Juliet's POV: bridget juliet capulet

Maybe it's the way he eyed me, the way he looked at me, the way my light brown eyes met his dreamy blue one's. I stood out the balcony, summer air hit me. "nice night eh coz?" asked tybalt. "sure, thy weather is great, i think the rest of the cousins are here. go!" i shooed tybalt. Tybalt ran off. I just rested, looked out the balcony, letting the sun kiss my bronze skin. i looked out the crowd, and closed my eyes.

romeo's chad romeo montegue pov:

as the summer sun, kissed the beautiful maiden's skin, my eyes were blinded by beauty. I gotta make my move, i thought. to not be awkward, i approached the bronze/tan maiden. These were the words i said:

"how is it so? on a summer's eve, be here alone, no one talking to this beautiful maiden? By aphrodite i think im in love! Fair maiden, please say something to this guy?"

she responded: "on a summer's eve, maiden turned 15. i believe young wanderer, your the guy in my childhood past, please, speak!" i smiled. "Name's Chad. some say romeo. happy birthday! may i have this dance?" i questioned her. she nodded. i picked her up, and we started to dance. slow song,. happy beat.

"these eyes, beauty. fair skin. fair lips. fair body...kiss me?"i asked her. bridget backed away, didnt want to, persuaded she's a better girl than that. i insisted. i kissed her, she melted, i collasped. i sensed love, until her nurse pulled her away to cut the cake. "bye, love, i'll pick you up in the morning." i said as i slid down the stairs 2 the door.

juliet pov:

WOW AM I IN LOVE OR WHAT? Those eyes, his lips pressed on mine. I melted. Is it me or the cute guy and i started smiling. Before i left, i saw he wrote his name and number. Chad Romeo Montegue # call me maybe? (000)000-000. : .it/fotogallery/ismod_ ?i_section=detail&i_categoria=1&i_id=369897

As the nurse or nanny walked by she laughed at me, "though love, my child. He's your art/family rival. Montegue Inc. Good luck!" she told me. I cried.