted herself up, and wiped her face. "Thanks," she whispered. I shrugged. " I hope you know, I'm so sorry for what I did. But I know just saying it wont help. I guess, I guess I did it because I've been jealous." My eyebrows shoot up. "I know," she laughs, twiddling with the box. "I had always liked Cato. But I never had the balls to say anything," her story surprises me, and I shift my weight.

"I hated you." She blurts out. "I really did. You just came swooping in, and had Cato at your feet like that. I was boiling. I had spent months trying to talk to him, and in comes a new girl. Anyway, but then I met Gale, and he made me forget. And I really liked him. I did," she said. She looks down. "I still do. And that day, when I came in. its like the anger from all those years ago came back, because even after everything, he still wanted you. And when he came out, I don't know. I kissed him. And I regret it." she stops talking.

"Why?" I ask. She looks up. "Why do you regret it?" she stays silent.

"Because it broke you two up. It broke me and Gale up. I told him, and he left me. And I kept your daughter from her dad for years. And it's all because I kissed him! I felt so guilty, and alone. Not even Annie would talk to me. Or Delly. I had no one." I look at her.

"I'm sorry too," I whispered. "For not solving it with you. I just, I was os mad at myself for leaving, I just, wanted to be alone with Aster." She gives me a small smile.

"Can we be friends again?' she whispers. "Or just try?" I nod my head at her, and she smiles.

"How late are you Madge?" I asked her, nodding to the pregnancy test in her hands.

"A month," she whispers, and laughs. "I tried to think I wasn't, but the signs wont go away." Her voice gets raspy.

"Who's the dad?" I ask.

"Gale," she says. I start to talk, but she interrupts me. "He came back, and well, makeup sex." She shrugs. "I'm scared." She whispers.

"I know," I tell her. "I was. Am now again." Her head snaps up to me, and then to my stomach.

"Your pregnant?" she chokes out. I shrug.

"Maybe." I walk past her and pick one up myself. She looks shocked. We both walk up to the counter, pay for the tests, and walk out.

"Well, I'll see you later?" Madge asks weakly. I nod my head.

"Of course." I tell her. "Call me and tell me what the result is." She laughs, and steps into her car.

"Bye Katniss," I wave goodbye. I watch for a moment, and start my way back home. I go over everything that just happened. I couldn't tell if I was happy or what. But I guess I was. It had been a couple of years, it was time for me and Madge to meet amends. How weird it was though that it was because we were both getting pregnancy tests.

When I got home, Cato and Aster still weren't back, so I still had time to check and find out once and for all if I was in for another round. I did everything that was instructed, washed my hands, and paced for a couple of minutes. My palms were getting sweaty, and I felt like I might throw up again. But this time out of nerves.

I checked the time, and rushed to the bathroom. I stood by the door waiting, scared of what the result might be. I avoided the sink, and kept my eyes on me through the bathroom mirror, trying to convice myself to look down. I put my hands on the counter, and started rocking back and forth.

Just do it! I thought. I took a deep breath, and looked down.

A plus sign.

I stopped breathing, and starting crying. I wasn't sure if it was happy or sad tears, but I was crying.

"Oh my god," I whispered to myself. Just then I heard the door open, and Cato and Aster's laughs. Now or never.

"Aster you cant just shove the ice cream all over your face you goof ball!" Aster laughed. "Honey?" Cato yelled.

"In here!" I called back weakly. I started to rock myself back and forth again, and Cato came in.

"Hey." He said. I looked up at him through the mirror, meeting his eyes. "Are you okay?" he whispered. I laughed meakly, looking down at the sink, before returning my eyes to Cato's. his eyebrow was raised. I took another deep breath, and blurted out those two words.

"I'm pregnant."