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Day of Event - June 26th 2013

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Even with the superb match between Chris Jericho and Cody Rhodes, and the controversial finish to Dean Ambrose versus Christian, they weren't quite enough to steal the show. Oh no. What had gotten everybody's attention after Main Event had finished was the performance from Naomi, Cameron and the honorary Funkadactyl of the night, Jo-Jo Offerman.

It wasn't just the fans who had been enthralled by the three ebony ladies; even the commentators had talked about them for a fair portion of time, before moving onto a different topic. A topic which both Mizanin and Mathews could relate to: Michael Cole. Yes. Michael Cole. The same Michael Cole who remained unpopular with his colleagues (with the exception of a few) during the decade and a bit spent with the WWE.

Josh Mathews was showing his chain of text messages between him and the elder commentator to Miz, as the two sat on the bench in the latter's locker room. The Miz was in awe about what these string of messages contained. What particularly shocked him was how lewd Cole was, especially when he talked about the Funkadactyls, and a kink that was all too familiar to Miz.

"Whoa! You...you have a daddy kink?" One of the select few times during the length of his career where Miz didn't cocky was now. Astonishment oozed out of his lips, as he gave his fellow commentator a wide-eyed look.

A very out of the blue question there. Josh didn't quite know how to respond to that; he was hoping that Miz didn't see the 'daddy' kink get discussed. So much for that.

"Yeah…why?" Josh hoped not to convey too much emotion, but he had a feeling that the notable display of pink on his cheeks was doing just the opposite of what he hoped for.

"I thought I was the only one." Well, that was a relief. "Once the first episode of Main Event was over, me and Cole screwed around backstage. The daddy kink may have slipped out. It felt so creepy and odd, but there was something that made it a little erotic. It's like a guilty pleasure."

"Well…I wouldn't really go that far…"

"Please Mathews. I saw the texts. You're so into it." Miz said, with a smirk as large as the size of Texas. "So, you planning on getting with Daddy Cole tonight?"

"Well, he did text me about wanting me to meet up with him later on."

"You honestly gonna go, though? I already got a surprise set up, just for you."

"Really?" Josh gave Miz a wide eyed look, to which Miz simply nodded his head. "What's the surprise?"

"It wouldn't be a surprise if I told you, would it? You are gonna like it though, I can promise you that." The wrestler smirked, heading out of his locker room, before noticing how Josh stood completely still. "Look, if you wanna get with Cole, you can do that later. I wanna show you my surprise first."

"Alright." Josh looked a little sheepish saying that, especially when the focus of his vision was the floor. Looking up, he realised Miz was giving him the same unimpressed glance. "Alright! I'm going." Josh swiftly scuttled along to Miz, as the two would go out and search for Josh's surprise.

The two commentators would stroll together, almost aimlessly. It just seemed like the two were walking around for no reason. Josh almost believed that they were walking around for no reason, after minutes of practically walking in circles. Not a single person in sight (except for Mizanin, for obvious reasons). At least, that was the case for a few further moments. After what felt like perpetuity, people had finally came into sight. Josh actually saw somebody who wasn't The Miz. He liked Miz, but after sauntering with him for such a long time, Josh could do with the extra company.

Two black, beautiful babes walked over to the commentators, flashing wide grins on their ebony faces. Their smiles was bright and vibrant as their lime outfits. They sure did look funky.

"Hey Mizzie." Cameron asked, sashaying towards him, before noticing the man next to him. "You brought Joshy too!"

"Of course. I'm a man of my word." Miz smirked, secretly staring at Cameron's flesh; the flesh which wasn't hidden by her bright attire. "You and Naomi still up for it?"

"You bet we are! I had to do some convincing, but I eventually got my girl to agree."

"Great! Josh took a little work to convince, but I got him in the end." Miz smirked. "So, shall we show them how good our surprise is?"

"But of course!" Cameron grinned. "I'll lead the way." The sassier of the two women said very eagerly, as she would flounce almost flamboyantly to the Tons of Funk's locker room. Brodus and Tensai had already left the arena, which gave Cameron and The Miz perfect access to make sure their surprise would come into fruition.

