It's over. After all this time. It's time to retire it. I tried to make it longer, and i hope you guys like it. It has been such an honor to write this, and i have had the best time doing it. thank you to everyone who has supported it. Thank you all i love you all. Let me know what you think of it. thank you once again, i love you guys3

For the last time,


My alarm clock starts off bright and early, and for once, im not waking up because the sun is shining in my face. I rustle in my sheets, and try to reach the snooze button so I can shut off the retched thing. But Cato has is arms firmly gripped along my waist, holding me back. 15 years, and things still haven't changed.

"Cato," I mumble, struggling against his grasp. He just squishes me tighter. "Ass," my voice is muffled by the sheets. He sighs, and releases me.

"Five more minutes," he rolls over, and hugs a pillow to his chest, a poor replacement for me. I stand up, and stretch. I look at the clock. 6 am. Bright and early for a big day. I walk over to the window and throw the curtains open, resulting in a very agitated groan coming from Cato.

"It's an important day. Let's try and not be late shall me?"I tell Cato. He rolls back over on his back and squishes the pillow to his face. I walk over and get the other pillow and start hitting him with it.

"Ok! Ok! I'm getting up." I smile triumphantly, and walk to the bathroom.

"Wake the kids!" I yell at him.

"Don't plan on it!" he yells back. I death glare him as I shut the door, and just hear his soft voice as I turn on the shower.

I wash up quickly. I need to be quick, because Aster loves to be on time. I have just enough time to wrap the towel around me when Aster bursts into the room. I scream, and jump a little. She smiles softly, and I can tell she's about to cry.

She sure has grown up to be beautiful. She was a heartbreaker in high school, but she did manage to capture that one boys heart. Her long blonde hair and striking blue eyes were definitely her best traits beside her personality. I was proud of her.

"Momma," she whispers. I open my arms up to her and squeeze her tightly.

"Don't cry baby. It's okay." I tell her, while stroking her hair. It takes her a minute, but she gets a grasp on herself. She wasn't one to cry usually, but when she did it was short and quick. She looks at me and smiles.

"I forgot how many tattoos you have," She laughs. I laugh with her.

"You better not come home with one missy," I play scowl her. She just smiles.

"No promises." I give her a slight push.

"Do you have all your stuff packed?" I took a piece of her hair and I tucked it behind her hair. I hummed, and smiled at her. "Did you sleep last night?" she looked down with a guilty smile. "Ah, you were texting him weren't you?" she just keeps looking down. "Young love," I mutter and roll my eyes. "Go!" I smack her butt, and she laughs. "Get ready! Help your brothers please!"

"Don't count on it!" she says when she walks out the door. I roll my eyes. Just like her father. I quickly blow dry my hair, adding a few curls in along the way. I don't usually wear makeup anymore, but I throw on a little, for once again, it is a special day.

Throw on some clothes, and some flats, and walk out to the kitchen to see Cato hanging our youngest Rose upside down.

Now she, she was our little surprise. After Gavin, we said no more kids, but about 5 years ago, here she came along. She was such a blessing though. She was our only child with hair like mine, and my eyes. Gavin and Aster had both inherited their fathers traits.

"Cato!" I snapped. He looked up at me, and Rose painfully twisted her head up at me. She was still in her pjs, with bed head going crazy. I put my hands on my hips and made faces at her. "Put her down! She needs to get dressed." Rose rolled down onto the floor, and ran past me. I rolled my eyes. I looked over at Gavin, to see he was glued to his phone.

"Gavin you're a mess to!" I told him. He looked up at me, and gave me a coy smile.

"Sorry," he mumbled.

"You're not texting that Hawthorne girl are you?" I asked him. My eyebrow raised at him, and his hands froze, and rosy red circles appeared on his cheeks.

"I-I gotta get ready." He stumbled off the chair, and ran to his room. I rolled my eyes, and Cato sighed.

"That boy.." Cato muttered. I shrugged.

"Let him have fun." I tell him. Aster comes down the hallway, pulling her suitcase with Rose on it. Her hairs brushed, and she's decently dressed, thankfully to Aster. Rose was going to miss her so much. Even Gavin, although he'll probably never admit it. Hell, we'll all miss her.

"Much better," I sigh, picking up Rose. I groan playfully. "Jeez girl! You need to lay off the cookies!" I poke her belly, and she giggles.

"I told you mommy! It was Gavin who ate all the cookies!" She said.

"Don't blame it on me you little brat!" Gavin says.

"Hey!" I say. They both just laugh, and I sigh. "Aster," I pout at her. She gives me a questioning look. "Now it'll be these two alone. What are we going to do?'"

"Die," she mumbles. I glare at her, and she ignores it and pours herself a glass of juice.

"I'll be stuck with these two all day!" I complain.

"Hey what about me?" Cato asks.

"Oh yea, and him." Cato gives me an annoyed look, and I just smile at him.

"Ew, please don't do that gross couple thing," Gavin mumbles. I just roll my eyes and flip him off like usual. He calls me a bitch, as usual.

