Prompt: Based off the manga, Nene and Akari fight over Taiki (Shriekmon)

I realise that in the manga, Nene's little sister Kotane is the rightful General of Sparrowmon, but for the case of this story, I have taken a small liberty. I hope you don't mind too much.

Story #2: Three-way

The scene finds our heroes Kudou Taiki, Hinomoto Akari and Amano Nene enjoying a peaceable day together, waiting for their friend Tsurugi Zenjirou to return from his scouting, his partner Ballistamon with him. It made a nice change for the Generals. Their days usually consisted of defeating the servants of the Bagura Empire, freeing enslaved Digimon and reclaiming Code Crowns.

It was almost...idyllic. Taiki couldn't recall ever feeling so relaxed in the Digital World. Of course, a large part of that came from knowing that all his friends were safe. Nene and Akari were both looking out for one another, as he could clearly see. There they were, his two best female friends, smiling sweetly to one another as friends should.

What Taiki failed to notice beneath the sickly sweet exterior was an awful pot of broiling ill-will and malcontent on the behalf of both Nene and Akari. You see, what Taiki was unaware of was that both his female friends had...less than platonic feelings towards him.

"How are you this fine day, Akari-san?" asked Nene, a sweet tone conveying her words. Inwardly, what she actually meant to say was altogether different. Just to let you know, Taiki-kun is off-limits.

"I'm very well, Nene-san. Yourself?" replied Akari, her honeyed words masking her true feelings. Don't think for one second that I don't know what you're trying to do.

"Wonderful, thank you," answered Nene, a twisted smile coming onto her face. "Oh, Taiki-kun?"

Taiki was disturbed from his peaceful thoughts by his newest friend. "What's wrong, Nene?"

Yes, what is wrong? seethed Akari.

"I have a terrible pain in my neck. Would you mind rubbing it for me? I can't quite reach..." she moaned, showing off a pitiable display of trying to reach behind herself.

"Sure, not a problem," replied Taiki nonchalantly, moving from his seat.

Akari was steaming, her hands balled up into fists. How dare she! Suddenly, a bolt of inspiration flashed through her mind. "Not to worry, Taiki! I'll help her out." She smiled sweetly for his benefit.

"Ah, okay." Taiki returned to his rest, thankful that his two friends were getting along with each other so well. They were so mature for their ages, and Taiki wouldn't have them any other way.

Nene grunted in pain as Akari harshly kneaded her neck. "A massage? Really?" Akari quietly mocked.

"And what is wrong with that? Oof!" Nene grumbled as Akari went in for the kill once more.

"I'll tell you what is wrong with it. Taiki is my best friend."

"That's perfectly fine by me. It isn't as if I want to be best friends with him," Nene alluded, leaving little to Akari's imagination.

"Okay, let me rephrase. If you try anything like this little stunt again, Amano Nene, let me assure you that there will be dire consequences." With one final squeeze, Akari left Nene to think through her words. Unknown to the red-head, however, Nene was not muling over her words, but rather, was thinking of ways she could impress her Taiki-kun. All she would need was a suitable distraction...

A rumbling growl echoed through the woods surrounding the three, and ever-so-conveniently, a MetalTyranomon lumbered through the dense foliage, set its beady eyes upon Taiki and charged.

Speak of the devil...

Nene sprang into action immediately. "Reload, Sparrowmon!" The figure of her partner Digimon appeared in a flurry of light. "Protect Taiki-kun!" she cried.

"Random Laser!" cried Sparrowmon as he fired the beams of energy at the charging Virus Digimon. The blasts rebounded off the metal carapace of the Perfect Digimon and scattered, leaving charring holes in the ground and amongst the trees.

Is that the best you can do? Watch how a true General acts, thought Akari with a smug smile as she watched Nene fail. "Reload, Dorulumon!" Dorulumon's imposing form appeared from her peach Xros Loader. "Please, help Taiki," she begged, watching as Dorulumon's proud face turned to anguish at Taiki's potential demise. "Dorulu Tornado!" he exclaimed, whipping up a terrifying torrent of wind that blew away any manner of detritus. The MetalTyranomon was left reeling in the wake of the hurricane and Akari allowed her smug grin to become more pronounced...that was until the Cyborg Digimon unleashed a terrible blow with its hand that nearly cleaved Dorulumon in two.

"Nene! Akari!" cried Taiki, reaching for his own Xros Loader.

"Don't worry, Taiki! I've got this one covered!" the two girls cried simultaneously, locking eyes with each other, then him, then each other again in rapid succession. Taiki looked temporarily disabled, but nodded minutely.

"Hah! He said my name first," gloated Nene.

"What does it matter? All you need to know is he'll be whispering my name last," replied Akari dreamily.

