Pit knew he was in for something intense far beyond anything anyone had ever experienced as she took off his condom and began rubbing his cock with her tits.

"This feels amazing, Lady Palutena," he proclaimed, "but what does this have to do with a divine power?"

"You'll see. Not yet, but you'll see," she assured him. "Just let me know when you're going to cum."

He tilted his head back and took a deep breath of the steam filling the room. It felt so good to have her big, soft breasts swish around the water, sliding on his cock. It was only a matter of time before he felt the climax begin to build up.

"I'm cumming, Lady Palutena!" he warned.

"Well then," she said slyly. "It's time."

"Time for wh–?" Before he could finish his sentence, a green light enveloped his penis. The light spread to his whole body before fading away.

Suddenly, it hit him all at once. The intense pleasure filled his entire body. He bit his lower lip and dug his fingernails into the floor. It was more intense and lasted far longer than he had ever experienced on his own.

"Why won't it stop?" he yelled.

"I can only keep this up for 60 seconds, so enjoy it while it lasts," she explained.

"60 seconds?" he screamed. He had no idea until now just how torturous an orgasm could be. "I can't handle this, Lady Palutena!" His screams were hard to understand.

"30 more seconds," she said.

"Fuck! Oh fuck! It hurts!" he cried out. He had never used such language before, and he was especially ashamed to be using it in front of his goddess. He couldn't even remember where he learned that word, but it never seemed so appropriate to him.

"15 seconds!" she smiled.

"No! Noooo! …Yeeeees!" Pit couldn't make up his mind about how he felt anymore. It was all such a mixture of good and bad, as if every muscle in his body was expanding and contracting at the same time.

"5 more seconds, Pit!" Palutena tried to say with her mouth wide open and her tits still caressing his cock.

"Lady Palutena, I–" His sentence was interrupted by a volcanic eruption of cum in completely unnatural amounts that covered Palutena's face and breasts, dribbling down his cock. He felt his warm cum drip down his balls and into the water.

Every muscle in his body went limp and he could barely move. He felt like he could drown in the hot spring at that point.

"…love you," he said, finally completing his sentence. "L–love you, Lady…"

Palutena giggled. "I love you so much, Pit." She wiggled her way to his side and cuddled him. "I hope you enjoyed yourself."

"Any–Anything for… Lady…" he mumbled. "Love you."

"Is that all you can say?" she laughed. "No victory song? No breaking the fourth wall? No witty one-liner?"

"Give me… a minute… to think of one." he panted. He took quick, deep breaths and finally managed to wake himself up from the hypnotic euphoria.

"I think you set the intensity level too high," he smiled. "I'm finished!"