And so, the four would begin their brief journey to the locker room of Tons of Funk. Cameron and Mizanin were eagerly in front, walking with zest and enthusiasm at the concept of their surprise turning into a sweet reality. Behind them were Naomi and Josh, who both gave each other a look of anxiety. They were nervous about how this surprise would turn out. They didn't even know what the surprise was; all they knew is that it was going to be something wild.

There wasn't much time for Naomi and Josh to pander about what this surprise could be. Before they both even had a chance to delve into all the possible ideas that swirled around inside their minds, they would enter Brodus Clay and Tensai's locker room.

Their hearts were pounding rapidly; they were getting progressively nervous now. Each passing second would heighten the unease that both Naomi and Josh had about this surprise.

Upon the opening of the door, they didn't see anything that would shock them. No objects…nothing. There was nothing that captured their eye; nothing that immediately drew their attention.

That was what caught Naomi and Josh completely off-guard. They were so focused on observing every little detail in the room, that they forgot about Cameron and The Miz; both of whom were currently in possession of adventurous hands, trailing up and down Josh and Naomi's bodies, respectively.

Feelings of utter shock had oozed out of Josh and Naomi's lips, shocked at the sudden physical contact. The fingers that roamed around their flesh was an unexpected feeling. It didn't feel bad, by any means. It just made them (or Naomi, seeing how Josh had already scrunched his face up in pleasure) feel guilty.

"What are you doin'?" Naomi may have been able to speak, but she wasn't able to move. Her body was practically paralysed under Miz's influence.

"Pleasuring you." Miz said, his hands creeping dangerously close to her pussy. "I know you got Jimmy, but to be honest, he's probably gonna fuck somebody in the next week or so. This is the WWE, baby; everybody fucks about in here, relationship or no relationship." As the final syllable dripped out of his mouth, that was the moment where Miz would finally reach Naomi's folds, as he proceeded to toy with her lips.

"You sure about this?" Naomi had trusted Miz's incentive, only because of how eager Cameron was, as she zealously played with Josh Mathew's groin.

"Of course!" Miz said with a grin, as he slowly tugged the lower half of Naomi's lime attire down to her boots. Taking that as a hint, Naomi took off her bright white dancing boots, allowing for the bright green bottoms to also come off. Now the lower half of Naomi's body was completely exposed, and Miz was relishing in every second of seeing it. "Just let my tongue do the work. Once it's deep in your pussy, you're gonna be begging me for my dick…because I'm awesome like that." The tongue of the horny commentator would begin to penetrate Naomi's dark cunt.

Miz didn't even waist time tickling her clitoris. He got into the real deal instead. He got straight into eagerly fucking her insides with his zealous tongue. Desperate to reach her sacrosanct g-spot. Desperate to elicit pleasured whines from her. Desperate to pleasure her.

Somebody just as eager for this experience as The Miz was Cameron. By now, Cameron had pulled out Josh's lengthy manhood, and was beginning to suck on it. Her mouth would take in all of Josh's cock, frequently reaching the base. Cameron knew in her mind that she was doing a great job. Why else would Josh moan so loud so quickly? He had already succumbed to lust, and it was all because of Cameron's cock-sucking abilities.

When Cameron wasn't deepthroating or using her mouth to satisfy the erect tool, her tongue would lash all over the engorged tip, collecting the droplets of pre-cum that dribbled from his piss-slit.

Josh was in pure ecstasy. To say he felt pleasured was beyond an understatement. He never knew Cameron had such a warm, velvety mouth. The way she alternated from licking the shaft, to sucking on it, to deepthroating it was just amazing. Josh didn't know what to expect from Cameron now, and in a way, that actually made him feel even better.

Inserting the head of Josh's raging dick inside her mouth, Cameron sucked on it for a short number of minutes, savouring its taste and relishing the little drops of essence that graced her tongue. Alas, all good things would soon come to an end. After truly knowing what it felt like to be on cloud nine, Josh would soon snap back into reality. Looking down, Cameron was no longer sucking his dick. She just looked up at him, her pupils locking with his.

"Do you wanna get funky with me?" Cameron sweetly asked, as a smile became present on her beautiful face. Who would Josh be to refuse such a beautiful woman's sweet request?

