Author's Note: Because you asked…*grins mischievously*

Chapter Two

Clare whimpered as Eli skillfully ran his fingertips up her thighs. He had wasted no time in seeing to it that her green silk evening gown had found its way to the floor. Now he leaned over her, watching her eyes flutter with both want and worry. Eli found himself to be quite nervous as well, though he tried not to show it. Instead, he swallowed his nerves as if they were nothing more than a glass of scotch, and continued to spider his fingers along her legs. Each time he neared that one spot Clare so desperately needed him to touch, he'd hover his fingertips there for a brief second before pulling them away, just to hear her groan.

He missed having this effect on her. They had had sex – and he had been quite good at it if memory served – but this was more than just high school-aged sex. This was desire and desperation. Eli knew she needed his touch as if it were air to her lungs, but he wouldn't bring himself to give her that pleasure just yet. Eli allowed an wicked smirk to tug at the corner of his mouth as Clare quivered beneath him.

"Eli, please," her voice rode on a whisper to meet his ears. She felt as though she would explode if Eli didn't touch her. Why was he being so difficult, Clare asked, before remembering – this is Eli. When isn't he difficult.

Eli grinned as if reading her thoughts. He pulled his hand away from her thigh and reached it up to snake along the side of her right breast. Clare gasped at the touch, and another rush of breath left her as he gave the taught, pink bud a tight twist.

"Behave," she hissed, halfheartedly.

"You know me better than that," Eli smirked, and carried out the same punishment to the left breast. Clare's hips rose off the bed, and Eli could see the goosebumps prickling at her skin. He was causing this. This was all him, and he was enjoying every second of the sweet torture he inflicted on her.

Eli captured her lips, quivering in desperation and want, within his own and as they shared a greedy, hungry kiss, Eli reached down and inserted two fingers inside the eager opening. Clare bucked and gasped, his touch unexpected. Eli grinned down at his little mix as he began to play her as if she were a harp. Clare whimpered and mewed as his fingers gradually strummed within her, then cried out when the pace quickened.

Eli smirked and gave the small little bud protruding from within her a small pinch and a flick. He grinned as Clare's opening cried a few splashes of tears upon the merlot bed sheets. Clare felt as though her insides were set gloriously ablaze. She felt the fire from the tips of her toes to the tips of her fingers. She felt as though all control had been seized from her. Her legs shook and quivered, her hips rose and fell, her toes curled and uncurled, and she gasped and cried and moaned and begged and pleaded.

"Eli…" her voice was barely a shadow, "…you don't know…what you are…doing to me…"

"Oh," Eli grinned, "I think I might have a small clue."

Clare's head was dizzy and her thoughts were floating as if on air. All logic, all reason and thought, abandoned her leaving her with nothing but pleasurable agony. She had a fiancé, she was engaged to be married, and she had just left him alone at the benefit. He must be worried sick, or maybe he didn't even notice. Clare tried to get her mind to work, but each time a thought entered, a flick of Eli's fingertips sent it away again.

Eli inserted a third finger, and then a forth. The motion he enacted inside of her quickened to a dangerous pace. Clare's legs begin to quake and hips began to buck and she felt as if she had been shocked by a bolt of electricity as Eli carried out the swift torture. She knew what was coming.

"Eli…I'm going to…"

Eli chuckled, and shook a strand of hair from his eyes, continuing his torture. Clare shouted and Eli quickly pulled his hand away just as a river began to spill forth onto the bed.

Clare was heaving, begging for the air to enter her lungs. Her legs continued to shake and her head felt light as a breath. Eli laid down on the bed next to her, and gently kissed her.

"How was that?" He smirked.

"Positively lovely," Clare smiled sweetly at the man who had practically reduced her to forgetting her own name.

Just as she was about to say something more, a loud buzz came from the floor. Clare groaned, and Eli stood up to retrieve her phone from within the purse that had been tossed to the ground.

"It's Nathan," Eli met her gaze.

Clare motioned for him to bring the phone to her, and she tried desperately to regain her composure before answering it, "Hello?"

"Clare! Oh thank God! Where are you? I have been searching everywhere for you!"

"I'm so sorry," Clare brushed some hair from her face, "I ran into Eli – my old high school friend – and he invited me back to his apartment for drinks. I hope you don't mind…I just wasn't sure when I would get a chance to catch up with him again."

"Of course I mind, Clare. You can't go running off with some guy and leave me stranded at the benefit like that. I was going to introduce you to some pretty important people. Imagine my surprise when I turned and you weren't there."

"I am so sorry," Clare didn't even know what to say. She knew it was her own fault, and she knew she deserved whatever tongue-lashing he gave her, "I wasn't thinking. All I knew was that I wanted to catch up and I didn't know how busy we would be tomorrow so I just agreed to go with him. I am so sorry, Nathan. I really am."

"You're lucky I love you so much, Clare. Now, tell your friend good night and come back to the hotel."


"I mean it, Clare. You aren't a child anymore. This isn't highschool. You can't just do this."

"But…we're having a good time talking."

"I don't care. You'll come home to me like a good little fiancé and you'll behave yourself from now on."

Clare's jaw fell lax, "I am not a child, Nathan. You said it yourself. I can hang out with whomever I please. I will be back to the hotel when I am ready to be back to the hotel."

"Clare, don't be a brat…"

"Brat? Nathan, I am twenty-eight years old. You don't control me or own me. I can, and will, stay here with Eli until I am ready to come back to the hotel."

"What happened?" Eli asked, as she pulled the phone from her ear.

"He hung up on me."

"Good," Eli grabbed the phone from her hand and tossed it to the floor, "Because you and I, missy, are just getting started."