See the thing is, that's our relationship. We play around, and I love it. He's the only brother in the house, and I know he doesn't need women feelings all the time. But then again, Cato's pretty rough with him too. But its cute.

"Shit," Aster mumbles. I flash my eyes at her, glancing back at her and Rose. "I mean shoot. Shoot. Yea um. We have to get going. Finn's already left!" I roll my eyes. "Come on!" Aster runs around. And starts grabbing her suitcases.

"Gavin, Cato please help." I snap at them, they both groan, but grab her stuff. "But your coming with me," I smile at Rose. She giggles, and I set her down. She follows me to Aster's room, where I make sure nothings left. Tears fill my eyes. Today was the day.

The day where she leaves me and goes to college. I sit down on her bare mattress, and cover my mouth with my hands. Rose comes up and sits next to me, resting her head on my shoulder. Aster comes running in with no breath,

"Momma-" she stops, and gives me a hopeless look. I wave my hands in the air.

"I know I know. I just, cant believe it. the time has just flown by. I remember the first day we moved here." Aster comes and sits on the other side of me.

"Yea, me too." She whispers. She smiles, and looks down. "I'm gonna miss you." She whispers. I nod my head. "But lets miss me later because we really have to go." She whispers. I laugh, and nod my head. We stand up, and all walk out together.

It takes a couple of minutes, and Aster's constant rushing, but we finally shove everything into the car. Cato begins the two hour drive to Santa Barbara. It wasn't my first choice, but then again it wasn't my decision. It was however influenced by Kale's.

That's right. Me and Annie were right all these years. Her son and my daughter would fall in love. It was great though. Those two were perfect for each other. They butted heads so many times, got in numerous fights, but yet, here they were. It was a beautiful thing to see. It reminded me of Cato and me.

It happened when Aster was 16, as she is 18 now. Her and Kale had always been friends. Around 14 they became awkward, and flirting. And the constant teasing from Finn and Gavin didn't help much either. But me and Annie always encouraged it, even though when we brought it up they would deny it like there was no tomorrow. But around 16, they started hanging out more, and I could tell the look in Kale's eyes that he had an attraction to Aster. She had gone through her puberty, and turned into a goddess, and Kale fell like that.

The best part was when Aster came home with a big smile on her face. Her and Kale had kissed, and from then on, they had been inseperable.

It had only been a couple of months ago however when they decided to go to the same college.

The arguing in the back eventually became loud enough to break me from my thoughts, and I realized we were 10 minutes away. I turned around.

"Hey," I snapped. They all shut up. "Whats the problem?" I asked.

"Aster stole my phone and read my texts with Molly," Gavin complained.

"How did she steal your phone?" I asked.

"I was sleeping!" He says. I roll my eyes.

"Cant help you buddy. Put a lock on your phone next time." Gavin's jaw drops, and Aster gives him a smug look, handing him his phone back. I roll my eyes and face back front. We pull off the freeway, and drive to the college.

After minutes of hunting, we finally find a parking space. Everyone who is anyone is there. With their kids, rolling out suitcases and things. Aster jumps out of the car. She dials the phone, and a few seconds later, Aster is launching herself in Kale's arms. I roll my eyes. They hadn't seen each other in week, although I'm pretty sure she snuck out last night.

"Too low," Cato snaps. Kale releases Aster, with rosy cheeks. I elbow Cato, and Unbuckle Rose from her car seat. Gavin leans up against the car and texts away.

"Kale," I smile. I give him a big hug.

"Katniss," he smiles. I just pinch his cheeks.

"Gosh! I remember when you two were in diapers! How the time flies by.." I mumble on. They both laugh. Cato respectfully shakes Kales hand.

"I remember why I like you each time I shake your hand." Cato tells Kale, slapping him on the back. "Nice firm hand grip. Although," Cato lowers the tone, and says something to Kale, causing him to go pale.

"Yea, well I-" Kale stutters.

"Dad be nice." Aster snaps.

"I can be mean If I want I wont see you two for months. And I swear, if I end up being a grampa by the end of the year, I will kill both of you." Cato says. Aster and Kale separate a little, and I laugh.

"Give them a break." I punch Cato's arm. "Well Kale," I begin. "Where's the fam?"

"Said goodbyes there." He smiles. I nod my head.

"Which we should be doing now," Aster says sadly. I pout, and she gives me a hug.

"No tears momma. I'm not wearing waterproof mascara today." I laugh. Suddenly I flash back to the day when I had to say goodbye to Cato. I release Aster.

"Not goodbye," I whisper. She smiles. "Just, see you later." Cato laughs, remembering too. One by one, we all say goodbye to our baby girl. Rose started crying along the way, and I had to carry her. Finn helps Aster with her bags, and before I realize it, I'm waving goodbye to her and Finn. Gavin sat his butt in the car. He was mad that she was leaving. He did care.

We all packed back up into the car. Heading back. I looked back a few times, spotting Aster. I smiled to myself. With only one word running over and over through my head.