"Of course!" Josh said, his smile far broader than the ebony woman's. Cameron took the grin and the response as an invitation to strip fully naked. Her lime get-up would carelessly get slung onto a bench. It was the least of Cameron's worries at this moment in time.

The petite woman laid on the hard wooden bench, waiting for the feeling of bliss to surge inside of her. Her legs would spread, and the womanly area between her thighs was now unveiled to Josh's eager eyes. He could wait no longer. The little commentary boy would finally become a man, and get the pussy that was driving him crazy with lust. Grabbing his hard tool, Josh used it to plunge deep inside Cameron's quivering heat. Moans would leave their lips, as the intercourse would begin to get heated.

Josh and Cameron may have transitioned from oral to intercourse, but they weren't the first to do so. The Miz was in the midst of giving Naomi's tight pussy a pounding she'd ought to remember. After spending minutes of lapping his tongue against her clit like a hungry pup, Miz would finally get the treat he wanted. His chubby manhood was getting rammed in and out of Naomi.

Naomi would squeeze him tight. Her clenching walls would squeeze against Miz's member, as it went in and out of her at a rapid pace. Even though The Miz didn't have the biggest cock, he sure knew how to use what he had to work with. His cerise head hit all the right spots, earning all the right mews of satisfaction from the dark-skinned beauty.

When Mizanin would finally reach the prized sweet-spot he had been desiring ever since he laid eyes on Naomi's nude body, the latter had lost all of her inhibitions. She mustered the courage to grab Mizanin's jiggling globes of flesh. She expected Miz to sigh in shock and put a halt to his thrusts almost immediately…but that didn't happen.

"You like touching that ass, baby?"

Instead of sounding shocked, Miz actually sounded fond of the curious palms that rested on his behind. Naomi couldn't possibly give a verbal response to the question posed to her. She would hope that a string of high-pitched mews would suffice instead…and it did. Miz didn't ask any questions after that; he only continued to thrust deep inside of Naomi's passage.

Naomi had lost the ability to speak now completely. Anything that would come out of the dancer's mouth would be incomprehensible. She was so lost in pleasure that she couldn't express how good she felt through words, only moans. As Miz would repeatedly hammer away at her dampened cunt, Naomi would feel her limits soon get shattered…just like her g-spot. The speed and the power of his thrusts was just awe-inspiring.

As time progressed, enough would soon become enough. Naomi had received enough sexual pleasure to last her through an entire month. Her juices would soon erupt out of her cunt, like lava erupting out of a volcano. That was when Mizanin would realise that enough would be enough. Naomi had her pleasure, and now it was time for Mizanin and Mathews to receive theirs.

Pulling out, the former reality TV star now shifted his attention to his fellow commentator. "Josh!" No response. "Josh!" Still no response.

Like Naomi, Josh was just lost in pleasure. He was sent to a world filled of euphoric pleasure. Nobody could snap him out of this ecstatic state…except for Cameron. With a high decibel screech, Josh quickly found himself returning to the real world. Pulling out, Josh's face swiftly became etched with concern. "What's the matter, Cameron? Are you alright?"

"Yeah. I'm okay Joshy. I just wanted you to pull out."

"Why?" Josh was confused. He thought Cameron was liking this experience…

"Look behind you, boo boo." Josh did just that. He saw Miz…and Naomi…both of whom stared at him. He didn't know why, but he had a strong feeling he was soon about to know.

"About time somebody got your attention. Get over here, Josh! I wanna give you a little something." Again, Josh did as he was told. The little man slowly walked over, curious as to what The Miz had in mind for him. "You are gonna love me for this, Mathews." The older of the two commentators smirked. Using speed to his advantage, Miz swiftly took in Josh's throbbing manhood whole with just one gulp. The Funkadactyls sure got one heck of a visual display!

The Miz was well known by his conquests for his phenomenal oral abilities. Quite a few of the men in the back knew Miz had one heck of a mouth on him, and they all realised that it served purposes that went beyond simply talking. Josh was about to become one of those men.