"That's right," agreed Nene. "After I leave you crying in the dirt!" Akari scowled, but Nene was already moving away from her. "Time to take things to a higher level. Super Evolve, Sparrowmon. It's time to take flight, RaptorSparrowmon!" Sparrowmon began to change, evolving past its boundaries to become stronger. Its wings elongated into more independent ones, capable of flapping rather than gliding and its body became much more shapely, like a crow, but more powerful than any such bird could ever hope to be.

"RaptorSparrowmon! Attack MetalTyranomon with Raptor Grapple!" RaptorSparrowmon hastened to obey his General's orders; alighting, it flew at the imposing Perfect Digimon and grabbed it above its stubby arms where it couldn't find a purchase to attack, and lifted it with a hefting heave. MetalTyranomon growled in retort at the sudden change in altitude, but it had little time for complaint as it was thrown bodily to the ground with a deafening thud.

Akari watched the battle with hooded eyes. She looked to Taiki, noted his shining eyes and suppressed a growl. Two can play at this game...

"Let's go, Dorulumon! We'll show our strength as well. Super Evolve, Dorulumon! Hunt your prey, JagerDorulumon!" With a cry of victory, Dorulumon glowed bright. His silhouette began to change, becoming more human-like and taller. Finally, the glow faded to non-existence leaving the newly evolved JagerDorulumon standing before her, his massive battle-spear poised for combat. "Go, JagerDorulumon! Attack with Schwarz Nagel!" JagerDorulumon responded with a deep growl, signifying his readiness for battle before he lunged forwards, his spear gleaming in the sunlight, deadly intent written in its visage. JagerDorulumon struck with his trusty spear but ended up ploughing into the earth as MetalTyranomon rolled surprisingly quickly given his size and stature.

Akari clicked her fingers in frustration as the large Digimon snapped to his feet, the attack already prepped for launch. "Nuclear Launcher!" It's deep voice boomed through the area as the energy shell raced towards the Generals. Akari and Nene gulped simultaneously, realising that their foolish attempts at surpassing one another were ultimately going to lead to their demises, along with the one they loved. What a foolhardy effort...

"Hard Rock Damashii!" The attack collided with the energy burst, effectively nullifying it in an explosion of flame. Akari and Nene looked up at the golden form of OmegaShoutmon, his armour glinting in the sunlight.

"Akari! Nene!" They turned their gazes to the voice. Taiki was hurtling towards them, his face a mask of rage tempered by fear.


"Taiki-kun!" they cried as one.

"Thank goodness you're both alright," said Taiki as he glared at the form of MetalTyranomon. "OmegaShoutmon, use Omega the Fusion!"

"Right," agreed OmegaShoutmon. "Omega the Fusion!" For the briefest moment, MetalTyranomon could be certain that he could make out another form within the attack – that of the legendary Omegamon – before he was hit and his data crumbled.

Taiki watched the data disappear with a twinge of regret. "If only we could have understood each other better..." A tap on his shoulder reminded him of his surroundings. Turning, he saw Akari, her hand outstretched towards him, a sheepish look on her face.

"Thank you, Taiki," she said, her mouth twisting into a small smile.

"You don't have to thank me. I'm just glad you're safe," he smiled. "Thank you, Shoutmon."

"Not a problem," responded Shoutmon as he walked to Taiki's side, a victorious smirk on his face.

"Thank you, Taiki-kun, Shoutmon," said Nene, Sparrowmon floating by her side, a sad frown on its face.

"I'm so glad you're okay, Nene," smiled Taiki, his eyes closing with how deeply he smiled, therefore not noticing Nene's deep blush at the concern he showed, albeit unknowingly. Turning to the two, Taiki gave a glad glance to each of them. "I don't know about the two of you, but I think we should be getting ready to move on." The two girls gave him a brief nod. "As soon as Kiriha and Zenjirou return, we'll be off."

Taiki moved away, thanking Shoutmon once more for his timely evolution and assistance, leaving Nene and Akari by themselves. An awkward silence followed as the two shuffled on nervous feet. Finally, Akari took the initiative. "Um, Nene?"

Nene shyly lifted her gaze to the red-haired girl and forced herself to look into Akari's eyes. Oddly, she noted a similar apprehension to what she was feeling contained within. "Yes?"

"...I'm sorry." Akari shifted on her feet. "I let my own feelings of jealousy get in the way of thinking clearly. Because of that, we were all nearly killed. Can you forgive me?"

Nene was surprised, both by Akari's apology, and by the earnestness of the words. "...I am as much at fault as you," she said finally. "Even though we both clearly care for Taiki-kun deeply, we should not allow our feelings to turn us into enemies. I apologise for my actions."

Taiki watched the two girls making up from a safe distance away, a smile on his face.