Bobbing his head rapidly up and down the pulsating length, Miz was determined to put on a show. Normally he wouldn't gag when sucking on a dick that was the size of Josh's…but on this occasion, he would make an exception to that. When the former WWE Champion took in all of Josh's cock, a forced gag left his lips. From the titbits of information Miz and Josh shared with each other, they both liked it when people gagged on their manhood. It just sounded erotic. It just fuelled their desire, and send them further into a licentious state.

Something else both men liked was deepthroating. Nothing felt more pleasurable to them than their entire cock filling somebody's mouth to the very brim. Miz would make sure to incorporate that into his session of oral. After sucking hard on Josh's wildly throbbing length, Mizanin would nestle his nose against Josh's thin patch of hairs above the base of his tool. Rubbing his nose against Josh's thin pubes, Miz knew that Josh's time was pretty much up. It wasn't too long before Miz would feel semen spurt past his lips.

He had to give it to Josh; for somebody who was just a commentator, he had a pretty big load. Normally wrestlers were the ones with the big climax, but Josh looked to be putting a few of them to shame. Still, it wasn't anything that Miz couldn't handle. He swallowed the cum Josh gave to him with ease.

Two loads down…two to go. Miz looked at Cameron, but she seemed a little too busy to initiate the next part of their surprise plan. Her legs were once again spread wide in the air, as she was jamming her slender fingers inside her trembling heat. Watching some man-on-man action really got her wet. Thankfully, Naomi wasn't in such a lust-filled trance. She was aroused, but not to the levels that Cameron was aroused.

Well, so much for Cameron being of use in the plan. At least Naomi could still participate. Yelling her name, the black Diva sprinted over to the two naked men. She already got fucked by one of them; she may as well enjoy what else they had to offer.

After various images rushed to Miz's mind, the former champion eventually had a position in mind. Quickly taking off his black bottoms, Mizanin spread his legs, looking at Naomi and Josh. "I want one of you to suck my dick, and I want one of you to lick my ass. I don't care who does which. I just want it done!"

The two looked at each other fleetingly, before Josh was quick to return the favour to the other man. Now it was Josh's turn to do to Miz what Miz had done to him.

As the little commentator began to suck the cock which dangled in front of him in earnest, Naomi was left with no other alternative. Not that it really mattered. She wasn't really fussed what she did. Scuttling behind, Naomi would once again grab those fleshy cheeks belonging to the reality TV star turned wrestler. Soon her tongue would enter his small pucker, adding to the pleasure that Josh was providing.

The whines of pleasure were to quick to leave Mizanin's lips, as he was willingly on the receiving end of both an oral assault and an anal assault. The tongues of both Josh and Naomi had been fully unleashed, lashing away at the throbbing tip of his penis and his quivering passage (respectively).

The two wouldn't have to keep up with their assaults for long. The seconds flew by, and Miz's string of moans grew louder and louder until an uncharacteristic mew squeaked past his lips, signifying the end for him. His body was shivering. He just couldn't take much more. Batches of white flew out of him, landing everywhere on Josh's pretty little face, coating the younger commentator with his essence.

Still, even if Miz had finished, Naomi and Josh sure as hell hadn't. It was their turn to be relentless, and they wouldn't stop. They couldn't stop. His thick, curvy body was just too good to stop.

As the action continued, Cameron was the last to reach a mind-shattering orgasm. Three fingers would reach her g-spot, before Cameron would finally get her release. The liquids surged out of her at an unbelievably rapid pace, squirting onto the floor. Cameron…a squirter? Who knew she possibly had it in her?

Now that Cameron finally achieved her heavenly climax, curiosity filled her mind. She wondered how the addition of other people would affect this orgy. Would Cody Rhodes make this experience better? Nah. He'd be too interested in his 'lovestache'. What about Jo-Jo? Nah. She was far too innocent for such action. She was only nineteen after all!

A sigh left Cameron's lips…this was the perfect encounter. Never before had she seen nor taken part in something so…so…awe-inspiring. It was awesome.


So, the 26/6/13 tapings of Main Event was pretty much THE perfect time to use as a base for this chapter, considering Josh and Miz were the only commentators, and Cameron and Naomi sang in the ring (along with Jo-Jo). Speaking of the whole singing stuff, I feel like I'm one of the few people who actually liked it. It was so cringeworthy, I actually grew incredibly fond of it. LOL.

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